How to Root the Amazon Fire TV

rooting-amazon-fire-tvThe moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. The first root / jailbreak for the Amazon Fire TV has been released and here is a full detailed guide. 

Update 9/18

Due to recent software updates that block rooting, some Fire TVs cannot be rooted. To know if your Fire TV can be rooted, check your software version by going to:
Settings > System > About on your Fire TV. Compare your software version with the chart at to know if your Fire TV can be rooted.


If you are setting up a new Fire TV or are new to rooting, you should visit the Starters Guide if you haven’t done so yet.

  1. Download towelroot (tr.apk) by clicking the red icon at
  2. Download SuperSU apk from

  3. Sideload both APKs onto your Fire TV.
  4. Launch towelroot from your Fire TV application menu.
  5. Press the select button on your remote to click the “make it ra1n” button in the towelroot app and wait for the Fire TV to reboot.
    Update: With the new version of towelroot, the Fire TV does not need to restart.
  6. Launch SuperSU
    Note: If you cannot launch SuperSU, try uninstalling it and installing this older version here
  7. Update the SU binary if asked. Select the “normal” update method when asked.
    firetvscreenshot_20140615-141116 firetvscreenshot_20140615-141239
  8. Verify you have root access.
    1. Connect to your Fire TV via ADB.
    2. Once connected, type: adb shell su (For Mac it’s: ./adb shell su)
    3. You should see SuperSU ask you to grant ADB root access. Choose Grant.


 Once rooted…
It is recommended that you sideload and install BusyBox to ensure compatibility with future apps you install.

  1. Download BusyBox using the evozi APK Downloader.
  2. Launch BusyBox
  3. Grant it root permission
  4. Use the remotes back button to close the white information popup.
  5. Select the “Install Busybox” tab and select “Install” to install Busybox


Block OTA Updates
Lastly, you’ll want to block over the air updates from Amazon to ensure you keep root access. See our complete guide here.

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  1. ac says:

    I’m receiving my Fire TV today. I can update to the latest firmware available OTA and still achieve root with this right?? I haven’t seen this specifically addressed on xda, xbmch, or here.

    I have limited knowledge of Linux/Android but I understand the benefits of root. I read that this took advantage of a vulnerability at the kernel level. What I want to make sure I understand is that any future releases (assuming they patch the kernel on next update) will need a different vulnerability and will most likely be specific to the FTV only? Or are root vulnerabilities usually universal like this one?

  2. ac says:

    Found this after posting:

    Still want to make sure I can update and still achieve root. I reallllly want to be able to use usb storage.

  3. John Merrill says:

    My anti-virus software (MacKeeper) says tr.apk is infected. I’m running Windows 8.1 via Parallels.

    I don’t know enough about Android to know if this is a real problem.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Your anti-virus, in a way, is right. tr.apk uses an exploit to gain root. Your anti-virus is letting you know that tr.apk doesn’t exactly play by the rules. We haven’t heard of any malicious intent or viruses with tr.apk so it seems safe to use.

      • John Merrill says:


      • Tim Ward says:

        I have to say that’s a load of horse shit (I mean no disrespect to the owner of this site, and I understand these posts are OLD), most Anti-Virus applications for your PC have a-lot of issues with false positives, considering APK’s aren’t even native to Windows the fact it is picking up the APK as a virus typically means your Anti-Virus software is chuck full of autistic programming, the only way to even execute that APK on your PC is having some sort of Android emulation suite such as Bluestacks or Genymotion, and neither of which software will allow access to your Windows level from inside the emulated android OS.

        Anyway, you should probably search for a new AV, I’d put my money on Nod32 if I were you and stay the hell away from the following (Avast, Norton, McAfee, AVG). As a programmer in many fields I’d like to mention I made a Java application timer which accessed the time on my PC and AVG/McAfee both swore to the heavens it was a keylogger, which in any bit of logic doesn’t…. make any sense.

        Just my two cents, and yes it does use an exploit but no one again that can be natively understood by an AV.

  4. 0ojoyo0 says:

    Thanks for the informative post. I have successfully rooted my FireTV. Question: is there now a way to expand storage via USB port? I know that I can now play media from my USB now by sideloading StickMount and going through XBMC, but I’d like to expand storage on the device itself for storing apps/games. TIA

  5. chupei says:

    I get not get supersu to work when I start it I get the message that there is not binary install and after that it just closes

  6. td says:

    Can the storage be expanded via the USB port?

  7. DR says:

    Hi #fireTVnews, thanks for the great work and your time in helping the fireTV community. With your guide, successfully rooted my fireTV!

    Now, Questions:
    1. Can we or how to place the side loaded apps, to Apps or Recent tabs?
    2. Can the store be expanded via USB?

    Please advise.

    • AFTVnews says:

      There is no good way yet to make side loaded apps appear on the home screen. The only way to sort of achieve this is to side load the Amazon AppStore APK. Doing so cause the home screen “App” section to be replaced with an app grid. Unfortunately it completely breaks other functionality, like the video section. This is why I haven’t written a tutorial about it. As for running apps from USB storage, there is also not an ideal method yet. The only way I know of is to mount a USB drive and manually move app directories to the drive and manually create symbolic links.

      • DR says:

        Thanks #fireTVnews! Should we anticipate this in near future, to seeing the side loaded apps on Apps/Videos screen?

        And I was trying to push the Keyboard layout file (.KL) to /system/usr/keylayout folder, for my MELE F10-PRO KB/AIR-Mouse/Remote and I couldn’t, because it was only a read-only folder. I thought, we could since it’s rooted now.

        Please advise.

        • AFTVnews says:

          You probably need to mount /system to rw. Be carful with this. I haven’t done it myself so I don’t know if it will cause issues. You do it by these 3 commands:

          adb shell
          mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

          • DR says:

            Thx #fireTVnew! I just tried as suggested, but it didn’t work, got the same error “/system/usr/keylayout/Vendor_03e7_Product_0d01.kl: open failed:EROFS (Read-only file system)”

            Can you try and let me know? Thx.

      • reddragon72 says:

        You can try and use Link2SD. that should move and link the apps for you, or at least in theory.

    • Michel says:

      Use llama

  8. Itsmyworld18200 says:

    followed all procedures and rooted fire tv. but my 1TB hard drive shown on XBMC or ES File Explorer as empty? Shows no folders or file on my 1tb hard drive?

  9. aaron says:

    How long does it take to reboot after click the “make it ra1n”? I click that and then it try to reboot, but I can only see the amazon logo all the times.

  10. Leroy says:

    Question now that we got root will it be possible to get custom roms and a full android experience like kat kat without using fire os? And if we get custom rom will the game pad be supported to play all games and will it be possible to over clock it? Last question does fire tv have dlna support?

  11. Necrochaos says:

    This guide was great! Made rooting easy!

    Now how do I unroot it? I want my Amazon Prime videos back! :)

  12. Carlos Buso says:

    Apparently with new Fire TV version towelroot is no longer compatible.
    Any idea how I can block updates if I cant get root?

    • AFTVnews says:

      That’s not true. It was actually an issue with towelroot v2 and not the Fire TV update. v1 and v3 of towelroot still work to root the Fire TV with the latest firmware version.

  13. Frnak says:

    I’m about to order one of these puppies – will this rooting method still work on the latest “OEM” version from Amazon, or is it disabled?

  14. Rick_L says:

    I just tried to root my new FTV via my Win7 sys and find the latest SuperSu requires the Pro version which I paid for and got installed on another android box. However, I cant figure out how to get the PRO APK unto my Fire TV box. It looks like both APKs have to be installed separately and I cant figure out how to get my hands on the Pro APK. I emailed the dev, but havent heard back yet.
    I assume SuperSu just updated this as I downloaded it yesterday (7/14/14) and no apps show when I launch it on the FTV. When I check SuperSu on FTV it keeps saying the Pro version required for Shell as showing in the SuperSu logs, no Shell app show as existing within SuperSu. .
    Also DeviceID doesnt show GSF, only Androidid and MAC addresses.
    Any ideas? I read all the links and think this may be a new problem for rooting the FTV.

  15. dequan says:

    i was able to root, blocked ota updates, installed google play and app market helper but now my fire has no space to download apps. one rooted should i keep the side-loaded on my fire tv

  16. feldman says:

    Still having problems rooting xbmc. Takes adb and apk doesn’t load using side load says port is wrong

  17. zain says:

    Is newest firmware version is still? please answer!!!!

  18. Silvino says:

    Thanks for the help, After being routed, as I install the APK? Still using the same method of installation of XBMC? thank you for your patience in explaining me, for I am a layman in the subject.

  19. cliles says:

    My AFTV is at, I forgot to disable OTA last time I updated… towelroot v3 says the phone is not supported :(

  20. phongson says:

    Me too, it updated to and can’t root with towelroot v3

  21. Greg says:

    I get the ‘phone not supported’ error as well.
    I’ve tried a fresh install, and a few restarts, still no luck.
    Is this a common error?

  22. Greg says:

    Yea, I see that. I was going to roll it back, but now I cannot connect in command box…not sure why that stopped.

  23. Clayton says:

    I have rooted with towel root but cannot get superSU to install. Installation failed. I have tried a few different version with no success.??

  24. ponghclub says:

    just bought second fireTV from stable it came with software version—510055620 and i did rooted with this version. I have question to ask.. i cant use my amazon acct to log in… i have to use my daughter acct. Is this normal? one acct for one fireTV device.

  25. ponghclub says:

    can i change my second fireTV with my account again?

  26. Pablo Quintanilla says:

    On Sunday August 31 I bought five ATFM, In BEST BUY, I had no problem rooting for all five ATFM. this could be because my IP is not in USA? When looking for an Upgrade from a Foreign IP, being a Foreign IP could reject the latest update? you should try

  27. Pablo Quintanilla says:

    ATFM = AFTV sorry for my mistake

  28. Eli Moeller says:

    I am trying to root my second AFTV. I am getting the message on Terminal(Mac) that keeps repeating when trying to sideload Towelroot. Do you have any idea what is causing this or how to fix it? See below:

    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    – waiting for device –
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator

  29. Paolo Riva says:

    If I root my AFTV will I lose access to my Amazon Prime videos? Can’t find this answer anywhere, even searching with Google!

    Please help…

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, you will not lose access to Amazon Prime videos or any apps (like Netflix) if you root your Fire TV.

      • Paolo Riva says:

        Thank you soooo much for the info. Reading lots of stuff …. especially for the kindle fire tablet, it seemed that rooting can be a “bad” decision of that product … Thank you for setting the record straight for the rooting of the Fire TV :-)
        Much appreciated!!

  30. Richard Alpert says:

    Hello from Germany,
    today German customers received their AFTV. First of all, thank you for your great support here.

    I’ve tried to perform all the precautions to avoid an automatic software update, but i failed in all ways with stucking with different errors.

    At least, I run this update and so my AFTV is now equipped with this Software: I checked your site and this firmware seems to be rootable, but towelroot says that this “phone” is not supported.

    So, what do you think? Is it a brand new, country specific firmware and will be root possible?

    Greetings from Germany


  31. Roland says:

    Silly questions. I bot german version. I cannot get Installation eine. I wanted to hinder updating so i Blockes the Websites oft amazon. But now i am stuckmin Installation. FIDE TV dass amazon unable to reach and i am stuck in Installation procedure so its not booting. Is there a way to get through without contacting amazon?



  32. Chris says:

    Great site! My new firetv has so it cannot be rooted. Is there a possibility this version could be rootable in the future? If so, I’ll hang tight. If not, I’ll return it and see if I can get one with a rootable firmware version.


  33. ExTasY says:

    I get my FTV today (Germany) and I read the “How to block Amazon Fire TV update to ensure Rooting” too late. I just started the software update but canceled it by plugging out the power cable.
    Even after I blocked the URL it keeps on downloading after I power it on again. If i cancel the wired or wirelss connection I get a message to check my connection but can’t get further.

    It seems like if I let the FTV finish the software update i can’t root it anymore … So can I somehow bypass the software update after it is already 50% downloading done?

  34. zero says:

    We can start a legal action against Amazon. We have bought the device and we want administrative permissions like in all others OS example Windows, Linux and Mac.
    Is not legal that on my device the manufacturer must have more permissions than me. Is like someone have the keys of my house. What is the competent autority in Europe for this illegal actions ?

  35. song says:

    My new fire tv has so it cannot be rooted.

  36. Darryl says:

    Is it not possible to downgrade new firmware versions? I think I asked this in another topic, but can’t find that now.

    I’m in the UK, Fire TV’s are coming this month. Will come with the newest version, is it not possible to downgrade and root it with other firmware?


    • AFTVnews says:

      Correct, it is not possible at the moment. In order to downgrade, your Fire TV must be rooted. Since you cannot root the new firmware, you cannot downgrade it.

      • song says:

        Nothing FIRE TV in Korea
        It must be the rooting means
        Can you time to rooting?

      • Tony says:

        Man wish I had found this site before I’d hit update when I set up the Fire TV.
        Oh well, hope there is a fix later.

      • Darryl says:

        Thank you.

        As the source code is out for the firmware, you’d be hopeful that it can be rooted?

        • Darryl says:

          I’m getting the Fire TV Shortly, see what FW it ships with from UK. I’ll not connect it to the Internet, I shall just plug it in and hope for the best. It’s just to watch stuff via USB really!

  37. Wolverine says:

    Does anybody experience judder when playing 1080p H.264 (AC3 audio) MKV files with the fire TV?

    I’ve tried XBMC and MXPlayer. I am seeing judder and frame drops with my AFTV, but can’t figure out how to tweak it. The same files play smoothly on my Galaxy S4 and Nexus 7.

  38. DR says:

    Hi @AFTVnews, do you have any guide to setup/user Link2SD? Please advise.

  39. Jonathan says:


    I am from the uk and have a rooted AFTV, Amazon prime will not work has it say I am in the wrong region. When they get released tomorrow in the uk, will I be able to watch Amazon?

  40. zahid says:

    hi many thanks for the great work you guys are doing.

    I have a fire tv ver. (Uk)
    I have installed kodi/xbmc on it and it works fine.
    My question is if amazon roll out a update will I lose kodi/xbmc or will they stay on the box ??
    Can you block updates on the fire tv with out it being rooted ??

    many thanks

  41. hawkk says:

    Just want to share my experience. I used method 1 to root my FTV which I bought from staples on 10/20. During initial setup it stuck at the screen “Checking for updates” for maybe 10 min, then I disconnected the ethernet cable but still let the power on, and continue my research on how to solve this problem. Then after another 15 min later, I noticed my FTV change to a screen that asked me to register my amazon account!! Of course I had no problem continue the rest of the rooting procedure. My firmware version was

    So maybe if you wait long enough you could get pass the “Checking for updates” screen.

  42. tj says:

    Hi, when i click the red icon at towelroot the download does not start. Any other options? Thank you

  43. Ross says:

    Hi Guys,
    Quick question: Do we think that it’s going to be possible to root the UK firmware at some point soon or do you think it might be another apple tv 3 situation where it’s just not possible?

    If it’s the opinion that it’s not going to be posssible I think I’ll jump ship now as having external storage is essential for my needs.

    • AFTVnews says:

      There’s no way to know how possible or likely it is. I will say that the Fire TV has the benefit of running on Android, which means a root discovered on any of the many Android devices is likely to work on the Fire TV. That’s how we got the first root method. It was meant for the Galaxy S 5. So compared to the Apple TV 3, I’d say the Fire TV is much more likely to be rooted.

  44. Andrej says:


    i am from germany and got my Fire TV today and did not think about the update, which startet directly after plugging it in.

    So there is the problem: is my firmware

    Is it rigth, that there is no way for getting root or a downgrade for this version at thies particular moment?

  45. iffy says:

    Would it be possible for Chainfire to root this box,on his site he says to remove the recovery image of any new device that you want rooted,i dont know how to do this

  46. iffy says:

    Remember, I need stock recovery.img files to add new models. If you find a non-supported device firmware, kindly download it, extract the ZIP (if any), rename the .tar.md5 file to .tar, open it with untar, WinRAR, or whatever your favorite archiver is (most can open .tar), extract the recovery.img file, and post it in the central CFAR thread here –

  47. MARKUS says:

    Sorry for my bad English.

    When comes the new Towelroot to root the newest Firmware on Fire TV?
    Or is there a chance with ChainfiresAutoRoot?

    I can not install Play Store or preroot firmware without root.

    Thx for Help

  48. PunkSandwich says:

    How about a crowd funded campaign to get this thing rooted? It’s a great peice of hardware. I would contribute 50 bucks

  49. Travis says:

    I rooted my FTV back when root first came out but I stupidly didn’t block OTA updates so now my FTV auto updated and lost root. My issue is I replaced the Amazon Marketplace APK with the phone version to get the grid but now Netflix doesn’t work. Is there a way to revert back to stock completely?

  50. Jouni says:

    Planning to buy FTV and understand that the current UK or German versions are not rootable but what is the current situation with US versions if i order brand new from US ebay? Are all US versions 100% still rootable or not? If not, am i able still to get XBMC into my FTV if no root? Do understand that would not be as good and easy to use but probably still better than my current jailbroken ATV2.

  51. AFTVnews says:

    Yes, you can install XBMC addons without root. XBMC addons live in the “/sdcard” directory on the Fire TV, which you have full access to without root.

  52. boatenstaff says:

    I guess what I am trying to figure out is what benefits do i have when its is rooted? is it worth it to buy a rooted preloaded firetv off ebay for $50-100 more than the new firetv from amazon.


  53. boatenstaff says:

    Also can you install xbmc and all its addons on amazon fire tv stick?

  54. boatenstaff says:

    nevermind saw you can install xbmc on fire stick

  55. Bjoern says:


    my AFTV updated automatically on I heard of trouble with the newer version.

    Is this version rootable right now?

    I wan´t to use Playstation 3 Controller with the fire TV. If the is not rootable. How will I get this work?

    So many thanks!


  56. BG says:

    So all of this is doe straight from the fire tv browser?

  57. Shilo Watts says:

    What games can I play on this?

    Does this have the good channels or not? I dont want to waste my time on this if it has no good channels to visually watch.

  58. ShawnJohn says:

    Firstly, this is an awesome effort I must appreciate the hard work and spending time to maintain this website to all the team back stage.
    Request # 1, when ever ATVF Stick root comes out please make a separate thread.
    Request # 2, Please make separate section for tips, tricks and troubleshooting
    Request # 3, Apps thread, interesting Apps and games section.

  59. Patt says:

    I am getting fire tv on tuesday, I want to avoid taking OTA so I can root it asap.

    Is there any easy tricks to avoid OTA and root right away then block OTA’s ?

  60. John Doe says:

    Anyone in the UK know where to buy older rootable devices? other than paying over the odds on eBay.

    Amazon UK are now shipping the latest firmware and I tried Argos which had a sale for which I wrongly assumed would be older stock they couldn’t shift. Has anyone had any luck with any retailers selling older devices?


  61. aydin says:

    Hi, i had new aft. But i have on ver. :( is not possible downgrade or root?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Correct, you cannot root or downgrade

      • Jerry says:

        Hi, great website!
        I am on my FireTV with pre-rooted Pre-Rooted rom.

        But, now I am having problems with my AMAZON PRIME, it cannot play prime videos from amazon library. It gives an error code “unknown error”. Tried several movies all same.

        Amazon sync works fine, I can get OTA apps to my firetv without any problems.

        Any thoughts?


  62. Kevin says:

    You can still do a hardware root.

  63. Lester says:

    I am amazed in how long it takes for the android community to get root acces to the fire stick. They always say how open android is compared to for example ios.But look how fast the Chinese guys are breaking the ios…

  64. Robert says:

    Rooted my AFTV version … Question is can I just stay on this version, block the updates and just stay rooted??? Don’t want to downgrade… Etc. just want XBMC don’t care about Clockwork, blah Blah…just don’t want it to update.

  65. Al says:

    I do not understand, how come that nexus player (issued later that FTV) is rooted already and Fire TV not yet… Can’t we use the same exploits or smth from the nexus player case?

  66. Newbie says:

    Hi, I’m not tech savvy; However I followed all the tutorials and rooted my aftv! But now what do I do? How do I enjoy the benefits of a rooted aftv? I know it’s a silly (stupid) question, but i just don’t know :-(. Thanks

  67. Tom Smith says:

    Or if you want to keep it, install adult movie apps and watch free adult movies. Make sure to buy vision insurance first.

  68. Pete says:

    Thanks for your guides, i managed to upgrade my rooted AFTV to the latest ‘pre-rooted’ software via clockwork.

    I just have one question though.

    For some reason, superSU and Firefox no longer work. If i select them, it defaults to the amazon photos tab.

    What have I done wrong ?

    Also, Aptiode no longer finds updates for all my apps.

    • Ray says:

      >For some reason, superSU and Firefox no longer work.<

      I couldn't get this version of superSU to work either. When I launched the app, nothing happened. And the link to the older version didn't work for me either. I did a Google search and found version 1.97, installed that via adbFire, and that worked just fine.

  69. Nav says:

    I am trying to root but when I click on Makeitrain it keeps saying “Make sure you are connected to the internet”

    I tried to connect to the internet as well but it doesn’t move forward from there. Any suggestions?

    • Amazoner says:

      Make sure you block the sites as described in this forum and then you can plug in the ethernet cable …keep clicking make it rain several times till you see the message prompt ..”device has been rooted” you can then unplug the ethernet cable and follow remainder of the steps… Goodluck

  70. john says:

    any updates if amazon is still shipping rootable fire tv?

    • Amazoner says:

      Dont know about amazon but Bestbuy has it for $79. I got one yesterday from Bestbuy in Houston and was able to root successfully by following the rooting guide on this website.

  71. Leroy says:

    Question im running Software Version i did ever right what the guide said to do and final step i use programs like abdfire and Amazon FireTV Utility App! Still nothing working.

    Here the problem i run all the commands and su acts like everything is working towelroot says it rooted busybox is install all the cores features are install.

    Hear the issue cwm_recovery- wont install for me to installed latest rom. When i reboot in recovery the amazon logo would appear the white just blinks and that all it does.

    So people suggest its in fastboot but im trying to get into recovery.

    Last thing can i upgrade to the next update or will it install the lastest update?

  72. KLit75 says:

    This is really an amazing well put together guide. Much appreciated!!!
    Bought one tonight at bestbuy after reading about rbox’s attempt at cyanogenmod. This is my 2nd aftv. The other is rooted with latest prerooted fw. I rooted the new one tonite and will downgrade tomorrow. Running
    Just a note. Supersu didn’t launch and the link for the earlier version wouldn’t download. But it doesn’t launch on my other aftv either. It still works you just need to click “Grant” when the pop up appears. Unless I’m missing something there?
    Thanks a lot!

  73. SandmanCL says:

    I’m trying to create a flowchart mapping the dependencies of a complete rooted setup of the Fire TV. At this point, is BusyBox strictly needed for anything other than md5 verification bootmenu.img ?

  74. Noel says:

    Thank you for the guide! It was a little tough but I managed to root my new Amazon firtv. I didn’t downgrade and upgrade to the newest version that’s pre rooted so I’m still on Can I stay on this and keep the update from happening? I can’t seem to use any of my prime videos, but XBMC works perfectly? Do I have to upgrade to a pre rooted version to use the Amazon fire TV features?

  75. noso says:

    My computer won’t let me download towel root. Any ideas. I have everything else side loading on my fire TV stick. Super user Google play services etc.

  76. Mo says:

    Dear AFTV,

    I do not live in the USA, I live in Suriname. I bought a AFTV when amazon had it for $69 Cyber Monday. It is still in the USA but someone is will be sending it to me soon. I dont know what firmware it will has. I was planning to use a vpn service, so I can us it outisde the USA. So If I’m right I have to root it or sideload something right?
    But with the lastest updates from amazon I read that it wont be possible to root it maybe, so wont be able to use a VPN Service.
    What should or can I do? Because I can still return it to amazon and just stay with my roku3. I bought AFTV more for the games actually.

    Please help me. Will I be able to use a VPN service and get the best out of the AFTV or should I just return it?


    • AFTVnews says:

      If you can get someone to look at the serial number on the outside of the box, you will know if you can root the device. Use my guide here:

      If it can be rooted, just be sure to follow my starters guide to ensure you block the initial update.

      If possible, I would recommend that someone who is technically savy setup and root the device for you in the US since some people have had trouble activating a Fire TV overseas.

      • Mo says:

        Thanks AFTVnews.

        I checked your serial number guide and mine is “Best for rooting” according to your guide. I have no one to root it there for me in the USA. I guess I will take the chance and root it at home following all your guides here. I just hope I don’t brick it.

        Thank you once again

      • Mo says:

        Dear AFTVnews,

        Hi again, I finally got my AFTV from the usa. I probably asked the wrong question the last time after thinking about it or let me say I didn’t mention that I have a DDWRT router and have configured VPN service (from privateinternetaccess). If I connect my AFTV on the DDWRT router would I have full access of the aftv or must the VPN service be configured in the AFTV?

        Thanks a lot


  77. sam says:

    I have rooted fire tv. working fine. I tried to deregestir it and tried to register it back. now I can not connect to any network wireless or LAN. it says no network. Pleasse help

  78. GlammaGeek says:

    Hello. I’ve run into a strange occurrence. I have three boxes, 7090030342430B9G, 7090030342430BSN, 7090030342820GTR. From what I understand all 3 of these should be rootable. Problem is after sideloading Towelroot via adbfire, direct adb, and AFTV Utility, when I try to open it (Towelroot), absolutely nothing happens. I just get kicked back out to the option to launch it. I am stumped, frustrated and desperate. This is the first time I’ve run into this problem. What am I doing wrong here? If this isn’t the right place to ask, please direct me to the correct forum.

    Thank you kindly.

  79. GlammaGeek says:

    BTW, All of these boxes are running

  80. GlammaGeek says:

    Hello again. I dunno if anyone is still reading this page, but if so, you should know that I wanted to upgrade one of my customer’s AFTV today from a rooted Since I was unable to get CWM installed, I figured I would upgrade to, then re-root. Everything went well but when I clicked to launch Towelroot, the same thing happened that happened on previous “rootable” boxes: nothing. Towelroot won’t even launch. I had updates disabled both on my router and on the device.

    I’m about as far away from being a developer as a human can get, but my gut tells me Amazon is being sneaky and pushing out some update that prevents even rootable devices from being rooted. If I’m wrong, I sure would appreciate someone who knows more than me setting me straight.

  81. paco says:

    I had a device that was rootable. I followed the guide on here to prevent the auto-updating, specifying the 3 domains to block, and the Fire TV updated anyway to the latest software. Now I can’t root it, so this big elaborate ‘guide’ is pretty much useless.

    • Thomas says:

      I’m guessing you did something wrong. I blocked all 3 and it worked fine. Perhaps you made a typo or your router didn’t function as it should have. Before i attempted to connect the firetv i made sure the sites were blocked by trying to ping them.

    • Axecaster says:

      Seems like the better option is the OpenDNS approach. My router appeared to not cooperate just on its own. Before allowing any accidental updates, the blocks could be tested with the stock software links here:

  82. Horton says:

    What are differences/benefits/disadvantages to rooting vs sideloading Kodi? Just got an AFTV weighing what to do. Thanks.

  83. Mike says:

    Anyone lost root/su access after updating to

    I’ve completed the CWM ver update and after restart it seems to loose root/su access and I’m unable to install busybox. This is my 2nd time downgrading and going through this step… I must be loosing it! Any suggestions?

  84. Towelroot, is not rooting AFTV v54.*.*. Any idea?

  85. Rob says:

    I’m on and I’ve go SU, Towelroot, ClockworkMod, bootloader, kernal….everything in the guide installed and working. THANKYOU!! One question… when I go to system/manage applications and into Towelroot it says your phone is not supported. Just want to confirm that’s normal. Also SU doesn’t open the big white window anymore… only gives me an option to force stop.
    Thanks for the help

    • Bobby says:

      your device is no longer rooted. is not a rootable software. Towelroot is saying that because it’s not actually supported, and SUPERSU is force closing because you’re not rooted. We’re you rooted previously? If so, you didn’t block OTA updates. If this is your first time, I suggest reading a little more. There’s a link to all the firmwares on the top of this page and whether or not they can be rooted. Yours cannot.

    • TV says:

      Hi Rob,
      How do u make works version
      Can you please point to the link of the instructions?
      I’m having problem with it.


    • trojan4evr says:

      Rob, I usccessfully completed aftvnews’ entire “Fire TV & Fire TV Stick
      Rooting Starters Guide”: and fully unlocked the bootloader. I have use of external hard drives via usb port and the stickmount app. In manage applications Towel root shows as v1 but when I launch it says v3 and gives me the same message. Supersu also gives me the force close option BUT it does give my apps supersu permissions. I have ota updates blocked and upon reboot I get the CWM boot up screen. So were still rooted…but something is not right. Did a search and it seems others have reported the same. Only viable solution seems to uninstall the installation of some files from the fire tv itself and not just clicking on the uninstall option and reinstalling(produces same outcome). Good Luck.

  86. Gabriel says:

    Is there anyway to know before ordering whether the AFTV will come with rootable firmware?
    I was planning to wait a little bit but may buy one know if that makes a difference between being able to root or not

    • trojan4evr says:

      ordering online…no…but if you have the unit in hand at the retailer you plan on purchasing from…see my reply @lloyd below. good luck

  87. Chris says:

    Will this method work fitter the FireStick as well?

    • trojan4evr says:

      Fire tv stick is not rootable at this time. Only option is to block updates with the hope of eventual root of your current firmware. But no need to root the fire tv stick or fire tv if all you want to do is to sideload apps. Just install the apps you want on your android phone and then use the AGK Fire app to sideload the app from your android phone to the fire tv stick or tv. Just make sure your phone is on same wireless network as the fire tv stick or tv and enter their correct IP address in the AGK Fire app and then just select the app or apk file to be transferred over. Upon successful transfer message the sideloaded app will appear in the settings/system/manage application section of the fire tv stick or fire tv.

  88. Lew says:

    I am having the same problem as someone above. Trying to use the Windows ADB which said I needed SuperSU Pro which I bought and it is on my phone, but isn’t given as an option to sideload it. I removed SU from the FireTV and put it back and it still doesn’t give me the option to run Pro.

    Similar issue with BusyBox. It is pushing the purchase of their pro version. Won’t let me install the standard version giving me an error saying it won’t update. I don’t see an option to turn off the update feature to install it but don’t see the option.

    Seems every step of the process moves from one hangup to another. To make matters worse, I am using a computer on one end of the house and the TV I am installing it on is at the other end of the house.

    Would love some help getting SU Pro and BusyBox installed.


  89. lloyd says:

    got error “this phone isn’t currently supported” when launching towelroot v3 on AFTV: software version:

    what’s the fix?

    • trojan4evr says:

      sorry lloyd….your version firmware is not rootable. last known rootable firmware is and per this website: “Your Fire TV cannot be rooted or downgraded. All you can do is block updates via your router and hope for a new rooting method to be discovered. Staying on older software versions increases the possibility for your Fire TV to be rootable in the future. There is no way to know if or when your Fire TV will be rootable.” You really need to know the year, week, & day four digit code from the top of the fire tv box,see here:
      And then go here to see the likelyhood your fire tv having rootable firmware:
      This assumes you have the fire tv in hand before you buy. Ordering online is a crapshoot.

  90. fUji™ says:

    Just bought a FireTV, I got lucky to find the 4302 Software version so hopefully following this guide will go smooth :-)

    I just have a question, after rooting what is the benefit of unlocking the bootloader?


    • JS says:

      To install the current version of CWM you need the bootloader unlocked.

      • corleone says:

        After installing full-unlocked-bootloader, adb no longer shows a prompt of being granted super user access… Is this normal? Also if I type adb shell su then it says root@android:/ # and locks up.

        Adb still functions just seems to automatically give SU permission..

        Iwemt into SuperSu and deleted Adb thinking it would prompt me again but it did not.

        Thanks for any advice

  91. juan says:

    Hello. Can anybody say me if can be rooted ?. The seller tell me this the software versión of the fire tv he want to sell me.

  92. rey says:

    i installed my busybox today but the screen on aftv is 90 degrees only shows on the right hand side will it still work?

  93. wadi says:

    Same problem here, any help ?


  94. Will I be able to watch any app that is preloaded in the Amazon fire tv?

  95. moskito says:

    How can I Change the Amazon user without loosing my apps and so on? I get the stick from somebuddy but with another Amazon user. I have prime and want to have it furthermore. Please help.

  96. bulldog19123 says:

    Hey I pushed make it ra1n in the towelroot and it said this phone isnt currently supported. What do I do guys?

  97. jeff says:

    A suggestion to update your guide. Mention that there is an “adb shell” command under ADBFIRE for those that have installed it already so that you don’t need to run yet another program on your pc to check for root.

  98. jeff says:

    I just an rooting a older aftv box now that I hadn’t opened before and when I got to the busybox part it ran the appplication sideways (i.e. i had to turn my head to the right to be able to read what was going on). Weird, as it didn’t happen when I unrooted my first box months ago.

    Just a heads up, maybe you can pass on to busybox. I just used the download link provided in this guide for it. I managed to get it installed though.

  99. Dean says:

    Can my firestick be rooted? Its on

  100. BB says:

    I have a rooted aftv:
    Maybe a stupid question; but can I flash a newer non rooted fw, en later go back to a rooted one?

  101. Ceasar says:

    I have got a root with kingroot 4.8.0 After update on fire os 5.0.5.

  102. Lisa Valdez says:

    What does it mean when it says that the Tract or something like that is timed out and won’t let me see movies

  103. third knights says:

    I have a generation one FireTV that I did root some time ago but ran into the no free space problem before a solution was discovered and shelved it. So much reading to catch up.. I don’t remember what version I had and am irked I cannot find command line instructions to identify it…. and for extra fun I lost my remote. Updates blocked by router.


    I WILL NOT abide the addition of [third party] ads to the interface of content I PAY to license.

    I hope to spend a few hours reading and bring this FireTV back to life to replace the generic android STB I have been using for Kodi. (I pay for netflix and amazon prime but streaming never produces non-deceitful bitrate.. so I self provide atop license costs paid)

    I want back the Wife Approved setup …. without ads … I myself am not a commodity. Privacy is my right: adblock, root

  104. less cranky says:

    Can I use the chainfire SuperSU instead of the questionable Kingo SuperUser?

  105. James says:

    can other Linux distros such as LibreElec be install on fire TV stick gen 1 and 2?

    and can these replace the Amazon OS (can this be deleted once the other OS is installed)?

  106. Sahil says:

    What about rooting of FireTV Stick OS version 7?? is there any method of rooting this new 2020 firetv stick so that i can move large amount of generated data of Asphalt 8 into my external flash drive?? It would be a great help if you people find its solution blessings to you

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