How to remove the blue circle icon overlay floating on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Some people are finding an odd blue circular icon appear on top of their Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick interface. The questions of what it is and how to remove it keep popping up time and time again, so hopefully puzzled Fire TV owners in the future will find their way to this post for the solution. The icon is ES File Explorer’s way of notifying you of something. To turn it off, open ES File Explorer, go to “Settings,” select the “Logger floating widget settings” option, and then uncheck the first option that’s labeled “Enable logger floating widget.” If you’re just using ES File Explorer to sideload, you could also just uninstall it and use my Downloader app instead.

  1. AFTVnews says:

    The horrible title of this post is due to blatant keyword stuffing because I’m tired of being asked about this icon so I want people to find the solution themselves when they (hopefully) search for it. :-P

  2. Koying says:

    Let’s hope this makes the top of Google ;)

  3. Don Black says:

    Question @Aftvnews, I keep getting a parsing error when installing Kodi 17, can this version only be installed on Fire tv OS 5 and not Os 3

  4. clocks says:

    I did battle with this icon a while back. I eventually just uninstalled ES FE, as I didn’t really need it anyway.

  5. MrMC says:

    Death to ES File Explorer :) That thing is WAY to intrusive now.

  6. AFTVnews says:

    Haha, both Koying (SPMC) and MrMC (Scott, I’m guessing that’s you) have commented. All we need is Nate from Kodi to chime in and we’ve got the trifecta. :-P You out there buddy?

  7. Obligatory mention of ‘downloader’ app to replace es’ nonsense.

  8. mGuest says:

    I’m using Total Commander. Since ES File Explorer becomes really annoying I uninstalled it from all my devices. It’s easy to navigate with remote. You can add LAN, FTP shares with plugins. And you can install sideloaded apps. No need for ES File Explorer.

  9. t3ch42 says:

    I’m hesitant to pass one of these posts without recommending the resigned es version. The earlier versions really were the best and didn’t have the crud that es does now.
    And yes, will set an alarm off, but due to the resigned apk per the XDA page.

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