How to update your sideloaded Peacock TV app on Amazon Fire TV and Firestick — New Oct. 15 APK

Peacock TV is still not available on Amazon Fire TV devices, but a new v1.1.3 updated version (SEE BELOW FOR UPDATE) has just been released. If you’re new to sideloading, you might not be aware that updating an already sideloaded app is as straight forward as installing the new version right over the existing one. If you followed my guide to sideload Peacock TV or are using my Downloader app, simply use the URL (SEE BELOW FOR UPDATE) in the Downloader app to sideload the latest version of Peacock TV. You don’t need to uninstall the existing version or do anything special if the older version is already installed on the device. Just sideload the new version as you would any new app. After launching the app and signing in, if you get only audio when playing content or the video is frozen, force quitting the app or restarting your Fire TV should solve the issue. To force quit the app, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications and select the app. To restart your device, go to Settings > My Fire TV > Restart. If you need more detailed instructions for sideloading, see this guide and use the URL mentioned above. Note that it seems like the 1st-gen Fire TV and 1st-gen Fire TV Stick are not compatible with the Peacock app. This could change in the future, so there is no harm in trying to install the latest version.


8/17/20 Version 1.1.10: (Alternate Mirror:

9/9/20 Version 1.2.14: (Alternate Mirror:

10/12/20 Version 1.3.3: (Alternate Mirror:

10/15/20 Version 1.3.13 has been released. You can install it using Downloader and the URL (Alternate Mirror:


  1. thanks for the info about a new version but your original version works fine and im one of those that feel if its not broken dont fix it.until the fall season starts and I see if I can get shows I miss the next day on hulu or not, Im not really using the app at all. The one original show I was interested in “brave new world”, only the first 2 episodes were avaliable for free. I only have a free account btw.

  2. TechyChris says:

    Has anyone tested the new version to see if it’s compatible with Fire TV 1st Gen? (last version doesn’t work, thought I’d save myself the trouble)
    FYI- I do have Peacock Premium, anyone with android/android Tv gets Peacock Premium Trial for FREE for 3 Months. I assume if you create account through Android then login through Amazon – Premium trial would carry over. I can’t confirm this due to FTV Gen 1 issue above. (Premium = all shows/movies WITH Ads) (Premium PLUS = all shows/movies NO Ads)

    • James jackson says:

      Does not work properly

      • Trish says:

        I second this

        • TechyChris says:

          ***UPDATE 10-16-20***
          I setup my new Fire TV Cube 2 last night (Thx Prime Day!)
          and I CAN CONFIRM sideloaded Peacock works PERFECTLY! I’ll assume Peacock requires OS 7 and/or a newer device as it still does not work on my older Fire TV’s. I’ve read some conspiracy theories that Amazon may be blocking it but this is simply UNTRUE. It’s a software/hardware issue.
          THE SECRET is after installation (on new OS/Device) is you MUST RESTART your FTV.

          • I can’t confirm it, but I think it just comes down to Widevine DRM support. The Fire TV 1 and Fire TV Stick 1 don’t support Widevine L1 (only L3), while all other Fire TV models do support Widevine L1. Peacock likely requires Widevine L1 support on the device.

      • Chris says:

        Worked fine for me just installed it as i type this thanks lol

      • Justin says:

        Once I downloaded these as required for the update. The app is having audio issues. If it’s a commercial it’s fine. Other than that it was better before the update. Can’t wait for the next update.

  3. Keith says:

    I used to recommend Fire TVs to less tech savy friends and relatives, but now I feel like that’d set me up for a lot of headaches.
    No HBO Max, no peacock and … Im not even sure if YouTube still works out of the box. I sideloaded it several years ago.
    Amazon makes media streaming devices, the other companies supply content. This is so stupid. They should want as many apps available as possible.

  4. DC says:

    How do you get side loaded apps to show up with the rest of your apps? I knew once but, then I forgot.

  5. Paul says:

    The second line on the home screen is “Your Apps and Channels”. It only has room for 15 apps but on either end is a “See All” box. Click one. Find the app on the list and click the menu button. Move it to the top of list.

    • DC says:

      Thanks but, that’s the first thing I did. It’s not there. The only way to start app is to go into the settings/Apps and launch it from there. There must be a way to make it populate my app list.

      • Paul says:

        Wow! I have never seen behavior like that from Amazon’s launcher. zor the other hand, it is a common complaint with the leanback launcher. Bur I’m sure you would have mention that if you were using it. So I’m stumped.

      • I’ve seen several people mention not being able to find a sideloaded app icon, but I haven’t been able to recreate the issue myself so I’m not able to find a solution. Sorry.

        • Matthew Brown says:

          Only solution I have found is to launch it through ‘total commander’ apps section or other file management app. I tried explaining this sequence to my 74 year old mother for how she could launch HBO Max, halfway through we all had a good laugh and decided this is absolute bonkers! No YouTube, HBO Max or Peacock has left myself and several others who i’ve promoted the Fire TV to, looking for better, more reliable and user friendly streaming devices.

          • Fire TV does have YouTube and YouTube TV now, but I understand your frustration and don’t blame you for suggesting a different device for your mother. Heck, my own parents still use a traditional cable/satellite box because punching in numbers and channel surfing is just simpler for them and is what they prefer.

      • Gina M Dedrick says:

        When in the app list, on peacock, or whichever app you want to locate easier, hit the menu key, the three lines, an option appears and you can move that app to the front of the line.
        Good luck and hope this helps.

  6. Nate says:

    Hey Elias,

    I know it has typically been associated with, shall we say, less than reputable Android APK files, but have you considered running a Filelinked repo for these apps to be sideloaded?

    You are typically the one people turn to online when it comes to the how-tos of sideloading and this seems like a decent stopgap in the meantime? Thoughts?

    • Filelinked is certainly an interesting app, but, due to its reputation, I will not be using it. Although, I do have something coming that will make things a bit easier then they are now. Stay tuned.

      • EmoBrianEno says:

        I thought the ‘Downloader’ app was developed and maintained by, a goto site for piracy apps. By this line of logic I would assume you will also be dropping the ‘Downloader’ app again?

        • I created Downloader in 2016. In mid-2019 I was hired by Amazon and sold Downloader to Troy because I couldn’t remain the owner while being employed by Amazon. In mid-2020 I left Amazon and purchased Downloader back from Troy, so I created Downloader and I, once again, own and maintain it.

          • Nate says:

            Not that Elias needs any confirmation from a random subscriber, but just for the sake of clarity, I wanted to confirm everything he just said. I didn’t want his reply to appear as though the owner of an app was trying to make an unjust argument. I have been a user of Downloader since 2016 and the change did indeed occur once Elias took the job at Amazon due to what I presume was a potential conflict of interest. Fantastic app that I have used for sideloading countless legitimate apps that were not found in Amazon’s Appstore.

          • EmoBrianEno says:

            Don’t get me wrong love Downloader but saying filelinked has a reputation for piracy is like the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Stuart says:

        I have tried everything you said to do for the 10/15/20 Peacock update and it still does not work. Tried downloading the update, Force Stopping, Restarting my device and none are working. Any other suggestions?

  7. Lisa Laughlin says:

    I’ve updated the peacock app on my firestick, now I’m not getting any videos, it keeps buffering when I hit play. The trailers work fine. I’ve restarted the firestick, but this doesn’t help. Any idea what I should do? Thanks.

  8. I’ve just updated the post with the URL to the new v1.1.10 version of Peacock.

    • Caroline says:

      Is there an link for the update from today (10/15)? I just side loaded peacock on my fire stick last night but since there was an update released, I can’t get it to open.

  9. TechyChris says:

    Has anyone figured out a way to get this working on Fire Tv Gen 1 or is it a no go? THX!

  10. Jack says:

    Does this not work on rooted 4K sticks? I have tried and the app just keeps crashing.

  11. Dallas says:

    I had installed v1.1.10 successfully, but the program would not launch after installation, a force stop, and even a device restart. Then I tried reverting back to the previous v1.1.3 format and had the same results as v1.1.10. Now neither version works on my Fire TV device. The plus side here would be that I could always access my account through the Peacock TV website on my desktop computer, so it isn’t a complete loss. It just would be nice to watch it on my regular TV screen instead.

  12. Joseph Bartol says:

    Elias…REBRAND.LY will let you edit the real we address you are going to for free. It will save u from making tons of addresses

  13. Jack says:

    I’m starting to think this doesn’t work on rooted devices. I have now tried this on a FireTV 2 as well as a Firestick 4K (both rooted) and neither will start this app. Has anyone else experienced this?

  14. Gregg Allinson says:

    Firestick says it’s installed but PeacockTV app will not open. Is Amazon perhaps blocking these apks?

  15. Gary says:

    At first sideloaded Peacock app worked on all my Fire devices. It now works on Fire 4K stick but not Fire TV box no matter how many uninstalls/reinstalls and restarts I do. App installs fine but will not load. So frustrating .

  16. Tony says:

    I had the 1.1.10 version installed on the FireTV. Was working great, loved it.

    Now, it won’t start. Ever start fails and no amount of cache clearing restarting or reinstalling is fixing it. It’s doing the same on two different sets.

    I believe amazon might be blocking it, everything else on the box works fine…. even other side loaded apps.

    It’s either that, or something peacock is doing wrong.

    • Gary says:

      Same here. This BS with Amazon & Roku vs. HBOMax & Peacock is exactly why I bought a cheap $50 Tivo 4K stick. No problem at all installing & running the legitimate HBOMax & Peacock apps from the Google Play Store. Seriously considering buying another. The only app that I would like that is not available for it is AppleTV+ but I’ve got that on my Roku. Otherwise, I may just drop Roku & Fire entirely and go with Google/Android boxes/sticks. Maybe even an NVidia Shield but I think I’ll hold off for now and see what the rumored Google device has to offer.

  17. Petar Antonic says:

    Hey Elias,

    I downloaded the newest version to my FireTV. When I launch the Peacock app, it opens…flashes the Peacock logo, goes dark and then returns to the FireTV home screen. I have restarted, unplugged, uninstalled/reinstalled and still have the same issue. Clueless and need a hand..


  18. Michael A Rathke says:

    I have the 9/9 version. When it goes to commercial breaks the tv returns to the fire home screen.

  19. Andy says:

    Is there a way to get it to work on gen 1 Amazon Fire Box? Have got it download on my Fire TV and Firestick.

  20. ML says:

    Has anyone had success getting it to work with the First Generation Fire Stick ?

  21. SK says:

    Elias, I am having very similar issues as a commenter [Petar Antonic] above. I downloaded the 1.2.14 version via Downloader. I am using a Fire Stick [1st Gen].

    As soon as I finished the download, when I started up Peacock, my Fire Stick was able to load the app, but could not play any of the video. The exact sequence of events was as follows:

    1) Click on Peacock app from Home
    2) Go to “Browse” and pick show
    3) Click on episode
    Result: wheel keeps spinning, then reverts back to the “Browse” page in Peacock.

    Thinking that this may be a result of not rebooting immediately following the app install, I restarted my Fire Stick. This resulted in even worse results, in that the Peacock app will not open any longer.

    Now what happens is:

    1) Click on Peacock app from Home
    Result: See a gray screen for about 20-30 seconds, then revert back to Fire Stick Home Page.

    Perhaps you could shed more light in regards to what is happening and/or patch an update. I have a feeling it may be in regards to the 1st gen hardware of the Fire Stick, but the varying results pre- and post-reboot is quite weird still.

    • Thanks for the details. I’ll investigate this more closely today to see if anything can be done.

      • Jim says:

        Same here, same issues with 1st gen Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Works fine on my 4K FireTv stick however.

      • SK says:

        Thanks Elias! Appreciate your response. Here’s hoping that some magic can be worked on these 1st gen Fire TV Sticks. Many of us who have stuck with the older models have eschewed the newer ones due to not wanting Alexa-based controls in our devices. I would love to take advantage of my Peacock subscription on my Fire TV Stick without having to have a laptop/tablet from which to cast to my TV [or feel coerced to buy a newer gen Fire TV].

        Keep up the fantastic work! Here’s hoping you can work out some tweaks to make the side loaded app work on 1st gen Fire Sticks.

        • Sorry, I haven’t been able to figure out why it’s not working. My best guess is that it is a DRM incompatibility issue. The Fire TV 1 and Fire TV Stick 1 are the only Fire TV models that do not support Widevine L1, so that might be the source of the issue. If so, there is nothing that can be done apart from wait for an updated version of the app to be released and hope they Peacock happens to address the issue.

          For now, I’ll add a note to my Peacock articles about it.

  22. Lisa says:

    If you have a computer, log into your Peacock account online. (Really easy to setup.) Also worked with certainty tablets, etc. if there is a USB outlet.

    We “mirrored” everything from Peacock onto TV screen by attaching a HDMI between the two!

    You don’t need an app for this

  23. Lisa says:

    Correction—HDMI, not USB.

  24. Eric says:

    I started having the same problem a couple weeks ago. When I clicked on an episode the wheel would spin for a minute then it went back to browse. I tried everything I could think of: power cycling the fire tv stick, clearing the cache, updating the app. No change. Then I remembered I had made changes to my router about the same time this trouble started. So I tried disabling IPv6 in my router and that fixed it. Peacock is streaming again!

  25. I just updated the post with the new v1.3.13 APK.

  26. Paul says:

    Hi, peacock does not work for me, Have Fire Tv Cube 2. gen.
    Says “Please Update Your Google Services” I don´t know how to do this.
    Please help

  27. Carla Mogan says:

    thanks for publishing this. Mine stopped working when the update was needed. This was super easy to follow and it fixed the problem. I was able to pick up right where i left off on peacock right after the download and install.

  28. Frank says:

    I tried typing in But all I get is
    ” unknown error. Check your url. Looks good to me. My peacock stopped with update also. I Uninstaller. Now trying fresh. The above didn’t work. Help

    • JJ says:

      If you get the error message you aren’t entering the URL in the right spot. I did the same thing. You don’t go to the box at the top. Instead, go down the side to “browser” and enter that, then enter the URL in the box you get at that one.

  29. Poor amazon fire stick owner says:

    You are a legend among men thank you.

  30. Jessie Farr says:

    i got peacock tv app on my fire tv and it worked until it ask for a update but it won`t update or work at all…

  31. JJ says:

    I could not get the updated version to work. I even did a “restart” as you advised. It is still telling me to get an update.

  32. JJ says:

    Turns out, using the one on the mirror site for version 1.3.13 worked better, plus selecting “all” on the install instead of “new.”

  33. JJ says:

    Another tip, under “recent apps,” delete that, because it might be pointing to the previous install. Delete the “previously used” one and access from the app link.

  34. Nikole Crafton says:

    It worked!! Thank you so much! I’m so happy!

  35. Kelly says:

    Hi. First, thank you for the guides to download Peacock. It is appreciated! I had to update Peacock and did so per your instructions. I can get into Peacock but none of the shows will play. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it as well. When I try to click on a show to play it acts like it is loading and then goes back to listing of shows. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  36. Kimberley Spivey says:

    I so appreciate the tips and help…I downloaded the app worth your help and the update and both were easy to do, instructions were simple and successful. Thanks.

  37. Those of you having trouble with the latest APK, please list specifically which Fire TV model and generation you have. If you don’t know exactly which model you have, see this article for how to identify it:

    • TechyChris says:

      I have Peacock installed on my two new Fire TV Cube 2’s purchased on Prime Day. Both Cubes on exact same OS 7 update. Peacock works fine on both BUT on one Cube I have version 1.3.3 and the App Icon is normal. On the other Cube I updated to version 1.3.13 and the app icon is broken, none of the usual tricks work to restore the icon?

      On a completely unrelated side note, the ABC and NBC apps, downloaded directly from Amazon do not work on the Cube 2 , I get an error message that says I must update my OS but it is already fully updated! MEANWHILE both apps work perfect on my remining FTV 1st Gen still running OS 5, crazy!

      • TechyChris says:

        ***Update*** I don’t know how this Voodoo Magic is working but I found a solution to the Peacock broken app icon issue. I deleted v1.3.13 then reinstalled v1.3.3 (app icon works on this version) Then I reinstalled
        v1.3.13 over again (do not delete previous version) Icon appears stable now!

  38. Joseph Winwood says:

    The first link did not connect, but the alternate site connected, and worked perfectly.

  39. gregoryh325 says:

    App works fine but on the firestick homepage the icon is blank??

  40. Gregory Hatfield says:

    App works fine. Installed the latest version. Peacock icon is broken though.

    • TechyChris says:

      You must install version 1.3.3 FIRST (the icon works with this version)
      THEN install version 1.3.13 as an update (without deleting 1.3.3)
      The icon should remain, works for me on on Cube 2 latest OS 7

  41. Charles Morgan says:

    Thanks so much for your efforts on this. It’s made it possible for me to access Peacock on my FireTV’s (both sticks and cubes). Something that I’ve on my Gen2 Cube is that:
    1. I have to re-enable the closed captioning for each episode of a show that I watch. It doesn’t remember the setting. Prior to this last version, it only needed to be re-enabled if Peacock had been shut down or timed-out.
    2. Occasionally, an episode will end prematurely. I noticed this with the prior version, and again after the recent update. An example is a couple of episodes of Brave New World popped up the “Up next” box about 10 minutes before the end of the episode and began the next episode.

    Again…thanks for all of your work on the app!

  42. Greg says:

    The new update working perfectly on my fire tv stick…. thank you!

  43. Eric Behrend says:

    Easy least. Installed update over the old version, 1st time’s the charm. Thanks & c’mon Liverpool!

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