How to watch the 2016 Olympics on a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick


The 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil officially kick off tonight with the opening ceremonies. NBCUniversal has exclusive broadcast rights in US and plans to air nearly 7,000 hours of Olympic coverage across its channels. Those channels include NBC, NBC Sports Network, USA, Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC, and the Gold Channel. Here’s how to watch NBC’s Olympic coverage through the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

Over The Air (Free + Hardware Cost)

I know the title of this article includes “on a Fire TV,” but simply connecting an HD antenna directly to your TV will give you access to NBC if you’re close enough to a broadcast tower. The NBC channel plans to air more than 260 hours of Olympic coverage, including popular sports like gymnastics, track and field, swimming, diving, beach volleyball, and basketball. Of course, you won’t have on-demand access or playback controls.

If you want to do over-the-air through the Fire TV a better way, you’re going to need a Tablo Tuner or HDHomeRun Tuner. Both, combined with an HD antenna and their respective Fire TV apps, will allow you to watch NBC’s free over-the-air Olympic coverage through all of the Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks in your house. They work by essentially making a TV tuner accessible through your home network. With the Tablo, you’ll also be able to pause and rewind live TV, as well as record events, just like a DVR.

NBC Sports App (Free w/ Cable Subscription)

If you have a cable subscription, which I’m guessing you don’t if you’re reading this article, you can watch the Olympics through the NBC Sports app. The app offers very little if you don’t activate it with a cable provider. Also, if you’re thinking of calling up a friend or family member to activate the app with their cable provider, the app is notorious for asking you to reauthentication more often than it should. An alternative to activating the NBC Sports app through a traditional cable subscription is PlayStation Vue, which is discussed in more detail below. A subscription to PlayStation Vue does allow you to activate the NBC Sports app. Sling TV subscriptions, again, more on that below, do not activate the NBC Sports app.

Sling TV ($25-$35)

Your best option for watching the Olympics through the Fire TV is through the Sling TV app. The Sling Blue package will run you $25, after the 7-day free trial, and includes Olympic coverage from NBC (in select areas), NBC Sports, USA, and Bravo. The three extra cable channels you get over just getting NBC over-the-air gives you significantly more Olympic coverage like boxing, fencing, field hockey, cycling, synchronized swimming, weightlifting, soccer, rowing, water polo, tennis, and wrestling. For an extra $5, you can add Sling TV’s news package, which gets you MSNBC and CNBC. Those two channels account for 120 additional hours of Olympic coverage, including rugby and archery. Golf enthusiast might want to add the Sports package for $5 more to gain the Golf Channel which will cover 115 hours of Olympic coverage. The best part about Sling TV is there is no contract or obligation to continue your subscription after the Olympics are over. You can subscribe for a month or two, watch all the Olympics you want, and cancel afterwards. A Sling TV subscription does not give you access to the Fire TV’s NBC Sports App.

PlayStation Vue ($40-$45)

An alternative to Sling TV is PlayStation Vue. Their $40 package includes NBC, NBC Sports, USA, Bravo, CNBC, and MSNBC. If you move up to the $45 core package, you’ll gain the Golf Channel. If you’re only goal is to maximize Olympic coverage for as little money as possible, Sling TV is the better option, but with PlayStation Vue, you’ll be getting a lot more non-Olympic related channels. Another big advantage to PlayStation Vue is that subscribing to the service does give you access to the Fire TV’s NBC Sports App. PlayStation Vue also comes with no obligation, so you can cancel anytime.


There are other methods that are not as legitimate, like using VPNs or Smart DNS services to access British channels or sideloading certain apps that provide streams that are legally questionable. I won’t be covering those here, mostly because it’s difficult to know how reliable those methods will be until the Olympics are in full swing. Feel free comment below if you have other ways of watching the Olympics through the Fire TV.

  1. SuperKeeg says:

    Isn’t Playstation Vue’s basic package only $30, not $40.

    • SuperKeeg says:

      I only mention because I have the Access Slim ($30) and I have access to the NBC Sports app and all the affiliated network programming.

      • Michael says:

        The price of the Sony Vue subscription varies by zip code. Also the services or networks vary by area as well. Some can get it for 24.99 and up to 39.99 for the slim package. By putting in a Location on the website like NY, Chicago or LA you can get different prices depending on the market.

  2. ck says:

    any good dns service plus BBC iPlayer

  3. jrj says:

    Most hilarious method (that actually works): plug a coax cable into your HDTV, balance the copper wire of the other end to a screw of a light switch (given there is metal box behind the plate) and use your entire house as an antenna for DTV.

  4. Rmz says:

    Warning about Sling: Sling Blue is not available on FireTV. If you inititate your 7-day free trial through FireTV/Amazon, not only will you be locked out of Sling Blue on the Fire devices but also you will be unable to login to the Sling website on your PC and use the account. It makes no sense whatsoever to sign up on the FireTV device. Sling Blue is only available in select cities.

  5. Rajiv says:

    I have cable subscription and tried the NBC sports app to get more sports options, it is a horrible experience. The ads come through fine but the telecast buffers, freezes etc. Cant watch for more than 3-4 minutes. I have 350mbps connection and the other streaming apps work fine. Went back to regular channel telecast.

    • ohio.medic says:

      I haven’t had any trouble with it all day today with buffering, or freezes. The problem I’ve been having is some of the events I’m getting the Spanish commentary. On my iPhone, and iPad I have the option of choosing the English or Spanish commentary, but don’t see the option on fire tv.

  6. Bb says:

    Signed up for Sling TV, but NBC channel was only available in large metro areas, so I cancelled my subscription the same day. Waste of time.

  7. Richard says:

    I’ve had the NBC Sports Extra app for a while. It’s icon has changed to feature the Olympic rings but when I launch it there is ZERO olympic coverage.
    Is there a separate app for the games?

    • Richard says:

      OK, i uninstalled “sports live extra” and installed “NBC Sports”. Now the olympics are showing.
      What a pain and why would “SLE” launch when I click on “NBCS”?
      Stupid & annoying.

  8. courtney says:

    why can’t you find sling blue on amazon fire?

  9. Corey C. 710 says:

    What this article tells us is that the Amazon Fire TV and everyone should already know by now NBC is about the worst network in the history of mankind, and as usual is a useless piece of garbage. If you dont have a broadcast tower nearby, you dont have a cable subscription, you are SOL. Once upon a time you could just turn a TV on and get trash. Now someone really expects you to pay for the same trash? Go media dumpsters, please take my money!!!

  10. Deevree says:

    This article lies. It does NOT tell you how to follow the Olympic Games on Smazon Fire Stick, as the title claims.

  11. Kat says:

    I can’t login with Charter Spectrum.:(

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