How to Root the Fire TV 2, install TWRP Custom Recovery, and a Pre-Rooted ROM all without a PC

This written guide, along with the video guide, will show you how to root a Fire TV 2 using KingRoot, install TWRP custom recovery, and how to install the latest pre-rooted ROM, all without using a computer. The reason to install TWRP custom recovery is to ensure you can fix your Fire TV 2 in the future if anything gets messed up due to a modification you make. The reason you want to install a pre-rooted ROM after rooting with KingRoot is to remove all the junk left behind by KingRoot and to install SuperSU in place of the buggy Kinguser app.

Be sure you’ve checked out the Rooting Starter’s Guide, before following this guide, to make sure this is the best guide for you to use.


  • A Fire TV 2 running software version 5.0.5 or older. This does not work on or newer software versions.
  • A USB Keyboard and USB mouse. I recommend the Logitech K400 keyboard with touchpad because it gives you both a keyboard and mouse while needing only 1 USB port. (Although, you don’t need to use both the keyboard and mouse at the same time for this guide.)
  • A Wifi connection for the Fire TV because KingRoot can’t detect a wired connection.

Video Guide

Written Guide

  1. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources by following this guide.
  2. Search for and install ES File Explorer from the Amazon appstore.
  3. Launch ES File Explorer and select cancel if you’re asked to update.
  4. Open the “Favorite” menu on the left and select “+Add”.
  5. Enter for the path, anything you want for the name, and then click the Add button.
  6. Scroll down the menu on the left and select the favorite link you just added to load it.
  7. Click and download the 5 files: KingRoot v4.1, TWRP Custom Recovery, Pre-Rooted ROM, Pre-Rooted ROM MD5 File, and SManager.
    I’ve included direct links to the latest versions of each to make it easier to download. I’ve also included links to the source of each file in case the direct links go down. I’ll try to keep this links page updated, but it wouldn’t hurt to check the TWRP and Pre-Rooted ROM source page to ensure my direct link is the newest version of each. You don’t need to get the latest version of the KingRoot or SManager files.
  8. If ES FIle Explorer doesn’t immediately start downloading a file after clicking a download link, select the “Open in browser” option located in the “More” menu in the lower right corner.
  9. After a file finishes downloading, press the back button and click the favorite link (on the left) again to reload the links page so that you can download the next file.
  10. After the 5th file (Smanager) downloads, select the “Open Folder” option to open the Downloads folder (located at /sdcard/Downloads).
  11. Select the scriptManager and choose “Install” from the pop up.
  12. Navigate to the bottom of the install screen and select “Install.”
  13. Once SManager finishes installing, select the “Done” button to return to the Downloads folder. Now select and install the KingRoot file the same way.
  14. Once KingRoot finishes installing, select the “Open” button to launch the app.
  15. Within the KingRoot app, press down once to highlight the “TRY TO ROOT” button and select it to begin rooting.
  16. Once it’s done, it should say “Root Successfully” at the top. There is no need to press the “Purify” button.
  17. Now go to the Fire TV Home screen and launch the Kinguser app from the Settings menu.
  18. You don’t need to do anything within this app. It just needs to be opened at least once before moving on to the next step.
  19. Now press the back button and open the SManager app.
  20. Select “OK” on the popup within SManager to close it.
  21. Navigate to and open the “Download” folder.
  22. Long-press (press and hold) on the firetv2_recovery file to open a popup menu.
  23. Select the “Open as…” option from the popup menu.
  24. Select “Script/Executable” from the options.
  25. This is the only step you need a mouse, so if you haven’t connected it yet, connect it now. Use a mouse to click the icon above the “Su” label to enable it. Then click the “Run” button above it.
  26. Select the “Allow” button on the popup that appears.
  27. TWRP custom recovery will now be installed. The screen should say the following without any extra errors or messages:
    Extracting unzip…
    Remounting /system read-write
    Remounting /system read-only…
    (It’s okay if it says mount: Device or resource busy at the end since we’re installing a ROM later.)
  28. Now connect a USB keyboard to the Fire TV and restart it.
  29. When you see the boot menu, press the RIGHT arrow key on your keyboard to select the “Launch Recovery” option.
  30. Once your are in TWRP custom recovery, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the cursor and press enter to select buttons under the cursor. Now, select the “Install” button.
  31. Select “Up A Level” from the menu on the left.
  32. Scroll down and select “sdcard” on the left.
  33. Select the “Download” folder on the left.
  34. On the right, select the “sloane” file you downloaded earlier.
  35. Select the “Swipe to confirm Flash” in the lower right.
  36. OPTIONAL: Once the ROM has been installed, you may reboot and be done, but it is highly recommended that you wipe all your data to factory reset your Fire TV. This is because KingRoot installs a bunch of junk that should be removed. Remember that factory reseting your Fire TV will cause you to go through the initial setup process where you must have a Fire TV remote or game controller, and where the device will check for software updates, so have them blocked in your router. To perform a factory reset within TWRP, select the Home icon at the bottom center of the screen.
  37. Select the “Wipe” button.
  38. Select the “Advanced Wipe” button.
  39. Check the boxes next to Dalvik / ART Cache, Cache, Data, and Internal Storage. Be very careful NOT to select the “System” checkbox. Then click the “Swipe to Wipe” button.
  40. Wait for the wipe to complete. This will probably take several minutes, so just be patient. When it’s done, select the “Reboot System” button.
  41. It’s normal for the Fire TV to take a little longer than usual to boot up the first time after a wipe. Once it boots, complete the initial setup without updating. Once you’re on the Home screen, you should block software updates on the device through ADB.
  42. If you found this guide helpful, please consider donating to rbox for providing TWRP and the pre-rooted ROM and donating to me for writing this guide.

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  1. Max says:

    Nice Guide
    I have Fire TV 1
    If you make good guide for the first fire tv too
    i will donate you ^^

  2. AQKhan says:

    Looks like still no goodies for those of us with a rooted FTV1, as far as a pre-rooted v5.0.5 rom.

    Any update from rbox?

  3. bajjohn says:

    I read AFTVNews every day. Thank you. Can you do a video on the benefits of rooting? Or show us what a rooted fireTV looks like? Does rooting make it easier to install apps from other countries? What can I do with a rooted fireTV?

    • Justin says:

      Rooted FireTV doesn’t make the FireTV look any different. It just gives you full control over the system. You can do things like install Xposed modules. Rbox has a couple of them that eliminate some of the menu items and banner ads. If your Kodi/SPMC is launcher aware, you can boot directly into there. There is also a good replacement “Recents” menu that was developed by rbox as well I couldn’t live without.

      Also with a custom recovery you could theoretically flash whatever image you want (ie CM 13). Haven’t had much coming out for this, but it is nice to have for any possible future development.

      It takes some custom work and upkeep, but the small enhancements make it totally worth it for me. Read up on the site and XDA if you are interested.

    • AFTVnews says:

      The problem with an article or video about the benefits of rooting is it very quickly becomes outdated. I could write an article like that every month as different things are discovered and created for rooted devices. I’m sorry, but that’s not a good use of my time right now.

  4. t3ch42 says:

    Since kingroot has SU wouldn’t it be a good idea to get rid of everything and do a system format prior to installing the ROM. Once twrp is installed you’re relatively safe and you can delete everything without the concern of not booting up. Then your system install is a truly clean install.
    If I move from a stock to a custom rom or viceversa on a phone thats typically how I proceed.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Installing a pre-rooted ROM completely wipes out the system partition first, so there’s no reason to manually wipe system before installing the ROM. The result of this guide is as clean of a device as you can get.

      • t3ch42 says:

        Good point. I guess I’m just over cautious though.
        With all the hubbub about es file explorer and the baidu problems, i’ve just about stopped using their app too.
        I no longer use any version that includes their cleaner and suggested apps.

  5. Alex says:

    Thank you for all the hard work by keeping us up to date. I agree with ( bajjohn ). What is the advantage of rooting? How come no one has posted a video on what a rooted FTV looks like. Other than that, I’m happy with both FTV 1 & 2.

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      If you click on the video posted in this article…at the end of the video you can see what a rooted fire tv is like…it just has superSU installed. You dont want to see a video on what a rooted fire tv looks like…you want to see a video on what a rooted fire tv can do that an unrooted fire tv can’t.

      • bajjohn says:

        TROJAN4EVER, is it 2 Corinthians or Second Corinthians? I am truly fascinated by the rooting process and wish someone can convince me there is more to it. Guess I’ll havev to wait and see.

  6. Mark says:

    Jeeze, next tutorial will be how to buy a pre rooted fire tv direct from amazon themselves. Wow!

  7. Mark says:

    Why do you say no to updating es file explorer?

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      Because you don’t need to. The version shown in the video does the job. But there’s nothing preventing you from installing the update. I prefer an older version of es filexporer that is easier to read when navigating the screen. The newest version is hard to see what you’re selection is on the menu at the bottom.

    • AFTVnews says:

      ES File Explorer’s built in updater has had issues in the past where it just fails to work. You’re welcome to try letting it update itself. There’s no harm if it fails or if it updates. I just didn’t want people getting hung on it not updating because they think it’s crucial to the guide that it updates.

  8. John Grover says:

    I am keen to root my devise but at present only interested in outputting 4k from apps like Kodi/plex and others. Does rooting give me access to this?

  9. Lo says:

    Im checking here every day hoping to see something that says FTV1.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’ll be sure to post about it as soon as the Fire TV 1 files are released by rbox.

      • Lo says:

        Can’t wait, I rooted my FTV1 and now it pauses all the time when playing videos in Netflix and Hulu leaving me to press play all the time when watching movies. So you know I can wait to wipe my system of this corrupted OS.

  10. Ryan says:

    Just wanted to thank Elias for the great guides and all the support from the community. I was able to root my Fire TV 2 finally. Keep up the great work.

  11. George says:

    still no love for the AFTV1 :(

  12. subverter says:

    Is it just me or has Rootking stopped working? I just get a blue screen with
    “ROOT auth
    Protect privacy via Root”

  13. Philexile says:


    When I launch KingRoot, it says: Network error, Unable to get root strategy from cloud

    Any idea as to why this is happening?

    Thank you

    • Philexile says:

      I figured out my own issue. :)

      I was connected to the network via ethernet. I decided to try to root on wireless (since I assumed Kingroot is mostly for phone) and it worked without issue after that.

  14. Jason says:

    Im select the “System” checkbox in point 39 and Im wipe. Now my FireTV 2nd Generation have a brick. Is staying at white logo Amazon.
    How to repair it ??

    • Joshua Kyte says:

      I did the same thing by accident after trying to reinstall the prerooted rom after xposed soft bricked. I totally forgot about it. Can I bring it back or do I need to try warranty replacement?


  15. BAH says:

    Im following the below no PC / MAC method with an issue…

    TWRP custom recovery will now be installed. The screen should say the following without any extra errors or messages:

    Extracting unzip…
    Remounting /system read-write
    Remounting /system read-only…
    (It’s okay if it says mount: Device or resource busy at the end since we’re installing a ROM later.)

    After “Extracting…” Im getting

    /data/local/tmp/unzip: not executable: 64-bit ELF file

    When i reboot i don’t get the boot menu (can see why)

    How do i fix this please?

  16. BAH says:

    I followed everything right on 2 AMTV2s and exactly the same on both :-(

  17. CJ says:

    How does one unroot the fire tv 2? I am unable to block software updates since I can’t connect via ADBfire or ADB.

    • Christopher Loughrey says:

      You just need to wait for a new update to go through to unroot, that would be the easiest method. Why can’t you connect via ADB? What’s the issue? You mustn’t be installing the ADB files from the Android Developer site properly. Try to use a youtube guide to learn what you need to install on your computer to activate ADB as ADB will not work by just using the command prompt itself, you need to get files from the Android Developer page first

  18. skirocket says:

    Brilliant guide thanks! i had a lot of trouble installing twrp after rooting following this guide, but after allowing stock updates to 5.0.5 and using this guide i now have it running great!

    @cj you can block the updates via your router settings, have you enabled ADB debugging under developer settings?

    • Got Root? says:

      I wouldn’t use the 2+ hour patch method too risky. Even the shorter 10 minute method will yield a better result. I’ve done both. I like this kingroot method as you don’t need a cable and it’s very quick.

  19. Jeffrey Flatt says:

    Now that I am rooted can I install a vpn? I have PIA vpn.

  20. Rapha says:

    Can I simply install the latest Super Su BETA through TWRP on top of the pre-rooted rom?
    Or will it not work?

  21. Brian C. Morgan says:

    Great job guy’s….
    Now that I’m rooted; can you advise on what system binaries to delete using Titanium BackUp. I’m still getting Amazon’s restriction message opening some apps

  22. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Are Fire TV 2 devices still rootable before I consider cashing in on one? Currently have the FTV 1 but would get the 2nd gen if it’s rootable

  23. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Will this method work for the 1st gen too? I am rooted on the 1st gen but I think it would be best to let it update to the latest firmware and root again on the 5.0.5 and I am doubtful those early pre-rooted firmware will ever get a pre-rooted version and it may be the only opportunity to conveniently update to the latest and regain root before it is patched.

  24. Christopher Loughrey says:

    The Kingroot will not successfully download using your link

  25. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Kingroot and scriptmanager will not download using your links, the rest of the files will. There must be some issue with it so you should look into it.

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      Did u watch video starting at 1:38min to see what to do if the selected file doesn’t download? If the file doesn’t download click on the bottom right hand button “… More” and select “Open in Browser”. It downloads every time. But drop box works great as you mentioned.

  26. Jorda says:

    Hello, I followed the steps and wiped everything now upon restart the FIRETV cannot find the remote or sense it. Help is apperciated.

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      You have to press and hold the home button…until you see the press play message. It says to hold for 10sec…but I just hold it down until the press play message comes up…

  27. Christopher Loughrey says:

    what I really don’t like about this method is it installs a Super SU into the system making you unable to access its settings and modify its permissions. Now I am asked grant permissions all the time while I like to be able to change the settings within Super SU to not ask for permission and grant permission all the time without asking me.

  28. Matt H. says:

    Updated my FTV2 to 5.0.5 and then followed this guide. Everything turned out perfectly.

    It was difficult to download some things like Script Manager, for instance. So, I downloaded it to my PC, then uploaded it to my Dropbox account. I then logged in to my Dropbox account through ES File Explorer to install it that way, which worked perfectly.

    @Jorda: It took me a long time (30-seconds or more) to get the remote working. Just hold the “Home” button down and keep it pressed until the box finally sees the remote.

    Other than slight difficulty downloading the files through ES, the guide works like a charm.

  29. Joshua Kyte says:

    I wiped system by accident when I was trying to reinstall the pre rooted ROM. Xposed soft bricked my device. I can’t believe I did that.

    Is it done?

  30. Jim says:

    When you said “junk” near the end of the video Elias, what kind of junk?

    My atv2 seem to be only half filled in internal memory. And when I checked apps I only see some new apps:

    Those are the only 4 I see after rooting with Kingroot.

  31. Tom B. says:

    Hello i have Always the same Problem Installing TWRP, when i try to do the Script im getting:

    Eamounting /system read-write…
    mount:invalig argument
    checkdir: cannot create extractiom directory: /system/recovery
    Read-only filesystem
    ln: /System/bin/ext4_resize: Read-only file system
    Remounting /system read-only

    Any ideas how to fix this???
    I tried it with Smanager and via usb Debugging. Same result.
    With ADBfire i get SH not found.
    I used Zeropoech version of the Root (First Root Method)

  32. David says:

    This is one of the most frustrating devices that I have tried to root and flash! I’m not new to rooting and flashing is just the part where adding a keyboard! For the life of me, I can’t get my K400 keyboard to work with the ATV2! It just won’t recognize it. Any help would be greatly appreciated…Amazon keeps asking to update firmware too!

  33. Tom says:

    How long takes “copying system image…”? When u load sloane rooted rom

  34. shaDNfro says:

    Is there any possibility to block the initial update after installing the last sloane prerootet rom? Or shall I wait for a new prerooted version?

  35. boatenstaff says:

    installed king root
    try rooting fire tv and it said root failed
    is there a way to fix this or remove king root ?

  36. Dr.zapp says:

    I can’t get past the first screen- Has a big picture of what looks like a key hole with compass points, and at the bottom says “Root auth protect privacy via root”
    Some people above noted this happens with an Ethernet cable, so I unplugged it and connected to WiFi, still have the same problem. I’m using NewKingROOT 4.9.6_c151_B321. Help?

    • Dr.zapp says:

      I forgot to add I have the Amazon Fire TV 4k, Fire OS It is stock except I disabled the autoupdate with “adb shell pm hide”

      • Dr.zapp says:

        I missed the part about this NOT working with… Duh. So confirmed, the latest KingRoot won’t work either.

  37. fred says:

    How do I unroot my 2nd gen fire tv box 4k? thanks

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