How would you want the Silk Browser for the Fire TV improved?

Amazon’s Silk Browser for Fire TV devices will be turning 1-year-old soon. In that time it has become a crucial component of the Fire TV since it, along with Firefox, is the main way to access YouTube. Amazon has continued to improve Silk with the addition of things like voice search, voice media control, YouTube casting, and support for 4K video playback. While Silk for Fire TV is arguably one of the best web browsing experiences you can have on a TV, it still has plenty of room for improvement. I would love, for example, for Amazon to put my generic Bookmarker apps out of business by supporting native Silk bookmarks on the Fire TV home screen. What other features would you like to see come to Silk for the Fire TV? I know Amazon employees read this site, so here’s your chance to make your voice heard. Comment below with how you’d like Silk improved.

  1. Jim Carter says:

    Bookmarks should be tied to your Amazon account. Having access to bookmarks regardless of device would be a big time saver. It’s not like we haven’t already enjoyed this option on PCs for years.

  2. Randall D Lind says:

    I don’t see the point of having it. I rather see Amazon & Google make up and we have the Youutube app back the way it was.

  3. Alonna says:

    I would love if they allowed downloading on silk browser

  4. DonAlex2 says:

    Put silk on the echo show. Would love YouTube on the echo show.

  5. Ricardo Arcila says:

    I’m Sick with my screen going to sleep when streaming a video on on element fire tv on silk browswer and firefox to keep it streaming i have to move mouse cursor around every 5 minutes

  6. Ricardo Arcila says:

    How about a panel when you move mouse cursor to the left and all your favorites pop up for quicker loading and switching

  7. Red says:

    Copy/paste (cut)

    Native torrent streaming from magnet as an add on / plug in

  8. Ghanshyam says:

    1. I am unable to use Silk browser, to do any other browsing other than Youtube. Once I get in into Youtube, I haven’t found a way to get out of it.

    2. Multi tab support, play videos on websites support, download support, popup blocker support; all these I am unsure if they are all supported in Silk.

    Firefox browser is my usual go-to browser and apart from a few glitches here and there, it works quite well. Amazon can take hints from this famous browser.

  9. JFC says:


    As a poster above mentioned, even better if the bookmarks could sync across Silk on a user’s various Amazon devices via your Amazon account.

    Or failing that, at least sync across a user’s different Fire TV devices at a minimum.

    Even when I speak in a very clear and deliberate way with no accent, about half the time the system can’t seem to manage to get the correct web address I’m saying.

    • Nick Hathaway says:

      Bookmarks are available in Silk’s menu. You press the menu button on the Fire TV remote to open it. The pre-installed bookmarks are YouTube and Amazon.

      I would love a bookmark sync as well!

  10. Randy Reid says:

    Make the remote soft mouse have a better response. I have tried all the slow/fast setting but nothing works well.
    It needs two fields like a keyboard’s Repeat Delay and Repeat Rate.
    A single field will never work well.

  11. OG Charlie says:

    Can you make a post asking us what’d we like to see out of the Fire TV line? Because the lack of NTFS support for external hard drives is driving me nuts.

    That one change would basically kill my interest in the Nvidia Shield. (also take note Amazon, every Android box already supports NTFS and it doesn’t kill their vod business)

  12. Y2Bogus says:

    How about support for Google play movies via the web interface?

  13. Gerard Pinzone (@GerardPinzone) says:

    Ad Blocking. Or, I wish the Fire TV version of Firefox allowed addons so I can install uBlock Origin.

    • Jim Carter says:

      Forgot about ad blocking when I posted because I rarely use Silk anymore. Every device I own has blocking except for the Fire TV devices.

  14. Thurman Harden says:

    I only briefly tried Silk because of the difficulty in using the Fire TV controller. In the scant mention of Silk, I never noticed the ability to use voice control like used with Fire HD. Most of my house is controlled via Amazon Alexa, “OK” Google Home and Cortana. Samsung appears to be trying to claim some of the advertising income by forcing Bixby on us as a market, but I will not buy another Samsung device after populating my home with Samsung phones, TV and household appliances.

  15. Len Mullen says:

    I would want it to work with the Amazon show ;-)

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