How to restore Kodi or other sideloaded app to the Recent list on the Fire TV



This guide is outdated. Go here for the new updated method.

  1. Find the app you want to restore on Amazon’s “Your Apps” page.
  2. From the “Actions” menu next to the app, select “Delete this app”.
  3. On your Fire TV, Go to Settings and scroll to “My Account” on the far right.
  4. Select the “Sync Amazon Content” option.
  5. Go and repurchase the app on Amazon. Here is the link to Kodi on Amazon.
  6. Go back to your Fire TV and select the “Sync Amazon Content” option again.
  7. Press the back button on your remote and scroll left to “Applications”.
  8. Scroll down to “Manage All Installed Applications”
  9. Scroll down and launch the app you’re restoring.
  10. Press the Home button on your remote and you should see the app in the list of recent apps once again.

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  1. paul says:

    I used method 2 for Kodi. What should I do to restore it?

  2. hdmkv says:

    Another way is to de-register and re-register your Fire TV. Kodi icon will show up after a minute or two.

    • Wodehouse says:

      Thanks for the tip. Yours worked best for me.

    • CG says:

      This worked great for me. Was wondering why one AFTV worked just fine and other never showed up in recents. No more Llama and other workarounds unless they patch this.

  3. Barry says:

    Does it work for Amazon Fire Stick also, it doesnt work me on my Fire Stick. thanks

  4. Terry says:

    I didn’t know you could get kodi via the amazon website :)

    • shwru980r says:

      The app store won’t allow kodi to be installed on the fire tv. You still have to side load kodi. Purchasing from the app store allows kodi to show up in the recent bar on the home page once you sync your content.

  5. Hitcher says:

    I wondered why it disappeared, thanks.

  6. Amir says:

    Thanks Man, I did it and it worked. Once I tried this methode but couldn’t get it done, cuz didn’t know that I have to do the sync content thing once before the delection and once after…

  7. Edgar says:

    Thank you for this. I was PISSED when I didn’t see Kodi on my recent list. And I was trying to sync the content again to try and get it to work. Will try this when I get home.

  8. AL says:

    I can confirm that the method HDMKV works, just deregister your fire tv box / stick and register it back and the KODI icon will reappear in the recent apps

    • hdmkv says:

      Glad it’s working for everyone. Bit a pain to have to repeat this procedure everytime you update Kodi (via adb install -r kodi-version.apk), or remove & do a fresh install. But, at least it works & is better than Classic TV or other sacrificial app method.

      • agentm says:

        Has the deregister/register method stopped working? It has previously worked for me, but doesn’t seem to be working now; the Kodi icon just doesn’t show in my Recent list. I have also tried sending it again to the FireTV and syncing content. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • ronc says:

      What do you do after you deregister it

  9. Danold says:

    This way is best way to get Kodi on homescreen

  10. jose says:

    not work for me sorry

  11. ultraLord says:

    I’m still waiting for the update (Portugal).

  12. Sam Lowry says:

    Thanks- couldn’t figure out what happened. This simple trick did it.

  13. Porkie says:

    Can you make a post about the cursor being invisible on the default launcher and on system menus? After the usdate the cursor no longer appears on the default launcher or when system menus like the install menu pops up. Its a real problem for me and others that use their mouse instea of their remote. The cursor used to appear globally through out the entire OS, but Amazon has done something to make it invisible in certain parts of the OS.

    • Sisco says:

      I can’t believe I just wasted $67 for this amazon fire stick to get an update and see it disappear that’s sooo wack omg I fell in the pit again

      • Alice Thaemert says:

        I did same and that’s why I’m here trying to figure out how to restore when it’s not showing up at all.

  14. b-rad says:

    For some reason can’t get this to work, does the sideloaded kodi version have to match the amazon version for the app to show up? Really wish amazon would give us the ability to lock the app in recent. Love the site, BTW

  15. morpheus says:

    All I did was sync and everything was restored…go figure.

  16. astro says:

    Grrrr I had it on my recents but lost it, I’ve tried all of the above and can’t get it to show on my FTV. Very annoying.

  17. Paul says:

    Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately did not work for me. Everything works, up to the end, I see the Kodi icon in my recent list. Then, when I choose it, rather then starting Kodi, it shows me the App Info (from the store) and says that the app is not compatible with my device. :( Come on Amazon, put side-loaded apps in the recent list.

  18. Alex says:

    This does not seem to work any more. It did work for a while, but it looks like Amazon has put a stop to it. Grrr!

  19. sotosan says:

    Its not working for now, since the last updated its not working anymore. Lets hope this can be solved soon. Miss a few icons on my home screen :)

  20. I uninstall my kodi how do I get it back?

  21. Will says:

    Kodi is no longer in the app store. DO NOT DELETE IT! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET IT BACK!!! Wish I knew that before.

  22. boon says:

    Will deregistering fire stick to new account delete my kodi?

  23. boon says:

    I needed a file manager app installed to update my kodi to 15.2.version but since it was under a different account I needed to deregister then register my account. Will my kodi get deleted? Is there another way to update without purchasing file manager app? I have kodi isengrad 15.2 ready to download and install but just needs a filemanager app. I dont have one running. I pirchased my firestick pre installed with kodi 14.0 and wonder how the geek was able to get update without filemanager app or is there another way around it???please help!!!!

  24. karim baydoun says:

    hello everyone, please if you can help me with my question.
    Planning to order the amazon fire tv today since its on a good price.
    All i need is to use Kodi , so as i can see i can install it without rooting.
    But my question is can i play my movies from my external hard drive or i need to root the AFTV? and does it support H265 ??

    Thank you

  25. John says:

    There must have been an update in Feb 2016, last night my Kodi was on the home screen working via Ikona , today its gone and I have to go threw APP’s in-order to launch Kodi, I am totally lost,
    Is there a simple way to get Kodi back onto my home screen, its still installed via Apps so the above route will not work !

    Any help is appreciated.

    • John says:

      Since I cant edit, Kodi is NOT on My Amazon’s “Your Apps” page. It never was, my son side loaded it somehow and it is still installed in my apps on my fire stick via the home screen.

  26. Steven says:

    My kodi has updated and has changed how to I get it back to how it was ?

  27. tony says:

    I did the update to kodi 16.0 jarvis, and I do not have any of my program for movies, live event etc…

  28. Alex says:

    Thank you very much it was very helpful

  29. sam says:

    Have the kodi app but its completey empty….. No programmes or films at all

  30. Margaret says:

    Es explorer has stopped working ie won’t update keeps saying not found if I were to delete it completely and reinstall would I lose my kodi

  31. Kane says:

    Yo u should get a box from my dad si TV on facebook

  32. Rachel says:

    Okay so how can I restore my add-ons back on my kodi …it’s freaking me out..

    • SJ says:

      You and me both mate, all I did was change the skin as it’s deleted all of my add ons… and I don’t know how to get them back!?!

  33. Jennifer Hess says:

    I restarted my firestorm and my add-ons were the movies were is gone I don’t know how to get it back

  34. John says:

    How can I restore a channel that was accidentally deleated on my firestick

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