How to install Geographically Restricted Apps from Amazon

Now that the Fire TV has been released in Germany, and will be released in the UK tomorrow, geographically restrictioned apps will become more and more common. This guide will show you how to install geographically restricted apps directly from Amazon.

Before we start, it is important to know that entering false address information is against Amazon’s terms and could get your account closed. Use websites like Fake Name Generator to get valid international addresses at your own risk.

Also, if you want to purchase a non-Free app that is geographically restricted, it is best to pre-load your Amazon account with either Amazon Coins or Amazon Credit BEFORE following this guide. Changing your country setting, as instructed in this guide, will temporarily prevent your payment methods from working until you change the country setting back.

  1. Locate the app you want to install and verify that it is geographically restricted.
  2. Go to the “Settings” tab on Amazon’s “Manage Your Content and Devices” page.
  3. Scroll down to “Country Settings” and click the “Change” button.
  4. Enter an address for the country that does not restrict the app and click “Update”.
    Use Fake Name Generator at your own risk.
  5. Reload the restricted app’s page and the app should no longer be restricted. Purchase the app and select to have it delivered to your Fire TV.
  6. From your Fire TV home screen, scroll down to “Settings”
  7. Scroll right to “My Account”
  8. Select “Sync Amazon Content”
  9. The app should begin to download and install. You can now switch your Amazon country setting back and the app will remain on your Fire TV.

  1. Screeny says:

    I just used this tipp a few hours ago because I want to buy GTA SA for my Fire TV. But it wasn’t possible even if I moved the device from my german account to my US account.

    The problem is that your favorite way of payment isn’t compatible with Amazon US and the geo restriction does not allow you to buy the app. Even if you use a credit card and a US invoice address. But I fixed this problem, that way worked:

    1. Do all steps from this article.
    2. Buy some Amazon Coins in the US store (like this one )
    3. Buy your app directly on your Fire TV by using the previous bought Amazon Coins.
    4. Profit!

    Greets from Germany,

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for the tip! I think you can also load your account with Amazon gift card credit and get around the payment issues.

    • Guest says:

      Hey Screeny. I love you! I really do :D

      I don’t know how many weeks I tried to figure out why it didn’t work until I gave up a year ago… and by deleting that f***ing payment method everything just works now. I can finally spent my remaining coins and get cool free apps again. Thank you very much for this tip which no one else ever mentioned so far.

      Greetings from Germany too,
      – a guest :)

  2. pmcd says:

    I don’t quite get the steps. If you change the country code does that take you to the UK Amazon site? BBC iPlayer is not on the site. If you are on the UK site and you try to register your FireTV that won’t work. Even if it did as you switched from country to country you won’t keep all your apps.

    Anyway, some clarification would be great. Thanks.

  3. Azg says:

    Has anyone tried sideloading the amazon apks for apps like bbc app onto a fire tv from another region? I understand you still need to use a VPN but it would be preferable to changing your region with amazon.

  4. Richard Sohne says:

    Has anyone had the BBC iPlayer app change to a wrong version in the last 48 hours.

  5. Bjoern says:

    Seems Amazon has changed something, I am not able to buy something (even free stuff).

    I changed the location of my account to a US adress. Using a US-VPN I connected to, searched for “Hulu Plus” and it showed up. But when I click on buy, I only get the following error message:

    “We could not process your order because of geographical restrictions on the product which you were attempting to purchase. Please refer to the terms of use for this product to determine the geographical restrictions.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you”

    I don’t know what I did wrong. Changed settings, used VPN, but still no luck. I just want this damn Hulu Plus app ;)

  6. Jon says:

    This does not seem to be working anymore. You can access the app (like BBC iplayer) on amazon but it does not allow you to deliver it to the AFTV.

    Is there any place to access the AFTV apk for BBC iplayer? I suppose I could just sideload it.

  7. W says:

    I am seeing the same thing, can purchase the apps and have show in your online account but cannot sync to a Fire TV Stick, never brings the apps into your library. Any other ideas or has anyone successfully side loaded ?

  8. Mahesh.p says:

    I am from trying to install vainglory game from Amazon app.but it is showing we could not process due to geographical error. please help me

  9. K W says:

    When I do the change to US or UK, I always get a redirect error in all browsers and computers. I cannot buy the apps, always a redirect error.
    Had anyone the same problem an solved it?

  10. K W says:

    Figured it out, besides changing the country you also have to have the payment method in the same country

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