How to Skip Software Updates during Initial Setup or Factory Reset on a Fire TV, Firestick, or Fire TV Cube

Since the latest software update for Fire TV devices is blocking the ability to use custom launchers, you may want to avoid updating a new or factory reset Fire TV. During the initial setup process, all Fire TV models check for software updates with no option to skip the check or avoid installing the update. Normally, if you externally block updates from downloading, such as through a router filter or DNS setting, the setup process will refuse to complete until it can reach Amazon’s update servers. However, there is a method to get past all forced updates during the initial setup and here is how to do it.

Credit goes to Jayhawks659 for discovering this method to skip forced software updates during the initial setup of a Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Cube. This method will work, as of today, for both the initial setup of a brand new device being configured for the first time and for a device that was just factory reset.

IMPORTANT: To follow this guide, you must have a way to quickly kill the internet connection going to your Fire TV device. The simplest way is to use an Ethernet adapter instead of WiFi, since you can easily unplug the Ethernet cable. If your only choice is to use WiFi, you can either be ready to pull the power of your router when needed or you can connect the Fire TV to your phone’s WiFi Hotspot, since it’s easy to switch the hotspot off on your phone when needed.


  1. Begin setting up your Fire TV device as usual and connect it to the internet. Just be ready to disconnect the internet quickly.
  2. Once the Fire TV gets to the point where it is getting updates, disconnect its internet connection.
  3. When the Fire TV stops getting updates and says there is no network connection, press and hold the BACK and MENU buttons simultaniously on the remote for a few seconds until the VoiceView accessibility feature turns on.
  4. Once the VoiceView feature is on the screen, press the BACK button on the remote to exit VoiceView.
  5. When VoiceView exits, you should now be at the Amazon login/registration screen. You now need to reconnect the internet to the Fire TV and quickly log into your Amazon account to complete the initial device setup. Your Fire TV will likely continue to download software updates in the background, but now it will not force you to stop and install them as long as you don’t leave the device idle for a long period of time.
  6. Once you log into your Amazon account, you should once again disconnect the internet and finish the initial setup steps offline so that you can get to the Fire TV home screen without having installed any updates.

Once on the home screen, you will want to block software updates on your device. If an update has already downloaded and is waiting to be installed, you’ll want to clear the update by connecting to your Fire TV via ADB and running the command:
adb shell pm clear

  1. Kir says:

    anyway, this is not an option to constantly tremble and be afraid of updating the system! it’s better to upgrade and spit on the Amazon home screen !

    for example, I don’t look at the Amazon screen at all: just after launching, I immediately press the application I need after 1 second I’m there. and that’s it.

    the only pity is that if there is no Wolf, I will not be able to control the mouse. I don’t use the remote, I don’t like remotes. I do everything with the mouse [all my mice have an additional “Back” button]

    • David Hawkins says:

      I think Amazon should do what they do with Kindles. You can choose a Kindle with adverts or without. You should be able to choose a firestick with a custom launcher or not.
      What Amazon don’t seem to appreciate is that their arrogance alienates regular users like me.
      Because of an arrogant, rude email I realised I didn’t need Prime so now it is cancelled.
      As a point of principle I will never ever order a video pushed at me from my firestick. This happens to all large organizations they start off offering a good service and considering consumers but they end up feeling that they own the World and consumers are trash. A lot of very large IT companies have gone bust just because of that.
      I will use Amazon but look for alternatives when I wouldn’t have done before.

  2. Jerramie says:

    For me It’s not just about blocking updates It’s about Amazon not letting us do what we want with the device we bought, But android devices do let us do what we want with them. I am currently blocking updates on two of my devices the 4k Fire stick which still has the old interface and the 4K max I slipped up and start blocking updates on my second GEN cube, Because there was something in the update that I wanted in the past and never went back I’m started blocking updates again. Which really upsets me and Amazon is going to make it to where you can’t use a custom launcher because so many icons are broken on os 7. If I wasn’t using the launcher I am which is the best launcher there is I would not know half the apps I have I would just have a bunch of black squares so my point is we wouldn’t have to block updates if they are making an update to where we can’t use Custom launchers. I think I will go back into Amazon and redo all my reviews on all my Amazon devices and tell people not to buy them because Amazon is going to control what they do it down by adding apps and more bloatware.

  3. Kir says:

    Elias, rather than tremble from Amazon updates, the loss of Wolf, and so on, it’s better to do with your programmers so that when the Fire TV starts, the application selected by the user immediately opens.

    for example the “Sideload Launcher” I mentioned above

    Personally, I would like Fire TV to start with MX Player !!!
    [translated from Russian by Google translator]

  4. Milke Penny says:

    Well Companys lurk and see what we are dong so Amazon….WAKE UP! I can customize on android…follow suit or Compromise. Heeeelllooo….lol! Or if you you are willing to lose customers…thats your own fault. Plenty devices out there that want our buisness!

  5. James says:

    I don’t understand what’s going on I haven’t lost Wolf launcher on either of my fire sticks. Both of them are up-to-date I simply disabled the wolf launcher did the update and then re-enabled it and I haven’t had a problem

    • Jerramie says:

      Did your device reboot ? When it reboots this is when you see the major updates but what I’m starting to hear is this is for people who don’t already have wolf launcher and Will affect the people buying the new devices by the way what Device did you do an update on and when?

  6. Vince says:

    What’s the difference between a broken fire stick with all the great apps on it already purchased for a price or using one of my 4K fire sticks and having a subscription service that will give me all those apps? I don’t understand the difference of you by a broken fire stick it has all the apps you don’t have to buy any subscription or do you take a fire stick and bi monthly subscription? Is there any benefit to one of the either. Thank you very much

    • Rodney says:

      If you’re stick is truly broken you don’t pay for anything.I get Netflix, hulu, hbomax, disney+,plus alot more free.Plus Sling tv free. All of they’re channels.

    • noone says:

      LOL. Educate your self about what is Amazon doing. You’ll be surprised.

  7. Tom Wooden says:

    Much easier to just buy an android stick or box put on the home page whatever you want or launcher and use amazon devices for BB, pellet, and 22 shorts for target practice.

  8. JimmyJam says:

    I like my update blocker on my fire tv 4K & cube, and I love my launcher! They will NOT, disable my launcher. If you like your launcher, you can keep your launcher. I’ve studied video electronics for educational purposes more than 40 years, I started with satellite tv. I can tell you this, there will always be challenges come down the pipe no matter the operation system you use. History has shown it’s better to be prepared, according to your likings.

  9. Tom Wooden says:

    funny how someone buys an amazon firestick knowing it works well but is full of junk then complains. As far as jailbreaking all that is, is allowing unknown sources for MOST people. And none of the subscription services are free. Unless you are using sharing passwords or buying logins from 1000’s of IPTV 3rd party providers. Same for VOD movies, series, tv shows.

  10. Rik Emmett says:

    You can already sideload apps from unknown sources on a stock fire tv.

  11. Dave Rut says:

    I’m just an old guy that don’t know none of what all you are talking about.
    Side loaders all that hacking my understanding of hacking is what i do a lot of cus ive smoked all my life.
    I don’t get any streaming from Amazon
    I go to hulu an paramount disney which i just got as an add on for 2 buck on hulu. Some other including Netflix i got to whoevers http://www.blabla .com an sign up there. You get no deals thru Amazon like i got. HBO/MAX For half price for 6mo. Then they sent em saying i got it for another 6mo. I’ve seen no deals via Amazon. So not sure what i missing out on. I have been to someone’s house who had jailbroke a stick it was sweet all that new stuff but that’s unnerving to me i can wait.

  12. Cloudblue says:

    You can also use a “guest” network on your router to quickly disconnect prior to updating.

  13. Tom Wooden says:

    The easy fix. Tivo 4k streamer or any other android streamer. Nice and clean and no Amazon.

  14. ydoubleun says:

    Hi, i tried this steps and i manged to go to logon screen and get the code.
    after i typed in the code to i saw the page say *Success!* but the cube logoon screen still stuck there. not going to next step. so what did i miss?
    please help. thanks

    • Aec says:

      So this happened to me as well. What I found out was that your Amazon device might not be activated yet. So I skipped the log in screen with the device not connected to the internet, and i was able to get to the Home Screen that just says home/settings and hdmi ports. I went to settings to get my serial No and I had to call (and wait) to find a rep who understood what activate means and they activated my tv based on the serial no and I was able to update login etc.

      Hope this helps someone in the future because I searched high and low for answers and had to combine all forums!

  15. Harry says:

    I have tried the instructions 6 times but it did not work for me. Once the VoiceView feature is on the screen, pressed the BACK button on the remote to exit VoiceView. When VoiceView exits, it is not at the Amazon login/registration screen

  16. Marek says:

    Hey people! Why ate you using this controled amazon devices, like fire tv stick? It’s way better to go for google device – chronecast or xiaomi mi stick or box which gives you free choice what to do, or who is going to use it! Free Android or google tv systems are way better. It’s incredible, how Amazon is controlling users. Amazon policy of choice what you can do with your device, which was well paid is not acceptable. For example if ypu would like to resale your device and new user will make factory reset, this device is still loged to first user account, and if he will not logo it of, new owner can’t use it!! I waould like to gave ny own free choice, tgat is why I chaosem android not amazon.

  17. Frank says:

    I am getting the cube today. When you are setting up it gives you an option to download the apps from your Amazon devices, I have 4k firestick which has the update blocker installed on it. If I quickly open update blocker once it’s on the cube and block updates will that work. Back a few months ago I ordered a firestick with os7 and did this and it didn’t block launcher manager from customizing with wolf launcher. Hoping this will be the case when I set up the cube today. Anyone have experienced that when setting up the cube

  18. iceweasel says:

    I executed the VoiceView menu trick to get to the menu where I can enter registration information, but because I wasn’t clear on my next steps I bailed. That seems to be a fatal move, because now when trying to do the same a second time the “trick” just enables VoiceView without leaving the lost network screen.

    Is there a way to reset back to a state where the trick will work again? I’ve got a 4k stick with TWRP installed but nothing else, it’s basically a new stick with TWRP installed and only connected to the network to try this bypass.

    • In the Know says:

      It’s easy, throw your amazon device in the nin.Go for something like Mibox or Nvidia they will not be eaten for android TV experience.
      Don’t use amazon ever. Even the lack of user control is a sign of things to come when they start interacing the human mind with control technology.(for real) its ready here. Total control

      Remember you read it here first.

  19. noone says:

    “The simplest way is to use an Ethernet adapter instead of WiFi, since you can easily unplug the Ethernet cable.” If you do not know…..when you unplug the Ethernet cable, Firestick will switch to wi-fi!

  20. Frank says:

    I was able to block updates on my new firetv cube a few months ago by quickly sideloading update blocker from my phone before the update finished. Then sideloaded wolf launcher. You just have to be ready to sideload from the start. I used easy firetv tools app

  21. virtuacool says:

    This procedure is outdated. This post is over a year old. So it’s natural that it no longer works.

  22. Deandre says:

    My 2022/3 fire TV hasn’t beem able to update since i factory reset it… could this help?

  23. Dale Butler says:

    I have two Fire tvs.After the latest Amazon update the closed captions on both TVs is corrupted. The captions will turn off whenever I change channels. Calls to Amazon have not corrected this. Best Buy installed a part in the tv still under warranty. Did not fix. Set my older fire tv to factory conditions then did not turn on WiFi when it started up. Use antenna only. Captions work . Set newer tv to factory conditions keeping WiFi connected. Problem with captions returned.Obviously a problem with the latest forced update.Tried the method here to block updates but not succesful. Cannot figure how to watch Max and Hulu without signing into Amazon.

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