How to install Xposed Framework on the Fire TV 2 running Fire OS 5

The Xposed framework is a platform which allows for the installation of modules which change the behavior of the Amazon Fire TV. By itself, the Xposed framework does not do anything. Modules for Xposed are the ones that can modify the behavior of the Fire TV. Installation of Xposed requires that your Fire TV is rooted. This guide will show you how to install Xposed on the Fire TV 2 running Fire OS 5. This guide should also apply to the 1st-gen Fire TV running software version 5.0.5 once TWRP becomes available for those devices. Older Fire TV’s running Fire OS 3 should follow the older Xposed guide. This guide also shows you how to install the HDXPosed module which is required by various Fire TV modifications, like installing the Google Play Store.

Install Xposed

  1. Download XposedInstaller_#.apk and from here. Currently, the latest versions of these files are XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk and If newer versions are available when you’re following this guide, you should try using the latest version first. If they don’t work, then you can get the ones used when this guide was written from here.
  2. Install the file onto your Fire TV using TWRP recovery. Be sure to do this before the next step. Note that you do not unzip this file.
  3. Sideload the XposedInstaller_#.apk app onto your Fire TV.
  4. Launch the Xposed Installer app.
  5. Select the Framework option.
  6. If it says “Xposed framework version # is active” in the upper left corner, then you know Xposed was installed correctly.

(Optional) Install HDXPosed Module

Many Fire TV mods that require Xposed will also require the HDXPosed module.

  1. Download the HDXPosed module from here.
  2. Sideload the HDXPosed-#.apk file you just downloaded onto your Fire TV.
  3. Launch the Xposed Installer app.
  4. Select the “Modules” option.
  5. Using a mouse, tick the checkbox for the HDXPosed module.
  6. Restart your Fire TV by holding the PLAY and SELECT buttons on your remote simultaneously, or by selecting Restart from the Settings > System menu.

Special thanks to BagiMT, deanr1977, and elliwigy for their insights which lead to this guide.

  1. Jony says:

    need root or no

  2. thecrunked says:

    are there any modules out for fire tv2. what things can we do if any with xposed, or are there just no modules released yet?

    • Some One says:

      I’m also wondering the same thing. Particularly the “Fire TV Mods by rbox” xposed module? Hiding the ad at the top of the home screen and removing menu items were 2 of my favorite FTV1 mods!

  3. Josh says:

    Ive had this installed and installed Fire TV Mods by rbox. I installed another launcher and home button defaults to that now because of Fire TV Mods (good). But when trying to hide the default launcher items they still show so i believe that is not updated yet (less good). Would love to see that updated!

  4. Mark says:

    What are some SPECIFIC features that can be added by installing xposed?

  5. taveras says:

    now how to change the background and how to install Google Play Store

  6. Wayne says:

    I keep getting an error while installing step 2. :
    !Wrong Android Version 5.1 / SDK22
    !This file is for 6.0 / SDK23
    !Please download correct package
    !for your platform now
    Updater process ended with error: 1
    ERROR installing zip file ‘/usb/’

    I’m using a rooted AFTV2 with rbox’s pre-rooted ROM 5.0.5

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  7. Rodalpho says:

    Main reason to do this is to install the Google Play Store, and all the AndroidTV applications.

    The official YouTube app in particular would be awesome– we can sideload it, but not log-in without the google play services running.

    I’d also love to run the androidTV launcher, personally.

  8. DJ1 says:

    I heard there is a way to block ads on Youtube using Xposed. Can we have a post or guide on how to get it done along with Google Playstore install.


  9. DeanR1977 says:

    Thanks for the mention AFTVNews

  10. Doug says:

    On step 5 of installing HDXposed; how do i tick the box? I am able to use keyboard and mouse on TWRP screen, but not on Xposed screen. Can anyone help please?

  11. Jon says:

    @Doug — I had the same problem. You have to disable USB debugging from the developer options menu.

  12. RSBRAR says:

    xposed FILE FLASHING showing updater process ended with ERROR:1

  13. Daryl says:

    Running fireOS 5 on a v1 box. When I try and use the arm64 is indicates is the wrong architecture. It sais its an arm, not arm64.

    Do the v1 boxes use arm rather than arm64?

  14. g4rfs says:

    Just to let you know I’ve been experimenting………..
    for AFTV1 rooted and latest custom rom(27/05/16)I substituted the arm64 that didn’t work with otherwise everything as above

  15. Paul says:

    Same here… FireTV 1, on latest FireOS 5. can’t install xposed v85 sdk23. Tried both arm64 and arm version, neither works.

  16. Connor says:

    I was just wondering if flashify will work with AFTV 2 to install zip files

  17. Vladimir Kulish says:

    What happens if you sideload xposed before installing the installer it in TWRP? Because I did not read (and did just that (Step 3 before step 2) though I did not launch it) and side loaded it. Now I my AFTV 1 skips TWRP and just goes into the Amazon Home Screen. I also keep getting permission errors in ADB. Also says root@bueller127, instead of root@android. Is there anyway to reverse this? It had TWRP running and newest RBOX FireOS5. I’m not bricked, just lost boot to SPMC and recovery access.

  18. Mafaveli says:

    hi on firmware tried to flash onto the fire tv (fire tv 1) locked bootloader, it failed advising me i needed to install the arm version, then I rebooted now stuck in a boot loop on twrp, am I bricked? how can I solve this? if there is a solution. Thanks

  19. DJ1 says:

    ERROR installing zip ? How is everyone else getting this to work on AFTV1 ?

    • oppman29 says:

      Same here trying on Fire TV1 with the lastest rooted rom,
      I Tried all the ARm64 files and all fail, dont know if we should try ARM for fire tv 1

  20. Windy Wu says:

    Hi guy, I get stuck at install framework on AFTV1 just already in stall pre Rooted Room.(error: Xposed is not (yet) compatible with Android SDK version 22 or your processor architecture (arm64-v8a). I had installed xposed-v86-sdk22-arm64 in recovery mode already. Any idea everybody, please ?

  21. JJ says:

    same issue, how do you use a mouse to tick the box for any modules…. I have the Lenovo N5901 plugged in via usb, it works fine in TWRP but not in Fire TV. I will try another device as well or just a usb mouse maybe…

    • JJ says:

      I was able to install Mouse Toggle for Fire TV and that allowed me to double click the Play/Pause button and enable a mouse pointer then check the box for the modules. Yay! It works

  22. 1stgen07 says:

    DO NOT use the “64 Bit” edition if you plan on installing Xposed on a 1st Gen Fire TV! Only the 2nd gen Fire TV uses 64 bit Architecture. So download and flash the arm/ file instead.

  23. Eric W. says:

    Hi. I can’t seem to be able to download the proper HDXposed.apk file…(it doesn’t download as an .apk file). Can anyone provide a link to a copy to download? It would be much appreciated. -Eric

  24. Outtax says:

    This cannot be install on FireOS , I think. Please confirm.

  25. David says:

    I have a gen 1 fire tv box…I just went through the steps to get it off of a very old os3 version and up to date with TRWP and PreRooted Rom

    I read a lot about this and I think I’m doing everything right but I am still stuck.
    So I flashed via the install in trwp recovery SDK 22 ARM 87 of xposed….I then side loaded via adb the xposed. installer apk. Now when I launch exposed it looks different then what I am used to… the very top there is a big green checkmark and it says “Xposed Framework version 87 is active”. Under that there is Install/Update with “version 87 below it” and a cloud Icon next to it.

    When I click that cloud icon it says in red ” error could not find xposed sdk22”
    I tried to side load your rbox mods apk….and it is IT listed under modules…however when click the check box next to it…nothing happens. Looking into the logs it says

    There is a lot of sections saying things like
    “Caused by java.lang.classnotfoundexception:
    At ss

    Class not found using the boot class loader;no stack available.

    I’m not sure what I am doing wrong, I would love some help…please I have everything setup I just need KODI back as my default launcher and I am set!

  26. wow it`s` working i have no error at all thanks mate keep it up and stay update.

  27. thomas says:

    Hallo Leute!
    Ich habe mich an die Anleitung gehalten, aber nach dem letzten Neustart nach Punkt 6 (dieser Neustart wurde von mir innerhalb von Xposed gemacht), blieb der Fire TV 2 beim Start-Logo hängen :-/ Mit einem Backup über TWRP hat es meine Person wieder auf den vorherigen Zustand zurückgesetzt. Weiß jemand von dir, warum der Prozess beim Start-Logo einfror?

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