How to update TWRP custom recovery on the Amazon Fire TV


The simplest and safest way to update TWRP custom recovery on a rooted Fire TV is to install the latest pre-rooted ROM. All pre-rooted ROMs include TWRP custom recovery, so installing a pre-rooted ROM will also overwrite TWRP. Rbox has stated that he will release a new pre-rooted ROM anytime he releases an updated TWRP, even if the ROM OS version has not changed, so the newest pre-rooted ROM file will always include the newest version of TWRP. I will update this post in the future with instructions on how to update TWRP separately without installing a ROM, but most of you should just install the latest ROM anytime rbox releases a new version of TWRP.

  1. nozebleed says:

    any news on that 5.0.5 pre-rooted rom?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I received the 5.0.5 update for the Fire TV 2 last night and I’ve passed the file over to rbox, so we’ll probably see the pre-rooted version soon.

      Neither rbox nor I have received the 5.0.5 update for the Fire TV 1 yet, so still waiting for that to arrive before a pre-rooted ROM can be made.

  2. taveras says:

    but the Xposed will be compatible with this update? because I change my background with Resflux on my fire tv 1 Gen!!!!!

    • AFTVnews says:

      There is a version of Xposed that works with the Fire TV 2 running 5.0.5. I’ll have a guide for that soon. I don’t know if it will work for the Fire TV 1 yet, but it should. I also don’t know if Resflux is compatible with Fire OS 5 yet.

  3. tom42 says:

    Will the Fire TV 1st gen be getting TWRP.

  4. taveras says:

    I will be able to change the background on the fire tv 1 Gen after the TWRP update and keep Google play store working on it?

  5. bula says:

    Is it a way to reboot direct in recovery screen (bypassing the first screen that lets you chose recovery/system boot)?

    adb reboot recovery did not work for me. This info may had been posted somewhere and I apologize if that is the case. Thank you.

  6. Mike says:

    Have you tried adb reboot recovery?

  7. Carlos says:

    I have the Fire Tv Stick, i have rooted it with kingroot 4.8, i will like to know if i can install the ClockWork Mod that comes in adbfire 2.02b. thanks

  8. mb says:

    Hi, seeing that rbox just released the new TWRP with the fix for the screen issues, did you ever get chance on how to update TWRP separately? I know that I have to get into recovery first (“adb reboot recovery”).
    Then, do I have to manually flash the new TWRP from recovery, “fastboot flash recovery recoveryfile.img”?
    Thanks for your great tutorials!

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