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If you’re like most, you use your Fire TV primarily for a few key features. That leaves a lot of unused menu items cluttering up your home screen. Whether you just want to remove one or two items, or strip out all but a few options, an XDA Developers community member by the name of rbox is your savior. He’s developed a collection of Xposed mods which, among other things, adds an option in the Fire TV’s settings section to toggle menu items on and off. Read on for our full guide to setting up the mod.

Your Fire TV must be rooted and on software version,, or in order to use this mod. You will also need a mouse connected to your Fire TV for one of the steps. The mod relies on the Xposed framework. We’ll first show you how to install Xposed, then install the mod, and then configure the mod. If you already have Xposed installed on your Fire TV (from when you installed the Google Play Store perhaps) you can skip the first section in this guide.

This mod allows you to turn on/off any home screen menu item except “Home” and “Settings”. The mod also includes a few other helpful changes, like the ability to open Android’s recent apps menu by long pressing the home button on your Fire TV remote. To read up on everything included in this mod, visit the mod’s XDA post.

Section 1: Setup the Xposed Framework

  1. Download the Xposed Framework APK (Source/Mirror)
  2. Sideload the Xposed Framework onto your Fire TV
  3. Launch “Xposed Installer” on the Fire TV from the Settings > Applications menu
  4. Select “Framework”
  5. Select “OK” to dismiss the popup
  6. Select “Install/Update” to install the framework
  7. Select “Grant” on the SupreSU popup
  8. Select “OK” to reboot



Section 2: Install rbox’s Fire TV Mod Pack

  1. Download rbox’s Fire TV Mods. The APK download link is in the “ATTACHED FILES” section at the bottom of the first post.
  2. Sideload rbox’s Fire TV Mods onto your Fire TV. Xposed mods are sideloaded the same way you sideload any APK file.
  3. Launch “Xposed Installer”
  4. Select “Modules”
  5. With a mouse connected to your Fire TV, check the “RboxFireTVMod” box.
  6. Exit to the Fire TV Home screen and reboot the Fire TV by holding both “Select” and “Play” on the Fire TV remote for several seconds



Section 3: Modify Menu Items

  1. From the Home Screen, go to Settings
  2. Select the new “MENU ITEMS” option
  3. Set the menu items that you don’t want on your home screen to “HIDDEN”
  4. Reboot the Fire TV by holding both “Select” and “Play” on the Fire TV remote for several seconds for your changes to take effect

  1. Nick says:

    Awesome! Lots of stuff I DON’T use the FireTV for and now I don’t have to see them!

  2. Nathaniel Koelmeyer says:

    so all we need now is the ability to add a “shelf” with sideloaded apps!

  3. hdmkv says:

    Wonderful, thanks!

  4. Bruce Walker says:

    I hope rbox follows this site because I want him/her to know that I really like this mod. I especially like the alternate launcher feature. It’s nice to have my Fire TV boot up into my alternate launcher where I have access to all my side-loaded apps. Yet, I can easily choose the “Home” app to get to the Fire TV launcher.

    I’m currently trying out “Launcher for TV” by Smart10 as my alternate launcher. I like how well it works, but I need to figure out some of the customizations to really decide if it is the right one.

  5. Joseph Wichgers says:

    Followed instructions word for word and nothing happened. I checked that the module is selected in xposed and it is. I rebooted twice, updated the fireTV, rebooted again, still nothing new under system. Any ideas why?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Double check that Xposed is initialized (section 1, step 6). Also check that Xposed is showing up in SuperSU with granted permissions. Lastly, perhaps try to install BusyBox if you don’t have it installed. I don’t think it’s required, but I could be wrong. And the new “Menu Items” option will replace the current “Help” option under settings.

  6. Joseph Wichgers says:

    I did section 1 step 6 again (It automatically rebooted). Then I went into Super SU and permissions are granted as default. Xposed also showed up in the logs. I installed busybox which also showed up in the Super SU logs but to no avail. I still have the help menu with options to turn things like search, prime, etc to Visible or Hidden. For giggles I turned everything to hidden, rebooted. Nothing changed.

  7. Stephen says:

    Something went absolutely cooky when I went to do this. Freezing, freezing, freezing. I was so taken aback by this, I went back through every step through the root process, up to this point, and still have problems. If I do a factory reset will that wipe the root, and all the work I did back to zero. like I just bought it so I can go through it again?

  8. Joe says:

    @Stephen: That’s what I had to do – something I had installed was messing with this tweak. Once I did a factory install it finally worked as advertised. It’s worth the work though because just getting rid of the things I don’t use is great. Thanks again for the help and making this tweak!

    Just waiting for a shelf on that screen with the side loaded apps. That would be so amazing.

  9. John Hall says:

    Also followed all the steps and installed HDXposed and hid several options, but still appear in the menu

    • Reverend Mark says:

      I have rbox 1.2 installed and am using it to auto launch XBMC for Fire TV launcher. That is all working fine. What is not working for me is the Hide menu items. I go to the Help box and select hide Photos and reboot and photos is still there, but the shows that it is hidden if I go back to Help. Even worse is that by default Music and Prime Video is hidden (but showing visible in Help selection). Nothing I do changes this. RBox 1.2 is installed, checkbox is selected for module and SU is setup to Grant.

      Any Ideas?

  10. kenny says:

    read this : Your Fire TV must be rooted and on software version in order to use this mod

  11. Rob says:

    Will this work with the latest pre-rooted software

  12. Sibaschian says:

    Mine neither doesn’t work. After set them to Hidden, reboot and them came back, nothing to be hidden. I came to XPoseFramework and check the log file, it shows error like this (sorry I don’t know how to capture the screen in AFTV so I used my phone instead.)

    I am looking forward you to fix this thing. I really like this.

  13. sushi says:

    Is there any way to get rid of “FreeTime” menu??

    • AFTVnews says:

      The Fire TV has a built in option to hide the freetime menu. I don’t recall exactly where it is, but just look around the settings menu and you’ll find it.

      • Rob says:

        from the main menu, go to Freetime, on the right should be an option to “hide freetime”

        To enable it again, go to settings, freeime will now have an option to enable

  14. sushi says:

    this module doesn’t work with latest version

  15. Chris says:

    It doesn’t work with the latest version of Amazon Fire firmware. It installs and the Menu Items tab appear, but nothing appears to hide, only tips and help videos.

    • AFTVnews says:

      As stated in the guide, this only works on Fire TV software versions and

      • Kay says:

        I have this version and user
        the help menu change to “Menu items” but inside i see only
        1.Help video
        2.quick tips us

        nothing more
        i have a working Google store so i dont think i miss any step

        thank you

  16. Y314K says:

    Now FW software version is fully supported with the [XPOSED] Fire TV Mods by rbox v1.3 update…

  17. toto says:

    i have

    i guess thats why the menu is not showing up after going through all steps :(

  18. Any news of them updating this tweak for

  19. Kay says:


    can i add an application from Settings-application manue into the main page?

  20. DJ1 says:

    Am on and wud like to update my menu items. is it still the case that my version is no supported with the rbox script ?

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