How to reset all app Permission Notifications on Amazon Fire TV & Firestick

A common question I’m asked is how to restore the file / storage access permission in my Downloader app on Amazon Fire TV devices because the user hastily denied access without paying attention the first time the notification was shown. The easiest way to make permission prompts reappear, which works for any permission for any app, is to go to the Fire TV’s “Settings” screen, select the “Applications” menu, select the “Manage Installed Applicatications” option, select the app you want to reset, such as Downloader, and then select “Clear Data.” You will then be asked a second time to verify that you want to “Clear Data” and you’re done. Note that Fire OS 5 devices, like the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick, do not prompt for permission, so their apps do not need to be reset this way.

Clearing the apps data will make all permission prompts reappear when you launch the app again. Note that it does reset the app to its newly installed state, so any settings or modifications made in the app will also be reset. Alternatively, you can select the “Permissions” menu, instead of the “Clear Data” option, and manually make individual changes to permissions there without resetting the app, but it’s often easier to just reset all permissions at once by clearing the app’s data.

  1. vince says:

    i tried clear data solution but relaunching goes straight to quick start guide, no permission option. help please

    • What Fire TV version are you using? Fire OS 5 devices, like the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick don’t ask for permission at all. You can use my Informer app to figure out which device and Fire OS version you have.

      • Vince says:

        I’m using fire stick 2nd generation OS 5.

        If it doesn’t ask for permissions, how do I get it to work? I just keep getting
        error:no connection when I try to download.

        • Double check the URL you’re entering is correct and working. Try entering or to check if any URLs are loading or not.

          • Vince says:

            The browser works fine to get to other sites. The problem happens when I try to download something and I get the connecting bar for a while and then the error: no connection message.

          • Try downloading:
            If that works, then there is likely something wrong with the source/server of the URL you are entering.

          • Jordan Wilson says:

            I’m having this same issue what is there to be done to be able to download apps?

    • Rick Lott says:

      I am having the sam problem too it seems that amazom is trying to remove permissions from all APK’s some people are able to get them back some are not i am one who is no. i have made sure dev ops are on still dose not work. uninstalled and reinstalled downloader about 10 times do not get the request to allow access. even tried manualy did not work. seems like if atftvnews has to pay amazon to put downloader on the fire they dont want to have it blocked. to work correctly.

  2. Elmer120 says:

    amazon fire stick downloader APP not giving option to access files and media when it open for the first time.

    • The 1st and 2nd-gen non-4K Fire TV Stick do not show the permission prompt. Fire OS 5 devices do not ask for file access permissions. This is only done on newer Fire OS 6 and Fire OS 7 devices.

      • anton-99 says:

        So, per this response – is there any recourse for someone running an older OS 5 that wants to use Downloader?

        Like the others, I do not get prompted for permissions, and thus Downloader appears to not be able to download content; or at least every attempt to do so has failed thus far. Is there an alternate means of granting Downloader that access (aside from the prompt)?

        • Downloader works on all Fire TVs. Fire OS 5 devices don’t ask for permission because all apps on Fire OS 5 already have permission to access files.

          If Downloader is not working, try entering your URL on a phone or computer to see if your URL is dead.

          • James says:

            If you are a new customer with Amazon Fire stick they do not give permission for your downloader and the downloader has been upgraded so it will not give you permission to download certain things

  3. Brian Cator says:

    I keep getting the error has occurred message. tried the test apk address here and still get it. what’s the next to try?

    • Peter says:

      Same issue here, but when I try the aft site I just get a message that cookies need to be enabled to reach the site. But I can’t find any option in Downloader to enable cookies.
      Totally stuck. Have tried complete factory reset on the Firestick too, but to no avail

  4. Peter says:

    Lots of comments here

    But no solutions. Looks like something Amazon have done.
    May need older firmware to fix it

  5. Doug says:

    Tried to install downloader on my firestick but it comes up with purchase failure

    • Go to Amazon’s website and make sure your payment and address settings are correct. Even though Downloader is free, you still have to have valid payment info in order to install it.

      • T House says:

        This is a blow off answer. All of my account data, payments and contact info is up to date and still have the same issue as every one else!

  6. claudia says:

    there is no permissions in managed apps. makes me wonder if amazon knows there product

  7. Liz says:

    Fire stick 4k…cannot download bee tv. first it gave me storage permission required to store file”, found the solution to that. Now I put in, in downloader, http:/ and it won’t download and no err message. Any help is appreciated.

  8. Ronnie says:

    I have a Samsung tablet can I put Downloader on it. It says not compatible with my new tablet

  9. Sushan says:

    The new versions of fire sticks ( 2020) do not have jellyfin app in AppStore. What is the easiest way to download jellyfin app on Firestick

  10. Dave says:

    Hi I have a samsung s23 and have been trying to get downloader to work it installs ok but when i open it it does not ask me for permissions and when it starts and i put a code into it it says you need permissions i have allowed unknown apps i have gone into the downloader app and it says permissions are blocked I have allowed unknown sauces and tried other things but no luck I am at a loss downloader does not even show up in google play store could you help me pretty please please

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