How to update your sideloaded HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV and Firestick — Updated Feb. 2021 w/ Latest APK

Since HBO Max is not yet available in the Amazon Appstore, it must be sideloaded. Instructions for how to sideload the app can be found here, but you might be wondering how to update the app once you’ve already installed it. The process for updating is identical to sideloading. Simply open the Downloader app, enter the URL to the newer APK, download it, and install it. The new version will automatically update/replace the old version. You do not need to uninstall the existing version first. A new version of HBO Max was just released and you can get it by entering (see update below) into the Downloader app. If you need more detailed instructions, follow this guide.


7/26/20 For HBO Max v50.3.0.362, enter 2120 (or into Downloader.
9/1/20 For HBO Max v50.4.0.206, enter 2121 (or into Downloader.
10/4/20 For HBO Max v50.5.0.215, enter 2122 (or into Downloader.
10/26/20 For HBO Max v50.6.0.168, enter 2123 (or into Downloader.
11/12/20 For HBO Max v50.7.0.186, enter 2124 (or into Downloader.
11/30/20 For HBO Max v50.7.2.207, enter 2125 (or into Downloader.
2/19/21 For HBO Max v50.10.1.116, enter 2126 (or into Downloader.


If you’re seeing an “Unsupported Version” message in your HBO Max app, please see this article for how to resolve the issue.

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  1. Darren Newman says:

    I use apkupdater to update my apps. It’s open source and available for download on github here

    “APKUpdater is an open source tool that simplifies the process of finding updates for your installed apps.
    It provides similar functionality to an app store, but instead of depending on a single source, it aggregates the results from APKMirror, Aptoide, F-Droid and Google Play.”

  2. ben says:

    what about future updates. how will i know if there is a update in the future. just keep checking downlaoder?

  3. Joseph R. Neal, Sr. says:

    I have no idea how I did this but I am streaming HBO through HBO NOW icon. Is it possible that I have subscribed to two streams through Amazon HBO & HBO NOW?

  4. I have just updated this guide with the latest version of HBO Max’s APK, which is currently v50.3.0.362 available at

  5. Hugh says:

    I thought the latest release was v50.3.0.369. At least that’s what’s running on my phone which came from the Google Play Store just a couple days ago. This one (V50.3.0.362) is on both my Fire sticks and works fine though. Many thanks for being so helpful BTW.

    • The phone version of HBO Max does not have the same version number as the TV version of HBO Max. The two are different apps and they cannot be interchanged. You’re right, the latest phone version is x.x.x.369 but the latest TV version is the one posted above, which is x.x.x.362.

  6. mousepaws says:

    So,. it downloads, it installs, then I open it, within downloader, and it runs fine. I’m able to log into my account and everything. But .. when I leave the app, the icon is noplace to be found. I cannot re-open it. Is there a way I can find the app or force an icon to show up in the menu? Or do I have to re-install and open it every time I want to use HBO MAX?

  7. smartguy101 says:

    Just user the HBO Now app with your Max login / password. All the same series and movies, just not the additional kid profiles options. no big deal

    • Jacq says:

      That only works for a very small number of HBO subscribers. Most providers are not available with HBONow, including mine.

  8. Elias J. says:

    HBOMax sideloaded OK on c.2019 Cube (Fire OS [Fire TV Home Version 6231058.1], but there is no “Your Apps & Channels” icon. Only way to load is via “Manage Installed Applications”. I have a v2 box I can try it on later. P.S. Loads fine.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Thank you!

  10. Hiveship99 says:

    After hitting the install for HBO Max, I am getting a message of… X App not installed. What am I doing wrong?

  11. Joyce Jiannino says:

    Please help I loaded HBO Max on my fire stick but I get this massage when I try to use it. It wants me to create an account but when I type in the code it says it has expired. What can I do

  12. Gwen says:

    Version 50-5-0-215 for android will install on Firestick but the remote controller won’t interact with the app at all.

  13. StickMan says:

    I apologize for this while similar being a little off topic but I cannot find any reference to my concern anywhere on this site so I am hoping some of you may be able to help.
    I’m trying to find a version of the Spectrum TV App that will run on a FireTVStick the only one I can find to sideload says “not supported on this device” when installed. It’s available and runs on My Fire HD tablet
    but curiously it’ not available for the FireStick. I’ve heard there is a version that works any help from the community who be appreciated. I cut my cable bill in half by going with their streaming package only to find out that it will not work with my FireTVSticks, Cube or FireTV Box. I’m heavily invested in Amazon devices including a Recast for OTA and need to find a solution if possible else I’m dumping Spectrum TV.

    • Rik Emmett says:

      Use the browser in the downloader app and search for, spectrum apk download, and try to find the apk file to download.

  14. Thomas S Parrott says:

    When I load this on my kindle fire and open the app, it appears as if it’s zoomed in… i can move between the tabs but not log in or really do much of anything. Restarted tablet, reinstalled, made sure its most current… help! thanks!

  15. ben says:

    when i aenter i get a webpage not found error. wont update

  16. ben says:

    i tried both and just 2124 but get a page not found when i enter it. i could get the updates fine ntil this one the 12th

  17. ben says:

    tried again and it works

  18. Jason says:

    Can you do one of these posts for the Vudu app? These work great!

  19. Daniel says:

    I get Err_Connection_Refused. Any thoughts?

    • Shaun says:

      Try restarting the firestick, that seemed to do the trick for me after having the same issue. In settings, under “my firestick” is the option to restart.

  20. John says:

    If you don’t have an icon, just use voice on remote and say “hbomax” and the white HBO icon will show up in the results. Click on that icon to launch.

  21. Milo says:

    With news arriving that on Nov 17th, 2020 Amazon and HBOMax have an agreement to allow FireTv and FireSticks, I have the question of how do i undo and ready my FireTV for the official app or is that even something i or anyone else needs to do? An agreed upon app would no doubt have updates and support whereas the sideloaded requires more hands on or am I wrong?

    • Bill D says:

      I wondered the same thing, so today I went to Settings on my Fire TV Cube under apps, where it shows HBOMax. There, I was able to uninstall it. I checked back on the home screen and the icon was also gone, and searching for it doesn’t find it either. So I’m thinking I’m all set for the new app.

    • Joe R says:

      I tried to uninstall the sideload and install the official HBO Max app today but my icon is still the white HBO icon. Did I do something wrong? Am I still actually opening the sideloaded version?

      • Bill D says:

        I did the uninstall via Settings->Applications->Manage Installed Applications. From that spot, I also went into Downloader and Downloads and deleted data and cache for both. Not sure if that was necessary, but since I used them to sideload, I thought it couldn’t hurt. I checked and the broken link icon that played HBOMax was also gone, from all apps and from Recents. Then I searched for Max, and it was there and installed correctly with the right icon, including recognizing that I subscribe to it via another service – YTTV. Hope that helps.

  22. Nicky says:

    I keep getting a “parse” error for newest update (11/12/20) not sure what this means.

  23. John says:

    I am getting Unsupported Version error when I try to open app. Have the latest one on this page. Any advice?

  24. Gena LeBlanc says:

    After running 2124 update i get unsupported version

  25. Josh says:

    I’m getting the same message.

  26. Mary Jo Gonzalez says:

    I had hbo Max sideloaded on my fire stick. I tried doing what he said going through downloader, but it just kept saying app not installed. So I uninstalled it. Then installed. Eureka! I got HBO Max back.

  27. Carrie P says:

    So I’ve sideloaded HBOMax via direct adb connection (TCP/IP) and with the downloader app. Each method twice, and I’ve installed both the .206 and .207 versions (definitely better luck with the .207 version). Anyway, not really having any issues – other than I have to go into Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Scroll down (A LOT)->Select HBO Max ->Launch Application

    Now this may seem petty, but these are a lot of steps and it’s really annoying (I know, 1st world problems, right :-) ) So I’d like to get it’s shortcut on my home screen and no matter what I do clear cache, clear data or Appstore Application, HBO Max application, re-synch – NOTHING is working. Anyone have a real solution to this most annoying nuisance? I’ve tried everything listed here with no success. Any comments or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks

  28. Scott Armstrong says:

    Getting “Oops Something Went Wrong ” Please restart HBO Max app
    When trying to watch on TV I have signout and in with same message appearing can anyone help

  29. Anthony says:

    I got same error “Oops something went wrong” I tried to reload the app and also reload 2125 but same thing. App works but when you try to watch anything on HBO Max it gives this error. I think this is issue related to v50.7.2.207. Everything worked for few days but stopped working yesterday for me.

  30. BGuardiaN says:

    Hi there, the latest version used to work fine for me, but unfortunately the CC suddenly stopped working. I tried clearing data und cache, reinstalling the app, tried different ip’s, even resetting the firestick to original settings and installing everything clean again, still the problem persisted. Then I sideloaded an android tv version and the CC is working fine, though the user interface is not as good as the one for the firestick. I was wondering if there is a newer firestick version that I could use? Unfortunately I cant download the original version because I live in Europe and amazon is not letting me do it. I guess there are a lot out there like me, it would be cool if you updated the app on this topic now and then…

  31. Tally says:

    Hello! The latest update for Feb 2021 is not working. It won’t download. What else can I try?

  32. jt says:

    2126 is jot working, there has been a new update, any help would be appreciated. thank you

  33. Paul says:

    Tried (2126) and still get unsupported version – update

  34. Ionut vlad says:


  35. Srinivasan says:

    2126 not working. Assist please with the new uodate

  36. Steve says:


    Do you have the latest one after 2126 at all, my app on the firestick is asking me to update, but I already have 2126 installed and from what I can see online, a new version is available ?


  37. Carl says:

    Hey anyone found an app for this yet I really want to watch justice League lol

    • Paul says:

      yes use sky NOW and the 7 day free pass OR

      downloaded the hbo-max-50-16-0-29.apk and used windows adb software to adb connect to the firestick via IP and then adp install to upload the apk file to the firestick – and it works fine

    • Steve says:

      See my comment further down from me on here, it works.

  38. Paul says:

    yes use sky NOW and the 7 day free pass OR

    downloaded the hbo-max-50-16-0-29.apk and used windows adb software to adb connect to the firestick via IP and then adp install to upload the apk file to the firestick – and it works fine

  39. Srinivasan Thyagarajan says:

    Update on HBO Max sideload version

  40. Srinivasan Thyagarajan says:

    Asking if there is any update

  41. Steve says:

    For anyone who wants to update HBO Max, download an app called aptoide using downloader, Google how to sideload it, then search HBO Max, once you’ve found it, use it to uninstall current version and then download the latest one.

    I did it yesterday and it works without issue.

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