How to stop an Alexa icon from quickly appearing and disappearing in the Android Notification Tray

If you have an Android phone and have the Alexa app installed on it, you may have noticed that a tiny Alexa icon will occasionally appear in the notification tray, to the left of the time, and then quickly disappear. If it annoys you, here is how to stop that from happening.

It’s not quite clear why the icon flashes on and off in the first place. It could just be a bug, but some people have speculated that it’s due to a new rule that Google has implemented in Android 9.0 Pie that requires apps to notify users when they’re doing something in the background. Whether that’s the reason or not, here’s what to do to never see the icon again.

  1. Open the Android settings page for the Alexa app. This can be done by either pressing and holding on the Alexa app icon and selecting “App Info,” or by going to your Android Settings, selecting “Apps & notifications,” and selecting the Alexa app from the list.
  2. Once on the Alexa app info screen, tap the “Notifications” option.
  3. Now tap the “Alexa” option.
  4. Then tap on the “Behavior” option.
  5. Lastly, select the “Show silently and minimize” option.

After following those steps, the random Alexa icon in your notification tray should never appear again. This is the least impactful option to stop the icon because it allows the Alexa app to continue doing whatever it was originally doing. You might be tempted to uncheck the “Alexa” notification altogether, or worse, disable all notifications for the Alexa app. I would advise against that because the Alexa app is constantly evolving and you never know what future features will end up using Android’s notification system.

  1. Tony says:

    “….because it allows the Alexa app to continue doing whatever it was originally doing”

    Which is the elephant in the room! I have it terminated in the background, how and why is it starting? As it insisted I gave it microphone access when the app is in use, what is it doing?

  2. Jalaza says:


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