How to watch Super Bowl 50 live and for free on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

This is for the 2016 Super Bowl


This is for the 2016 Super Bowl

Now that a new CBS Sports app has been released, watching Super Bowl 50 live and for free on a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick is simple. The app is compatible with 1st-gen Fire TVs, 2nd-gen Fire TVs, older Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TV Sticks with Voice Remotes. Here’s how to watch the big football game with all the ads on Sunday February 7, 2016 at 2:00 PM ET.

  1. Search for CBS Sports on the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick using either voice or text search.
  2. Be sure Apps & Games is selected at the top of the search results screen and select the CBS Sports app.
  3. Select the Get button to install the app for free.
  4. Once the app downloads and installs, select the Open button to launch the CBS Sports app.
  5. Select the SUPER BOWL 50 LIVE option to watch the game live and for free. The stream will start on February 7th at 2:00 PM ET.

  1. atone says:

    Great news for first gen aftv owners rooted and on Amazon os 3.0. I just installed it! Thanks for the info for Super bowl 50.

    I get local CBS in my area but audio is only stereo & not 5.1 surround. Any idea if the app will provide 5.1 audio? I will check some videos later and see. If it does, then firetv will be an improvement for me.

    • atone says:

      Well I checked some vids and all are stereo. But I noticed the vids were sourced from YouTube so that’s understandable. But I probably shouldn’t expect 5.1 since most other streaming apps are only stereo. Only Netflix has 5.1,while Hulu, disneyapp,espnapp,etc are all only in stereo.

      • atone says:

        I’ll still check out the cbs app during the Superbowl to check any extra features,stat sheets etc. Should be fun.,,:)

  2. Gerard Pinzone (@GerardPinzone) says:

    The important question for my wife is will the CPS app show the Superbowl commercials, too?

  3. Cathy says:

    So we do get to watch the commercials and the half time show??? Thanks!

  4. jeff says:

    Hope you do a review on the CBS Sports App. Curious how it was. I am in Canada so I didn’t even bother trying

  5. Stacet says:

    Just tried this and it is showing the choice to watch the super bowl….any ideas?

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