How to install / sideload Peacock app by NBC on Amazon Fire TV or Firestick

Peacock, the new streaming service from NBC, is not yet available in the official Amazon Appstore. That’s a shame because, while the service has a paid premium subscription, there is actually quite a bit of free content available. Thankfully, sideloading the official app works fine on Fire TVs, so here is a quick guide on how to install Peacock on any Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, or Fire TV Edition television.

Note that it seems like the 1st-gen Fire TV and 1st-gen Fire TV Stick are not compatible with the Peacock app. This could change in the future, so there is no harm in trying to install the latest version. If you’re not sure which Fire TV or Fire TV Stick version you have, see this guide.

  1. Install the Downloader app, available from the Amazon Appstore, onto your Fire TV.
  2. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources by navigating to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options.
  3. Launch Downloader and enter (Alternate Mirror: into the URL field. If this is your first time using Downloader, I suggest you follow this more detailed sideloading guide.
  4. When the browser loads, click the big green download button and follow the prompts to install the Peacock app. If you have any trouble or run into errors, use the more detailed sideloading guide.
  5. Once the app is installed, you’ll find it at the end of your apps list. You can get to the app grid page on your Fire TV by holding down the Home button for a few seconds and then selecting “Apps.” The app is a bit buggy, so after you launch it and login/signup, you may need to force quit the app or restart your Fire TV for video to play correctly.


  1. FYI: When I first tried to play something, I only heard audio but didn’t see any video. After force quitting the app once, under Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications, video started working fine.

    • Kimberly O says:

      Thank you! I had that problem too but your trick fixed it

    • JWS says:

      That happened to me, too. Going to settings and choosing force top under Peacock app, the picture appeared.
      Still, no close captioning! So far it doesn’t work.

    • Nicole says:

      Yes thank you for sharing that trick as that helped me too. Much appreciate all this information :-)

    • Callach Dantwee says:

      can not get it to work, I at first got the sound and no video, tried your trick of forced shut down, that did not work. Now all I can do is get Peacock homepage, browse, select a show, to watch and it does not open, just replays the option to open and watch it, push Watch now, and screen goes blank for a minute and then back to same thing, Option to watch it. Any suggestions? I also did a Restart of the Firestik from apps, but have not unplugged it, could that reset it, ??

      • Dale B Sparks says:

        If you are using a browser for Peacock, you need to tell browser to use desktop settings, as it thinks it is a mobile device.

      • Dan G says:

        My exact problem! Installed fine. I see all the Peacock interface and shows, the show details, but when you try to view a show, the starting screen comes up for a moment, but kicks back to the title page.

        Any solutions yet?

      • greenwillow says:

        I have the same problem. Either kicks back to home screen or plays audio with no video. This is on an older firestick AND on a newer one.

  2. Matthew the frog says:

    Have you monitored the traffic from the device since installing Peacock? I recall some video apps (I think Sling) causing issues for other apps because it seemed to be sampling the video periodically even when it wasn’t in the foreground.

    • Rachael says:

      When I try to download it just sends me to a covid news feed.

      • If it does that, press the back button and wait for the download to start. Unfortunately, it’s an ad on that file host site that is redirecting you. Pressing back should take you back to the file host site. I’m going to try to detect and prevent this in the next Downloader update.

  3. Kawshik Ahmed says:

    In the past Android TV users had to search for Fire TV apks for installation and most cases they didn’t work because of Fire TV specific libraries.
    Times are changing it seems.

    • brooks says:

      How so? Fire TV users, as always, can sideload Android TV apps. Android TV users as always, can’t sideload Fire OS apps. Apple TV+ is a good example of that.

      • Kawshik Ahmed says:

        I am talking about now Android TV getting apps first and not Fire TV.

        • brooks says:

          First? Here you have Peacock, same day on both. What about Apple TV+ app? Android TV has less than 10% of the American market, versus 70% of Roku and Amazon, Android TV is just an afterthought for developers.

          • The Brain says:

            There’s no Peacock nor HBO Max app on Amazon Appstore.

            What’s available is not official and may stop working at anytime.

        • brooks says:

          You mean officially, yes that may be so. Reality is a bit different, the same day the apps are released for Android TV, they are available for Fire TV devices, while the opposite doesn’t happen. All this months later and no sign of Apple TV+ ever being available for Android TV. Which is not surprising due to the irrelevance of Android TV on the tv box streaming market.

      • The Brain says:

        Android TV apps won’t work on Fire TV devices if they require Google Play Services.

  4. Kevin says:

    using the url that is on here and following all other steps, I get An unknown error has occurred. CHeck your URL and connection

  5. TechyChris says:

    I installed on my MiBox within minutes of availability on the Google Play Store. NBC has publicly stated that all android users will receive Peacock Premium Free for 3 months which I got. I wonder if logging into the same account on FTV will this offer extend to the Amazon OS as well?
    I will install on my FTV tonight to test.

  6. Ken Smith says:

    doesnt seem to work on my gen2 firestick.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I was able to install the app but I can’t get it to work right. It starts to play and then immediately freezes. I’ve tried restarting the Firestick and doing the force stop for the app. Anything I’m missing?

  8. Edmund E Jimenez says:

    I had already installed on my Shield TV in the family room, and entered the code to get the 3 free months. The Fire TV install in my home office went quickly thanks to your help Elias. I’ll be doing this on the other other Fire TVs we have.

  9. John says:

    Doesn’t work with vpn blocked by the app

  10. Lauren says:

    Thanks so much!!!! It worked great. Exactly like you said, force stopping and all lol.

  11. steve says:

    install was very easy. Just a heads up, it does NOT like a VPN so you need to turn it off to use

  12. Tommy Mailey says:

    Doesn’t work in my are, i.e. UK, nor does it work with a VPN.

  13. Peter Armstrong says:

    Doesn’t work in the UK or with a VPN.

  14. Haggy says:

    This installs it, but as with other sideloaded apps (such as HBO max) it’s not integrated, and searching for content in Fire won’t find anything in Peacock. So you need to poke around in Peacock if you can’t find something elsewhere, and want to guess that it might be on Peacock.

    It will be a big pita if you have to search each app separately to find a specific program or movie. Amazon needs native support.

  15. Neogeo71 says:

    installed, launched, added credentials, tried to play, only audio, force stopped from settings, relaunched, it plays fine. thanks Elias!

    I was able to snag a year of this for 30 bucks on the 14th so glad I can use it on the firestick.

  16. Steve says:

    After looking thru my VPN, I found a way to make it work without having to turn it off. In IPVanish there is a “Scramble” option in settings. You may find something similar in your VPN.
    I checked this and now it will play even with VPN on!!

  17. John A says:

    I installed this per the directions, and it works exactly as advertised — many thanks! I did have one problem initially: the audio was garbled and unintelligible. However, I simply quit and restarted the app, and it’s worked perfectly since.

  18. Orthodoc7 says:

    First, I could only find the Downloader app by using the audio button, and saying, “Open the downloader app.”
    After figuring out how to allow the download itself, it loaded.
    And… it works perfectly! (so far)

  19. tom42 says:

    immediately crashes on 1st gen rbox’s Prerooted image (black screen -> back to FTV menu)

  20. Angela Sexton says:

    I installed the app and said it was installed but when I go to my apps it’s not there.

  21. Rick Ireland says:


    It works like the article says. I had to force close the first time for it to work. I am using it on the Fire Cube.

  22. GraZ says:

    Doesn’t work. The link is not the apk. Instead, download the apk from apkmirror. Use the firetv app called “wireless file manager” and upload the apk from your phone to the TV. Launch the apk from the file manager will run the normal installer (you must trust all sources). Activate the app and it’s normal to force close one time before audio/video sync. This is not optimized for firetv so things like initial cache seeding and voice search are not functional (or cctv).

  23. Brandi L Brefka says:

    Can I download Peacock Premium on my Android phone and Chromecast to my TV?

  24. Brandi L Brefka says:

    I’m going to try this hoping the ChromeCast icon appears on the shows I want Peacock app to see.

  25. Gregg Allinson says:

    Firestick says it’s installed but PeacockTV app will not open. Is Amazon perhaps blocking these apks?

  26. Taryn says:

    Thanks! It works… it also loads the WHO homepage after you start the download and there are tons of ads. Just FYI

  27. Jana says:

    This worked for a while, Thanks. But today when I try to open the Peacock app it says “Update required. The latest update is required to run this app.” With only EXIT & Update Now buttons. I tried reinstalling from downloaded but no go.
    Will there be a new version to install from you soon? I pay for The Peacock service so am hoping to access it. Thank you!

  28. DIANNA SAVILLE says:

    sideloaded to jailbroken firestick. would download and gave dns error. restarted firestick and cleared cache.tried with and without vpn no luck. kept asking for an update. nope. gives dns error. worked before now no luck…

  29. Stevan Lyon says:

    Had the Peacock app loaded and working with no problem but now when I try to go in it says I need to download an update and then it says it cannot find the app

  30. Stevan Lyon says:

    Had the Peacock app loaded on my Fire stick TV and working with no problem but now when I try to go in it says I need to download an update and then it says it cannot find the app

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