How to reset all app Permission Notifications on Amazon Fire TV & Firestick

A common question I’m asked is how to restore the file / storage access permission in my Downloader app on Amazon Fire TV devices because the user hastily denied access without paying attention the first time the notification was shown. The easiest way to make permission prompts reappear, which works for any permission for any app, is to go to the Fire TV’s “Settings” screen, select the “Applications” menu, select the “Manage Installed Applicatications” option, select the app you want to reset, such as Downloader, and then select “Clear Data.” You will then be asked a second time to verify that you want to “Clear Data” and you’re done. Note that Fire OS 5 devices, like the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick, do not prompt for permission, so their apps do not need to be reset this way.

Clearing the apps data will make all permission prompts reappear when you launch the app again. Note that it does reset the app to its newly installed state, so any settings or modifications made in the app will also be reset. Alternatively, you can select the “Permissions” menu, instead of the “Clear Data” option, and manually make individual changes to permissions there without resetting the app, but it’s often easier to just reset all permissions at once by clearing the app’s data.


  1. vince says:

    i tried clear data solution but relaunching goes straight to quick start guide, no permission option. help please

  2. Elmer120 says:

    amazon fire stick downloader APP not giving option to access files and media when it open for the first time.

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