How to PIN Password protect an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick

The Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions don’t technically have a way to just password protect the entire device from being used, like you would lock your phone or tablet. However, a recent change to the options for child profiles on the Fire TV does now provide a way to essentially lock out the regular Fire TV interface with a PIN code. Here is how to do it.

  1. First, head over to the “Child Profiles” menu in the Fire TV’s Settings area. Note that, currently, this option is not available on the Fire TV Cube (both 1st & 2nd-gen) or the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick.
  2. If you don’t already have a child profile created, you’ll need to create one by selecting the “Add a Child Profile” option. This child profile will be accessible without needing to enter a PIN, so if you’re doing this to lock access to your Fire TV entirely, just be sure to not give the profile access to any videos, services, or apps by selecting the “Not Now” option whenever asked.
  3. Once you have a child profile created, set the “Show Profiles at Wake” option to “ON”.
  4. Next, select the “Manage Child PIN” menu item and select “Child PIN” to turn it on. You will now be asked to enter a 5 digit numerican PIN and then be asked to re-enter it for confirmation. Be sure not to forget this PIN because you will be locked out of your Fire TV without it.
  5. That’s it. Now when the Fire TV wakes up or is rebooted, you will be asked to select a profile. The “Fire TV for All” profile is what takes you to the regular Fire TV interface and selecting it will always require you to enter a PIN.
  6. Remember that the child profile(s) will always be accessible without a PIN. If you created a dummy child profile just so that you can lock out the regular Fire TV interface, the child profile should be completly empty without any access to apps or videos.

  1. Jeff Blake says:

    I won’t lock my whole device but the lock in general is handy for protecting paid content. Twice my mom accidently ordered channels from the main home page when trying to run the one app she uses…

    They were both on trials and managed to cancel before I got charged but wanted to make sure she doesn’t make the same mistake

    I also replaced the launcher with Wolf Launcher too

    • Julianne says:

      How to unlock if all of they have password even the settings have password

      • It sounds like someone has already set a PIN for parental controls. If there are others that use your Fire TV, ask them if they know the code. Otherwise, your only option is to factory reset the device. Go to Settings > My Fire TV and select to factory reset. You’ll be asked for a PIN. Back out and select factory reset again. Keep doing that and eventually it should work without needing to enter a PIN.

        • Julianne says:

          It does not give no nothing even the settings had pin code amin I got it connect to the tv and straight head to pin code I don’t understand

        • Amy N says:

          Thank you so much!!!! I have been trying to get into my Fire TV that a renter programmed with their pin and I could not figure out how to reset it until I read your post. IT WOKRED!

  2. Laurain says:

    My next door neighbour was connected to our fire stick and she was telling us to get of hers? We were just trying to watch like we normally would. I don’t know how this can happen we had to give up because of her messages popping up onto our screen ? this is why i came looking for answers here

    • Tm says:

      What. No one can connect to your fire device. Are you saying she connected to your amazon account if so change the password. If your connected to her account logout and connect to yours.

  3. Marshall Tannet says:

    How do I get my clear choice password

  4. Cathy Carlton says:

    I share mine with roommates, how can I make my profile private. I don’t like them watching my shows that I have saved

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