How to set a custom Screensaver Start Time on a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick allow you to choose when the device’s screensaver starts, but the only options provided are 5, 10, or 15 minutes, as well as never. If you want to set your own custom start time value that’s different from the ones provided, this guide will show you how.

Note: This guide does not require root. Even after following this guide, the Fire TV screensaver settings screen will continue to display the previous start time that was set before you set a custom value. This is normal since the settings screen can only display the default 5/10/15 minute options.

  1. Connect to the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick via ADB.
  2. Set a custom Screensaver time by running the command:
    adb shell settings put system screen_off_timeout 123456789
    NOTE: Change the value 123456789 in the above command to how long you want the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick to wait in milliseconds before launching the screensaver. The default option is 300000, which equals 5 minutes.
  3. [OPTIONAL] Verify that your custom value was saved by running the command:
    adb shell settings get system screen_off_timeout


  1. Mrpaddy says:

    Maybe you will find a solution to play aerial videos via firetv screensaver? Custom video screensaver would be awesome

    • mattgyver83 says:

      If you already have Amazon Prime one of your benefits is Prime Photos unlimited Storage, with this you can already achieve what you are after.

      Just download the photos you want, upload to your cloud drive and add to a custom Album in Prime Photos, in the screen saver settings just choose the Album name you want to be used as your screen saver. Works great!

  2. CK says:

    these screen savers aka photos take up 300mb of disk cache, i set my screen saver to off to save the space. Why could’nt amazon just stream the photos?

  3. gdroid666 says:

    i have not tried this yet but my screensaver on my fire tv stick does not seem to work at all it doesn’t do anything at all
    there is only one in there some photo slideshow or something, i set it to that and i put it to 5 min and nothing ,so when is it supposed to come on? when you are in an app only? only when you are on the home screen? or both? because it never comes on no matter what i do or where i leave it idle
    and how do you add more screen savers or is the one that is preinstalled the only one ?
    i am on 5.0.5 with firestaarter btw not sure if it matters

  4. Mutt says:

    Since the newest update my slideshow won’t start while Pandora is playing. I need a start now option.

  5. Mutt says:

    Figured it out. Photos is now called prime photos. From there you can start slideshow

  6. Chris moss says:

    Hi, I’m a bit of a computer noob but wondering if there’s a way to stop the fire stick from going to sleep mode? We have photos set up as our sceeen saver and want to leave them on longer – like a digital photo frame – is there any way of doing this? Cheers

  7. Kravimir says:

    Thank you Elias!

    It seems that simply opening the screensaver settings (when going from the display settings menu) resets a custom timeout to 5 minutes, which is the first of the options shown by the UI. It’s great that custom values are supported (inherited from Android, I suppose), but seems quite bizarre to me that one of the settings gets changed simply by opening the settings menu it’s set from.

    In case it matters, I’m using a Fire Stick 4K (1st gen).

    To make your FireTV never go to sleep, try this:
    adb shell settings put secure sleep_timeout 2147460000
    (I haven’t tried it though. I got the number by temporarily setting the screensaver to never come on and checked what it got set to.)

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