How to sideload apps like Kodi onto the Fire TV — Using nothing but the Fire TV

With the addition of ES File Explorer to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick’s appstore, it is now possible to sideload apps like Kodi using nothing but your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. You don’t need a computer, ADB, a utility like adbFire, or even a USB drive. You can do it all with just your Fire TV remote from the comfort of your couch. This guide will show you how to sideload Kodi, but can easily be adapted to work for any APK downloadable from a website.

Guide last updated: August 2, 2016

ES File Explorer can once again download APK files directly, without needing them to be zipped, using the built in download manager.

This guide has been updated to reflect these changes.

Video Guide

Note: This video is outdated and should only be used as a supplement to the written guide, not a replacement for the written guide.

Written Guide

  1. If you haven’t done so before, enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” on your Fire TV by following this guide.
  2. Install ES File Explorer for free from the Amazon Appstore. You can find it using the Fire TV’s search feature.
  3. Launch ES File Explorer when it finishes installing. If a tutorial or message appears when first launched, press the BACK button on your remote to dismiss it.
  4. Expand the “Tools” menu in the left column and select the “Download Manager” option.
  5. Press RIGHT on your remote and select “New” from the bottom of the screen.
  6. Enter the full URL to the APK file you want to install in the “Path” field, and any name you want in the “Name” field. Remember, this is the URL to the APK file and NOT the URL to the webpage that has the APK link.

    For Kodi 16.1, which is currently the latest stable version, you can use the short URL:
    This is in place of having to enter the full URL:


  7. Select the “Download Now” button and wait for the APK file to download.
  8. Select “Open file” when the file finishes downloading.
  9. Select “Install” to install the APK you just downloaded.
  10. Select the “Install” option.
  11. After the app installs, you’re done. You can launch it by selecting the “Open” option.
  12. Be sure to launch the app directly from the “App” section of your Fire TV at least once so it appears on your Home screen’s “Recent” list. If you still don’t see the app on your Home screen, follow this guide to make it appear.


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  1. Michael says:


    • Eddie says:

      I have installed es explore then kodi but now I can’t find kodi on my fire stick

      • Lewis says:

        Settings>applications>manage installed applications>kodi>launch app

      • Andy says:

        Install firestarter too :)

        • anthony says:

          I had kodi v15.2 isengard on the fire stick then for no reason a prime wire started popping up when trying to open movie files so i ended up resetting to factory and now kodi v16 jarvis will not download i click the arm link the progress wheel spins for a moment then nothing happens can you possibly help.

          • Corn Thomas says:

            I have the same problem at this moment!!! and im pissed.

          • Heat says:

            Try clicking on your link to download, then work your way to the bottom where it says more, then click open in browser. Worked for me. I think it may have trouble opening the popup window.

          • Rhonda says:

            Thank you Heat! I was banging my head trying to get the arm link to work. Opening in a browser worked for me too.

          • Shay says:

            You saved my few hours now :-). Thanks!

          • Tanachi says:

            I can’t download kodi v16 arm doesn’t work, tried opening up es file explorer in browser as mentioned above..still no luck, how van I download v 15 again?

          • kelli says:

            You have to scroll all the way down unlock window and then go to more and open in browser

          • Geoff says:

            Download es file explorer on your phone or tablet and on the fire stick. On your phone or tablet download the kodi apk. Then send it from the es file explorer on your phone or tablet to es file explorer on your fire stick. That’s what I do when Kodi sites are giving me trouble.

          • Mic says:

            Heat‼️ You da man!!

          • Gareth Bowes says:

            I get exactly the same thing happenng when trying to load Kodi v16 jarvis. Did you find a fix?

          • split pea says:

            Thanks Heat, I had been pounding my head on the coffee table for hours. Much appreciated.

          • Woodie says:

            I get as far as stage 11 I can select the open in browser option but then it jumps back to the Es explorer launch screen. Please help!

      • Brian Cook says:

        The app does not show up on your home page after you install it. Scroll down to settings then to applications then scroll down to manage applications. You can only access Kodi from here just roll to it and click on launch

    • Dwain Mcwilliams says:

      Kodi apk refused to install after several attempts. I could get to the download, but when I hit install nothing happens. I have turn off and restarted several time. Any help would be grateful.

      • Denise Federico says:

        I installed the newer version of kodi and that one worked. Like you the other one would download but not install.

      • Clair says:

        I’m having same problem, did u get a fix?

      • rob says:

        this won’t let download onto firestick

        • Colliner says:

          In ES explorer in favourites add once added select it and when on the download page select kodi android ARM it won’t do anything don’t panic just press left on ur remote scroll down to the bottom then along to the 3 dots select it then select open in browser the choose open in ES explorer it should start to download

          • Li says:

            Have done that goes straight back to Es have tried and tried cannot get the srm to install nothing happens circle spins for a nano second then nothing is not downloading

    • Alvin says:

      When I went to install Kodi, it said that it was no longer supported and to use Google Platstore app??

    • Kenneth says:

      How do I Change the time for USA EST

    • henry says:

      Hi I’m henry…have followed you instruction in installing kodi…have installed it…however..the apps don’t allear below the first page of kodi as it did when I first plugged the unit in.,,under the 1st page and so on…all I have are 2 boxes….files and icons…could you advise what I’ve done wrong ?

    • Mag4447 says:

      I get to number nine on the tutorial but when I click on Kodi the Kodi download page doesnt come up and after awhile it times out. Does anyone know why this happens and what I can do to fix it? Thanks in advance.

    • Mag4447 says:

      I get to number nine on the tutorial but when I click on Kodi the Kodi download page doesnt come up and after awhile it times out. Does anyone know why this happens and what I can do to fix it? Thanks in advance.

    • Lee a says:

      I’ve wiped my firestick and trying to install kodi 16 but ARM won’t work and ideas I’ve searched for more but nothing

      • Nikki says:

        I’m not sure if you got a reply, but I am having the same problem? Anybody?

        • Tanachi says:

          I can’t download kodi v16 either arm doesn’t work, tried opening up es file explorer in browser as mentioned above..still no luck, how van I download v 15 again?

    • Conan says:

      Have clicked on the android arm link and nothing is happening..

    • Koke says:

      All of you stuck at the Kodi DL page. ** THIS WORKS **

      With the directional pad, tick down until the ARM download link is selected. Push the center select button. Now just down arrow until you get to the bottom toolbar, select more, then open in browser.
      This works providing you don’t select anything else on the way down to the bottom. It’s basically like moving your mouse around the screen.

    • Tod says:

      I can’t get the ES File Explorer on my AFTS. Each time I get to the ES File icon and clic on it I only see a “get” button. No download. No free button. Why is this happening? All the tutorials I’ve watched showed either a download button or a get button. Not mine though.
      Can anyone help me?

    • James Pittaway says:

      This was awesome info particularly step 5

    • Joe says:

      I get to the download it take it but the property screen shows N/a and then tells me there is a parsing error

  2. countersteer says:

    Another way is to add your PC IP address to the ES File Explorer LAN. Next, download any APK using your PC. Then, go back to ES File Explorer, select LAN, select your PC, and then navigate to the directory you have it saved in and install to the Fire TV. That’s what I have been doing.

    As always, thanks, AFTVnews!

    • InfoSec says:

      Do NOT use computer whenever possible!
      A friend of mine computer got trojan during the setup by using the old method. Some Trojan stays in your Motherboard Firmware and not possible to remove until the motherboard replaced.

      • WTF says:

        You are an idiot if you believe what you wrote.

        • UpScaleRocks says:

          I think he is right. It’s good to use ES File explorer with Android Box. If you link your computer share – computer in general – to those Internet connected Android Boxes, you’re risking your data stored in your computer. Android Boxes are know to have some sort of unknown vulnerabilities and you can’t patch everyday.

        • ZeroDay says:

          Do you understand how the Firmware trojan infect the PC using non official packages ?
          Now who is the idiot ?

          P.S I’m not saying you’ll get infected. But you can get infected if you use binaries from unknown sources.

          • zealot says:

            I don’t think you know how any firmware works. A trojan would be stored on your hard drive/ssd. Your motherboard firmware CANNOT be flashed while your computer is in use…

      • Lmfao. Your too stupid to own one, just leave it be.

      • Duuuuude says:

        LMFAO!!!! Trojan stays in your mother board what a load of bollocks

      • Acedz Cherif says:

        It is easy to remove trojan like the one mentioned in not so recent windows computers:
        power off your machine
        open your computer case
        locate the Bios/Rom chip then remove/peel off the sticker on top of chip (sticker could be black with info of chip on it)
        once you do that you expose the inside of the ROM to light (you will notice the chip is covered by a small clear glass/plastic)
        by exposing the inside of chip to light you automatically reset the bios Firmware to default original state and you get rid of the Trojan.

        • BS Detector says:

          Hahahahahahaha Good one!

        • BS Detector says:

          Just in case you were being serious, it’s been years since computer makers used UVE PROM chips for the BIOS. That clear glass/plastic you mention is actually quartz crystal and it was expensive to manufacture so computer makers stopped using these chips. Also, UVE means Ultraviolet Erasable which means not just any light will ERASE the chip. Lastly, by erasing the chip, if it indeed held the BIOS, you would have a blank chip and your computer would no longer function. Better to have this super fantastic trojan and a working computer than a box that would effectively be a paperweight.

  3. aftv newsreader says:

    I’ve been using sideloaded es file explorer from the beginning.

    The best feature is the ability to add dropbox or other cloud service to your favorites.
    You can then compress/decompress “userdata” and “addons” folders copy them to/from dropbox. Allowing you to backup/restore your full configuration to multiple devices anytime anywhere.

    I’m so happy they now have a firetv version. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Kevin says:

      How do you this? Is there a tutorial on this? If not I think that would be awesome because I would love to be able to easily back up my setup and copy it to another unit in the house so that I have the same setup throughout. Any help on this would be much appreciated. I love AFTVNEWS!!

    • Debp says:

      please could you tell us how to do this. Save to favourites? Where is that please? I have an amazing set up on desktop and would love to just transfer that to fire stick and android box! I hope you don’t mind me asking? Thanks in advance

      • aftv newsreader says:

        To transfer your whole kodi setup (with all passwords, addons, presets, skins, etc) you would need to locate the 2 folders on your original setup. (“userdata” and “addons” folders)

        On a windows box they are located via windows explorer in:

        on a firetv – you need to make sure ES File Explorer has “show hidden files” checked.
        all you need to do is drill down to
        “Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi” folder.

        You will see your userdata and addons folders.

        These are the folders I select and compress.
        Once that is done, I upload the zip file to dropbox.

        On a new firetv, install kodi using the tutorial above.

        Once complete, run kodi for the first time (this will create the default userdata/addons folders within .kodi folder.

        Exit out of Kodi.

        In ES File Explorer:
        Map your dropbox account, so that you can download your zip file to the new box.

        drill donw to the .kodi folder on the new box.

        You should delete the default userdata and addons folders, since you will be replacing them with yours.

        Download your zipped file from dropbox to the .kodi folder and uncompress it. (select the zip file and choose more options…youll have an option to decompress)

        .kodi folder should now contain the 2 folders you backed up from your original setup.

        Once that is done, just delete your zip file from .kodi folder and you are done.

        Running Kodi will have the exact same set up as your original.

        I hope this helps

  4. Dan says:

    I’ve been using an iphone app called “sideloader for FireTV” for a very simple solution. H=I highly recommend it, but this looks like a nice solution too.

    I do like the ADB utility, since you can install Llama and IkonaTV, change Ikona to the Kodi icon, etc. ADB isn’t that easy to use, but if you get it working, it’s very powerful.

  5. Paul says:

    Could this be used to install a vpn or would you still need to root?

    • countersteer says:

      If you are asking if ES File Explorer has a built in VPN, it does not. If you are not looking to root anytime soon (or unable), you may want to consider setting up a VPN on your router. Good luck!

    • Jose says:

      Very good but how to download another version of Kodiak like 14.2?

  6. Tinwarble says:

    You can also use the address:

    This will take you to just the Arm downloads and you can install either the current “released” version or the nightlies.

  7. Itzme says:

    I got Kodi up and running in no time. My only problem is everything plays in stereo, even 5.1 and DTS files. I checked enable pass through in the audio settings, but still just get stereo. This is on a fire stick plugged directly into a Pioneer AVR. Surround sound is working fine in all the other apps. …back to googling I guess ;)

    • propagandhi says:

      My Pioneer will only do stereo from my Fire TV. My Nakamichi will do 5.1. My Yamaha will do 7.1. I have not found a solution for getting the Pioneer to play 5.1. Good luck.

      • Itzme says:

        Thanks. Well that’s disappointing. Looks like I’ll stick with Plex then. I have it doing DTS and Dolby by changing the Android XML from 2 to 6 in the Plex PMS files.

  8. Rimsky says:

    I use Dropbox

  9. Jeff says:

    I use to just side load es from my phone and drop box everything to my stick easy to do at a customer house that way but I’ll have to try this.

  10. xnamkcor says:

    The day when I can sideload an app by downloading it from the internet and installing it from local storage into a local device in now here. All this time I’ve just been installing APKs to my device, but now I can sideload programs. Whatever that means.

  11. Marc says:

    So I have done this successfully but how do I now find the sky sports channels and the movie add ins I am after please?

  12. Mike says:

    Should we delete the Kodi install file after installation? If yes, how?


  13. Kirsty lou says:

    Thank u so so much for this. Just accidentally wiped the stick back to factory settings…. Absolute lifesaver thank u

  14. jessica says:

    Hibi attenpted downloaded the es file explorer app as directed but i get an error message : is incompataible with your device. You cannot purchase this app from this device

  15. sly says:

    Great Guide! Did the Kodi Install yesterday, everything worked out like described.

  16. Tony says:

    Anyone know how to install firestarter using es explorer?!

    • Jim says:

      I installed es fil explorer but its not the most recent for some reason and had instead of i tried updating it it NEVER COMPLETES and NEVER gets to 6.51mb.

      I then gave up updating and tried to install FIRESTARTER AT:

      and click on firestarter 3.2 apk file but all i see is the refresh button on top right for a second then nothing happens.

      I am trying to install Firestarter first since KODI can be install within firestarter. Well anyone knows what went wrong please chime in! I have fire tv OS.

      • Crumsnacha says:

        I added Firestarter via es file explorer by using the favorites -add-
        I am pretty sure that’s the address. Once you do that just update kodi even if you don’t have it. It all becomes self explanatory after that.

  17. NeilVVV says:

    Nice instruction. Just wonder after installing Kodi by using your instructions, is there a way to put KODI icon on the front of Fire TV? Thanks

  18. kev says:

    great thanks got kodi on fire stick now

  19. Fabian says:

    that saw the easy way to get kodi

  20. manjeet says:

    I have downloaded kodi successfully using your instructions however I cannot see any movies or programmes when I launch the app, is this normal? When I went online all of the descriptions show various icons…

  21. YTRAM says:

    THANKS!!! Very simple

  22. Jonny Howard says:

    does a parse error when i try to do it on my kindle fire hd 7

  23. spencer says:

    Tried to follow instructions but when kodi downloads it does not come up open
    So downloaded again and same
    Still very confused so back to BBC1 on normal tv again

  24. SlimGirl says:

    So I downloaded Kodi using the instructions you provided. However I don’t have any files. How do I load/add movies?

  25. Robert King says:

    i started to install kodi and got to adding the kodi into ES file system then by apps kicked in and overrode it. can any one help?

  26. bitmac says:

    I congratulate you on a easy to follow Kodi installation without using a disfunctional ADBFire programme

    Thanks a million

  27. Jim says:

    On from my readings you will need to install an add-on or wizards that packages everything together.

  28. Joe says:

    You have to install addons, google kodi addons and you’ll see plenty of tutorials.

    • michael says:

      i might have to install kodi and es explorer again cause nothing is not working the way i want it to work I’m not happy with this fire stick it’s all factory nothing was fully loaded and theses programs are confusing me

      • FabianVG says:

        Take your time and watch some tutorials on you tube and they’ll help you out, remember we are all just figuring ourselves and it’s just installing and running programs.

        • michael says:

          I have figured it out to add the sources.yes I look up the tutorials on you tube, wrote everything down and went from there.

  29. medbenny says:

    Jessica says:
    October 1, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    Hibi attempted downloaded the es file explorer app as directed but i get an error message :
    Es File Explorer is incompatible with your device. You cannot purchase this app from this device

    Hi, same like Jessica, I tried to download the ES File, but no way, ” Cannot purchase this app from this device ” says error message.
    if anyone can help, thanks in advance.

  30. Charlie says:

    When I click on ARM link it doesn’t start the download I have apps from other sources enabled. I’m trying this on fire tv not the stick.

    • Charlie says:

      When I click on ARM link it doesn’t start the download I have apps from other sources enabled. I’m trying this on fire tv not the stick.

  31. Charlie says:

    It finally worked nothing changed maybe just held select down a bit longer

    • Jim says:

      I installed es fil explorer but its not the most recent for some reason and had instead of i tried updating it it NEVER COMPLETES and NEVER gets to 6.51mb.

      I then gave up updating and tried to install FIRESTARTER AT:

      and click on firestarter 3.2 apk file but all i see is the refresh button on top right for a second then nothing happens.

      I am trying to install Firestarter first since KODI can be install within firestarter. Well anyone knows what went wrong please chime in! I have fire tv OS.

  32. michael says:

    the icon for kodi is not showing up some amazon appstore is showing up not kodi at all. what I think is amazon took it off the fire stick and that’s why i.m having problems

  33. Si says:

    When I click on ARM link it doesn’t start the download I have apps from other sources enabled. I’m trying this on fire tv not the stick.

    Same for me – tried on 2 different Fire TV (4k versions) and nothing happens – no download. Any ideas? Left it a few days but still the same!

  34. Chris says:

    Download does not work on firetv 4k…nothing happens. Useless!!!!

    • Jim says:

      I installed es fil explorer but its not the most recent for some reason and had instead of i tried updating it it NEVER COMPLETES and NEVER gets to 6.51mb.

      I then gave up updating and tried to install FIRESTARTER AT:

      and click on firestarter 3.2 apk file but all i see is the refresh button on top right for a second then nothing happens.

      I am trying to install Firestarter first since KODI can be install within firestarter. Well anyone knows what went wrong please chime in! I have fire tv OS.

  35. John says:

    I bought the amazon fire tv stick today and after enabling Apps from Unknown Sources under settings, I tried downloading ES File Explorer directly from the app store on the fire tv. I got a pop up message that says ES File Explorer is Incompatible with your Device. You cannot download this App on this Device. The current software version on the fire tv stick is Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? I guess i’ll try using the ADB utility from a computer

  36. worked perfect on first try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best post yet

  37. Pete Nelson says:

    when trying to download this from the amazon app store it tells me its not compatible with my latest model fire TV box – can someone advise me please

  38. Ben says:

    Me too. New 4K Fire tv. Just arrived today, booted up and it auto updated software. ES File Explorer won’t download as says it is not compatible with device

    Any help out there?


  39. David says:

    Used this method on my stick less than 1 week ago but trying to do again today for my mam and i cant even find es file explorer from the search tab!
    Has it been removed?


  40. Lorna says:

    I am in Canada and bought an Amazon Fire Stick without Kodi, because I didn’t realize it was important. However, I followed your guide, and after a few repeats of steps 6,7,8, I got Kodi installed successfully on my Fire Stick!! So thank you for this guide. However, I don’t see any difference in how the Fire Stick works before and after installing Kodi.

    I seem to have other problems with the Fire Stick, such as Netflix will not work. It says Netflix is incompatible with my device. Even though I have a Netflix account (actually a Mexican Netflix account which works just fine in Canada on other devices), there is no opportunity to sign into it. When I try to watch some free programs, it claims I am not connected to the internet, even though under Settings on the Fire Stick, it clearly says I am connected to my home wifi network. Will check further on these issues.

  41. Amin says:

    I download Es exproler but when trying to go to ARM android to download it … It’s just not working ??? Any body give me the reason why ??? Or how to download it ?? Thanks

  42. angela says:

    install my firestick to TV following the guide here my home screen displays the es explorer file but the screen is frozen help …I’ve unplugged re plugged new batteries in firestick remote …any suggestions please

  43. Simon says:

    Trying to install Lodi on Amazon Fire TV. Got to the download page and pressed ARM under the and rio robot but nothing happened. Please advise. Thanks

  44. Teshecia says:

    Thanks so much!!!! You were very helpful and simplistic.

  45. zack says:

    After trying to install it says tv won’t allow it from unknown sources. How do I change that?

    • Tor says:

      Go to settings>system>developer options and turn both buttons ON. Ignore the warning. You can go back and turn these off when you finish all installation.

      • Ed Sarlo says:

        Tor, Bingo right on. I kept getting locked out for security reasons, I went back as you suggested and it loaded as advertised. You can also look up Peter Carcione kids on YouTube. His video is works perfectly with the exception of your great catch above.

  46. mallyg says:

    Hi installed kodi 15.2 on firestick on this method and when open streaming ie phonix or any other none of them open so cant watch anything any ideas please

  47. shoom says:

    This guide needs updating as the new version ES Explorer will not let you click on any apk files.

  48. Markor says:

    After step 9 I get Webpage not available

  49. Troy says:

    Have they disabled ?

    I ca get to this point but I get message unable to connect

  50. Neil Hahn says:

    I just installed Kodi on new 4k fire TV today, without a problem. Under System-Developer Options,I enabled both the ADB Debugger and the Apps from Unknown Sources options. After Kodi was running I turned these options back off. Hope this helps.

  51. Mike says:

    I followed all the side load steps . It keeps saying app not installed . I’m trying to install it on a fire TV box. Any ideas ?

  52. Lizzy says:

    Why am I getting msg saying web page unavailable on es explorer after adding the path

  53. sphinx02 says:

    As APK files are not anymore downloadable via ES File Explorer, here a nice solution to install FireStarter without anything else than the FireTV itself which still works.. Let me know if it works also on your FireTV’s!

    NEW: Easy installation of FireStarter and Kodi in less than 5 minutes with only the FireTV

    Best regards

  54. Frank says:

    Thank you easiest instruction anywhere to download kodi.

  55. Sean says:

    Then instructions were so easy to follow! Thank you!

  56. Sean says:

    Excellent instructions!

  57. Mat says:

    When I try to download es file explorer it asks me to enter amazon instant pin, but I don’t have one. Any help?

  58. Mat says:

    In add ons section

  59. TJ says:

    In step 10 what should I select if I am using a mac?

  60. Jaybee says:

    Great thanks. Worked 1st time on Fire TV 4K and I was able to scroll down and install kodi 14.2.

  61. Peter Probert says:

    While installing kodi, a message ‘the phone is not allowing the install’
    I am on sky broadband in the uk.
    Any idea how I get past this?

  62. bob says:

    I installed kodi 15.2 from memory stick after enabling usb on the firebox it inatalled flawlessly and appears in your programme files just like an official install just download from the offical site transfer download to memory stick and insert into usb socket on firebox install file explorer to access and away you go

  63. dan says:

    just got fire stick , do i have to register the product with amazon , and how do i get around that , or do i use my own amazon acc

  64. Chris says:

    Hi, first off thanks for the above

    I’ve kodi with all sorts of addons currently running on my MacBook. Is there a way of simply plugging my fire stick into my MacBook and dragging them across into it???

  65. Paul says:

    Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra HD – got as far as adding Kodi to the favorites on es file explorer but whenI click on the android arm link on the Kodi download page it does not download the file ??

  66. Chris says:

    New aftv is not recognized as a device and install will not start from kodi site. Google wants me to register at Google play. Help!

  67. Crumsnacha says:

    Hello I am looking for an http path for directv app via es file explorer. Just like the for Firestarter I am assuming there’s one for directv. Any help would be great.

  68. Candice says:

    Hi why when I press the ARM button is nothing happening??

  69. Linzi says:

    Getting to the arm bit and press it and nothing happens? Can anybody help pleaseee :-)

    • Jason says:

      If you follow the download page down to a section older versions

      I have managed to find isengard at the bottom via android/arm sections
      And it isdownloading

  70. Jason says:

    Nothing happening with the arm link

  71. gloria says:

    I went thru es but when i hit arm to down load it circles then stops. I have tried to restart. Any ideas

  72. ryan says:

    I downloaded the ES Explorer app, went to the kodi website and clicked the ARM link to download the file but nothing happens. Tried using a few other sites and still the same result. Am I doing something wrong? Please help

  73. Colin says:

    I have followed all the instructions on this but I when I click on the arm android link it won’t do anything. Doesn’t load nothing or open anything. I have done this on another amazon fire stick. Anyone having this problem?

  74. Mick says:

    We use Firestick on a TV. Why is my Ikona icon that we used to access Kodi addons now Ikona art and how can I change it back? We like to acces it from the firestick recents top row on the home page. We used to have both.

  75. Junior nj says:

    Ok I install kodi and all my add_on now how do I make a back up on a USB drive.

  76. kris says:

    The arm link is not working, any suggestions?

    • faisal says:

      if you didn’t get it sorted…….
      when the arm link is highlighted keep the enter button on your kodi remote pressed the download will eventually popup.

  77. jay says:

    i want to install an app onto the firestick called ” ilikehdtv” – this is available to download from google play and other websites – how do i find the path name to enter in ES FILE EXPLORER ?? – ive been trying all morning to find a direct pathname to get the download – any help is very much appreciated – thanks

  78. Tj daugherty says:

    When I get to kodi download page. And I try to click on (arm) it won’t do anything…. I have set adb and went threw all the steps…can u tell me what I’m doing wrong????

  79. Ken says:

    I have tried to install Kodi Jarvis 16.0 on a new firestick.

    I get as far as highlighting the arm android icon but hen it does not download

    Any suggestions ?

    • Malcolm says:

      After clicking on the ARM link, scroll down to the bottom right of the screen and click More. Select Open in browser from the popup menu and see if the Kodi file downloads that way.

    • faisal says:

      Hi i was just having the same problem trying to download arm version then decided to keep the button on the fire stick remote pressed and after a few seconds of keeping it pressed down the download popped up :)

  80. Donnie says:

    I downloaded kodi. Then installed it via the instructions in your post. Now it tells me it’s not compatible. What do I need to get to make it work?

  81. sid says:

    if clicking on arm and it will not download look bottom right of screen click on more and open with browser just once it will now download hope this helps

  82. Keyur says:

    HI guys please please help me out there i been trying for the last couple of days i have fire tv stick i downloaded es file explorer but when downloading kodi it doesnt let me go it let me go up to arm when i click on arm doesnt do notting been trying figure out for last couple of days itsnt working please someone help and tell me what i could do to solve this problem

    • Keyur says:

      cant seem to download fire starter apk aswell any suggestions ? someone ? any one out there? please get at me

  83. Tony says:

    I uninstalled kodi to upgrade now I’m trying to reinstall Jarvis, once I’m in Ed file explorer and try to download kodi the ARM link with just think for a second but never open to install. I read a earlier post about a more button and open in a browser but I can’t find it. Any more advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.

  84. I down loaded Kodi with fire starter. Everything went fine. My only problem is none of my setting will stay saved!! What did I do wrong.

  85. Anthony says:

    Tried multiple times to down load ARM, through kodi website.. It will not download, Anyone know of reason why? Or fix?

  86. AJ Parker says:


    Once you’re in Ed file explorer click on the ARM link. It may or may not try and load for a split second and then stop.

    Now scroll all the way down to the page until your cursor can click on ‘More’ which is next to ‘lock window’ or ‘unlock window’

    Click on ‘more’ and then click ‘open in browser’. If this doesn’t work first time go back up and click ‘ARM’ again and then come down and click on ‘more’ and ‘open in browser’

    This will start the download of KODI automatically again.

    with just think for a second but never open to install. I read a earlier post about a more button and open in a browser but I can’t find it. Any more advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.

  87. J. Davis says:

    Once I click the second install it says “app not installed”

  88. Jeff says:

    How do you find and implement the add-ons-???

  89. Michele says:

    I get as far as step 10 and nothing happens when I select ‘ARM’. Can anyone give me easy, jargon free instructions pease?

  90. dan says:

    when i hit arm lil corcle in top right spins like 1/2 circle then stops and i get nothing

  91. Yves says:

    I followed the link posted by Jamal above ( to download the Kodi package in ZIP format using ES Explorer and installed successfully. I remember I used to be able to download .apk when I was on OS 3, but it seems blocked on OS 5 now. Hope it helps. :)

  92. andrew says:

    I can’t get the it to start downloading, installed es explorer etc but the download will not start?

    • VickMaker says:

      If your using htpcbeginner ignore the Apk d/loads and use the Zip Links instead, If your aftv stick of is on the latest firmware grab “firestopper” Not firestarter and kodi, install With es file explorer.

      Everyone wondering where the best channels are need to search “best repos and add-ons for kodi”
      Then you’ll see
      Good luck

  93. fire stick says:

    es explorer kodi android 16.1 is not downloading on ARM for firestick. have tried 2 firestick still not working

  94. curlygary says:

    ive just triedloading kodi onto fire tv through es file explorer . has the changed because I got web site not available when finished all the instructions ???? any help greatly appreciated thx

  95. jim says:

    went through downloading it to directly to my firestck, when I clicked on the kodi icon it say’s loading but nothing is happening any help I am new to all this. thank you

  96. Rick says:

    After hitting the ARM to download kodi, I scroll down to the more option and hit “open in browser.” After hitting it, Es file explorer shuts down, been having this problem all weekend. I uploaded kodi to two other firesticks with no problem. Just mine. Any help?

  97. Danny says:

    I am having the same problem have you managed to download it yet if yes how

  98. TJ Ward says:

    got all the way to ARM and will not download?????? several people said same thing and no replies not even from the author wtf
    How Iam i to like that lol

  99. TJ Ward says:

    If you scroll down the donw load page to the second set of download options I found it downloaded the ARM file. Hope ya’ll foud it to

  100. James says:

    Having the same problem as rick and danny es shuts down everytime i try to download android.. Apple download no problem on accident

  101. James says:

    After much playing around i was able to download a zip version of kodi 16.1 just not any version of apk.. Hope it helps

  102. keidron says:

    i find if you double click on ARM file it starts the downdload on 5.2.1 update

  103. Mr C. Holford says:

    As Heat says on this post dated February 27, 2016 at 12:11 am

    Try clicking on your link to download, then work your way to the bottom where it says more, then click open in browser. Worked for me. I think it may have trouble opening the popup window.
    This worked for me as well. Thanks Heat

  104. Aimée says:

    So far, it’s been about 45 minutes loading Kodi on my Fire Stick. Is that normal?

  105. testshoot says:

    My Fire TV does not have a ““Apps from Unknown Sources” option nor does ES see the USB. I have an old unused Fire TV Can’t follow the guides that don’t apply to my version of FTV. Is there another option for rooting and sideloading if you can’t access the USP and you can’t enable unknown sources

  106. Kevin says:

    I can not get kodi APK to download on my fire stick, it’s brand new and I have tried all the suggestions is there a zip file a can download

    • Brandon says:

      If you have a android device download KOOLTVS pusher. Don’t need to download anything to your computer can use your phone or tablet.

  107. Brandon says:

    Another easy way is down is to download the kooltvs pusher app from the Google play store. Enable ADB find the IP address of the device and push Kodi. It is free the site is

  108. Jay says:

    Another easy way if you have file sharing on your lan is just use ES to copy it over from a shared network location.

  109. easier to use agk fire apk or even just use the send option from another android device using es file explorer apk

  110. Trev957 says:

    Awesome and easy install~ “The Guru Rocks”

  111. Rach says:

    Hi. I’ve tried to follow this guide but can’t get ES File Explorer to load onto the fire stick I have just bought today. I phoned Amazon and they have said that ES no longer is compatible with the fire stick. Does anyone have any suggestions as I only bought it to get Kodi.

  112. aim says:

    i am trying to download the es explorer on my fire tv stick, but when serching for it, it is not giving me a es explorer option. can anybody help please?

    • Caroline says:

      Amazon have removed it – type this into your search bar or use YouTube – how to hack my Apple TV using adbfire

  113. The Vey says:

    YALL! If you have ES already downloaded on another device, when you login with that same amazon account, es file explorer will still be in your app cloud and it can still be downloaded and installed! take that app store

  114. Jason says:

    Could someone please help me I have a zip file that I have in my email but I need to get in kodi I have a amazon fire stick so I can’t hook it up to my computer I have es Explorer installed on my fire already but I’m very lost on how to do this
    Thanks so much

  115. Chris says:

    HELP URGENT. I downloaded the es folder, put in the kodi url BUT THERE IS NO WORLD (INTERNET SYMBOL) NEXT TO KODI.when i click it,the es folder shuts down. Please help

  116. Patrick Tither says:

    FireStopper is dead. The new working version is called FireStopper.

    If you wanted to get a Fire TV Stick with Kodi and a TON of addons already installed check out

    I got mine from there last month and it rocks.

  117. Vb says:

    I keep getting security setting on my phone is preventing my install

  118. GB says:

    Thanks for this, I spent about an hour trying it the old way with no success (what did Einstein say about the definition of madness…) – this took all of five minutes, top work. Thanks again.

  119. James wood says:

    Hi first time poster so gently thanks.

    Simple question have just bought a Kodi loaded fire stick
    Set wireless up ok

    Do I have to register as a new user with Amazon.
    Or do I just go to Kodi setting.
    Complete 67 year old novice everything is a bit to tech any advice please Jim.

  120. unknown friend says:

    You have no idea how much of a life saver you are. I was putting Kodi on a friends firestick, using file explorer, but all the ways that showed me, either didn’t work such as adb, firestarter, and also going to kodi’s page and installing it from the direct page. Going through the back way using this method ensures the file actually downloads and you can install it without a problem. Thank you soooo much!

  121. Zoe says:

    Fantastic!!!! Was a nightmare using other method with ex explorer that i had read, wish I’d found this earlier, simple is good!!! Your a star ☆☆☆☆


  122. Joe says:

    I need help downloading es Explorer I go to the search bar to search it and it says get and I can’t download it they want me to pay coins

  123. Maureen Fallens says:

    Best….I done it….after a week trying all sorts….thank you

  124. ACEMBSC says:


  125. Freemz says:

    ESfile Explorer has updated, the send option has gone, how do I send my Kodi setup from one device to another now? any ideas? it has a share option but it can’t handle sending that many files.

  126. Andrew says:

    I can not find es explorer when searching on the firestick. It has es explore only. I have version .1, not .0 and the stick was bought in December

  127. MoVid says:


  128. ray says:

    hello guys please I need help to download Kodi apps on my fire stick tv. Everytime I tried, keep telling me to purchase it.

  129. JohnDP says:

    After adding the kodi link to es downloader I then click on arm on Android. Nothing happens so I go down to more and click on open in browser. Downloads successfully. Then I click on open file.

    I then get a pop up asking me to select either Es note editor or html viewer? Below that it is asking me which to set as the default app.

    This isn’t mentioned anywhere on any of the you tube tutorials or on yours. What am I doing wrong?

  130. Thomasm says:

    when im trying to install files using es file explorer on my nvidia shield pro that i just purchased it won’t let me install the file i get to the very end and it won’t let me click install. i’ve already allowed unknown sources tried restarted my nvidia and still won’t allow me to. Do you need to have a sd card in order to download it? Please Help.

  131. John says:

    My es explorer won’t down load the kodi krypton link on kodi install page…when i use “more”,then “open in browser” it shuts down

  132. ES_Genie says:

    If you have apks on your phone you can install ES File Explorer on your Fire TV and on your phone. Launch both apps. On phone use es to find apk tap and hold to select apk. Tap more , tap send icon, tap fires name. On fire tv select yes/ok. Wait for transfer then find/open apk to install.

  133. Echo says:

    I know a file explorer can do this, hope it is helpful to you.

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