How to manually configure the IP address or DNS server on an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

This guide will show you how to manually enter IP address and/or DNS server values for your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick’s network settings. You may need to do this to use redirecting services like OpenDNS or one of the many services which let you bypass geographic restrictions. This guide will show you the process for wired ethernet connections, secured wireless connections, and wireless connections which don’t require a password. The method is different for each type of connection.

Configure Wired Ethernet Connection

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Configure password protected Wireless Connection

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Configure non-password protected Wireless Connection

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  1. Jeff says:

    How about below items ?:

    ***Configure Wire Ethernet Connection with:

    1) Manual IP,GW,mask,DNS

    2) Auto assigned DHCP IP with manually entered DNS server ( <- ??? possible ???)

    ***Configure Wireless ( Non broadcast SSID network ).

  2. Menon says:

    The newly released fire TV has a bug – you cannot set a custom DNS server for a wireless connection. It will behave like it took it – but it will not. You can verify that it did not by going and looking at network status – it will instead be using the DNS server supplied by the DHCP server that is on the network. Weird. Works fine if you are trying to do this for a wired network.

    • Tim says:

      Thanks Menon. Bugs can be fixed at later time so long as the feature is there , I will definitely buy.

      Yes, I will use LAN cable.Could you confirm that I can get DHCP IP,mask,gw from ISP DHCP Server but the device still allow me to enter DNS server entry of my choice on AFTV2?

      Because if I can do that I don’t have to put router in between meaning some saving here. I’m directly hock up with ISP Cable modem but I want to be able to put SmartDNS of my choice. I can do that in TV.


      • Rodel says:

        @Melon , Tim

        I don’t think you guys can set DNS once you choose DHCP mode in AFTV.
        You can set DNS server in Manual config mode but you’re not getting DHCP IP address from your ISP when you are in manual mode.

        I know Samsung TV has this unique feature. Routers are getting cheaper these days and get the one with VPN client build in to get even better options.

        You could also write to AFTV team a feature request on this. This should be easy fix unlike Dolby 5.1 , panning issues.

        • Menon says:

          My Apple TV and PS3 allow me to just change the DNS entry and allow everything else to be provided by the DHCP.
          To perform similar setup on FTV2, on wired connection, I have to provide all parameters, which is not a big deal if you know what your DHCP server range details and gateway ip are. I just chose a static IP that the DHCP is unlikely to serve anyone else. Unfortunately this does not work on wireless. Reported it to Amazon Support.

  3. Menon says:

    I would like to more folks complain to Amazon about the manual DNS not working over wireless.

    • Tomcat says:

      For some cases, DHCP IP is directly obtained from ISP ( take note some user do not have router at all ). Just a modem provided by their ISP and that modem is configurable by ISP only. No web page running on the device.

  4. Joe says:

    It’s great to know that you can now use SmartDNS IP to overcome Geo-location restrictions, but my question is there is an easy way to switch between using SmartDNS and regular DNS without having to go into settings every time to make the change?

  5. M says:

    Hi, I have had my 1gen fireTV for a while now and I also live in Canada. I just did a Factory reset on my box and now it won’t sign into my Amazon account during the initial setup process. I use a Canadaian account that had worked previously, now it keeps saying “error with login ID and Password…” Any help would be much appreciated.

  6. Ant says:

    thing is, changing the dns settings on the device wont make any difference if it cant be changed on the router

  7. Javier says:

    Mil gracias!me funciono perfecto… saludos desde RD!

  8. Dave says:

    I can no longer set my IP address to the original values I had set when I first set up the unit. I use as my gateway and used to use for AFTV IP address. However the s/w no longer allows this. The IP addresses must match…in other words, my AFTV IP must be in the range and doesn’t work in the range. My only guess is that a s/w bug was introduced during an update.

    • methodsignature says:

      Confirmed for May 2018. I couldn’t configure manual network connection with proxy. It would connect “with problems” (ie. no internet). I changed my subnet mask to 192.168.0 and it connected with no issues.

  9. gdroid666 says:

    how do we block the update during initial setup of the fire stick?
    you can not setup open DNS on the fire stick without getting values from the settings menu according to your own guides ,but you can’t get into settings menu without completing the initial setup , you say we can can use open DNS to block the update during the initial setup but this is impossible using the guides you have provided because the guides you have all tell you you need to input things you need to get from the settings menu which you can not access yet because not through initial setup , please explain yourself better

  10. gdroid666 says:

    i want to set up open DNS to get through the initial setup without an update but you do not tell us how we can get the device ip for the fire TV without first going through initial setup, this guide is a catch 22
    you cant get the information from step 3 if you cant go to about because you have not competed initial setup yet ,yet this guide is linked to from a guide for avoiding update during initial setup, that tells you to do this guide 1st ,this is so damn frustrating
    you tell us to do the impossible we cant set up open DNS without knowing the IP for the fire tv which we cant get till we are already past initial setup make another guide that tells how to setup open DNS without needing to get the information about IP and sunbet from settings about menu

    • AFTVnews says:

      Step 3 is marked optional for a reason. Meaning, you can follow this guide without getting the values from the Fire TV itself. You can get them from your router’s manual. If the Fire TV is already connected to a network, then the router has assigned these values automatically, so it’s easier to just copy down what the router assigned instead of looking it up through your router’s manual. That is why the optional step 3 is present.

      If you’re setting up OpenDNS during initial setup, then you need 3 values. First figure out your gateway IP. You can get this from your router’s manual, but it will very likely be one of the following:

      You can try putting each of those values in a computer web browser’s address bar and see if a login page comes up. If it does, then that is likely your gateway IP.

      Once you have your gateway IP, you need to know your router’s DHCP range to determine a valid IP to assign your Fire TV. You can figure this out, again, from your router’s manual or configuration. Most likely though, taking the gateway IP and replacing the last digit with either 50 or 110 should work.

      Last you need your subnet mask. Once again, your router manual will have this information, but there’s a huge likelihood that its which means your network prefix is 24.

      • gdroid666 says:

        ok thanks i already know the gateway IP for my router but i still do not understand how get the fire tv’s IP or how to assign it through my router config page ,i have no clue how to configure this
        i never go into my router settings it’s an old linksys cisco dual band n router e3000 i assume most linksys routers have a similar setting page so what am i looking for exactly?
        do i need to disconnect the router from the modem and connect the fire tv stick to the router wifi to determine the fire tv sticks ip? can i assign one to the fire stick tv without it being connected to the router through wifi? how do i assign an ip to it in my router settings?what am i generally even looking for what tab would it be under?
        i know the router gateway and how to log into it’s settings that is about the total extent of my knowledge on routers and networking
        not everyone has a CNE degree you know
        i’m not tech illiterate but i am networking illiterate
        i just need to know where to look for the subnet mask and how to find the fire tv ip or how to assign one to it, which i cant imagine how i could do without it either being connected or knowing something about it from the settings how would the router know what to assign an ip to if all i know is i have a fire tv and nothing else, unless it is connected?

        • AFTVnews says:

          You do not need to pre-configure a router with an IP for the Fire TV.

          If you just connect your Fire TV to your Wifi normally, without manually setting its IP and DNS, the Fire TV tells the router “I don’t have an IP, give me one” and your router assigns it an IP.

          But, if instead you manually tell the Fire TV what IP to use first, it will connect to your Wifi and tell your router “I want to use this IP, give it to me.”

          So there is no need to configure the IP in the router first or anything like that. The only issue is, that when you manually enter an IP into your Fire TV’s settings, it needs to be an IP that your router is allowed to assign. If you manually enter “” in the Fire TV’s IP settings as its IP address, your router is going to reject it when the Fire TV tells the router “I want the IP”

          Since your router’s gateway IP is, then we know the valid IPs your router can ask for will be between and

          You can just pick a random IP value in between those two and hope for the best. Worst case is your router will not accept the IP and your Fire TV will not have an internet connection. In which case, you just try again.

          There are two reasons why your router would not allow an IP within the range I gave above. The first reason is that another device on your network already has that IP assigned to it. The second reason is your router is configured to only give out IPs in a specific range, like thru So if you randomly chose as the Fire TV’s IP, then your router would not allow it.

          The best thing for you to do, since you don’t know how to actually go into your router’s settings and look up what IPs are valid, is to start by entering as your Fire TV’s IP. If that doesn’t work, then increase it by 50 and try again. So then try, then try,,, then lastly

          There is a very good chance one of those will work for you. If it doesn’t, then you will have to read your router’s manual and figure out how to manually select a valid IP.

          • gdroid666 says:

            ok thank you for your help i know i am a huge pain in the arse
            here is one more thing i forgot to mention, when i set up open DNS it had me pick a device ,i thought it was part of the site registration process , i chose router setup (recomended)
            then it had me enter some values in my router settings setup i put in this
            static dns1 208 67 222 222
            static dns 2 208 67 220 220
            static dns 3 208 67 220 222
            in my router settings , not sure if that changes anything or what this is supposed to do or how open DNS even works
            so i should still try using and increase by 50 or does this change things?

  11. danzel says:

    I had the same issue trying to install with adbfire. Was able to ping the set IP of fire stick. I noticed eventually that ADB Debugging had been turned off once i had updated. Blocking the connection.

  12. Chris says:

    Hi..having read through all this bumf…..I realise my DNS cannot be reset manually on my new fire to stick.although I can now access through Kodi live UK whilst in Spain, I cannot use the new proxy info I have been given through to chess bbc iplayer, Sky go etc. Any suggestions?

  13. Christopher Loughrey says:

    It seems the newer updates for the fire TV stick age preventing people from manually changing their DNS. I can on my Fire TV but no luck in the stick. It seems Amazon age preventing us from changing the DNS to prevent open DNS services

  14. jim says:

    steps 10 and 11:

    Where on opendns service shows my 1st dns and 2nd dns value?

  15. Vince says:

    Anyone find a workaround on the firestick DNS issue with it not saving? My router doesn’t allow the DNS to be changed and I’m looking for a workaround.

  16. Scofield says:

    when i connect mt FTV gen2 to the ethernet, it force me to config manually, is it problem with my router?

  17. Ana says:

    We bought the new Amazon Fire TV with the 4k feature in the USA, we live in another country.
    We have already configured our Wi Fi and have used it connected with an Ethernet cable.
    We can use Netflix and some other Apps, however we can’t see the Amazon Prime content, whenever we press play on something it says Network Error, for which I may add, there is no guides to resolve.
    So I figured is because we are not in the USA, is there a way I can add an American IP address, DNS or VPN to the AFTV? Can I connect the AFTV to our laptop and configure it in the laptop?
    Please Help

  18. Carol h says:

    I got a new firestick as a gift. Works great until I tried to get Plex. It won’t recognize my server. I have disconnected thru settings and manually reconnected but it still does not recognize the server. Any help out there?

  19. Gerald says:

    I can conect with WiFi but can not get ethernet cable to work. I have cat6 cable running from from my cable Internet modem router. Sometimes it shows cable connected and sometime it says disconnected when plugged in. Also can’t get to work. Once it was connected but said no Internet. Works great with WiFi. Any Help or info would be appreciated.

  20. Gerald says:

    Can not seem to get my AFTV working with ethernet cable. Works on WiFi. Any help ?

  21. Dave says:

    I’ve been having an issue with my AFTV losing internet connection and I’ve had to reset to get connection back. After doing some research, it looks like it may be an issue with a dynamic IP. I used the instructions here to set it to a fixed IP. Hopefully it works, but regardless the instructions were clear and easy to follow. And, I know nothing about networking. Thanks!

  22. Dan beha says:

    Can you change the amazon fire sticks mac adress so you can have two sticks on same mac ???

  23. Ken says:

    Would anyone know if I can re-direct all my FireTV traffic through
    my Home Proxy server? I want to watch a cable TV app that only works
    with in my home. I want my FireTV when I use it outside my home
    to go through my home PC configured as a Proxy so the app will see
    my home IP.

  24. m1steron says:

    Has Amazon broken the ability to manually configure the IP address or DNS server on an Amazon Fire TV with the latest update?
    I can input my custom IP/DNS but when I click continue (>”) it quits to the settings menu and doesn’t save.

    Any ideas why?

    I have tried a factory reset but the problem persists.

  25. K&D says:

    Also having same issue, cannot change static IP today. We even set Mac on router to the ip we want to use.

  26. Steven says:

    I manage to change my wireless DNS on my fire stick 2 but can’t change it on the Ethernet connection, anyone fixed this yet?

    • Koobs says:

      I have the same problem as Steven. When wired connection I press select to manually configure. I put in a unique IP address, gateway and my DNS settings. It stays connected. Going to About > Network shows that the IP address hasn’t changed and the DNS settings have been ignored.

  27. Chad Navarro says:

    samehere amazon messed it up i cant config my wired ip

  28. Dave says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I have been screwing with these TV for 2 day to no avail. I am not sure if the will help other but this is what solved it for me. After find this site I did a factory reset to erase all of the tomfoolery that I had been doing. I began the process a new and logged in via the wireless network. I then logged into my router to see the attached devices and found the IP address assigned to the TV (noted that IP address). Going back to the TV I was then able to enter the information as suggested in this thread (I used Googles DNS info).

  29. Ed says:

    I have been able to set a specific DNS to my FireTV, but when I open Netflix, and test the Connection. Netflix sufixes to my DNS list. Is there any way to stop Netflix app from doing that?

  30. Fixitman214 says:

    It is not Netflix adding Google DNS ( to the DNS list. It’s on my list even when using a VPN. It must be the operating system itself doing it because I don’t have Netflix installed and never have but yet no matter what I do, ends up in my DNS list. Automatically configured wired ethernet connection or manually configured wired ethernet connection. Even when I turn the VPN on, it lists the VPN’s DNS, and then right below it is Google’s (! WTF

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