How to remap the App Buttons on Fire TV Remotes with Remapper — Updated January 2023

The app buttons at the bottom of the newest Fire TV Remotes and Fire TV Smart TV remotes can either be fantastic or useless. They’re great if it’s an app that you use often, but they’re a complete waste if you don’t even have the app that they’re for installed. This guide will show you how to reassign the app buttons to open any app you want. This method uses my Remapper app and works for Netflix, HBO, Hulu, PS Vue, Disney+, CTV, Crave, DAZN, TVNOW, and other buttons. It works on the new remote paired to a Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and Firestick, as well as Fire TV Edition devices from Element, Toshiba, Insignia, Onida, Grundig, JVC, and more.


4/16/2021: Support for Disney+ buttons has been added

2/25/2022: Amazon has made changes to prevent my original remapping method from working. I have updated this guide with a workaround that should circumvent Amazon’s changes. If you previously installed any Remapper, it is best to uninstall it and carefully follow this guide from the very beginning. Enjoy this workaround while it lasts, but you should expect that Amazon will likely block it as well eventually.

3/3/2022: The original workaround did not work on Fire OS 7 devices. The guide has been updated again to now work on all Fire OS versions.

1/26/2023: Support for ABEMA, DirecTV, and Peacock TV buttons has been added.

2/15/2023: Amazon has blocked the use of this remapping method on select Fire TV models. See the section below for more details.

THIS METHOD NO LONGER WORKS – Amazon has blocked this method

More Info HERE

Important Limitations

  • The app for the button that you are remapping cannot be installed on your Fire TV. For example, if you want the Netflix button to open an app other than Netflix, then you cannot have Netflix installed.
  • Buttons for preinstalled apps, like Prime Video, Freevee TV, and Amazon Music, cannot be remapped. This is because there is no way to uninstall preinstalled apps and you cannot remap a button if the button’s app is installed.
  • The PS Vue button likely cannot be remapped. If pressing the PS Vue button opens the Fire TV’s “Live” tab, then your PS Vue button cannot be remapped. Only Fire TVs running an old software version, before Amazon changed how the PlayStation Vue button worked, can remap the PS Vue button.

If you found this guide because you’re looking for a way to make the “1” and “2” customizable buttons on the Alexa Voice Remote Pro open sideloaded apps, see this guide instead.

Guide – Do not skip ANY steps!

  1. You must have your Fire TV’s “ADB Debugging” option enabled. Having only the “Unknown sources” option enabled is not enough. To enable ADB Debugging, go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options and turn on the ADB Debugging option. For Fire TV Smart TVs, the option is under Settings > Device & Software > Developer Options. If the Developer Options menu is not present, follow this guide to reveal it before continuing.

  2. Press the app button on your remote that you want to remap and install the real app for that button from the Amazon Appstore. (Even though the next step is to uninstall the app, don’t skip these two steps or you may run into issues.)
  3. Uninstall the real app that you just installed in the previous step. Remapping an app button does not work if the actual app for the button is installed on your Fire TV. There is no way to remap an app button and also continue using the original app. Leaving the real app installed will cause the error message INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS or INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE to appear later in the guide. For instructions on how to uninstall an app, follow this guide.
  4. Download and install the app “Remote ADB” by entering 2201 (or into the Downloader app. If you’ve never sideloaded or used the Downloader app, follow this detailed guide for sideloading. Do not launch the Remote ADB app at this time, but you may delete the downloaded APK after you have installed it.

    NOTE: If you are an advanced user with the ability to run ADB commands from your computer, you can instead avoid installing “Remote ADB” and, instead, just run the necessary ADB commands from your computer. Simply follow this guide but replace all portions using the “Remote ADB” app with your computer’s ADB client instead.

  5. Using the Downloader app, download BUT DO NOT INSTALL the Remapper app below that corresponds to the app button that you want to remap. It is crucial that you ONLY DOWNLOAD AND DO NOT INSTALL the Remapper app at this time. If you do install the app, you must uninstall it before continuing with this guide.

    NOTE: The Remapper app that you download is the one that matches the BUTTON on your remote that you want to remap. It is NOT the one that matches the app that you want the button to LAUNCH.

    Remapper for ABEMA: 2260 (or
    Remapper for Crave: 2220 (or
    Remapper for CTV: 2221 (or
    Remapper for DAZN: 2240 (or
    Remapper for DirecTV: 2216 (or
    Remapper for Disney+: 2214 (or
    Remapper for Freeview Play: 2230 (or
    Remapper for HBO: 2211 (or
    Remapper for Hulu: 2212 (or
    Remapper for Netflix: 2210 (or
    Remapper for Peacock TV: 2215 (or
    Remapper for PS Vue: 2213 (or *See important limitations above
    Remapper for SonyLiv: 2250 (or
    Remapper for TVNOW: 2241 (or
    Remapper for ZEE5: 2251 (or

    Remapper for Prime Video, Amazon Music, Freevee, IMDb TV, or another Amazon-owned app: Not Possible (see why above)

  6. Once the Remapper app has been downloaded, select Cancel to NOT install the app. If you accidentally install the app at this point, you must stop and uninstall it. Be sure to select Done from the Downloader prompt when the download finishes. Do not install or delete the Remapper app at this point.
  7. Open the Remote ADB app on your Fire TV and enter into the first text field, leave 5555 in the second field, and press the connect button.

  8. On the “Allow Debugging” message that appears, check the box to always allow and then select OK.

  9. Once Remote ADB connects and a text field appears at the bottom, you need to enter the commands from the list below, one by one, that matches the remote app button you are trying to remap. For example, if you want to remap your Netflix button and have downloaded the Remapper app for Netflix in the step above, you would enter the commands below that correspond with Netflix. It is crucial that you enter these commands exactly as they are shown below with all spaces, periods, dashes, and capital letters.

    For ABEMA, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remapabema.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remapabema.apk

    For Crave, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remapcrave.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remapcrave.apk

    For CTV, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remapctv.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remapctv.apk

    For DAZN, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remapdazn.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remapdazn.apk

    For DirecTV, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remapdirectv.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remapdirectv.apk

    For Disney+, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remapdisney.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remapdisney.apk

    For Freeview Play, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remapfreeview.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remapfreeview.apk

    For HBO, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remaphbo.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remaphbo.apk

    For Hulu, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remaphulu.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remaphulu.apk

    For Netflix, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remapnetflix.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remapnetflix.apk

    For Peacock TV, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remappeacock.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remappeacock.apk

    For PS Vue, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remappsvue.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remappsvue.apk

    For SonyLiv, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remapsony.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remapsony.apk

    For TVNOW, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remaptvnow.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remaptvnow.apk

    For ZEE5, enter
    cp /sdcard/Downloader/remapzee.apk /data/local/tmp/
    then enter
    pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remapzee.apk

  10. After you enter the commands above and press enter/run after each command, you should see the word “Success” appear after a few seconds.
  11. You have now installed the Remapper app correctly. Launch it by pressing the corresponding app button on your remote. It may take a few seconds to launch the first time.
  12. Select the app that you want to be launched when the app button on your remote is pressed. Note that the list may contian some preinstalled system apps that are not actually launchable.
  13. Select the “EXIT” button and you’re done. The app button on your remote should now open the app that you selected in the previous step.
  14. If you ever need to change the selected app, you can rest the Remapper app by quickly pressing the corresponding remote app button repeatedly, about 5 to 10 times. Alternatively, you can also reset the Remapper app by going to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications, selecting the Remapper app, and then selecting Clear Data. If you ever want to remove the remapping or use the app buttons actual app, simply uninstall the Remapper app.
  15. You’re done. If you want to clean up leftover files that you don’t need, you can go back into the Remote ADB app, connect to as before, and then enter the command
    rm /data/local/tmp/*.apk
    You can also go into the Downloader app and delete the Remapper APK and the Remote ADB APK that you downloaded. You may also uninstall the Remote ADB app, if you’d like. Lastly, you may go into your Fire TV settings and disable ADB Debugging, which is recommended.

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  1. If your remote has an app button that is not included in this guide, please reply to THIS COMMENT with: 1) The name of the app that the button launches, and 2) The package name of the app the button launches.

    For example, for the Peacock TV button, the name of the app is “Peacock” and the package name is “com.peacock.peacockfiretv”

    See this guide for how to determine the package name of an app.

    (I will delete comments as I see them and/or add support for the new buttons.)

  2. Kramar says:

    TCL Alto 8+ 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer – Fire TV Edition
    It’s a Fire TV Stick 4K with Soundbar around it :)
    Remote like 5’s from left (except app buttons)
    HBO and Netflix remapped buttons don’t work :(
    I can assign needed app to Remapper for Netflix and Remapper for HBO.
    If i press app buttons on remote i see something like Amazon OOBE (Connecting to Amazon -> Successfully registered -> Do you want to use this account? -> Save Wi-Fi passwords to Amazon? ->Homescreen. I have a video, but didn’t know how to send it here/(to you).
    If i start Remapper for Netflix (or HBO) itself it run needed app.
    Thank you for all you work!

    • Thanks for the info! I’ve got one of those soundbars that I haven’t unboxed yet. I’ll work on it later today and try to get it to work.

    • Kramar, I just tried it on a TCL Alto 8+ soundbar and it worked for me for both the Netflix and the HBO button. Please try to uninstall all Remapper apps, then install both real Netflix and HBO apps, then uninstall Netflix and HBO apps, then try installing the Remapper apps again. Please let me know if this fixes anything!

      • Kramar says:

        It’s didn’t fix :)
        My Soundbar’s Stick 4K is rooted + installed Magisk Module AFTV-GAPPS-MM-v1.3. Maybe this is the reason.
        By the way, Remapper perfectly work on Insignia NS-24DF311SE21 24-inch Smart HD TV – Fire TV Edition.
        Thanks for your work!

    • Mark Carifa says:

      Hi, I have an Insignia Fire Tv. I installed the remap app for Hulu so that My DirecTV will launch with the Hulu button. However, the Hulu button doesn’t work after installation. If I launch the remap app then the DirectTv app opens. The instructions say to press the app button to launch the remap app, but this does not work. So my only option is to select the open app. I have tried to remap the Disney+ and had the same result. Please send me your suggestions.


      • Arun says:

        I have same problem with Disney app button

        • Mlv55 says:

          Same problem here. If I click on the remapper app, the chosen app opens but clicking on the button does not. Is there any fix for this?


          • Martin says:

            To everyone commenting that this doesn’t work, no it doesn’t. Please read the top of the page where it says “Amazon has blocked this method”

    • Meep Meep says:

      My my firecube, I ignored the above instructions, and instead did the following:
      * Installed the “2212” Hulu remap app with downloader app.
      * Opened 2212 Hulu remap app
      * Selected my other app
      * Exited
      * Choose to delete the apk

      Works fine so far. Should I expect it to stop working in the future? What’s the reason for installing via ADB?

      • Johnson James says:

        Same. Worked like a charm.

      • Mani says:

        I also try that at first on my fire tv but after installation and set the application to be launch, the button wouldn’t do anything when I pressed it, then I found this guide, not sure what the extra steps are for but it solved my problem, and the buttons now works as it should.

  3. Mhl says:

    Thx for this idea and your work.
    On Grundig TV (Fire OS I tested remapper for Tvnow and Dazn. Tvnow works fine, but Dazn Button open Amazon Store to download Dazn. It seems that your App doesn’t recognize as installed Dazn app.

    • Thank you very much for the info. Please try two things for me.

      Thing 1:
      – Step 1: Uninstall Remapper for DAZN.
      – Step 2: Press the DAZN button and install the DAZN app that shows up.
      – Step 3: Uninstall the DAZN app.
      – Step 4: Install and test Remapper for DAZN.
      – Step 5: Tell me if Remmaper for DAZN now opens when you press the DAZN button

      Thing 2: If the above doesn’t work to fix Remapper for DAZN, please do the following to tell me the package name of the DAZN app
      – Step 1: Uninstall Remapper for DAZN.
      – Step 2: Press the DAZN button and install the DAZN app that shows up.
      – Step 3: Install any Remapper app except for the Remapper for DAZN.
      – Step 4: Launch that Remapper app manually
      – Step 5: Find DAZN on the list of apps and tell me the full part that is in the parentheses. It should be something like “com.dazn.something”

      • Mhl says:

        Thanks for your fast reply.
        I don’t deinstall remapper Dazn and just want to install Dazn parallel. By trying this the download and installation complete immediately and after start the previous selected app starts.
        So it seems that without first downloading fireos doesn’t recognized the app as installed, but if you want to install it (when remapper is installed) it works.

        • I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you did exactly. Is “Remapper for DAZN” now working correctly? If so, can you please list the exact steps that made it work?

          • Sebastian says:

            I think I know what Mhl wants to say, as I had the same problem, that Dazn always redirected to the store. This was because the Dazn App was not linked with my account. After “buying” the app the remapping worked.

          • Thanks for the info Sebastian! I had a hunch that was the case, but needed someone to confirm it.

          • Paul says:

            I’m getting error install failed version downgrade when trying on fire stick max 4k. Any help?

      • Adam says:

        Hello, I want to change my shortcut named Apps into disney?

        I have prime video, Netflix and prime.

        I hope somebody can help me?


      • Alex says:

        I had the same problem as MHL. I did Thing 1 suggestion and it all worked.

        Thanks for all you’re doing.

        Also, my remote came with DAZN and ABEMA buttons. Could you make a remapped for ABEMA as well?

        Thanks again.

  4. Rob says:

    I get a corrupt file message when trying to do this for the hbo and ps vue on my Toshiba fire TV.

    • Is it because you still have the actual HBO and PS Vue apps installed? You have to uninstall the actual app that the button you’re remapping originally opens.

      • Michael says:

        Anything for YouTube tv?

        • I’m not sure what you mean. There is no remapper for YouTube TV because there are no YouTube TV buttons on any Fire TV remotes. Remember, the Remapper app doesn’t match the app that you want to launch, it matches the button that is pressed.

          • Bill Woods says:

            I believe he is asking for the ability to Remap TO YouTubeTV –
            Which is possible. The screenshot of the targets does not show the complete list with DOES include things like YouTubeTV, Pluto and more.

            Nice Work !

  5. Robert Magiary says:

    I would love a working Hulu remapper as well as a prime video mapper. I tried the Hulu one and it said the package was corrupted. The HBO one worked great!

    • Do you have the actual Hulu app still installed? That’s usually why you get the corrupt message. You cannot install/use the Hulu Remapper app if the real Hulu app is installed. As for Prime Video, there’s no way to remap that button because there is no way to uninstall the Prime Video app.

      • Ryan says:

        Estoy en Colombia y aqui no se puede descargar Hulu, aun asi uso el remappeador de hulu y todo termina aparentemente con exito, excepto porque me sigue mandando al instalador de Hulu, donde me recuerda que no esta disponible.

  6. John says:

    Worked on my Insignia 43″ 4K HDTV for the HBO Button! So helpful. Now I need a Disney+ button to replace it in my remote itself.

  7. Scott says:

    I would like to remap my netflix button to slingtv but it doesn’t come up on the list. Is this possible on your side?

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into this later today.

      • Scott says:

        Thanks. Also I couldn’t remap the PS Vue buton on my Toshiba FireTV.

        • John S. says:

          I also have a Toshiba FireTV and couldn’t remap the PSVue button. Can’t even find the PSVue app to try installing/uninstalling. Any input?

          • Martin says:

            Since PSVue is discontinued and no longer available, there may never be a way to remap that button. Amazon will have to redirect it to another app first. Most likely they would choose Amazon Music anyway, and it wouldn’t do you any good.

  8. M T says:

    Hulu button remapper to YouTube TV worked great. I would like to have a Disney+ button remapper if it were available.

  9. Elias says:

    I wonder if you can mimic this buttons with an attached Bluetooth keyboard. What does the remote send to the Fire TV?

  10. Nite Vibe says:

    Is it possible to remap the Live TV button on the updated Fire TV remote?

  11. Leon says:

    Disney+ Remapper doesn’t work on the newest FireTVStick (3rd Generation/German Version) with FireOS (PS7234/2039). Error message after tried to install: “App not installed.”

    I hope you can help me and thanks for your nice work.

    And it would be cool if you could find a way to change the LiveTV button and the Prime Video and Amazon Music button, but I know that it probably doesn’t work (it would be cool anyway;))

    • Try uninstalling the Remapper for Disney app, then install the official Disney app, launch it once, then uninstall the official Disney app, then reinstall Remapper for Disney. Let me know if that fixes it.

      • Leon says:

        Yeah, I will test it this evening

      • Leon says:

        Okay, it worked. Thank you.

        But couldn’t you, for example, uninstall Amazon music via ADB and then create/use a remapper for it?

      • Ed says:

        I have an Insignia_NS-32 running fireos version. I have uninstalled Disney+, installed the remapper for Disney+, assigned a new app. No errors so far. However, the button will not do anything. I made sure to follow your advise and launch the Disney+ app with the button and the app on the screen before installing the remapper. Hulu button has the same behavior – no error and no result pressing the button. Any thoughts on what else I can try?

        • Amazon has added measures to block the original Remapper apps, but I have found a workaround and have updated this guide. You should uninstall all Remapper apps and carefully follow this guide from the beginning. Please let me know if the updated method works.

  12. Bryce Armstrong says:

    Toshiba 43” fire tv edition

    Every time I try to download Hulu or Disney + Remapper, it tells me “App not installed. The package appears to be corrupt.”

    • Bryce Armstrong says:

      Fire OS (NA6278/2804)
      Model TOSHIBA_43LF621U19

      • Alberto says:

        Hi! Thanks for your work. It’s possible remaking the TV button? It’s for a fire tv lite and I think it’s the only button possible.


    • Leon says:

      Same problem as mine. Try this:

      Try uninstalling the Remapper for Disney or Hulu app, then install the official Disney or Hulu app, launch it once, then uninstall the official Disney or Hulu app, then reinstall Remapper for Disney or Hulu.

  13. Mike says:

    Sonyliv remapper seems corrupted as I get error that file is corrupted when I download and try to install. Can you please check once?

  14. Kenneth W Collins says:

    I am interested in adding and remapping two of the buttons (Disney+ & Hulu) to apps that are not currently listed. I already subscribe to the two services listed below and watch them the most, especially when traveling.

    Dish Network (basically Dish Anywhere for Firestick)
    Motor Trend Online

    I do NOT subscribe Disney+ or Hulu and will otherwise never use those two buttons (they are useless as you put it in your article).

    I do however use Prime Video and Netflix and those buttons will be very useful.

    • Kenneth W Collins says:

      Never mind – I misread / misunderstood the instructions the first time I read through them. After re-reading and following instructions with my remote in hand, it was a piece of cake and worked flawlessly.

      THANK YOU!

  15. Maurice says:

    wanted to exchange the DAZN app button works with many apps except with the STBemu which I installed via the downloader.

    is that somehow possible would be important to me.

    I also installed other apps via the downloader and it works except with STBemu

    thank you in advance for your support

  16. Sergio says:

    Hi, I use my fire tv remote (prime video, Netflix, disney+ and Amazon music buttons) on my shield TV 2017. App buttons do nothing here. Can you please help me?

  17. Tim says:

    Good apps! I have a version 3 Firestick remote and reprogrammed the Netflix button to HOBMax without a problem. My question, there is a Prime Video button that I’d like to remap to Paramount Plus. However, I don’t see Prime Video as a selection in your codes and also don’t see Paramount Plus in the selection table. Might you be adding these at some point to this very useful app? Thanks!!

    • Please read the section above that is titled “Important Limitations.” As it states, pre-installed apps, like Prime Video, cannot be remapped. As for Paramount Plus, it sounds like you are subscribed to the Prime Video Channel. Remapper can only open apps, not channels. If you want, you can install the Paramount app and Remapper will see that.

  18. John Moralis says:

    It would be amazing if there was a firestick lite remapper . You know like the little live TV button on it. Wish I could change that to any app.

  19. Max says:

    Is it possible to remap the power button? I’m currently using an insignia fire tv edition remote for my Fire TV Cube, and everything works great, except the power button can’t shut off my Vizio TV since it’s sending an Insignia tv power button IR signal.

  20. snixsys says:

    In Step 5. “Select the app that you want to be launched when the app button on your remote is pressed”

    Do I not have to re-install the app that you said to uninstall in step 2?

    • In step 2, you are uninstalling the app that matches the logo on the button you are remapping. For example, if you are remapping the Netflix button, then you would uninstall Netflix. In step 5, you are selecting the app that you want the button to open. So if you want the Netflix button to launch Pluto instead, then you would select Pluto for step 5.

      • snixsys says:

        Ah, now I understand. Works as advertised. Thanx!

        As I rarely use Hulu, I redirected the dedicated Hulu button to an app I use a lot. Question. I could I now reload Hulu and open it up from the application list?

        • Sorry, but no. If you use the Remapper app for Hulu it means you cannot also have the real Hulu app installed. This is because the only way for the Remapper app to work is to mimic the real Hulu app, so the two cannot be installed simultaneously on the Fire TV. You have to choose between remapping the Hulu button or having the actual Hulu app installed.

  21. James says:

    Just wanted to say thanks! Very cool piece of software. I’ve been wishing for months to be able to change the HBO button to go to Disney+. Seems Amazon would build this in, but your program is awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  22. Kyle says:

    IMDB TV remapper???

  23. Jerry says:

    Is it possible to remap a button to nothing? I have a Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen and the Y button on every USB game controller I have launches Hulu. If Hulu isn’t installed it brings up the app store page for it.

    • Interesting dilemma. I’ll try to come up with a better solution in the future for your scenario, but for now, my suggestion is to set Remapper for Hulu to a system app that doesn’t have an interface, like “GameCircle” or “Fire TV Player.” Doing that will “launch” the system app, but nothing will happen because the app doesn’t have an interface to actually launch.

      • Jerry says:

        Thanks for the reply. Another problem I just realized is that if the remapper is used for my scenario, pressing Y reppeatedly in games would cause it to reset.

  24. Tina says:

    Anyway to remap the danz or any other button to go to cable input. (HDMI 2) I hate having to push 2-3 buttons to go to cable every time I turn on the tv. I wish it would just stay on the last input I was on.

    • I briefly looked into input switching and couldn’t find a way to do it. I’ll be looking again soon but I don’t think it is possible.

      As for staying on the last input, there is an option under Settings > Display & Sounds > Power On that allows you to set it to go to the last input when turned on.

  25. Kevin Clements says:

    Is it possible yet to remap the “prime video” button to open “Paramount+”?

    • Sorry, but it will never be possible to remap the Prime Video button because the Prime Video app cannot be uninstalled. This remapping method replaces the app being remapped, so since it is impossible to replace the Prime Video app, the Prime Video button cannot be remapped.

  26. Irina Patent says:

    My mom has Toshiba 43’smart tv model TF-43A810U21. she is using eTvnet app. I no it’s not common app for many users, but for elderly smart tv is a challenge. Is there a way to have a code to remap remote button for that app.

    • The Remapper app you install is the one that matches the button being pressed, not the app being launched. Any app you have installed can be assigned as the app that opens when the remote button is pressed.

      • Christian says:


        DAZN remapping doesn’t work (remote is like the Grundig remote in the picture)

        DAZN app isn’t installed and pressing on the button leads to the FireTV app store instead of the remapped app.

  27. CS says:

    DAZN remapping doesn’t work (remote is like the Grundig remote in the picture)
    DAZN app isn’t installed and pressing on the button leads to the FireTV app store instead of the remapped app.

    • CS says:


    • Please install the official DAZN app and tell me what the package name is. If you don’t know how to get the package name, get it by doing this:
      1. Install the official DAZN app
      2. Install any Remapper app other than Remapper for DAZN
      3. Launch the Remapper app manually by going to Settings > Apps > Manage… > Remapper… > Launch
      4. Find DAZN on the list of your apps from within Remapper and the package name will be the part in the parenthesis. Something like: DAZN (com.dazn.something)

  28. TehRoger says:

    Thank you so much! Works like a charm.

  29. Sebastien says:

    Works great for ny disney button now for plex. Is there a way to remap the “guide” button (tv logo with antenna)? This button is useless for me so I would use it to open something else like youtube.

  30. ChrisHa says:

    not working on DAZN and TvNow Button on Grundig TV. It open only the link to the native app. but starting the remapper app for dazn or tvnow over the apps menu then load the selected app.

  31. Paul says:

    I remapped the psvue button on my insignia fire tv, and no matter what app I select it just goes to Live right next to find and the apps. I remmapped the HBO button on same remote and it works fine.

  32. Diko says:

    Is there any option to add a remapper for the Live TV Guide button?
    A lot of us are not using the builtin live TV functionality and by thus are “wasting” an extra button we could leverage.

  33. Eduardo Smiderle says:

    Doesn’t work on Disney+ botton.
    Just open The download Page.

    Fire tv stick 4k.

  34. Matt says:

    So many spelling errors in the article. So many typing errors like the 2nd sentence “if you don’t even have the app that they’re for installed”. Please take some time to proofread and spellcheck in the future. Your Microsoft Word (or whatever) spellchecker or grammar checker doesn’t actually always pick up on homophones like two vs to vs too etc. and doesn’t pick up on words spelled correctly but used in the wrong place as the example above. This is where an actual human re-reading their article is actually still useful.

    To the question now:

    Is this short list of possible Remappers listed here all-inclusive? For example, I want to set Paramount+ on one of the buttons but it’s not in the list.

    • As stated in step 3, “Sideload the Remapper app below that corresponds to the app button that you want to remap.” Meaning, the Remapper app which you select to install is the app that matches the button you want to remap, not the app you want to launch with that button. The app you wish to launch, which in your case is Paramount+, is simply selected from a list of all of the apps on your device. This is done in step 5 from within the Remapper app.

  35. Hiran says:

    Can remapper be used for the new amazon firestick wifi 6. i want to remap the netflix button so that it opens PLEX app

  36. Mavvy says:

    I know it has been an issue discussed here and at many other places: some revisions/firmware versions of Fire TV devices do not control Bluetooth volume with the remote’s volume buttons. I wonder if Remapper could achieve this?

  37. Vincent says:

    I can’t get to work the remap for Hulu, I try with the one for disney+ and it worked, I read the others comments where you said that we could try to install it and then uninstall it (the app, in this case Hulu), the issue is that in my country we don’t have Hulu, so I can’t do that, so when I install the remap for Hulu it keeps directing me to the install Hulu page, but is not available

  38. Mark says:

    I just noticed on my insignia fire tv edition remote that the hbo button I used to have remapped for YouTube tv now launches Disney+ no matter what I do. Tried to reconfigure the remapper and uninstalled the remapper app, still launches Disney+

  39. Brian Halligan says:


    Firstly thanks for your work any news on a code for Emby.

    Many thanks

  40. Tom Sokol says:

    Remapper for Disney+ does not list YouTube as an option. Why? I can see YouTube installed on my FireTV stick. Thanks!

    • I’m seeing YouTube show up in Remapper on my device fine, so it’s hard to determine why it isn’t showing up on yours. If you can, please email me photos or a video of you scrolling through the full list of apps in Remapper.

      • Katia Bastoen says:

        Same problem for me. I first deleted YouTube from my Fire Tv stick then installed the remapped for the Disney+ button. But when I click on it, the list of replacement apps doesn’t have YouTube on it? Thanks for your help. I’m setting this up for my parents and it’d be so cool for them if it worked.

        • It’s the real Disney+ app that you need to install and then uninstall. Not YouTube. So, uninstall Remapper app for Disney+, install YouTube, then install the real Disney+, then uninstall the real Disney+, then install and launch the Remapper app for Disney+ (code 2214).

  41. CordCutterSteve says:

    The remapper works but it’s missing Sling as one of the apps to remap a button to. With so many people cutting the cord and using Slijg, i seems like a pretty big shortcoming.
    Will donate when sling is supported.

  42. fuscanese says:

    Excellent Work!
    I re-mapped two buttons, no issues, clean smooth and well documented, well executed

  43. Polo says:

    What about if you use fire OS 7 debloater to deactivate Amazon music or IMDb TV would it then be possible to remap the buttons that they were associated with ?

  44. Andy says:

    I have tried to remap Disney+ button to STB Emulator, but didn’t work. The STB Emulator app is side loaded, does it make any difference. Any help/suggestion is appreciated.

    • It shouldn’t make a difference whether the app is sideloaded or not. All apps should appear on the list within the Remapper app. I just installed STB and it shows up in my Remmapper app so I don’t know why you’re not seeing it. Maybe try restarting your Fire TV.

      • Andy says:

        I can see the STB in the list and select it to complete the setup. After that nothing happens when I press the Disney button. I have tested the same button with Youtube, which works fine but doesn’t with STB.

        • Oh ok, thanks for the extra info. I’ll look into this once I get a chance.

          • Vikas Sharma says:

            I’m facing the exact same issue. Tried the various steps here but the stbemu doesn’t launch. I’m switching Hulu button for it. Other remapping of Disney+ button to YouTube works fine.

            On pressing the Hulu button after remaining it acts like I pressed the home button.

  45. q says:

    Is there any way to say remap the Disney+ button to the Kodi app?

    • Yes, follow the instructions to install the Remapper for Disney+ app, then assign Kodi as the app you want to launch from within the Remapper for Disney+ app.

      • josh says:

        Hi Elias, I’m a bit confused. According to your guide:
        “You must have the app for the button that you want to remap in your Amazon purchase history. If you are not sure if you have ever downloaded/purchased the app, then press the app button and install the app that the button brings up”
        I thought kodi is sideloaded, and therefor can’t be assigned a buttom.

        • The app you need to have “purchased” is the one that matches the button on your remote. So if you are trying to make the Netflix button launch Kodi, for example, you need to have first “puchased” Netflix. So you would purchase/download Netflix, then uninstall it, then intall the Remapper for Netflix.

          • josh says:

            Thank you Elias, you’re a real genius!!! No matter how many times I’ve read it, I still got it wrong, lol. I’ve been checking your website since the very beginning (firetv 1st gen), and I always find useful ideas from you and other participating members. Keep up the good work.

  46. Simon says:

    would it be better to combine into single app? First press and detect the button you would like to map, then pop up the app list

  47. Michael says:

    With an software update this week to fire os for my Grundig fire tv edition, DAZN and TVnow do not work anymore. I uninstalled the remapper apps reinstalled DAZN and TVnow, started both, uninstalled both, reinstalled both remapper apps. But they will not start when pressing the buttons. Starting the remapper apps manually in the apps settings to assign my apps works.

    • Fred says:

      Same Problem here!
      Can you explain how you solved it? Tried reinstall etc… But nothing happens

    • Thanks for the info and the package names below. Those are the same package names Remapper currently uses, so that hasn’t changed. Remapper still works on my own Fire TV Smart TV, which is running Fire OS 6, so I’m going to have to wait to see if an update also breaks Remapper on my own TV model before I can try to figure out if there is a way to make the app work again. Sorry that there isn’t anything else I can do right now, but my hands are tied without access to the TV.

  48. Michael says:

    DAZN is com.dazn
    RTL+ aka TVnow is de.cbc.tvnow.firetv

  49. Steve Benghiat says:

    Hello Elias,
    Great sounding app.
    I am wanting to re-map one of the new buttons to the Mute button that they moved? Any chance you can add this very cool enhancement?

    Thanks for all your hard work,

  50. Michael1492 says:

    This would be nice but I cannot get the Disney + remapper to download via downloader on OS

  51. Sam says:

    Doesn’t work on my 22″ insignia fire tv. Tried both the Disney+ and Netflix remappers. Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Still nothing.

  52. Jiding He says:

    Remapping Hulu and Netflix apps worked on Fire TVs before. Now, clicking the remapped buttons turns on TV but not launching the remapped app. OS updated to by the Amazon. Tried: uninstall and reinstall remap apps: tried on two Fire TVs, both failed. Thanks in advance.

  53. Jiding He says:

    12/24/21 updated the remap app numbers:
    Remapping Hulu and Netflix (2210 and 2212) apps worked on Fire TVs before. Now, clicking the remapped buttons turns on TV but not launching the remapped app. OS updated to by the Amazon. Tried: uninstall and reinstall remap apps: tried on two Fire TVs, both failed. Thanks in advance.

  54. Jiding He says:

    12/24/21 updated the remap app launched after login
    Remapping Hulu and Netflix (2210 and 2212) apps worked on Fire TVs before. Now, clicking the remapped buttons turns on TV but not launching the remapped app. OS updated to by the Amazon. Tried: uninstall and reinstall remap apps: tried on two Fire TVs, both failed. Thanks in advance.
    When going to Fire TV OS settings-applications, running the remap app either 2210 or 2212 do launch the remapped target apps. But pressing the buttons on the remote(s) does nothing. Noticed the updated OS is forcing the user to select the login profile.

  55. Steve says:

    I was hoping to be able to change the cable TV channels on my Insignia TV with my Fire TV Stick.

    Might it be possible to program the Disney+ to “channel up” and the hulu to “channel down”?

    If not, we need to use a second remote when we are watching cable TV instead of Amazon or Netfix.


  56. Sebastian says:

    is there a way that I can use one of those buttons to turn on/off english subtitles in Prime/Netflix?
    As a non-native speaker it is sometimes just too hard to understand or I am out vocabulary – and this would be a great opportunity to improve it.
    BR, Sebastian

  57. Wolf68k says:

    Since you don’t have access to a Fire TV device with OS 7.x would it help any if the community helped you? Find someone willing to help that you can instruct as to what to do and report back to you so that you can then work together to get an update to the apps.

  58. Geoff says:

    I just tried to use the remapper for Hulu, 2212. When I tried to install the firestick said the package was corrupt. I then installed the Disney + remapper just fine. You may want to check the 2212 package to see if it is in fact corrupted.

  59. Mark says:

    I have remapped my button Disney+ to launch Apple TV, but it does not open the app. In fact, it does nothing when I press the button. However, if I go to the remap app in my settings>applications and go to the remapping app and choose Launch App it will launch Apple TV. What am I doing wrong?

    • Amazon has added measures to block the original Remapper apps, but I have found a workaround and have updated this guide. You should uninstall all Remapper apps and carefully follow this guide from the beginning. Please let me know if the updated method works.

  60. Saumil Bhavsar says:

    Doesnt work for me! Ive disney+hotstar installed but it still doesnt open it and says app not installed, i tried remapper too, still same! I also tried remapping the hulu button to youtube and itsays the same, app not installed!!

    • Amazon has added measures to block the original Remapper apps, but I have found a workaround and have updated this guide. You should uninstall all Remapper apps and carefully follow this guide from the beginning. Please let me know if the updated method works.

  61. Rod says:

    Hi, followed instructions and all worked, but when trying to map BBC iPlayer to the Disney+ button, the BBC iPlayer app did not show up in step 4, even though when installing it shows up as “I own it”. I had uninstalled the iPlayer app before trying to remap…? Any idea why the iPlayer doesn’t appear in the “select app” screen?

  62. Matthew says:

    TV: Toshiba 55LF621U21
    Remote: ct-rc1us-21 (Rev E)
    Fire OS: (PS7268/3217)
    Want to remap: Netflix, Hulu or Disney+
    Remap to: VLC

    All remappers fail in the same way. With no remapper installed; clicking any of the non-installed application buttons will launch the Appstore download page. Installing any of the three(Disney+, Hulu or Netflix) remappers will cause nothing to happen to the respective buttons when pressed. If you use the launch application function from the settings for the remapper it will open the menu to select which application to want to remap. After setting the application and pressing the respective button it will not open. If you use the launch application feature for the remapper from settings after you remap, it will open the correct remapped application, but the physical button does nothing. If I disable WiFi and press the remapped button it will drop me to the homepage and tell me “Some features require that you sign in…”; the notifications page says this error is from

    • WrongTurn says:

      I am seeing similar behavior.

      Amazon Firestick Remote. Hulu button remapped to Kodi. If I press the physical button, nothing. If I browse to “Launch Application” it will launch Kodi. If I go to the Hulu App in the downloads area and click it, then it opens Kodi.

      It seems like the App is installed and mostly working, the physical Hulu button just doesn’t do anything. Everything was working fine up until about a week ago.

      • Amazon has added measures to block the original Remapper apps, but I have found a workaround and have updated this guide. You should uninstall all Remapper apps and carefully follow this guide from the beginning. Please let me know if the updated method works.

    • Amazon has added measures to block the original Remapper apps, but I have found a workaround and have updated this guide. You should uninstall all Remapper apps and carefully follow this guide from the beginning. Please let me know if the updated method works.

  63. John says:

    There’s a way to remap the “tv” button? i disabled the stock launcher and now he don’t do anything

  64. Andrew says:

    Disney + mapper on firestick 4k max remote stops working and I have to reinstall and it will work for awhile then it goes back to trying to install disney+ instead of app mapped to it. What causes that

    • Amazon has added measures to block the original Remapper apps, but I have found a workaround and have updated this guide. You should uninstall all Remapper apps and carefully follow this guide from the beginning. Please let me know if the updated method works.

      • Amazwow says:

        Any idea if this security change could affect other sideloaded apps. Or do you think this restriction was specifically directed towards channel button remapping and nothing else?

        • This change was very specific to how the app buttons work to prevent remapping, so it shouldn’t affect anything else. Basically, between detecting that a remote button was pressed and launching the associated app, an extra check was put in. If the check fails, the Fire TV doesn’t launch the app associated with the remote button that was pressed.

  65. Andrew says:

    Doesn’t seem to work for me on a standard Fire Tv Stick. Getting the following error…

    255/sheldonp:/ $ pm install -i /sdcard/Downloader/remapdisn II -i /sdcard/Downloader/remapdi-
    avc: denied {read } for scontext=u:r:system_server:s0 tcontext=u:object_r:sdcardfs:s0 tclass=file permissive=0
    System server has no access to read file context u:object_r:sdcardfs:s0 (from path /sdcard/Downloader/remapdisney.apk, context
    Error: Unable to open file: /sdcard/Downloader/remapdisney.apk
    Consider using a file under /data/local/tmp/
    Error: Can’t open file: /sdcard/Downloader/remapdisney.apk
    Exception occurred while executing:
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Error: Can’t open file: /sdcard/Downloader/remapdisney.apk
    at android.os.ShellCommand.exec(
    at android.os.Binder.shellCommand(
    at android.os.Binder.onTransact(
    at Manager$Stub.onTransact(
    at android.os.Binder.exec Transact(

  66. ricklar says:

    Does this “Remapper-Updated-Guide” only apply to the latest firmware updates, for example Fos7(PS7273/2622)??? Remapper apps still working normally for 4K-Max stick on Fos7(PS7255/2465).

    • All Fire TV models haven’t received the changes that block Remapper from working yet. Newer Fire TV Smart TVs began receiving the changes first, and now it’s trickling down to older smart TVs and to stand-alone Fire TV models but it is not on all of them yet. There is no harm in following this new guide on a device that hasn’t received the blocking changes yet. It just means that your Remapper should continue to work if your device ever does receive the blocking changes.

  67. Andrew says:

    My Disney + loses mapping it’s setting and tries to install Disney + . I uninstall and re-install and it’s fix for a while but soon it will lose its mapping and tries to install Disney again. using Fire stick 4k Max. Any suggestions?

  68. Erik says:

    If anybody gets a “System server has no access to read file” with the latest install instructions then you can do a streamed install from desktop or mobile.

    For example, I downloaded the file via browser to my desktop, connected from there via ADB and then did:

    adb install -i ~/Downloads/remapdisney.apk

    That worked flawlessly and I didn’t have to install the “Remote ADB” to my Fire TV.

    • Fred says:

      This works for me too!

    • Thanks. Running the command through ADB on a PC does work fine and avoids needing to use the Remote ADB app. I just decided to use the Remote ADB app in my guide because it means the whole thing can be done from the Fire TV remote without needing an external device.

      • Erik says:

        Yes, your guide is definitely the best way to do it all on the device itself. Most people will have no problems following that but since I had ADB already installed on my desktop (for other development work), I figured that would be a suitable workaround for the broken workaround :D

        Thank you for updating the guide though – excellent, as always!

  69. Diko says:

    Thank you, Elias, for updating the guide and providing the ADB commands to run. It seems Amazon is insisting on blocking any customization to their Fire sticks, which is a shame really!

    One question. Since running ADB commands is not for everyone… is there a chance you are planning to release an updated version of the APKs, or a helper APK to go along the original ones, to make this process seamless?

    Thank you!

    • It would take a lot of time and effort to make a helper app that makes the installation a little bit easier. Since Amazon will likely be making more changes to block the workaround, I’m not going to put in all that effort now since it might all be for nothing once Amazon makes more changes.

  70. Rik Emmett says:

    Amazon should permit the user to map the buttons and not sell remote real-estate to the highest bidder.

  71. Slartibartfast says:

    Thanks so much for the updated installation instructions. My 4K Firestick just got updated to FireOS version and my remapped Disney+ button stopped launching Kodi. I kind of suspected it might be intentional by Amazon, what with the recent blocking of 3rd-party launchers, so I hoped there was a fix in the works. Your instructions worked perfectly (until Amazon gets more aggressive I guess) and I can launch Kodi with a remote button again.

    One slight difference from your instructions… I execute all my ADB commands with adbLink from a Windows PC instead of an ADB shell on the stick itself. Of course this means you connect to your stick’s LAN IP address instead of localhost (, but other than that, and the fact that you don’t have to download and install the Remote ADB app onto your device, everything else is the same as per your updated instructions.

    I have six FireOS devices, four 4K sticks, one Insignia TV and one Amazon TV. Only the last one is on OS7 and so far the remapper installed there is still working, but I’m sure Amazon will mess with it soon, so I’m glad you managed to find a workaround which will work for that too.

  72. BJ says:

    allways getting insatll_failed_version_downgrade
    any solution?
    yeah i accidentially cliked install first after downloading via downloader
    but only got install error, also couldnt uninstall anything as there wasnt anything to uninstall
    nice work btw, hope you can help ;)

    • BJ says:

      im trying to remap disney+ key on a fire stick 4k max

    • BJ says:

      just for peeps googleling: error was: install_failed_version_downgrade
      (had a typo before)

      solved it
      i misunderstood “disney has to be in your history” with “disney has to be installed”
      after uninstalling disney (but leaving in cloud) i could then install the remapper

      thanks again for your great work!

  73. Joel says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying (very hard) to understand why all of a sudden, my remapped fire cube (new) remote buttons no longer work – they do absolutely nothing. I had NetFlix, Disney+, and Hulu remapped. I’ve gone as far as resetting (factory defaults) to the cube, but still get the same results. I used the AFTV codes, and simply have no idea why they stopped working. I’m hoping you have some ideas what’s going on, and how I can get them working again! Thanks so much!

    • Noname says:

      My Fire stick 3rd gen’s DAZN button no longer works too. What happen?
      I tried many times by referring to the methods and comments in this website, but it didn’t work.

    • The latest Fire TV update broke the original Remapper method. This guide has been updated with a new method. If Remapper used to work for you but has stopped working, then you need to uninstall all Remapper apps and then follow this new updated guide from the very begining.

  74. Rob says:

    Thank you, much appreciated

  75. Max says:

    Thank you because just today the females buttons stopped working and I didn’t read the rest of the tutorial

  76. John says:

    Great guide. Thanks.

    By the way, is it posible to remap de voume up and down buttons to change channels instead of volume??

    Thatn you.

  77. Mark says:

    Is there a paramount plus remap?

  78. Wladi says:

    Hi, 2 Sticks (4k max with 7.x) worked for me with this great instruction, but my older Fire TV 4K with doesn’t want to.

    I get following mistake in adb: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS: Attempt to re-install com.disney.disneyplus without first uninstalling.]

    If I deinstall completely the remapper without new installation, I get a “success”, if I then install the remapper new, it doesn’t work. If I try the adb I get the mistake with “install_failed_already_exists”. Is there a workaround for this stick for remapper?

  79. Wladi says:

    ok, now I managed it, for this device, you have to uninstall it and not to install again. It seems to be enough just to make the “step 9” in the instruction. And then just press the button without installing.

  80. Andrew says:

    I updated my firestick 4k Max to latest firmware and now these keymapper don’t work I have uninstall press the buttons and it takes me to the install that buttons app but when I install the corresponding key and map to the software I want it to open nothing happens so am I correct that the firmware update has broken these keymaps? just like it broke custom launchers?

  81. Mark Kito says:

    Instead of messing with an app on the firestick, I just ran the adb.exe from my PC and connected to the stick remotely. Using the same install command with the -i option. Worked like a charm for the Hulu bottom which I mapped to the wolf launcher.

  82. NoName says:

    Hello. Please add the remap for AMEBA button. The remote contral was released today on April 15th in Japan.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the new remote and button. Please reply with the full and exact package name for the ABEMA app. To get the package name, you need to install the ABEMA app and any Remapper app listed above. Then, launch the Remapper app and look for ABEMA in the list displayed. The package name will be the portion in the parentheses. The package name is probably “tv.abema” or something very similar.

  83. Adnan says:

    Thank you for your help.

  84. I am against says:

    Hi there, my Fire TV recently got a firmware update and now the remote button doesn’t work anymore. I tried wiping data and cache. If I navigate to the Disney+ app and launch it, it launches the app I had remapped it to, but the Disney+ button on the remote doesn’t do anything.

    Congratulations for your work btw..

    • NoName says:

      The original workaround did not work on Fire OS 7 devices. The guide has been updated again to now work on all Fire OS versions.

  85. AgentZero says:

    I just saw this thread on XDA and was curious if this has any chance of remapping the unmappable buttons if they are disabled via adb and a custom launcher is being used.

    Link to thread :

    I know it mentions it is for Android TV so I wanted to check with you before resetting all my current remapping.

  86. Kogi says:

    Whenever I push one my remapped buttons, it works(!), but then the top right corner of the remote flashes a blue light twice, and then my TV screen blanks for a moment as though I’ve just switched the input. Like when I switch from cable to the firestick input and there’s momentary screen blanking.

    It’s strange because if push a remapped button, and then immediately cover the remote with my hand before the blue light flashes, then it works as it should the screen doesn’t blank. Any way to shut that off?

  87. Vincent G Miller says:

    I tried to follow the directions from
    How to remap the App Buttons on Fire TV Remotes with Remapper — Updated March 2022
    On 2022-04-23
    When attempting to copy the file to /data/local/temp
    I get permission denied.
    I know shell, so I tried to see if I could even list contents, and still got permission denied.
    I tried a few more things but could not find a directory I had permission to write to in order to complete your instructions, but no success.
    The following is a OCR of the ADB shell screen. Maybe something will help you see what is wrong.

    ADB Shell –

    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on tmpfs 791472 584 790888 1% /dev tmpfs 791472 0 791472 0% /mnt tmpfs 791472 2860 788612 1% /var

    /dev/block/dm-0 1499760 1281320 202056 87% /system

    /dev/block/platform/mstar_mci.0/by-name/cache 1219024 49361197704 1% /cache /dev/block/platform/mstar_mci.0/by-name/userdata 4473668 3600044857240 81% /data tmpfs 791472 0 791472 0% /storage

    /dev/fuse 4473668 3600044 857240 81% /storage/emulated

    /dev/block/dm-1 59102352 1206232 57879736 3% /mnt/expand/5786b422-c66d-431d-9ae0-cbe74d2b15b8 keira:/ $ df -h

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on tmpfs 773M 584K 772M 1% /dev tmpfs 773M 0 773M 0% /mnt tmpfs 773M 2.7M 770M 1% /var /dev/block/dm-0 1.4G 1.2G 197M 87% /system

    /dev/block/platform/mstar_mci.0/by-name/cache 1.1G 4.8M 1.1G 1% /cache /dev/block/platform/mstar_mci.0/by-name/userdata 4.2G 3.4G 837M 81% /data tmpfs 773M 0 773M 0% /storage

    /dev/fuse 4.2G 3.4G 837M 81% /storage/emulated

    /dev/block/dm-1 56G 1.1G 55G 3% /mnt/expand/5786b422-c66d-431d-9ae0-cbe74d2b15b8 keira:/ $ Is /storage/emulated

    Is: /storage/emulated: Permission denied 1|keira:/ $ Is /sdcard/Downloader keira:/ $

    • Vincent G Miller says:

      This issue is on an Insignia 50″ Fire TV edition TV
      Model: INSIGNIA_NS-50DF71ONA19
      for OS (NS6286/4303)

    • Rico says:

      Vincent, in case this is still an issue for you:

      The permission denied message you encountered might simply be due to a typo in your cp command’s target path. It should be /data/local/tmp/, not /data/local/temp, as you posted in your question. Just in case it wasn’t merely a typo in your comment. :)

  88. Brett says:

    This is so great. Thank you!

    (btw there needs to be a comment field above all the comments too, as I had to scroll quite a bit to submit this)

  89. dontze says:

    i have root my fire tv stick and change firmware to lineage instead of firetv os
    now i would like to remap prime video button to something else
    any source code for this remap apps so that i can try to compile for prime video button remap?

  90. Helmut Schulz says:

    Has anybody succeeded to map the open source video player VLC to one of the App Buttons?

  91. Darren Crouch says:

    Hi. Ive followed the instructions, but in the end im getting the message “App not Found”

    any ideas?

  92. Bobu says:

    I deleted the Amazon music. can you remap for the button

  93. Simon says:

    Can I delete the remapper application after I’ve completed all the steps and the button now opens the app I remapped it to?

  94. Anthony says:

    Just an FYI I would get an error unable to read i drive. I have “Debloat” installed and it would not work until I put the firestick back into it’s original config. Once I reset that I was able to get this to work and re-ran Debloat and all was good.

  95. Gary says:

    Just found this guide and due to limitations and the misses uses Netflix only one I could change was Disney plus but worked a treat, thank you very simple and easy guide you have done :) :) :)

  96. Kim says:

    Thank so much for the work-around!!!

  97. Andy Mitchell says:

    Thanks for this update.
    I don’t understand why amazon have to make it so difficult to remap a button that is not going to be used!
    I wouldn’t mind but out of the 4 buttons on my remote I only use 2 of them. And they’re amazon services.

  98. aj says:

    Can you please build remappers for these two apps – SmartTubeNext and Livnettv?
    Or you can teach a man to fish by showing how we can change the package name in the remapper script?

  99. Migu says:

    I removed Amazon Music after rooting.
    Can you upload the remapper app for Amazon Music or put the source on github so I can build it myself?
    Thanks for your work :)

  100. F says:


    I tried it. It said failure install_failed_version_downgrade

  101. Sunshine says:

    Thanks for the lot of good infos on

    Remapping Disney and Netflix Button still works in 2022.
    For changing the mapping it is the best to deinstall the right remapper app and install it again with adb shell.

  102. Rico says:

    Elias, thank you for your remapper and this guide!

    I tried remapping the Disney button following your updated guide. This is a new Fire TV Stick 4K with Fire OS, with a 3rd gen Alexa remote, looking mostly like the first one in the guide (except that I don’t see a blue LED here).

    The remapper app opens the desired app just fine (Apple TV in my case), when started from the apps screen. However, pressing the Disney button now seems to do nothing. Before installing the remapper, it started the Disney app or opened the app store to install it.

    I initially had followed the old guide (without the adb steps) to remap the button, which resulted in the same behavior – or well, non-behavior. Then found this updated guide, uninstalled everything and started anew.

    Any hints for this issue? Or did Amazon block the new installation method, as well?

  103. Dunning-Kruger says:

    I have a chinese universal remote that has a internet icon on a button. To mu surprise it actualy opened the Silk browser Flawlessly. I managed to unnistal the browser using wolf’s debloater that i found on XDA, but i have no idea how to patch any of your apps to try and replace the silk browser. Think you can help me?

  104. I am against says:

    Every once in a while I retry to make it work to see if anything has changed but I always get the same outcome: if I navigate to the Disney+ app and launch it, it opens my app instead. But the Disney+ button does nothing.

    What I do is:
    Uninstall remapper app.
    Install Disney+ app.
    Launch it and exit.
    Restart the device.
    Uninstall Disney+ app.
    Install remapper app.

    Press the Disney+ button.. nothing.
    Go to apps list, scroll to Disney+ and launch it.
    It opens the remapper app. I select my app.
    Press the Disney+ button.. nothing.
    Select the Disney+ app from the home screen, opens my app instead.

    Having to navigate and click on the Disney+ icon to launch my app implies no advantage over navigating to my app and click on in. The whole point of the app is to be able to launch it by pressing a button on the remote.

  105. Matthew says:

    Is there a way to enable remapped buttons offline? I’ve successfully remapped Hulu to VLC but it only works with WiFi on. The OS seems to do an internet check when any of the buttons are pushed before even attempting to launch.

  106. vlad says:

    Best Buy sells a remote with 2 unbranded buttons, can those be remapped?

  107. Mr. Wayne says:

    Hello. Looks like Amazon has changed things again. tried it several times. can no longer remap the hulu button.

    • Mr. Wayne says:

      Correction. it still works. but it requires one more step. it will redirect you to download HULU, click download then prompted to select your desired app to launch.

  108. Gary Camblin says:

    Hello, and thank you so much for the information. I hope you can help me. I followed exactly your instructions to remap Disney+;however,I ended up with the following:


    Is there a quick fix?

    I would be grateful hearing back from you.



    • Frank M says:


      The quick fix is to first uninstall Disney+ then remap your Disney+ button. I was having the same issue and all I did was uninstall it.

      As of 10/11/2022, I used this remapping method on 4K Max with Fire OS

      If you follow the directions in this article step by step, you may get one of 2 errors:

      The ONLY work around for this is to UNINSTALL that app first. If it’s the Hulu button, uninstall the Hulu App, if it’s Disney+ then uninstall Disney+
      You will get your button to remap BUT your original App icon (Disney or Hulu, etc..) will open the NEW app you have remapped to.

      IF you reinstall Disney+ or Hulu, etc.., then you will lose your remap and your button will fall back to its original settings.

      I hope this helps all those that are trying this as of October 2022.

  109. nathan says:

    can this work to remap these buttons on Nvidia shield TV?
    I’m able to pair and use the fire tv remote as a bluetooth accessory on my shield tv but button mapper doesn’t recognize the app buttons

  110. John says:


    Is it possible to remap DirecTV stick 4k for YouTube TV

  111. Patrick says:

    I just bought a firestick 4k max and 1 of the buttons is for an app called Abema, I might’ve gotten a asian version of the remote and I can’t seem to find a remapper for the abema app. Can I get some help

  112. Boxi says:

    Hallo habe eine Frage ob man auch die senderliste Taste ändern kann?

  113. Klaus says:

    This actually makes me consider updating my FireTV sticks to a newer model. Funny, all of a sudden the new remote would be an asset instead of a deterrence.

  114. norman says:

    hi i cant copy and paste remap command can you please help thanks norman

  115. Charly says:

    I successfully used the instructions provided on my firetv 4k stick with a remote that looks like the first one in the picture. I was able to remap the Disney and Hulu buttons, but NOT to the applications I want (AppleTV+ and Youtube). The remapper app does not give me these options. Strange.

  116. Frank M says:

    As of 10/11/2022, I used this remapping method on 4K Max with Fire OS

    If you follow the directions in this article step by step, you may get one of 2 errors:

    The ONLY work around for this is to UNINSTALL that app first. If it’s the Hulu button, uninstall the Hulu App, if it’s Disney+ then uninstall Disney+
    You will get your button to remap BUT your original App icon (Disney or Hulu, etc..) will open the NEW app you have remapped to.

    IF you reinstall Disney+ or Hulu, etc.., then you will lose your remap and your button will fall back to its original settings.

    I hope this helps all those that are trying this as of October 2022.

  117. ChrisG says:

    Please consider supporting the Xfinity Stream app. It would be great to use one of the buttons to start that app. Thanks.

  118. Adam M says:

    Per image::
    I did everything as requested for Disney+ and Hulu buttons.
    D+ failed w/:
    I found an answer below* but there is NO D+ installed

    but Hulu Success

    “It means you’re trying to install an app with the same packageName as an app that’s already installed on the emulator, but the one you’re trying to install has a lower versionCode (integer value for your version number).”

    “java – Android Emulator: Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE – Stack Overflow”

  119. Harsh says:

    I am getting [INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE] upon installing remaphulu.apk upon executing `pm install -i /data/local/tmp/remaphulu.apk`

  120. Ceasar Pinto says:

    I am trying to rampa the remote buttons, as per the steps above. I get an INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE

    I am doing this on a Fire Cube 2nd Gen

    Please, provide guidance to any update that may allow me to remap the buttons

    • Martin says:

      I received this error and tried everything and nothing seemed to work. This is the way I finally got it working (this is for the Crave button):
      Open Appstore
      Go to “My Apps”
      Go to “Not installed on TV”
      Find Crave (or the app you’re having trouble with)
      Select “Remove from Cloud”
      Install it again
      Run it
      Uninstall it again
      Try installing Remapper again

      • Martin says:

        Just to clarify, it’s called “App Library” not “My Apps”. Once you go to the app, press the 3 line button to select “Remove from Cloud”.

  121. Fred Schneider says:

    I followed the steps to remap the Hulu button to YouTubeTV as you suggested but pressing the Hulu button on the remote doesn’t do anything now. It’s close it seems, when I go to “my apps”, Hulu shows up and when I select it, YouTubeTV launches, so it seems to be mapped ok, but when I click the Hulu button on the remote nothing happens. The Hulu button on the remote is now disabled.

  122. Greg says:

    INSTALL FAILED VERSION DOWNGRADE message? Not Success. remap app not listed in installed apps.

  123. FireUser says:

    Works great! I was able to remap the HBO button. Thank you!

  124. BM says:

    Please update this guide to add remapping of buttons #1 and #2 on the Alexa Voice Remote Pro 2022. Thank you.

    • GG says:

      I’m waiting for it too. I was very disappointed that the new Alexa Remote Pro with buttons #1 and #2 are limited to apps officially installed from the app store.

    • Martin says:

      I don’t have this remote so I can’t test it out. But have you tried setting the button to a random app (one that is included in this guide), uninstalling it, and then using the remapper for that app?

      • BM says:

        Martin, thanks so much for your suggestion because it worked. Even though I did as you suggested by assigning one of the number buttons to an app (I used Netflix) then uninstalled it. I used this guide and in step #11, I pressed the #1 button on remote and picked my sideloaded app. It opened perfectly. But I think this would still work without ever first assigning the number button to an app. I’m pretty sure just following this guide and on step #11 just pressing the #1 or #2 button on the remote and picking an app you have installed should work fine. Once again thanks for your suggestion.

        • Martin says:

          Hi BM,
          So glad it worked! I believe you have to assign an app to the button first, otherwise you wouldn’t know which remapper app to use. The button has to be trying to launch something, otherwise it probably wouldn’t do anything. But happy you tried it and found a solution.

  125. Martin says:

    I have a new issue. The remapper suddenly stopped working on both my TVs (Crave button), and when I checked, it was no longer in my applications. On one I was able to reinstall it and it worked again without issue. On the second, I got the Success message, but pressing the button would load the Crave app page with the option to download it instead of the remapper. I even tried downloading it, but I get an error on installation. I tried removing it from Cloud, but I can’t seem to reinstall it or install the remapper application anymore. I believe it’s a bug in my software (OS) or my TV. Not sure what’s going on. Tried restarting and everything.

  126. Rene Lefont says:

    Hi, I got the new Fire TV Remote Pro with the additional app buttons 1 and 2. Unfortunately, it is not possible to map an app to keys 1 and 2 that I have installed on the stick via sideload via the normal process. These are the apps Wireguard and VPNCilla. Can you possibly map these apps with your trick?

  127. Rene Lefont says:

    Wow, it works, it works, I’m so happy. Thank You very much for this excellent hint. Now I can map the Wireguard VPN to connect to my work computer wenn I am on vacation and my wife can map the VpnCilla to connect to her work computer. But I didnt use the Remote ADB Shell, because I wanted to copy and paste your commands. I used the same tool, I have used, to place Wireguard and VpnCilla on the stick. It is the adbLink tool. Once I have connected to the stick, I can start the file manager and placed teh apk into the correct folder. After that, I started the ADB Shell and pasted the 2nd command in the input line. Again Thank You Martin

  128. Rene Lefont says:

    sorry for the typo, but I’m so upset that I mix English with German

  129. Albert Matthew says:

    I was not successful and when I return the same action is there I can’t correct and I have uninstall the adb shell app. How may you help?

  130. Steven Donnelly says:

    Hello! I tried to remap the Disney+ button on my Firestick 4K Max but after following all of the steps and even getting the “Success” prompt on ADB She’ll as well as the “Selected App Saved” screen, when I pressed the Disney+ button, nothing would happen. However, when I clicked on the Disney+ App icon on the Home Screen, it opens up the App I had tried to remap. So it’s just doesn’t do anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • BM says:

      Did you first install then uninstall the Disney+ app? Have you tried remapping the Netflix or Hulu button with better results?

  131. Steven Donnelly says:

    Looks like the same issue as mine was brought up on October 23, 2022 by Frederick but there was no response. Please advise on what to do if the remapped button is disabled. Thank you.

  132. Patrick says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for giving me control of my FireTV remote!

    Netflix now opens Youtube. Perfect! Now to do the others…

  133. Lita says:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! Amazon came out with a new remote with 2 buttons that you can assign to apps for quick opening, but I have read that it doesn’t open sideloaded apps like IPTV etc… Do you have anything that will work with that remote? I don’t want to buy it if I can’t use those buttons for sideloaded apps.

    • Martin says:

      It seems you haven’t been reading or searching the comments. You don’t have to go too far back to see that it’s possible.

  134. Dave says:

    I have been using the remapper app for awhile now and everything has been working great. Last couple of days when I click any of the buttons, it changes my TV to HDMI 3. Any idea what’s going on?

  135. Shari says:

    I have the new Alexa pro remote that has 2 buttons that you are supposed to be able to select which apps to open but the ones I want to use are not on the list of options. I was able to remap two other buttons (thanks to you) but would prefer to use 1 & 2.
    Is there a code I can use for these buttons?

    • Martin says:

      Yes, you do it the same way as the other buttons. But first, program the button to open an app in the guide that you don’t use. Then, follow the same directions for that labelled button.

      • Shari says:

        Thank you so much for the quick reply. I will try it.

      • Shari says:

        It didn’t work, Martin. It doesn’t recognize these buttons as preprogrammed (such as Netflix or Disney). If I had a code to download the remapper for “button 1” or “button 2” I believe it might work.
        Thank you for your suggestion and any other ideas you may have.

        • Martin says:

          I don’t understand why you say it doesn’t recognize them as preprogrammed. You need to program them first. For example, set 1 to open Netflix. Then uninstall Netflix and follow the guide as if you were programming the Netflix button.

  136. Bill says:

    Having a problem with Step 7. Open the Remote ADB app on your Fire TV and enter into the first text field, leave 5555 in the second field, and press the connect button.

    When I open Remote ADB it does not allow any data entry / field entry. IP Address / Host name is blank, and Key Pair Generatino Failed message pops up.

    Toshiba/Insignia 4K Fire TV 2020
    Software Version: Fire OS (PS7608/3614)
    Fire TV Home Versin: 5410028.1
    Model: Insignia_NS-55DF710NA21

    From Informer:
    OS: Fire OS 6
    OS Based on: Android 9 Pie
    SDK Version: API Level 28

    • Bill says:


      I had to go back into settings / Developer Options / Install Unknown Apps and Turn ON for Remote ADB Shell.

      HBO is now YouTubeTV and working.

      Thank you for a great tool.

  137. JT says:

    Hello. I just got a new Fire Stick Max in late December. Was able to map the Netflix button, but lucky me I got a remote with new buttons. Would it be possible to get remapper apks made for DirecTV and Peacock TV apps. Thanks for the help.

  138. Stephen Bovy says:

    How about a remapper for ccgtv ?

  139. Mark says:

    The remote adb doesn’t connect to my fire stick with those credentials. It just keeps spinning in a circle, and then “connection failed”.

  140. Lewis Dockray says:

    Worked great thanks, remapped the Netflix button first typing manually then realised I could use keyboard in the Fire TV app and just copied and pasted.

  141. Sam Fertitta says:

    I have the new Pro remote and would like to redo the directv button, can this be done and how? thank you!

  142. Viswanath says:

    Not working for me in India. Tried remapping Disney+ to Hostar and Hulu to YouTube. Clicking these 2 buttons doesn’t do anything now

  143. Andrew says:

    Third this. Just got the pro remote and peacock/DirecTV I will never use

  144. I have added Remapper apps for ABEMA, Peacock TV, and DirecTV buttons and updated the guide. Enjoy!

  145. Sam Fertitta says:

    Thank you! Worked perfectly for my remap of the Directv button. Hope all is well.

  146. Jason says:

    Hi! This is neat, and I was wondering is there a way to unbind a button, for example Hulu? The reason is that I am trying to use a flight stick with Steam Link on my Fire TV, and there is one important button that opens Hulu every time it is pressed. For some reason the device thinks my primary fire button is me wanting to watch Hulu. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is the only lead I have on a solution. Cheers!

    • There is no way to unbind a button. The only option I can think of is to follow the guide to install the Rempapper app for Hulu but then have it open one of the system apps that doesn’t have a front-end interface. You’ll have to experiment to find one that doesn’t do anything when you try to launch it. This way, when your flight stick tries to launch Hulu, nothing happens. Of course, you can’t have the actual Hulu app installed for this to work.

  147. Jim says:

    I recently picked up a Firestick 4k Max w/4 app button remote. All updates installed prior to starting re-mapper procedure. Per this article, I enabled Developer Options ->ADB ON and installed Downloader. I uninstalled Hulu and installed the Hulu re-mapper successfully. I pointed it to YouTube TV. Restarted… The Hulu button does nothing. If I run the re-mapper app, it will launch YouTube TV as expected.

    What did I miss? What do I need to do to get YouTube TV to launch with the Hulu button?

    • Jim says:

      Anyone? I’ve factory reset the 4k Max and re-mapped from scratch. Same result. Is the apk broken for newer remotes/FireOS? When I run the re-mapper, YouTubeTV fires right up. When I press the Hulu button… nothing.

      • rick says:

        Same issue here with the 4k max but I have directv instead hulu button. stupid to have directv on these remotes.

  148. Red G says:

    I made it all the way through step 10 on a Toshiba fire TV os 7, with a brand new voice remote pro. I see that the correct remap apk is now installed as an app but pushing the button on the remote does not launch the app. I’ve double checked and followed the sequence to install then uninstall the button app. I’ve also removed the app from the cloud and toggled install unknown apps on for downloader and remote adb. I’m trying to remap direct TV and peacock. Anyone else having issues? Any known fixes?

    • Martin says:

      Don’t remove app from cloud. The process of installing and uninstalling is necessary so that the app button attempts to open that app. When you remove it from cloud, that is no longer possible.

    • Martin is correct, you shouldn’t remove the app from the cloud. Just uninstall it form the device but leave it in the cloud. Another reason why it might not work is if you allowed Downloader to install the Remapper APK instead of going through the ADB Shell steps.

      • Red G says:

        Thank you both for the reply. I’ve tried doing the install several times now (installing and uninstalling the button app, and leaving in the cloud, and using ADB to install the remapping app). I’ll give it another whirl after uninstalling everything and report back. If it doesn’t work maybe providing more detail on os version would help? Thanks again for the advice !

      • Red G says:

        Hi again, I’ve uninstalled all apks, and rerun all steps successfully through #10, seeing “Success” in the ADB shell followed by “Hailey:/ $” (I am guessing “Hailey” is my software version?)

        Fire OS: (PS7624/3337) Fire TV Home Version: 6420030.1 Model: Toshiba_55c350ku

        I still get no response when pressing the direct TV or peacock buttons after working though steps 1-10 successfully.

        Any suggestions what else I can try?

  149. BB says:

    It doesn’t work for me either on 3rd edition fire tv stick. I just bought and tried with disney+hotstar.

  150. Alexander Schultz says:

    Thank you for the good explanation. I tried to remap the Netflix button on my FireTV Stick 3rd Generation to ZaapTV. But it failed. I tried several times but the only result is that the button is cleared at all. No function. After doing the command lines I have to go to the remap App to set the button. But even there, no result. What is to do?

  151. Kim Taylor says:

    Almost but not quite… Remapper for DirecTV app can currently launch Xfinity Stream but ONLY by running Remapper manually from apps list (comforting, but not useful).

    However, the DirectTV button itself does NOT launch Remapper app. At this time it does nothing at all (used to pop up an advert to Get DirecTV).

    Remote matches 1st/leftmost picture above (came with newest FireTV stick, v3?)

    Tried clearing cache, uninstall/reinstall Remapper, and restarting FireTV Stick.

    What else can I try?

    • Jim says:

      It sounds like all of us are having the same issue with the re-mapper… installation goes smooth. Running the app does what we’d expect, but the re-mapped button on the remote effectively does nothing.

      • Red G says:

        Agreed. It looks like it would work if the button would open the newly installed remapper app but for some reason the button is not triggering the app to open. Just like the other user if I now open the DirecTV remapper app manually it will cause my desired app to open. So the remapper app is working just the button is not triggering.

        • Red G says:

          I’m tapping out. Went to best buy and picked up a pro remote there and it has the 4 buttons I want (Netflix, prime, Disney,Hulu) so that was my solution. Maybe it will be yours?

          • wrybread says:

            I think most people are using the app buttons to launch alternative launchers, like Wolf Launcher. Not Netflix, Hulu, Disney etc.

  152. Matthew Todd says:

    4k max doesn’t work everything works in the install guide except for the button working I can open the remapper app and set it to my preferred app to launch but but the press the remapped button nothing happens tried multiple times but I got it to work on my Amazon tv

    • Nick says:

      Same here. Got the “Success” message but nothing happens when I press the Hulu button. When I open the app “Remapper for Hulu”. (Hulu app not installed), I get to choose my Wolf launcher but it is not assigned to the Hulu button. This used to work fine. Looks like an update broke it?

  153. Jeff says:

    I have a brand new Fire TV 4K Max attached to a Samsung TV. The new remote has Prime Video and Netflix buttons on top and DirecTV and Peacock buttons below. I want to remap the DirecTV button to YouTube TV, but the button now does nothing. It launches YTV if I manually run the Remapper app.

    Uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but no joy. Any ideas?

  154. Chris says:

    Any update on the dead buttons… Definitely confirmed app does do the function , but button click does not launch the remapper function .

  155. Felix says:

    Buenas tardes.
    Hice el mapeo de los botones de Disney + asignandolo a otra aplicacion instalada, en un Fire stick 4k y Un fire tv Cube, funciono perfectamente.

    El otro dia se bloqueo el fire tv cube, lo restableci y ya no hay forma de volver a mapear el boton de disney+, he seguido meticulosamente el tutorial y no hay forma.

    que hago mal

    gracias anticipadas

  156. wrybread says:

    I think Amazon blocked the remapper, hopefully this can be fixed. Put me down for a $20 bounty towards fixing this! It’s such a key feature.

    I posted a thread about the issue here:

    Now when I press the Disney+ button after remapping I get an error in the ADB log “App disney is not trusted. Aborting launch.” Interestingly it runs just fine if I manually click on the “remapper for Disney+” icon, so I think Amazon is now doing some extra check when the app is launched via the app buttons.

    Let me know if I can help with testing or troubleshooting.

    • KK says:

      Same here, ftv 4k max,fire os
      adb logcat says: GenericAppAdapterManager: App hulu is not trusted. Aborting launch.

      • Nick says:

        The only workaround I found was to buy the Alex Pro Fire remote. This allows for 2 keys (1 and 2) to be programmed. You follow the same steps as the guide but you need to open the fake “remap app” to choose your launcher. Finally you assign through settings the 1 or 2 button to open the fake programmed app. I ended up making both 1 and 2 buttons my launcher.

  157. Jay says:

    Does this work with the pro remote yet? I went through these steps supposedly successfully, but the button doesn’t do anything now. Running the remapper app from my app list does what the button should do.

  158. As others have noted, Amazon has pushed out a software update that blocks this remapping method, which you can read about here. It is unknown which Fire TV models will eventually get this block and when. You may attempt to follow this guide and remap your remote buttons, but if it doesn’t work then it is likely because your device has received the blocking update. A workaround is not known at this time.

  159. John Scalinger says:

    I managed to uninstall PrimeVideo, without root, so quite legally. Now I would like to use the key for another app. Does anyone have a remapper for primevideo?

    • Martin says:

      Care to share your method of uninstalling Prime Video? Many of us would like to do that or Amazon Music.

      • John Scalinger says:

        I only installed the “Android Assistant” app and selected the VideoPrime app to delete under Tools – Startup Manager. After restarting, the app was deleted. However, I had to use a Bluetooth mouse to use the app.
        That was all I remember. Can anyone confirm that?

        • John Scalinger says:

          If you do not have a Bluetooth mouse, you can also use the app “Mouse Toggle for Fire TV”. This allows you to control the mouse arrow by remote control.

        • John Scalinger says:

          I have just uninstalled “amazon music”. But not under “Startup Manager” but under “Uninstall App”. It was very quick. Is this an error on my part or can someone confirm this?

  160. Pablo says:

    is this will be working with google chromecast? I pair remote from firestick with google chromecast, if so please add apk for prime video button, internet and appstore

  161. Fran Guerra says:

    I try for My Fire Tv Stick 4k Max today 23-02-2023 but with the new update is impossible, wait the news

  162. Jesse says:

    Purchased my new 4K firestick and got it 3-2. And yeah confirmed too that it didn’t work.

  163. Bill Jacobi says:

    I would like instructions to map to youtubeTV

  164. Eddie says:

    Since we can no longer remap the app buttons on the fire stick can we somehow reprogram the 4 colored buttons on our tv remote?

    I have a lg tv remote which controls the fire stick via my tv and would like to reprogram my 4 colored buttons for fire stick apps but have no idea on how to do it. Anybody have any ideas on how that can be done?


  165. Anita says:

    I need a remapper code for Philo TV and Paramount+. I am using the Fire TV stick (latest model, not 4K).

  166. C says:

    The method only works for remapping the app, but the physical button is not launching anything. The newly remapped app does launch when selecting from the app menu. I got a dead button now. How do you revert this?

  167. Robin dev says:

    I am successfully uninstall Amazon music on firetv stick from setting-application-manage install applications-Amazon music-uninstall with latest update. My firetv stick version Please provide remapper for Amazon music.

  168. Gabriel Almeida says:

    All success steps
    But the buttons now don’t work anymore
    at least I got rid of accidentally pressing Netflix and crashing everything lol

  169. Michael says:

    Hi, have you heard about this issue before? I have the new Amazon fire TV remote Pro. Actually have two remote pros. One works perfectly when programming the extra 1 & 2 buttons with recently executed voice commands. The other does not work with voice commands. To clarify, the associated personalized side panel appears when you press either 1 or 2 buttons but the recent voice command does not appear so it can not be selected. The Amazon remote pro instructions say you can use up to 3 voice commands. Amazon tech support sent me a new fire cube gen 3 thinking the cube was the problem. Did not help the issue. Tried everything, no voice commands appearing on side menu. My other remote works perfectly with voice commands which do appear in the side menu when button is pressed and can be selected. One TV is a Samsung, the problem with remote pro is a Sony Bravia.

    • Michael says:

      Just a revision to above not….. all I’m attempting to do is have either button 1 or 2 invoke the voice command “HDMI1”. So I can switch to TV without using voice command mic. Someone should produce an app just for this HDMI1 purpose.

  170. Uwe says:

    Ich wollte auf der Amazon Sprachfernbedienung Pro Kodi auf die Disney+ Taste legen. Nach Anleitung alles gemacht, aber die Taste reagiert nicht… Wenn ich dann aber auf der Startseite Disney+(das ich vorher installiert und deinstalliert habe, aber trotzdem noch auf der Startseite habe?)anklicke, dann startet Kodi, aber die Disney+ Taste auf der Fernbedienung will nicht. In der Remote ADB steht am Zeilenanfang nicht kara, sondern mantis..
    Was tun?

  171. Mbrt07 says:

    Hi I installed remapper for Netflix for a launcher it seems to be redirecting to Anazon music, and I have a fire stick 4k running os 6430207.1

  172. badbob says:

    Just got a cube2 (from woot) and the remapper is not working. Can any cube2 users confirm? Remapping still works on cube1 but I’m trying to replace that with the cube2…

    • When Amazon blocked Remapper, it didn’t break existing setups. It just prevented new ones. That’s why it is still working on your Cube 1 but won’t work on your new Cube 2. There is no known way to make it work on new devices.

  173. Randy Williams says:

    very useful information for remaping the channels and please tell how to make a category of channels.

  174. Tbg says:

    This thread is too confusing now. Can’t tell if remapping is possible or not. It useless to get updates that appear not to be updates.

    • It is no longer possible to remap buttons.

      • OK, thanks for confirming. I am new to the whole remapping issue but couldn’t an app builder make an app that would emulate buttons #1 and #2 on the new remote pro or any remote that has preset streaming buttons? In other words, if a remote has unusable buttons for the owner, say it’s the Hulu or Disney buttons, create an app that would convert the buttons to choose any of the recent voice requests as they do on the new remote pro. That wouldn’t be a remap but a function change, right?

  175. John says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful app! I just received my cube 3 and pro remote today running and successfully remapped the directv and peacock buttons. I was worried it was already blocked, but not yet!

  176. Alex Rodrigues says:

    Are there any current alternatives for remapping?

  177. Howard says:

    Tried with Netflix button on new Firestick. Does not work.

    I can go into list of apps, run the remapper (looks like Netflix), can run Sling or other app through it.

    But the remote Netflix button does nothing.

    Too bad I was too late to the remap button show.


  178. John says:

    Thanks for instructions – seem very clear, but I cannot get beyond step 10. – I get the “Success” , but pressing the DirectTV button does nothing. I cannot get to the select App screen.
    I have FireStick max (7.0) and am trying to replace DirectTV button with YouTube TV.

    Possible suggestions?

  179. Uwe Sattler says:

    After following the steps exactly for remapping the DirecTV button (multiple times), I can launch the targeted app only by clicking on the DirecTV logo tile or, obviously, from the tile for the targeted app, but NOT from the
    DirecTV button on the remote.
    Yes, I did start by uninstalling the DirecTV app first.
    Also, after uninstalling the remapped for DirecTV and then pressing the DirecTV button on the remote, it does respond with the request to download the DirecTV app, and if I reinstall it, it will open in response to the corresponding remote button.
    This proves that the remote button itself works for the app, but the redirect works only via the screen tile.

  180. Uwe Sattler says:

    After following the steps exactly for remapping the DirecTV button (multiple times), I can launch the targeted app only by clicking on the DirecTV tile or, obviously, from the tile for the targeted app, but NOT from the
    DirecTV button on the remote.
    Yes, I did start by uninstalling the DirecTV app first.
    Also, after uninstalling the remapper for DirecTV and then pressing the DirecTV button on the remote, it does respond with the request to download the DirecTV app, and if I reinstall it, it will open in response to the corresponding remote button.
    This proves that the remote button itself works for the app, but the redirect works only via the screen tile.

  181. Tony Laudin says:

    I just tried this on a new Fire TV Cube, 3rd gen., trying to map the DirectTV button to Hulu. The install went fine. The newly created DirectTV app icon opens Hulu, but the button is dead.

  182. Kogi says:

    as for Step 15 – I hope that fixes my issue. Whenever I press one of the Quick apps, or the TV button, there is a pause, the remote blinks a few times, and then the screen goes black and “No Input”. I have to switch to a different input and back again in order to see the firestick interface. I’m assuming it has something to do with them blocking the button remap function, so hopefully undoing the ADB commands will fix this issue. Would hate to have to factory reset.

  183. AS says:

    I have a Fire TV mono and want to reprogram some buttons to be used as Color buttons (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow)

    Can you help me with that? I do not need quick access to any apps, and would rather use those app buttons as color buttons.


  184. Zac says:

    So I cannot remap two buttons, right?
    Because we are installing the remapper app to the same

    pm install -i

    The second remapper (for Hulu) does not show in my apps after the command line install with Success message.

    And both remapped buttons do not work.
    Even when I first remapped the first one (Disney+) it did not react to the button press, only if I launch the remapper app manually.

    This is on FireTV 4K MAX Stick.
    Do these instructions even work for the remote for this device?

  185. lynx says:

    remapped directv to hulu but the directtv button doesnt work, wont change to anything anymore…we installed the remapping app even tho it said not to and ofc didnt work werent surprised(its uninstalled now) then we figured it was because we didnt capitalize so we trief that and it also didnt work, we followed the directions and it works just the button on the remote wont change to anything

  186. ATG says:

    Just moved to new 2023 4K Max and as you mentioned, this process doesn’t work for it.
    Any plans in the works for a workaround?

  187. Nayaz says:

    Unable to install
    Saying unauthorized app.

  188. says:

    direct tv 2216 does nothing after i followed all the steps

  189. Jay says:

    For those who had this guide stopped working so I just confirmed the solution for launching prime video remote button as another app is still working, here is a guide I wrote for it 1 year ago:

    I guess the same could be done for the other remote buttons.

    Update: Confirmed it’s working with netflix and hulu buttons too.

  190. carlyinrome says:

    I followed all the steps for reprogramming Directv button. Got success in the programming. Button does nothing. Please advise.

  191. RobinDaHood says:

    It works with a workaround. Install the remapper app (i’ve installed the disney+ remapper) and the, when you try to remap the disney+ app over the shortcut Button it doesn’t load the remapper. Try to use Alexa button and say the name of the app. “Load disney+” and the remapping app starts. *smile* *thumbs up*.
    After you remap the Button just say not the name of the app, just say everytime the name of the original button-app (=> disney+).
    f*ck amaz0n….

    Have a nice Day guys. :D

    • Skippyjo says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by this. I tried using the Alexa button and all it does is open the Disney app, it doesn’t link it with the button. Tried on December 20, 2023. Everything up until the actual remapping worked, the button no longer brings up the app store to download the original app, but like many people have already said, it just doesn’t do anything now.

  192. Mlv55 says:

    Same problem here. If I click on the remapper app, the chosen app opens but clicking on the button does not. Is there any fix for this?


  193. Elias says:

    Is there a remapper for Tubi TV?

  194. Gian Luca says:

    Hi,greatjob, but a few days ago it seems netflix app has changed name, so it seems firestik has deleted Remapper for netflix to upgrade the app (it thinks to be netflix) to update. Reinstalled Remapper of corse does not works any more because his name is now the old one and is not triggered.
    Or at least is what I think is appende!
    Please update your app that is a super workaround.

  195. Pablo says:

    No se conecta me sale que la confección fallo y no se conecta

  196. cal Buckley says:

    when open ADB SHELL (I turned it on in dev options) Entered and 5555 pressed connect

    got message connection failed

  197. Tristan Bennett says:

    I completed steps 1-6 without any issues, but when I tried step 7, I got a message saying Connection Failed, with a subtext saying the same thing. I don’t know what went wrong, but I typed in like they asked and left the 5555 alone. Can anyone help me figure out what went wrong?

  198. Michael says:

    When I enter in the Remote ADB Shell app and click connect, it says connection failed. I kept 5555 as you have mentioned.

  199. Hans Schlereth says:

    I followed the instructions up to the selection of apps you have listed. Would it be possible to create on for “Stremio”
    I use this app for all my movies/series etc etc

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