Huge list of every Amazon Device & Service Deal for Prime Day — Fire TV, Echo, Tablet, Kindle, Blink, Ring, Eero & more!

Here is a massive list of all of the Amazon devices currently on sale for Prime Day. If you just want to scroll through everything worth considering and all the various bundles and configurations available, this is the list for you.


10/14/20 I’ve gone through and added new deals that have recently popped up and marked the old deals that have ended.

Fire TV

Fire TV Edition TVs & Soundbars

Services & Subscriptions

Echo Speakers

Echo Show Smart Displays

Other Alexa

Fire Tablets


Blink Security Cameras

Ring Security Cameras

Ring Lighting & Alarm Systems

Eero Mesh WiFi

  1. Trav says:

    Just tossing this out there, but Amazon music did not offer me a $.99 deal. I hit continue from the link on this site and got billed the standard $7.xx

    • JFC says:

      I think if you’ve taken advantage of one or more of their promo offers for Amazon Music in the past under the same Amazon account ID, then they exclude you from future promotions like this one… At least, that seems to be their pattern that I’ve experienced with Amazon Music promotions. But I never see that exclusion mentioned on their webpages where they advertise these kinds of promotions.

  2. Max says:

    Elias: Do you know if the other chains like TARGET and STAPLES will be matching prices on the CUBE and 4K Stick?

    • It’s hard to say. What usually happens is that the month after Prime Day, all 3rd-party retailers will have a 1-day sale on Amazon devices that matches Amazon’s Prime Day prices. However, since Prime Day was pushed out so late in the year, doing this next month means it happens right before Black Friday, so it may not happen at all this year. We’ll have to wait and see.

  3. Anthony Rossetti says:

    what about the alexa only deals? are they still active,secificallly the smart plug for 4.99 ?

    • hdmkv says:

      Shows “offer no longer available” for the plug ( I missed it as well.

    • As hdmkv said, that ended as well. I just updated my post about it here:

      Only the Ring video doorbell Alexa exclusive offers are still left.

      • Anthony Rossetti says:

        hey Elias do you know about the promotion where you get a promotional credit after buying an echo device?
        i bought the echo flex and Alexa outlet bundle on one account and then someplace i went on the site (i forgot where now) there was a thin blue banner that said something like “claim your $5 promotional credit now for purchasing an echo device on prime day”
        i hit the button and i noticed there was $5 added to my promotional credit balance ,but i already had $30 on there from other promotions, and i guess you can only spend the $5 on prime day
        but then i tried adding something over $40 to my cart to see how much promotional credit i have ,i had $30 before i clicked the button
        then i had 35.01 , but when went to check out i saw it said “use your $10 prime day credit” so somehow $5 of the promotions credits i already had that don’t expire went to being a prime day credit that expires

        then on another account i bought an echo show 8 ,no bundle

        and was looking to see if i got the offer for the promotional credit
        for purchasing an echo device on prime day but i couldn’t find it

        anyways i was able to do the trade in deal and get the $5 for my 2nd gen dot plus an additional 25% off the original price of the show 8 plus the prime day discount

    • Jack says:

      Anthony, you can get the Echo Flex with the Smart Plug for $15. That’s what I ended up doing.

  4. max says:

    I just tried to purchase a 4K Fire Stick in my prime account… and was offered the regular price.

    What the hay?

  5. neogeo71 says:

    Elias, Is the internal hardware the same on all the fire tv edition TV’s? Does the 4K 65 inch have the equivalent of a 4K fire tv? I have 2 of the 32 inch sets and they are a tad slow compared to the 4K stick. Just curious if the 4K larger sets have more beefy specs…

    • All the 720p & 1080p TVs share the exact same specs and all the 4K TVs share the exact same specs. The only exception is that the 4K Toshiba TVs support Dolby Vision while the 4K Insignia TVs do not. Yes, the 4K versions have beefier specs, like double the RAM, than the non-4K sets. They’re not going to blazing fast, like the Fire TV Cube, but the 4K TVs are about on par with the Fire TV Stick 4K.

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