How to resolve issues with the new DirecTV Now app on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

DirecTV Now just released a new app for the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions. This is their reason for dropping support for 1st-generation Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks, which they later tried to rectify by offering $75 in account credit. Some people are having issues with the new app where, in some cases, it isn’t launching at all. Here are some things to try to make the new DirecTV Now app work on Fire TV devices.

Uninstall the Beta app

Prior to releasing this updated app, DirecTV Now allowed some customers to preview the app in the form of a beta. If you have the beta app installed, uninstall it by going to the Fire TV Settings area and selecting Applications > Manage Installed Applications > DirecTV Now Beta > Uninstall. While you’re there, you should also force quit stop the non-beta version of the DirecTV Now app by backing out one level, selecting the DirecTV Now app from the list of apps and then selecting the Force Stop option.


It’s always a good idea to restart the Fire TV if you’re experiencing any issues. To do so, go to the Fire TV’s Settings, select Device, and select Restart, which is the second to last option. Careful not to select “Reset to Factory Defaults,” which is the option just below the Restart option, because that will remove all of your apps and settings. Resetting to factory defaults should be your last resort when all other solutions have been tried.

Clear Data, Clear Cache, Force Stop

If you’re having trouble with any app, not just the DirecTV Now app, it’s always a good idea to reset the app by doing the following. Go to the Fire TV Settings area, select Applications, select Manage Installed Applications, and then select the troublesome app, which in this case is DirecTV Now. Then select Clear Data, Clear Data again to confirm, Clear Cache, and finally select Force Stop.

Uninstall and Reinstall

If you’re having trouble with an app, it’s best to ensure you have the newest version of the app. The easiest way to do this is to simply uninstall the app and then reinstall it, since you’ll always be installing the latest version when you reinstall it, regardless of which version you previously had installed. To uninstall the DirecTV Now app, go to the Fire TV Settings area, select Applications, select Manage Installed Applications, select DirecTV Now, select Uninstall, and then select Uninstall again to confirm. Once the app is uninstalled, simply reinstall it by searching for the app or finding it under the Fire TV’s App section.

  1. JFC says:

    Consistent with your advice above, one of the things DTVN emailed their customers about was that anyone who already had the BETA app on their Fire device needed to go in and totally wipe away any traces of the BETA app, BEFORE trying to install the new version of the sort-of non-beta app (I call it that because they’re still calling the DVR feature beta).

    Again consistent with your advice, the beta and newer app cannot co-exist well on the same device.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for the verification. I didn’t know that DirecTV officially said the two apps can’t coexist.

      • JFC says:

        I got two separate emails from DTVN re their new apps for Fire TV and Android, one for being involved in their beta program, and another just as a regular subscriber.

        The regular user email said:
        If you’re a BETA user, please delete the BETA App before proceeding. You will not be able to access our new app while the BETA app is still installed.

        The beta tester email said:
        Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick

        1. Uninstall the Beta app by selecting Setting>Applications> Manage Installed Application from the Fire TV/Stick Menu

        2. Select the DIRECTV NOW Beta app

        3. Choose the Uninstall Option, following the on-screen instructions

        4. Once the Beta is uninstalled, you will then be able to update and launch the new DIRECTV NOW app.

        5. Go to Home, and find the DIRECTV NOW app and click the Option button

        6. Pressing the bottom of the navigation ring to scroll down to More Info, press the OK (center of the navigation ring)

        7. Select Update

        8. Once the app is updated you will be able to access the New DIRECTV NOW App

        Needless to say, I understand that following the above kind of directions appears to not be working for some folks. I’m just posting what DTVN handed out.

      • PM47 says:

        I appreciate information, but it is sometimes lacking enough information. Like you say Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, then you only talk about Fire TV. Are they the same or is there an TV that is made by Amazon called Amazon Fire? What is Beta and where do you find it? Are you talking about uninstalling Direct TV Now app or the Amazon Firestick? Thanks, I really appreciate the information as I’m having some trouble also.

        • JFC says:

          AFAIK, DirecTV Now no longer is supporting / using any BETA app (they ended the prior beta program) for any Fire TV devices. So you’d just be installing and using the regular DirecTV Now app by searching for it on the Fire TV device in the same way you’d download and install other apps from the built-in Amazon app store.

          The regular DirecTV Now app certainly works on the 2nd gen Fire TV box and stick.

          I don’t know what it’s status is re the more recent Fire TV devices like the pendant, cube, or Fire OS televisions like those recently offered by Toshiba and Best Buy/Insignia. But I’d assume if you can find the DTVN app in those devices’ built-in Amazon app store, then you ought to be able to use the app on those devices.

          In my prior comment, I was talking about uninstalling and then reinstalling the DirecTV Now app on any supported Fire TV device, as a means of solving potential performance problems.

          Clearing the cache and data settings for the DirecTV Now app via the Fire TV device’s settings / applications menu can sometimes also solve problems before you get to the point of uninstalling/reinstalling the DTVN app.

          I always try clearing the app’s cache first, see if that resolves the problem, and if not, then proceed to clearing the app’s data setting. And if those two don’t resolve the problem, then uninstall the DTVN app, restart the Fire TV device, and then reinstall the DTVN app.

  2. Kurt Schultz says:

    Uninstall and can service is the only thing that will fix that crappy app.

  3. Junior says:

    Uninstalling the BETA app first is the key

  4. Fred says:

    Dvr doesn’t work half the shows now say not part of my package and can’t record. Shows that do record, record record reruns when set to new only. Cancelled and went back to Vue

  5. Scooter says:

    I updated 3 of my various FireTV devices. Now my local channels are wrong. Everything was fine before the update. I did online chat with DTVN support and they said they would fix the zip code issue so my correct locals would come back. So far its not working. I’m still able to watch correct locals on a Roku that has not been updated.

  6. Floki says:

    ok so this clearly doesn’t work. Does anyone have or know where I can get the apk from the previous version? Please?

  7. sean tweedy says:

    Even though the app shortcut is gone on our first Gen fire TV, we can launch it by going to settings, manage applications, select dtvn, and open from there

  8. Tom Johan says:

    I activated the DTVN service yesterday. Spent hours trying to get the updated DTVN app to load on a few of my Firetv boxes with no success. Did all the recommended updates / uninstall / re-install, contacted customer service and no success. I gave up, ran to Best Buy, purchased a new Firetv dongle, activated and to my surprise the new DTVN app works with the DVR service.

  9. Victoria M Pennington says:

    I successfully downloaded the updated version. I have 2nd gen firestick. I DO NOT lik the new format as far as visually. It is extremely hard for my 65yr old eyes to see the channels on left. It has gone straight to HOME page when i click on Guide MANY TIMES in just one day. Right now Sunday morn it is just FROZE. Wat is really aggravating is the LACK OF CONTACT to customer support. Chatting is ok, but…i would lik to talk to a human sometimes. Its ridiculous!!! I do appreciate the small description of the shows. Dont have beta so cannot comment on that yet. Why is AT&T giving us a half-ass app to pay for no less…that has so many problems??? I dont have cable option where i live or i would go to Spectrum.

  10. Adriana Fortune says:

    I’m having issues with on my firetv ever since DRECTVNOW switched out to this whole AT&T DVR thing. I have to delete data every single time and login in order for app to open. It’s annoying.

    • Victoria M Pennington says:

      I can 1st say that i feel AT&T is doing all they can to keep firestick users going. Especially the Kodi app. That being said…the last 3 days my DTV Now app keeps going to the RETRY page. And i mean at the rate of every 5-10 minutes. At times goes right back to home page. When i click back on to DTV it ALWAYS goes to the channel i was watching before. Im getting very aggravated with this technology. support to give help. Not sure it is worth the money ..more problems now then before. Not cool.

  11. Mark C says:

    Glad I found this thread. I just purchased DTVN & FireTV. Tried & tried to install the app w/o success. Was able to login and just got a blue screen. Chatted with DTVN who said “I can resolve the problem for you.” Yeah, Right! First it was unplug FireTV wait 30 secs and plug in. Nope! Next was to uninstall, reinstall the app. Same results “blue screen.”

    How long has this been going on and any idea on when the issue will be resolved! Thanks!

    • Victoria M Pennington says:

      I just spent an hour and 15min trying to get help. I am soooooo mad. I have done EVERYTHING too and now it just ( after a half a minute) went back to OPEN…so that means sign in again etc…i am so done with AT&T ripping us off with this. I just paid my bill on the 23rd and cannot get any help at all. Let me know if you do. They lie and take our money. It was good before update. This has been going on for 5 days now…cant even watch a show all the way thru. Every 3-5mins it cuts out somewhere. We all need to find something to do about this crap. Right???

    • Len says:

      You DID NOT talk to DTVN….They don’t offer phone support.

      • Mark C says:

        I didn’t say I talked to DTVN, dufus! If you can read, I said “Chatted with DTVN who said…”

        Anyway, all is well now. DTVN is up and working well.

        • Ananias says:

          Hey, Mark C
          What did you do.
          I am getting the same blue DIRECTV NOW logo screen when I put in my credentials.
          Problem has been escalated with DIRECTV NOW (or at least I am told so by the Agent that I have had on chat support).

      • Justin l chapman says:

        Yes they do offer phone support. I have reguest they call me every time i enter chat with them and they always call me.

  12. Ann Goff says:

    My DTVN was working just fine with my Fire stick until 3 days ago. Now I constantly get the retry error, like every 2-3 minutes. I have taken every step everyone has suggested: uninstall/reinstall, restart Firestick, etc etc. nothing works. I have the next generation Firestick, so not sure WTH is going on. I’m going to cancel my DTVN. It’s just not worth the frustration.

    • Victoria says:

      Ann, I “chatted” with them just yesterday and told them I wanted to cancel. I have 2 tv’s and the 2nd one is suppose to run simultaneously from the 1st. So they offered me back half my recent payment. Received today plus tax. Then half off for 2mths. I took that deal. Also stated i would get 24he tech work on my acct. Ok the 1st one works better..not perfect, but the 2nd one is still totally a mess. At least I got half my $ back. But even if it was free does not make trying to watch it even worth it right? Mine drops every 3-5 mins…goes back to launch..Then on & on. You know. What a mess they have created. I found a site called GEARS IPTV for $18.50 for 300 channels. Check that out. I’m over this deal app!!!

  13. Steven says:

    Anyone else getting a message saying “Not quite ready yet. We’re happy you want to try our new app but it needs a few more tweaks before it’s ready for you. Please check back later.” They don’t even have a working application to use for a service that uses only an application! So frustrated.

    • Victoria says:

      Seriously??? That’s messed up. I have not seen that but did chat with them to cancel. Had just paid debit..and they offered me 24he tech work on my acct. A refund of $17.50 for this mtg and same price for next 2mths. The channels that keep going out etc I have figured are not being offered with update. 2 so far..NBC and ID. It is totally messed up to throw out an app for already existing customers to continue paying for that has glitches. They are facing a storm of angry customers right now I guarantee. I’m searching for a new stream live tv app

    • Mitch Boudreaux says:

      Yes i have been getting that pop up for 2 weeks and still have nothing resolved,they will have advanced tech support contact me in the next 24 to 48 hours,

  14. travis says:

    Since moving to the new app on my Firesticks, I no longer have ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. I’ve chatted with them for 3 weeks now, they keep saying it’s a known issue. The Beta version for the Roku came out last night and I updated and guess what, all locals missing. Anyone have this issue with either device?

  15. Marcus says:

    Same error ,Not Quite ready yet LOL what a joke…

    • Victoria says:

      I have had Directv Now all for a year and when I got my 2nd tv in Jan. I was told it would stream simultaneously. Well I guess they decided they wanted anybody getting that option to now pay PER DEVICE. As of today it quit working on my 2nd tv without any notice and after my billed has already been paid for until the 23rd. Another reason to drop th em.

  16. Sue says:

    After installing new app, 25% of channels are missing. Tried chat but no suggestions worked and some are just a waste of time. I have an ok deal on my monthly plan now, but when that’s up I won’t be renewing.

  17. Jessica Hodges says:

    The new update to the DTVN app SUCKS! I had an old version of Firestick (bought in 2016) and after many emails from ATT encouraging me to purchase a new FireTV for $25 off, I did. It worked well for a week with DTVN and then all of a sudden a week ago, the app won’t even open. It will act like it’s going to launch and then it will sit on the gray screen and nothing else happens. I also can’t watch any of my downloaded 3rd party apps like Bravo, ABC or MTV because when I go to log into them, the app states that I don’t have that channel in my subscription package and to contact my subscriber. I do have those channels and these issues just started with this new app release. I chatted with someone who said it’s a known issue, that they don’t have an estimated timeline of when it will be fixed and proceeded to give me half off my bill for thand next two months. So I’m still paying $25 a month for a service that only works on my iPhone. Also I’d like to mention that I have a Roku 3 in my bedroom and the DTVN app and 3rd party apps don’t work on that device either.
    If anyone has experienced anything similar to this and has had luck rectifying, please let me know!!

    • Victoria Pennington says:

      When i first updated the new app ( have 2nd gen firestick) it was ok..couple days started dropping channels. After weeks of being aggravated it is working fine now. I was also offered half off for 2mths but i am cancelling anyways. Problem ever since i first started with the app is HIGH DATA USAGE!!! Until i started paying for unlimited data..then it dropped. So i cancelled unlimited which was $30 mth. There has to be some economical way to watch tv out there. Ive tried those antenna not facing a tower hence they will not give you anything.

  18. Mitchell says:

    Well still fighting the fight with AT&T about this Direct TV Now APP still can not log in,they gave me free streaming till October but like i told them that does not fix the problem if i can not watch it,i still have Direct TV and i just got Gears IPTV $24 a month for 2 streaming devices and that is with the Mayfair Guide,talked to a tech support agent last night and he said they are having issues with the new updated app it should be resolved in the next couple of days,they are not charging me a penny for it yet so i will hang in there to see if thy get it fixed

    • Victoria M Pennington says:

      Well as aggravating the DTV app is now…there really isn’t anything better either. Set TV is done…I’ve heard GEARS is no good. I signed up for The PlayersKlub…$5 mth and it is a confusing mess too!!! I still have DTV till end of July and at least majority of time it works. Mine is pretty much all good. What worries me is the data issue that I went crazy over last summer. But from what I gather data usage is going to be an issue with any streaming tv. Maybe not as severe as AT&T did. I have a Nord VPN and I still like going into kod I tv shows to watch shows I like and have aired! You can find any show that comes from any site…amazon, hulu, netflix..all of them. So there isn’t a good answer yet for leaving DTV…

  19. Bud Miller says:

    Just purchased a new Fire Stick. Tried to log into DTVN and all I can get is a message that says, “Sorry For The Inconvenience, Please Try Again Later”. What kind of BS is this? Chatted with DTVN for over an hour. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still no luck. The Tech said that he elevated the problem and they were working hard to fix it. Anyone else had this issue?

  20. Jeremy says:

    On my fire stick the app opens to a page that states the “new DVR features” and there’s a button that says “got it”. I can’t even press the got it button to move past that page. Any body had this problem or know how to get past the darn got it button?

  21. William McGee says:

    I have had nothing but problems with DirecTV Now, I even hard wired each device and still having, buffering, restarts and degraded DVR recordings. I’ve been through restarts, tech support re configuring my account settings twice, and promises to escalate which has never happened. I would go back Cox’s, if the pricing wasn’t outrageous and that I was similar issues with contour.

    There seems to be no good option for streaming TV,and if you stick to the Apps, the fees are add up to as muck as cable. Going back to my digital antenna is looking really good and less costly!!!

  22. JFC says:

    FWIW, I’ve got the DTVN app installed on one Fire TV 2nd gen box, and also on a Fire TV 2nd gen stick, and it plays perfectly fine on both devices these days. Haven’t had to monkey with the DTVN app at all lately, since AT&T ended the beta app and just went with the latest, official version of the DTVN app for Fire devices.

    PS — Anyone with a Fire TV device that originally installed the DTVN beta app definitely needs to uninstall that beta app and probably restart their Fire TV device, before then proceeding to install and log-in to the current official DTVN app for Fire TV devices. Having the two apps installed together will cause problems.

    In terms of channel lineup, the DTVN app each time you use it looks at the internet IP address that your internet connection is providing, and then provides a set of channels to match the location, which isn’t always accurate in terms of where you really are vs where your internet IP address tells DTVN you are. Changing internet providers or connections can definitely monkey with your IP location for DTVN.

  23. Max says:

    Drop Firestick, it’s cheap for a reason. Apple TV seems to work 95% of time.

  24. Tammy Wallace says:

    It want do ot

  25. Steven George says:

    What causes my tv to start scanning through channels in descending order? I have reloaded the app and it happens less frequently but occasionally does. It acts like a car radio in the seek or scan mode! Is there a setting in preferences that might prevent this from happening?

  26. Steven says:

    Anyone having problems with their DTVN buffering constantly. I have 100Mps but it constantly disconnects from the internet. Using a fire stick 4K and regular fire stick both with same issue. No other apps have this problem including streaming from Netflix and amazon. I use a Speedtest app on the fire stick and it shows the internet has become disconnected. Can the app cause it disconnect?

  27. Nolan says:

    What is the number of the APK for DTVN now for the Fire TV gen 2?

  28. John Smith says:

    So since Sunday the Guide page is stuck. I can still switch to channels, but I never get any updated EPG info. Using a Firestick. Apple is not an option for me. Anyone else had this before?

  29. W says:

    I recently started having extreme buffering issues with DTVN on a Fire 4k and on a regular fire stick. Started within the past week. I cleared data and cache with no effect. Then I deleted and re-installed the app, but the issue remains. By the way, the version of the new install was the same as the old 20.16.01143 . It is unusable as it is…

  30. R K W says:

    I have Fire 4K and older apple tv. I have DTVNow on both devices. DTVNow started locking up on FireTV. I deleted buffers deleted and reinstalled and nothing would work. Went back to Apple tv and it works just fine. Just goes to show configuration control and management of code and app development on a platform works. Only reason I use the fire is the remotes better.

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