How to unroot a Fire TV 2 and switch back to stock updates from Amazon

This guide will walk you through the steps of reverting a rooted Fire TV 2, with or without TWRP installed, back to stock by accepting an over-the-air update. Currently, the latest stock update, which is version 5.0.5, is rootable, but if/when Amazon releases an update that blocks rooting, you may be unable to root after following this guide.

If you installed TWRP Custom Recovery…

The simplest way to unroot and return back to stock is to allow your Fire TV 2 to accept and install an over-the-air software update from Amazon. There are probably several blocks in place that are prevent this from happening as a precaution to retain root, so this guide will show you how to revert those blocks.

  1. Download pre-rooted ROM version 5.0.4_r2 from here. (This version does not disable stock recovery, so over-the-air updates can be installed with this version.)
  2. Install pre-rooted ROM version 5.0.4_r2 using TWRP custom recovery by following this guide.
  3. After installing the ROM and rebooting, you need to unblock updates if you’ve blocked them on the device. You can do this by either factory resetting your Fire TV, or by connecting to the device via ADB and running the following commands:
    • adb shell
    • su
    • pm unhide
    • pm enable

    (Be sure you’ve also removed blocks within your router’s settings, if you have those in place.)

  4. Your Fire TV 2 will now accept over-the-air updates. Since it is now running version 5.0.4, there should be an update waiting to be installed. Go to Settings > System > About > Check for updates to install the latest stock update. After the stock update downloads and installs, your Fire TV will be unrooted and fully stock without TWRP or the boot menu.

If you did not install TWRP custom Recovery…

If you just rooted your Fire TV 2 with KingRoot or some other method and did not install TWRP custom recovery, the simplest way to unroot is to allow an over-the-air stock update to install. The KingRoot/Kinguser app itself has an unroot option in its settings, but the app makes so many changes to the Fire TV’s operating system while rooting, that I wouldn’t trust it to truly revert everything. If you’re already on the latest software version, I suggest following my guide to install TWRP, that way you can follwo the above steps to downgrade and then allow the latest software version to install over-the-air. Otherwise, you can unblock updates by following the below steps and just wait for the next update to be released by Amazon.

  1. Connect to your Fire TV 2 via ADB.
  2. Run the command: adb shell
  3. Run the command: su
  4. Run the command: pm unhide
  5. Run the command: pm enable

  1. Xrak says:

    I have a rooted 1st gen Fire TV with the custom recovery. Are there any instructions available for going back to stock for that. I followed instructions you had posted to get it rooted with custom recovery. I’ve been waiting for a pre-rooted update to the newer version of the SW but looks like that may not happen.

  2. Max says:

    I am still waiting for TWRP and a pre-rooted ROM for the fire TV 1 and the Stick.
    I Hope it Will Be realesed soon :/

  3. Mark says:

    Thanks for this guide! Very helpful.

  4. Got Root? says:

    It’s a shame we can’t grab this stock firmware and apply it ourselves without having to rely on amazon.

  5. Robert says:

    What if you already have 5.05? How to un-root?

  6. JANA DOE says:

    maybe it is obvious it was not to me and after this procedure. the fire TV could get stuck at the update screen.

    Since it was previously registered to an amazon account it will not register again adn gives out unable to update Fire tv, try again later screen”, so I had to go to under my devices and unregister it, then it let to the next screen on the fire tv and I could register again(this drove me nuts for 2 days)

  7. cessare says:

    i have and i want to unroot ftv 2 ,this tutorial it will work?

  8. ssss says:

    link for 5.04 is busted

  9. Josh says:

    How does this work for Fire TV 1 with TWRP?

  10. Jordan says:

    Is there a different way to do this if you have TWRP? I want to restore my FTV1 to stock but with 5.0.4_r2 nowhere to be found I am stumped.

  11. Kyle says:

    Yeah this guide no longer works with the pre-rooted ROM no longer available. You can get around this by using a ROM that is not the latest software update, and do the following:
    Connect to adb and start a shell (I used an app on my phone, Remote ADB shell on the app store, and enable ADB Debugging in Developer Options)
    Switch to root with su – code: su
    Run manage_recovery (if you do not run su first, it will seem to run, but won’t actually be able to do anything)

    There are 3 different scenarios that manage_recovery will detect and prompt for.

    The first is when stock recovery is disabled, it will look like this:
    Checking current stock recovery status… NOT STOCK
    Checking for reason… DISABLED
    Stock recovery is currently disabled,
    Would you like to enable it?
    Type ‘yes’ to enable it, anything else to quit

    • Cris says:

      Hello, this doesn’t work for me. It shows that i am on stock recovery, but it’s Bull….help. Yes, I did SU before manage_recovery, but nothing, still stuck with TWRP.

  12. Cris says:

    Can someone please share: 5.0.4_r2 so i can unroot and fix my stuff. Please

  13. lowbee says:

    This guide is working for me. I was running and downgraded to 5.0.4_r2 following this guide and I am now unrooted and running the latest OS.

    • mike says:

      Interesting, because rbox has warnings that say if you are on and later that you should not flash the older firmware.

  14. Alan says:

    Is it safest to unroot a Fire TV 2 on with TWRP installed by allowing it to OTA to from Amazon (I’ve got updates blocked at the router which can easily be undone)?

    And will TWRP be gone?

    • Dave says:

      I’m trying to do the same thing, but it’s not working. Goes through the motions of downloading and attempting to install,but then it just reboots and starts the process over again. I even tried a factory wipe, in TWRP and through fire tv menu, no joy.

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