How to safely Reboot and Restart the Amazon Fire TV


It is generally fine to disconnect and then reconnect the Fire TV power cord to reset the Fire TV. It is even listed as the first thing to try on Amazon’s official troubleshooting page. However, if doing so is inconvenient or if you want a more controlled shutdown, you can restart the Fire TV by simultaneously holding down the “Select” and “Play” buttons on the remote for a few seconds. The Fire TV will display a shutting down message and reboot.

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  1. Worked like a charm! Thanks!

  2. Joe says:

    Can you soft reboot the Fire TV using a K400 Keyboard?

  3. Nichole C Heaton says:

    I unplugged my fire stick now it won’t come back on how do I fix this????

  4. lesley harston says:

    My fire TV is frozen have changed batteries in remote but no luck help pse

  5. Fabian says:

    I have the same problem on my FTv Stick. Just the AMAZON logo shows up and then nothing else happens. No audio and no video. Nothing at all

  6. Petra says:

    same problem :(

  7. Mo says:

    I just had the same problem today with one of them. Does Amazon know about this problem? Are the sticks built cheaply and that is why they may break down more often than they normally should? I will definitely call them up and see what they say about this problem. I hope that the same problem will not occur with my other sticks.

  8. Mark says:

    Mine has done the same today stuck on the Amazon screen.. Thinking of getting money back tomorrow. Only 3 days old

  9. Christian says:

    so my brand new fire tv, was unplugged during the firmware upgrade, and now when I turn it on, it goes to an error page, stating that after a few minutes it will restart, and if not, to unplug and that should reset it, but it does not work. Neither does holding the play/select buttons for 10 seconds or more. Any suggestions?

  10. dino says:

    I just got my fire tv one hour ago, now it’s frozen, any help please

  11. Andy says:

    Fire stick loads up for about 20 seconds then restarts its self . Does this over and over and over ……. Again . When it loads I can use it move arround on it , it work then restarts its self ????? Please

  12. Brook says:

    Worked great!

  13. Mike says:

    I have amazon fire TV, got error message that it will restart in a few minutes if not unplug power cable and plug back in but still won’t work, tried that and select and play, etc. nothing works any suggestions other than to return it to amazon for refund?

  14. martin says:

    Mine just froze just shows home screen tryed everything help

    • Anteemal says:

      I was watching you tube then all of a sudden it completely stopped working.. the only thing shows up now is the amazon logo then blackscreen, back nd forth. I tried rebooting and unplugging it and nothing is working..I totally need help.. anybody plz

      • Marla says:

        My fire tv stick kodi doesn’t allow me to select any other addons or settings once you turn it on it goes straight to super favorites and only lets me pick from that list how can I get the full access to my kodi like I had before please someone help me fix it I’ve only had it for a few days 4 to be exact

  15. Gail says:

    Worked! Thank you!!

  16. Thomas says:

    Playback failed: one or more items failed to play. Check the log for more info. What can I do to fix it? Please help

    • Kodi Guru says:

      Are you using kodi?

      • Louise says:

        I am and it won’t connect to my new router (it connected fine to the old one) only with the WSP button pushed and only downstairs thought of resetting but don’t want to lose out
        Can’t seem to lose old settings of old router thought reset might work

      • Lena says:

        Hello I use kodi and it lockeded me out I can’t get back into kodi what can I do I have a lot of stuff on there I don’t want to use new movies and stuff help plz

        • Lena says:

          Hello I use kodi and it lockeded me out I can’t get back into kodi what can I do I have a lot of stuff on there I don’t want to loose new movies and stuff help plz

          • Cassandra H says:

            same here. i’m able to get to login for kodi but it does not let me logon. keep saying remote not clickable???!!!!

    • Dave says:

      My firestick is connected to internet and allows me to use kodi bit won’t play Amazon TV or movies can anyone help?

  17. Natalie L says:

    My fire TV screen keeps changing colors. It’s just blank and repeatedly changes its color within four seconds and when I tried to reset it with my remote nothing happened. What do I do?

  18. Amanda says:

    The tv fire stick won’t let us click on networks or 4th shows to watch we have to search to watch anything does anyone know how to fix it

  19. Kevin Donnelly says:

    Firestick not working .disaying firestarter something went wrong restarting home button observer now on sreen also firestarter exception clearing logout failed on sreen ,any suggestions guys on how to fix.

  20. Tony says:

    Keep getting a message saying fireStarter went wrong restarting HomeButtonObserver

  21. bhanu says:

    iwas watching a show and try to re wind and went al the way back to te begging and froz took the stick out and waited put back in changed the batteries too nothing is happening all I see is some pictures going on ( photography)

  22. Marva says:

    I had to change out my network router. When I plug the stick in it says can not connect to the network. That is true because I now have a new network and it is looking for the old one. Trouble is it freezes on the home screen and I can not get past it.

    • John says:

      Same problem here….tries to load homescreen for awhile then shows no network message. Will not let me go to setting to try and fix it. Just freezes.

      • jay says:

        When you power on stick wait till firestick logo appears press and hold home button until the network connection lost appears then it should say new remote paired then ur all set

      • Audrey says:

        Change position to make it it in line w/network changes in al battery’s set up wifi & dear lord it works. Oh yes unplug my two modumes

  23. Jason Ferrari says:

    Was watching TV on the firestick in the morning a few days ago. Came back in the afternoon and no TV. I can still watch movies on the firestick. Any ideas on how to get TV back? Restarted/reinstalled firestick and still nothing.

  24. Sandi says:

    Houston, err Amazon, we have a problem. Why do the remotes suddenly stop responding and how do we fix it.

  25. Audra says:

    My firetv keeps turning on and off before I even have a chance to set it up.

  26. Mark says:

    I have lost my remote but now bought a new one, when i put fire stick in it comes up with fireTVstick but can’t do anything at all. I can’t pair new remote or do anything at all. Any ideas

  27. Claudia says:

    Fixed the problem. Thanks so much!

  28. Dominic says:

    My firestick just dead. Tried it on 2 TVs
    2 different power leads just totally dead. Nothing at all happened when I connected it to the TVs it worked fine till now

    • Candice says:

      Mine has just stopped working too. Had it less than 30 days. Was working fine everyday up until today. Blank screen on my tv and says no signal. I feel like it’s not getting power because it’s not warm like it usually is. Has anyone had this problem and resolved it? Please help!

    • Lindsey says:

      Mine is doing the exact same thing, had it 5 months and had no problems at all until now!

    • Lindsey says:

      Did you manage to fix yours Dominic? If so how?

    • Keeno says:

      Remember how the old Nintendo games had to blow in them I did that and mine is back working

  29. waoclt says:

    Pressing keys as illustrated worked! Thank you.

  30. Alexxa Col says:

    My amazon fire froze, just shows amazon logo on tv screen, how can i fix this plz? I unplugged it for a few mins and nothing work…help plz.

  31. Asia says:

    Can I restart my fire stick from the app on my phone? If so how?

  32. Merri says:

    Doing what was advised above, didn’t work for me. My stick is saying, optimizing system storage and applications… This will take approximately 10 minutes. It then goes to the “Firestick” logo and the process starts over again!

  33. Joy says:

    Kel,have been having the problem of Firestick going back to home screen. Any suggestions?

    • Trent says:

      I wanted to pass some information for those that are getting… Memory Full / Issues opening KODI / Not responding etc. I would do the below in order…

      Inside AMAZON MENU… do the following:

      1. Replace the batteries.. the original ones are cheap and do not last long.
      -Also if you put the remote in a bag etc… take out the batteries

      2. Clear KODI Cache in the Amazon Menu
      -Go to settings/applications/manage applications
      -Select KODI once so the options come up
      -Then go to and select FORCE STOP (wait about 10 seconds)
      -Then go down to CLEAR CACHE (NOT DATA) and select it (wait 10 seconds).

      3. Clear PHOTOS Cache in the Amazon Menu
      since you are there…. go ahead and delete cache for PHOTOS also.
      -Go to settings/applications/manage applications
      -Select Photos once so the options come up
      -Then go down to CLEAR CACHE an select it (wait 10 seconds).
      (this should free up about 300MB of memory also)

      4. Delete extra APPs (games will take up lots of valuable memory)
      -Go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications
      -Select and then try to delete anything that you can EXCEPT for the following if you have them:

      5. Check for Amazon Firmware Updates
      -System / About
      -Go down and check for update and or install if available

      6. Unplug the power for 20seconds and then plug back in…

      If you bought one from me loaded….
      7. Try to open KODI again
      If KODI opens… do the maintenance…
      -Go LEFT or RIGHT until you see PROGRAMS (if bought after 9/13/2016) or CHRIS B / BEAST (if bought before 9/13/2016)…
      -Go down and run the following:
      a. Delete Cache
      b. Delete Packages
      c. Thumbnail Cleaner

      • Adeline says:

        I’m asking you because I feel like you know some stuff maybe you can help. I don’t have the menu bar on the right that’s says app and all that do you know what I can do ? My screen menu looks different than the one I see online

  34. joseph campbell says:

    My fire stick keep asking me for a pin won,t factory reset

  35. Steve says:

    My Amazon fire stick has adverts on bottom and left hand side of screen comING on and off every 10 seconds. . So annoying. Can anyone help ?

  36. dazza says:

    My him.button doesn’t seem to be working on controll all others are though. I’m trying to double tap to get to kodi but just stuck on register screen what can I do plz

    • C ree says:

      Mines doing the same was working fine now just stuck on registration page home page won’t come on or double tapping for kodi won’t work any ideas??

  37. Lynne says:

    My firestick has stopped working got kodi on it and keeps coming up register on network wont let me do anything else

  38. mark says:

    my firestick has stopped working got kodi on it keeps coming up register

  39. Jesus meza says:

    So up until now i was loving this firestick, however for some reason i cant seem to get passed the registration screen . Im connected to my wifi, tried again reconnecting, ive held the home button double tapped it, i can only press to go back to modify networks and NOTHING at all. Had never encountered this issue it seems pretty dumb but could i have messed something up ? I mean, is there another way to get to the firestarter tv screen ?

  40. Darren says:

    Can anyone help. I have tried everything. All good except. The home home double tap does nothing.

  41. IrishSteve says:

    Also doing the same here, no idea what to do to get passed registration screen!

  42. Clayton says:

    I never saw an answer it keeps going to the registration screen for amazon no further…what can we do?

    • Gerardo Ortega says:

      I just got mine yesterday. Worked for a cple of hrs, now it just shows register screen. I go back to logging in network but but stays on register screen. Plz help!

  43. Deb says:

    I’m stuck on the registration screen too. Did anyone find a solution to this? Ahhhh

  44. Stephanie says:

    connection to CMA3561 was lost. What is that?

  45. Django says:

    I unplugged the mini USB cable from the Fire TV Stick and it rebooted. Not sure that’s the solution, but it worked on my end.

  46. Ray says:

    firestick shut down lost everything and is asking to re register either as new account or if I had an account

  47. Marie Michelle Belot says:

    My is doing the same thing now when I turn the volume on on my TV doesn’t go up the way it supposed to do I need help

  48. Curtis Lee Strathern says:

    Hey I’m trying to use the remote control to reset Fire TV boxto manufacturer setting’s but I don’t know how

  49. David says:

    Mine has just locked up and the remote does nothing. I have changed the batteries, power cycled the stick, held down the Play and Select buttons, and held down the Home button. Nothing seem to work! I watched a movie and while looking for the next one it just stopped! Any suggestions?

  50. Charlie says:

    Hi now when I turn the kodi on its asking me to sign in or regester for Amazon what do I do

    • Robadoo says:

      This has happend to my device ! Even if I hold down the two buttons to reset the fire stick it displays the same message once back on, asking to sign in or register…

  51. Dontrip says:

    So we have to register regardless?

  52. Jon says:

    I think that if you have got a fully loaded stick Amazon are clamping down on them and blocking you using them, the best thing to do is just buy a android box don’t get these problems

  53. Michael Sye says:

    Stuck on home screen. Unplugged from power source and even changed batteries. Tried doing the the select and play buttons but will not reboot. Any other suggestions?

  54. Money says:

    If you’re stuck on the logo just wait it out, usually takes 10min. Hope that helps

  55. judith worrall says:

    Perfect! Tried everything and this was the only thing that worked to bring me back online. Thank you; much appreciated.

  56. Call Amazon Kindle reinforce number which is 1-800-942-6509 and get heading.

  57. guest says:

    Does anyone actually have any answers on here?
    All I see are questions……….

  58. Roy says:

    I tried to use my fire stick last night but the controls would not work. Only side buttons on the circular control were working and everything that was highlighted was being read to me. It has never happened before. I tried to watch netflix and was told “not supported. I did restart the system I am trying to avoid resetting. Has anyone else had this problem or heard of it? Any fixes for it?

    • Joss says:

      Roy did you manage to fix this? My control keeps talking to me saying ‘control is not clickable’. It won’t let me do anything

      • Briana says:

        How do you even turn off the control voice? I dont know what happened but the other day I sat on the remote and now it says everything as I scroll and such. It’s annoying and i dont know how to turn it off.

      • Paul Smyth says:

        Mine is doing the same. Help!

    • Kennisha says:

      Hold back button and menu it will turn off voice and remote will work hope I’m not too late o

    • Col says:

      Voice has been activated
      this makes the remote act differently and effects many things, it can be activated by pressing two buttons or sometimes an update does it
      Good news is its very easy to put it right again

      just press and hold the back and menu button on remote until voice off happens, about 2 seconds and its fixed

  59. Jasmin says:

    Joss, hit the back button and menu button (not home) at same time. It’ll turn off the feature that sometimes activates on its own.

  60. Jessica Greene says:

    I have had my firestick for about two weeks. I binged watched Game of Thrones. I think it gets too hot after about 3 hours – and it will just stop working. My screen freezes and nothing I do will re-start it. So after actually turning off the BOOB TOOB it has worked. It did this twice before and it just happened again – so I have turned it off and …..tick tock – 1 hour later….OK an hour and a half later and now I get a “Not support” on my TV screen. I guess the Fire stick is a DUD.

  61. ACT&S says:

    For those that have a Fire TV Stick/Box that is stuck on home screen and can’t pair any devices (remote), adbFire is an app that can possibly help. You’d have to know the IP address of the device to connect to it over wifi using a laptop or pc. All the technical stuff out the way, you can use the app to bring up a virtual remote on your screen which can then control the device, allowing you to navigate to the settings screen so you may pair a remote or kybd. Otherwise you can access the built-in system restore.

  62. Kennisha says:

    My remote was saying not clickable wouldn’t let me move left or right I held down back button and menu (not home but with the 3 lines) and it turned off voice and it worlds now

  63. Dataman says:

    But, if you have the FIRE TV GAMING EDITION, thee is no Play button. What is the gaming key combo to force a restart?

  64. Firemom says:

    Remote saying not clickable. Press the both the back button and menu bottom together this will remove the lady. Note do not lay on the remote.

  65. brititny says:

    thank you yes to take it off voice control press the button WITH 3 LINES and the back arrow simultaneously. took me while to figure it out

  66. Joe boyce says:

    My Amazon Fire stick has froze on the home page and won’t respond to anything. I have tried unplugging from the mains, unplugged the power cable, took the batteries out and back in but nothing helps. It won’t do anything when I hold the select and play botton down for 10 seconds. Help please.

    • Joe boyce says:

      Got it working. Had to hold the home botton for over 10 seconds then double tap it. It then comes up saying new controller detected, and worked from there!

  67. Mason says:

    My jail broken Amazon prime stick won’t let me play tv shows, does anyone know how to fix that?

  68. Dave says:

    Stuck on Optimising system storage and applications, tried everything, any help would be great.

  69. ravo says:

    hold the back button and the menu button down at the same time

  70. R Ramesh says:

    Hi for me display coming for few seconds n disappears. I tried both troubleshooting given above as well as in the Amazon

  71. Jonathan Haig says:

    My Amazon Firestick is stuck in a continual loop of booting to the point where it is searching for the menu and then reboots again – utter rubbish although what did I expect for £39.00 :-( Have to can it and get another smart TV.

  72. E says:

    Plug the stick to the electricity. When the Amanzon’s logo appears, press and hold for a couple of seconds “Select” (the rounded buttom) and Play. This worked for me in order to get the control paired again.

  73. Kev says:

    Thank you unclickable Lady gone my daughter is happy as Larry

  74. LK says:

    Changed the batteries – fixed it immediately.

  75. Dennis Swanson says:

    My firestick is locked up. When I change source to HDMI I get the message that “Your device may not be connected to the internet. Code nw-1-19.
    I have tried unplugging the firestick, took the batteries out of the firestick, and held down all the recommended buttons. Nothing changes. The thing is frozen solid.

  76. jediRasta says:

    My firestick 2 got stuck on the home screen after about 3 weeks. I had to unplug, turn off tv a d stick, took out batteries from remote and put them back in to clear remote. I waited like 10 mins, then replugged fire stick 2, turn on tv, it came on I went to manage apps on the stick2 and cleared kodi cache, started kodi and cleared cache under program maintenance. I think I downloaded too much stuff and it was overwhelming the memory.

  77. Andrew says:

    My Fire Stick hasn’t worked (won’t respond to Tv remote or Amazon Fire Stick remote) first thing in the morning (8am) for about a week, but then does at lunchtime and in the evenings. However, last night whilst watching a programme it starting cutting out.So i switched it off and this it won’t work at all. I’ve tried all the reboot options and still nothing.
    Can anyone offer advice as to what to do please?

  78. Ken Knuckles says:

    My firestick is locked on the home screen. It comes back to the same home screen after I’ve unplugged it numerous times from the TV, and after changing the batteries in the remote, and after unplugging the firestick from the electrical outlet. Help me please.

  79. nick says:

    even after restarting it still does not work im ready to thro it in the river

  80. R Burger says:

    I have a different problem than most here. I have 2 sticks kodi is on both. The one in the living room generally I have no problem with. The one in the bedroom I have major problems with. I think the major issue is staying connected to the WiFi signal. I know that is a big issue because when I turn on the stick onto kodi I don’t get the announcements at the bottom of the screen

  81. Mac says:

    When I click on Amazon prime content to watch (I am up to date on my amazon prime payment) it won’t connect and just goes back to the same screen over and over again. Now I can’t watch anything that is on my Prime watchlist, just netflix, etc. Has anyone else had the same problem?

    • sherry says:

      That happened to me with HBO Go right after the last update. Not able to get Customer Service to help. Then my Fire TV went bad a week later, keeps looping back to the press play to start screen.

  82. Alan says:

    I called Amazon customer service and found out that you can reset your Fire TV remote and it will start working again.

    You just have to press Back, Menu and Left at the same time, for approximately 15 seconds. Once reset you should be able to re-pair the remote with the Fire TV. I just used this method to “fix” two different voice remotes.

    • LJ says:

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This option WORKED FOR ME.
      When I first pressed Back, Menu & Left button, It gave me a lil box on the right saying that the remote was not working.

      Then I pressed Back, Menu & Left Button(left outside ring)again at the same time for about 20 seconds and it gave another box saying that the remote was synced. Thank you sooooo much!!!!

  83. Hi. I turned my Amazon fire stick off. Now I cant seem to get it to turn back on Can someone please help me.

  84. Ray says:

    My fire stick starts up then gives me a screen saying that it is optimizing storage and apps and it will take up to 10 minutes, then it reboots and goes back to the same screen! I tried your reboot method and it finally did reboot after a few tries but then it keeps going back to that same screen, waits 10 minutes, then reboots again, then repeats the same screen. Again and again. Any idea? I saw this happen on a new Stick but it quit, mine won’t quit. Help!

  85. Dennis Robinson says:

    None of the above solutions work.
    I did not use the firestick for 2 or 3 months. When tried this morning there is no output at all. My TV says “no signal detected”
    It seems completely dead.

    • Nikki says:

      I was watching mine at a hotel when it went blank with the message “no signal!” I tried everything for 3 hours! Nothing worked! I had it plugged into a strip on the desk because my cable couldn’t reach the wall outlet. The next morning I went to the store to purchase a 10 ft cable. As soon as I changed out the cable and plugged it on, it worked!! Hope this helps!!

  86. Allison Zuber says:

    It wad the batteries in my remote. Eats em up quick

  87. Paige says:

    My fire stick is jail broke when we turn tv to fire stick nothing comes on screen is black help

  88. Ethan says:

    I have read you post really this makes the remote act differently and effects many things, it can be activated by pressing two buttons or sometimes an update does it. thanks for sharing post with us.

  89. Ethan says:

    I have read your post and I unplugged the power cord and plugged it back in to the wall then it showed a screen with the Amazon logo, then a Fire TV logo popped on the screen immediately followed by the screen above. So I let it sit for the 10 or so minutes and nothing happened.

  90. Tejasmed says:

    The most recent problem is Fire Stick getting stuck in a re boot loop wanting to update files…says it will take 10 min. After checking all sources, the most common cause is dirty connections.. first try using plain alcohol and q tip and dry. If not…it is in the transformer or transformer cables that are not getting proper power to the stick. Some get results by using direct plug in to the the wall and not using extension cord. Still not working? There is a short extension cable that has to be used on some TVs because you cannot get the stick into the spot in back to make clean and try again…or replace the extension. If you can pull out the extension and just direct plug the Fire stick into TV (remember to change the batteries in remote.”just in case” ) Now, try the stick… It may go into the reboot and will go back into the 10 min up date… let it do its thing… If you cleaned and reconnected everything.. it should now re start.
    Under no conditions try to re set to factory lose it all. If you have KODI be aware that late June 2017 KODI and TV addons have been attacked by Feds.. If you have KODI installed…do not try to re install it. TV addons link is down and you cannot get updated. The only thing that will work is some things that the Krypton 17.3 have installed. You can go in and look for Metalkettle and install that add on source. The way to get apps…KODI on to Fire Stick is to use your Droid phone and use the FIRE APPs push available on the app store. Do not try to use the old KODI download Krypton 17.3 to your phone and push it to Fire Stick first.

  91. Tejasmed says:

    lol…need comma in last statement.
    KODI is going through a lot of up risk losing everything if you stay with the old KODI Jarvis…
    Go to apps store and download the latest..make sure it is Krypton 17.3
    Go back to app store and download Apps to fire TV… Make sure that both your Fire Stick and your phone is on the same Wi Fi net work. Push the KODI app to the fire stick…

  92. Tracey says:

    Itvhub not working for two weeks now Help 14/07/17

  93. AC says:

    I am tired of having trouble with my Amazon Fire Stick when trying to watch Neflix or Hulu. Netflix is worse, it buffers several times, every single time I watch Netflix. I have cleared all cache, even all data. I have reseted the stick, unplugged it etc…Don’t know what else to do and I really losing my patience. Is this a common with the the firestick? Im very close to purchasing something different. Any suggestions?

  94. Michael says:

    Just woke up one morning and my stick was frozen on the home mode. I thought it was the remote…but it was not..
    Ive tried everything that was recomended here and nothing worked..its still frozen..
    Did i get a defective stick?

  95. ejdenkle says:

    As much as I think figuring out a “problem” is challenging, I think Amazon needs to throw this product OUT and get something else. Why would a company want to continue offering such a defective piece of plastic. Too much time, too much effort. Unacceptable.

  96. Vince says:

    My firestick will not load. It just flashes AMAZON for a second then blank the AMAZON again & again & again….. nothing is resolving this issue

  97. DDT says:

    worked wonderfully!!! wish I’d looked it up yesterday or the day before.

  98. Jeff says:

    I have to unplug and re-boot I guess. sometimes get a low bandwidth.
    I have Chromecast and a Roku also and no problems with them. I am Wi-Fi to tv. May order the adapter that these boneheads should included.

  99. I am a fire-starter! says:


    Hi, When I turned on my TV and fire stick, the TV screen picture that I had been watching the night before hadn’t gone away. The screen had frozen and the remote control stopped responding!

    Despite trying all of Amazon’s trouble shooting advice several times, even in a different order – including new remote control batteries – nothing worked!

    I nearly gave up, and thought I’d have to splash out on a new stick, but as a last resort I switched off my TV, unplugged my (Sony) TV and unplugged the fire stick – and waited 20 minutes!

    When I turned it all on again (with its old batteries) it started working – PERFECTLY!

    I hope this works for you!

    Best of luck!

  100. Connie says:

    Installed IPVanish, the next day it froze to the IPVanish screen, cannot change it.

  101. Norm Kantor says:

    It worked immediately!

  102. Edna says:

    My understanding of jailbreaking a device is when you change the root directory as in a tablet or iphone. If all you’ve done is downloaded third party apks and your firestick has accepted them then thats normal…no problems.

  103. John Wilson says:

    The Firestick works ok for some time until I restart it. Then it says “Not supported mode”. What can i do now

  104. S. Williams says:

    Worked PERFECTLY!!! First answer I checked on and VOILA!!!

  105. Jeff latham says:

    I get contact fire tvsupport other wise I get a black screen amazon system recovery anyone know what to do remote not working with the fire stick as well. I tried rebooting by unplugging and nothing

  106. AJ says:

    yes..that works wel…plug was very hard to access with wall mounted TV..THANKS

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