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Theoretically, one could sign up for Audible to get the $10 credit, buy $50 in gift cards to get another $10 credit, add an Amazon Fire TV to your cart, use Alexa to add an Amazon Echo to your cart so you get the $10 Alexa discount, check out using an Amazon Visa to get $30 off, and end up with my two favorite Amazon products, which retail for $279.98, and end up only paying $139.98. I have no idea if all of those discounts and credits would stack together, but if someone does it, they should immediately stand up from their computer, drop the mouse, and walk away.

Lets hear about your best deals, and flaunt your Prime Day ninja skills, in the comments.

  1. RowMan says:

    I didn’t do the above deal, but today I did use the Audible credit and the Prime Now first order credit separately in order to get two Fire TV Sticks for $35 shipped. I have to wait a couple of days for one of them, but the Prime Now one came in 2 hours. Woot, woot!

    • AFTVnews says:

      Nice! I forgot all about the Prime Now credit and didn;t mention it in any of my posts. I hope others remembered it exists.

      • Eugene Stilianopoulos says:

        I did use the Prime Now credit to get a Firestick but the credit did not show at checkout. I am assuming that the audible credit is only for purchases and not primenow purchases. I was unable to combine them.

  2. ClamSlam says:

    I used Alexa to get a Fire HF 10.1 for only $119.00 Did I need it nope, but for that price I couldn’t pass up giving it a try.

    • AFTVnews says:

      That Fire HD 10 price was one of the best deals of the day in my opinion. Most of my price predictions were pretty spot on, but the Fire HD 10 sale blew right past my “great” price guess. That explains why it was the first Amazon device deal to sell out.

      • ClamSlam says:

        I agree. I couldn’t believe how low it went. Did you pick a tablet up too or have one already? I am reading mixed reviews but thought hey if its no good it can be a Netflix/Amazon watching tablet. You were spot on for your predictions, nice job. I almost picked up a Nvidia Shield but had spent too much already for the day. I got the Fire HD 10.1 tablet, a voice controller Firestick, a Fire TV Antenna bundle, Tap Sleeve and Echo remote. Also any theories on the Amazon Dot? You think they are discontinuing them or replacing them? I have one and love it.

        Keep up the great work, I love the site and visit it multiple times a day looking forward to new post.

  3. Drew says:

    Was excited to do some shopping when I got home from work today. Was going to get the gift card deal and the $30 using Amazon Visa. I tried both and both said they are expired. Too bad because I was going to buy stuff I didn’t need.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Sorry you missed out on those deals. It was definitely a bit odd how Amazon cut them both off abruptly halfway through the day.

      • Drew says:

        I received this email today:

        Dear Valued Prime Member,

        In connection with Prime Day, we ran a limited offer of $30 off a purchase of $150 or more with the Amazon Rewards Visa Card on We see that you entered the promotion code VISA30 after the offer had already expired. Because you are a valued Prime Member, we have loaded a $30 Gift Card to your account.

        The gift card funds have already been loaded to your account and are available for your immediate use. You can see your current Gift Card balance by visiting the following location:

        We truly value you as a customer and look forward to seeing you again soon!

        Thank you,

        Amazon Customer Service

  4. Jeff says:

    Got an Echo and a Fire TV for $110 total. Can’t complain about that. Much better than last year’s Prime Day.

  5. Tricia says:

    Thanks to your posts I was able to get the 20% off warehouse deal to get my daughter a used Kindle reader. I also clicked through your link for an Amazon Echo for 129.00.

    For some reason I wasn’t able to order the Echo through my FireTv at the deal price. It showed as 179.00. So I ordered it anyway thinking that it would discount it through the shopping cart. Went immediately online to see my order and nope the FireTV ordered it at the price of 179.00 so I canceled it.

    Thanks again for keeping us informed.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’m glad my posts were helpfull and that you got some new toys and saved some money.

      Shopping on the Fire TV has definitely been flakey the last few days. That’s probably why it wasn’t mentioned as a shopping option by Amazon at all. When the first batch of Alexa exclusive deals went live on the 8th, the Fire TV was actually working and showing discounted and exclusive prices. I think they put a stop to it, for some reason, later that day.

  6. Omar says:

    Hats off to you Eli helping save us boatloads of cash !

    • AFTVnews says:

      Haha, no way. Hats off to the great AFTVnews community for allowing me to do it. I’m always worried that posting about so many deals will come off as spammy, but you guys are awesome and seem to appreciate it, so I’ll keep doing it. I’m exhausted, but the kickback from today’s purchases from you guys should keep the site going for quite a while.

  7. YouDontKnowMe says:

    $8,000 DISCOUNT on this Prime Day Deal! The regular price is $40,000.00 but it’s on sale for only $32,000.00! Its the “NYC Icons Charm Bracelet in 18K Gold with 393 Diamonds (3 3/8 cttw), 128 Yellow Sapphires, 26 Rubies”. Only 4 hours left before the sale ends! All you would have to do to buy this ugly bracelet is quickly rob a casino or 2 before the time runs out on the sale! Yay!

    • AFTVnews says:

      haha, I had no idea high end items like that were included in Prime day deals. Probably the result of Amazon opening Prime Day to third party Amazon sellers.

  8. Bob says:

    I have to thank you for helping me get an awesome deal Elias. I learned of the visa30 code and the Audible trial $10 credit here.

    So I got the Xbox One deal with the additional special edition wireless game controller, Halo 5 limited edition, Forza Horizons 2 download code, and $50 Amazon gift card.

    With the value of the gift card + the Audible credit + Visa credit, I got the whole Xbox and extras package for $189. That is an insane deal. Even my wife agreed I should get it for that price.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Nice work! I was really tempted by that Xbox One deal, but I held strong. I want to wait for the “S” console if I can. Enjoy the gaming!

      • Bob says:

        I too had wanted to get the new slimmer version when it comes out, if I was going to get one at all. But it’s hard to justify the cost of a current gen console with the amount of gaming I do. But this deal was just too hard to pass up.

        I have to indirectly blame the Fire TV for this purchase. I hadn’t done any gaming for a long time, until I began playing some games on the FTV. There are some really enjoyable games, but unfortunately not a significant amount that fit my taste. I kind of played out the ones that did. So I’ve been thinking on and off of whether to get an Xbox One. Today I just couldn’t pass it up.

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