How to update HBO Max on Fire TV / Firestick and fix the Unsupported Version error message

Some HBO Max apps, including sideloaded versions, have stopped working today because HBO just released a new version of their app. The app is now displaying the “Unsupported Version” message seen above. If you have sideloaded HBO Max onto your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, rather than updating your sideload app, it’s best for you to uninstall the app and re-install the official version, which is now available in the official Amazon Appstore.

To uninstall the sideloaded HBO Max app, follow these instructions. Once the app is uninstalled, either send the official HBO Max app from Amazon’s website to your Fire TV, or search for HBO Max on your Fire TV and install it that way. If you already have the official version of HBO Max on your Fire TV and are seeing the “Unsupported Version” message, then you need to update the app through the Amazon Appstore by following these instructions. If you don’t want or can’t get the official version from the Amazon Appstore, then you can sideload the latest version by following this guide and entering 2126 (or into the Downloader app.

  1. Fermín says:

    In Germany, the official HBO Max remains unavailable. Is there a solution for a new sideload update? Thank you for the support.

  2. M says:

    I’d like a sideload update. I believe amazon expects HBO Max users to purchase through Amazon. We’re already customers, and in my case I use a prime account that is connected to someone else so that’s not happening.

    But I have no HBO Max app option in my Fire Stick menu, it merely gives me the HBO platform to buy programming. frankly I don’t see how I download an HBO Max app on my Fire Stick aside from using a side loaded version.


    Hi, thanks for this article. Having some issues. I had sideloaded the app and since yesterday it kept giving me a service error. Unistalled the sideloaded app, re installed it, reset fire stick to factory settings. Installed the app from Amazon and it worked. An hour later again another service error.
    Just tried sideloading it again using your recommendation of 2125 on Downloader app and still I cannot watch hbo max
    This is the error
    Service code H- 63859833-f692-47b1-c88c-da4243af53db It is not always the same error. ‍♀️ Any recommendations? Thanks a lot

  4. J says:

    Already had the official version, it updated itself yesterday, gave me the error today. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the official version but it keeps giving me a download failure message when doing it on the FireTV and when I try to do it from the App Store there isn’t a spot to purchase it, it just says “free *only for amazon devices”.

  5. Mari-Ann Wise says:

    I was patting myself on the back a couple of weeks ago about sideloading the HBO Max app on two of my tvs. Last night, I got the dreaded purple “not supported” screen and thanks to your instructions, easily uninstalled and reinstalled via Amazon shooting the app to the tvs. I’m a big Kindle user so this all made perfect sense to me! Thanks for the help!

    • Destiny V says:

      Just wanted to drop a comment to let you know how thankful I am! Was about to go crazy trying to figure this out on my own lol God bless

  6. joseph black says:

    Thanks mate but if you are living outside US then you should install HBO Max APK. Check HBO Max Apk method

  7. JacktheBauer says:

    Hello,do i need to install another Version for the 4K Support for Wonder Woman 2?

  8. Leo says:

    Hi, I’m living in VN. I use IpVanish to change IP address to US and can download the HBO Max on Fire TV app store. However, when I open the app it keeps showing “Can’t connect to server” and ask to retry. However, nothing happens after I click on the retry button. Could you please advise on this case ? Thank you.

  9. Joseph says:

    I have a different, but related, issue. Several days ago I learned that, because I receive HBO through my cable provider (Suddenlink), I could get HBO max for free on my Samsung smart TV. I accomplished that with ease,but my 2nd TV in the bedroom is not a smart TV, but is equipped with the Amazon firestick. Accordingly, I have access to many apps, including HBO max, but per any attempt to view content, I see no way around paying $14.99/mo. for viewing. Obviously, that would be ridiculous! Which brings me to my question: Is there anything I can do to get HBO Max on the bedroom TV at no cost? Put differently, why doesn’t my Suddenlink TiVo mini in the BR “know” I’m already signed up for HBO Max through the main TiVo unit and allow me to obtain the app in the same way?

  10. Deb says:

    Does anyone know why, when I uploaded HBO Max on my Tv it blew the fire stick off and now it won’t work on that TV?

  11. Ashtyn Bowen says:

    Within the last few weeks I have noticed that HBO Max goes in and out of HD. we have a Firestick 4k, and all other apps seam to stream just fine. Also we have a Roku, and it streams hbo max just fine. Is anyone else having trouble all the sudden with their firestick streaming hbo max?

  12. JacktheBauer says:

    Hello can anybody tell me how to get the Syfy App and my 4K Fire TV stick ,i can’t find the App on the store on my Stick.And i haven’t found a working APK either

  13. Gareth Sutcliffe says:

    Hello, 2125 is now showing as an unsupported version. Will there be a 2126?

  14. jt says:

    there has been a new.update, 2126 no longer works. any help?

  15. Boggy says:

    Any Chance of the 2127 sideline please :)

  16. Thyagarajan says:

    Any update to 2127

  17. Matt says:

    It’d be great if we could get an update since 2126 is no longer supported.

  18. T35t3r says:

    Please please please get us the update to 2127? :)

  19. Vlad says:

    Thank you Boggy

  20. Gilberia says:

    Hi Boggy,

    I’m again getting the same error after 6 weeks.

    Can you tell me how to fix it?

  21. Boggy says:

    Then no doubt I’ll have the message too. Just keep checking back on this file linked number I posted till they update it.

  22. Ken Arcia says:

    Hello. I have HBOMax through YouTubeTV. Now I am getting a message asking me to “renew subscription” or “restore purchase” If I try to renew, it asks me to pay $15/mo. If I click on restore purchase, it says it could not find a subscription for me in Amazon Appstore. So meanwhile, I can only view HBO (not HBOMax) in YouTube TV. Suggestions?

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