How to install a Custom ROM Image on the Amazon Fire TV


Now that ClockworkMod custom recovery is available for the Amazon Fire TV, you can now install custom ROMs. Custom ROMs are customized version of the Fire TV operating system. There aren’t too many custom ROMs to choose from right now, but I’m sure that will change in the near future. This guide will walk you through all the steps to installing a Custom ROM on the Amazon Fire TV.  

Important: If you are setting up a new Fire TV, you should visit the Starters Guide if you haven’t done so yet.
  1. If you haven’t done so already, follow my guide to install ClockworkMod Custom Recovery
  2. Download the Custom ROM you wish to install from
    Note: If you are installing Pre-Rooted ROM version or higher, you must first install Rbox’s Boot Menu.
  3. Connect to your Fire TV via ADB and transfer the ROM to your Fire TV with the following command:
    adb push /sdcard/
    (Note: This assumes the rom file you downloaded is named and is in the same directory as ADB, otherwise enter the full path to the file like this:

    adb push C:\full\path\to\file\ /sdcard/


  4. Verify the integrity of the file you just transfered using this guide.
  5. Connect a keyboard to your Fire TV and enter the following command on your computer to boot into recovery: adb reboot recovery
  6. Once in ClockworkMod recovery, use the keyboard arrow keys to highlight “install zip” and press “Enter”.
  7. Select “choose zip from /sdcard”
  8. Select “0/”
  9. Select the ROM file you transferred in step 3
  10. Select “Yes”
  11. Wait for the ROM to install
  12. Once the installation is complete, press “Esc” on your keyboard to go back to the main menu
  13. Select “reboot system now”
  14. Your Fire TV will restart and finish installing the ROM
  15. Once the installation is complete, you can delete the rom image from your Fire TV (if you’d like) by running the following two commands from ADB:
    adb shell
    rm -f /sdcard/
    (Note: be sure to replace in the second command with whatever your ROM file is called.)

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  1. randy says:

    will this work with fw version

  2. JRock says:

    Thanks! I follow XDA development, but can always count on this site for well written guides and the latest news. Thanks again!

  3. David E says:

    Nice, things seem to be moving quickly. So I could get the latest update in pre-rooted form and get that feature of not displaying the numbers in the PIN as you enter it.

  4. Bobby says:

    Any know the how to delete the file after installation?

    • AC says:

      After updating I used ES File Explorer from Play store to delete the file. I’m not sure if it defaulted to the right directory, but once you see the file click and “hold” it, which makes it selected, then hit delete. It confirmed the file and size that I wanted to delete, and then it was gone. Not sure if it frees up actual usable space, but I’d rather not leave it there for confusion later.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for asking this. I’ve added one final step to the guide with instructions to delete the ROM file.

      • Erick says:

        Hey Elias I love your simulcasts you have devoted a lot of time into these guides for information purposes as well as the benefits of rooting these devices. My question and I’m sure you’ve answered before was I’m rooted and would like to upgrade the FW on a FireTV 2. Im running I remember you mentioned something about upgrading in increments I want to upgrade to the latest prerooted rom should I do this increments? Thanks

  5. nathaniel says:

    is there any trick to installing the remote firmware?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Not really. You just go to the remote section of the settings menu and the update should be there waiting to be installed. I’ll put up a guide later today for you and everyone else.

      • Frank says:

        I’ve blocked updates at my router level. Once moving to I suppose I could turn that off (temporarily) so that the device can download the remote firmware?

  6. nathaniel koelmeyer says:

    Just wondering if it would be feasible to somehow port the ADT-1 Rom to the fire tv now??? It would be awesome to run pure android on this thing that has been designed for a remote!

  7. Shreekunj Patel says:

    Is there a way of doing this without a keyboard? I tried a usb mouse and was able to scroll through the options but was unable to select anything. And I also tried using
    adb shell
    but this did not work either

    • AFTVnews says:

      Open one adb shell and run: /sbin/recovery-input
      Then open another adb shell and run: killall recovery
      Then go back to the first adb shell and use the arrow keys to navigate.

      I haven’t tried it myself from Windows, but I read one person not able to get it to work using Windows. I’ve used it just fine from Mac and Linux.

  8. Rick says:

    Can this be done with this method, or do you have to use ClockworkMod?

  9. jan says:

    Hi, thanks for the guide. Can this be done without proior rooting of the AFTV?

    Kind regards

  10. John Merrill says:

    I’m coming from the mac/ios world so this has gotten a bit over my head. First question: if I haven’t installed the first custom recovery can I go ahead and install the latest without installing the first. Second question: Installing custom rom — I don’t understand step 4. What happens after the keyboard is installed? Don’t you need to run adb commands from a Terminal window?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yes, you can install the latest ClockworkMod custom recovery without first installing the old version.

      You need to plug a keyboard into the Fire TV to control ClockworkMod. Steps 5 thru 12 all occur on the Fire TV. There is a way to control ClockworkMod remotely (over ADB from a computer). I plan to put up a guide for that later today.

  11. Bill says:

    Any reviews for this pre-rooted latest software update from the people who have tried it? Does it have any bugs after you’ve applied it? Do you lose all your apps after flashing this firmware or will my apps remain intact? Does this install wipe anything that will need to be reinstalled with root priviledge?
    I am on the very first old version of fire TV firmware and am rooted and have google play store and other apps loaded fine at the moment. But I don’t have the latest amazon changes to their software. So I want to apply this update but need to confirm that it will remain rootable going forward. Thanks for any feedback on whether this pre-rooted firmware is worth it at this time or not.

  12. Bill says:

    Another question I have is, if I apply this latest pre-rooted software, will I be able to back it off and reinstall the older firmware versions again? Does installing this pre-rooted image totally wipe out the FireTV environment, deleting ClockWorkMod and all the tools and apps I currently had loaded?

  13. Mike says:

    Coming from romming on other android devices, a CWM question: Do we need to format system (or cache/dalvik cache) before flashing the rooted rom?

  14. Bill says:

    Well, I decided to go ahead and load the pre-rooted software version of and all seemed to have installed and rebooted fine. But when I go to the Music selection, it displays “Loading your Music Library” forever and just hangs there never completing. I went to prime manage devices under my music account and it does not list my Fire TV as a device to authorize. I wonder why? Before I decided to load this pre-rooted version of software, my new Fire TV was at original firmware version I had rooted it too before updating it to the pre-rooted software. Anyone else got their Music files working on this firmware version? Is there something special I must do to activate my Fire TV so that it is registered under my amazon music device settings?

  15. Bill says:

    After installing the pre-rooted firmware, my Music selection does not work… it is just sitting there displaying “Loading your library”… anyone have this issue and knows how to fix it?

  16. ben says:

    i have rooted fire tv with cwm installed im tying to push software version, i am getting cannot stat “” no such file or directory any help would be appreciated

  17. Jer says:

    I get to the step of doing adb push /sdcard/ but it just stays there for a long time and never finishes the push. I go into clockwork recovery to check and nothing is in sdcard directory. Any ideas why it just hangs and never pushes zip file? I’m trying to upgrade from to

    • AFTVnews says:

      It takes a pretty long time to actually finish transferring the file. Several minutes. Even slower if you’re on wifi. It may be you’re not waiting long enough. You can check Windows task manager or Apple activity monitor to see if something is actually being transferred over your network.

  18. ben says:

    can sum1 plz tell ne what im doing wrong when i
    adb push /sdcard/
    i get: cannot stat ‘’: No such file or directory

  19. Wangster says:

    @ben go into “view” in windows explorer then make sure “file name extensions” is checked. Then rename the file to I had the same issue as the file renamed to until I figured this out. Hope this helps.

  20. ben says:

    Thanks for your reply @Wangster i will give it a try thank you

  21. ben says:

    checked file name extentions still saying
    cannot stat ‘’: No such file or directory
    plz Help!!! tia

  22. ben says:

    worked!!! was using adt-bundle so swapped to adbfire and worked a charm

  23. gabriel says:

    hi i’m trying to do this but idk if i should continue because the Official Stock Software file that i downloaded was in a bin format not a zip format, can anyone tell me if it doesn’t really matter or how to change it thx

  24. Jeff says:

    Just want to say thanks for the great guides. Everything has worked almost exactly as described, good job!

  25. John Merrill says:

    Question on Step 4 — After the keyboard is plugged in is the boot command entered by the external keyboard or by adb from your computer. (I understand you do to use the keyboard once you are in recovery.) Just trying to avoid a brick! Duh.

  26. westcoast says:

    will i lose anything a have previously installed?
    like xbmc,llama…etc.

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, All your apps and data will remain in place.

      • Noggind614 says:

        Thanks for this. I’m on and I haven’t updated in years because I didn’t want to lose my data. Currently backing up in twrp just to be safe before I update to the latest preroot

    • Ryan says:

      Your apps will be in place, but after you update Roms, Busy Box and Xposed Framework (if you use them) will become inactive. I had to re-open those apps and re-launch those apps and hit the install button within them to get them working again.

  27. kezzagrace says:

    I have a aftv running 513011820 is there any way this can be rooted ?

  28. LocoMex says:

    It was my understanding the pre-rooted custom rom would allow update to newer version without losing root. If my understanding is correct, then this doesn’t work. After rooting, installing tr, su, busybox, ssh, clockwork mod, and blocking updates from amazon in both my router and internally as recommended, I installed the custom rom ending 520. Everything went fine, the custom rom installed, and when I did a reboot as directed in cwm, the rom completed. But, I lost root, and now it will not let me run tr to re-root. Thus, no more access to cwm, tr, su. Therefore I’m stuck with a custom rom with no ability to delete and restore to factory or to unblock internally, and, I cannot run normal updates because the unit is blocking updates. If you try this, don’t go beyond custom rom ending 220. Good luck.

    • ranmapanda says:

      I just updated to via CWM. I still have root access.

      • LocoMex says:

        How did you block updates? Again, I blocked using the 2 urls as well as the key words for each stock amazon update above number ending xxxxxxxxx220 in my router and blocked the updates internally while I had root. If you were able to update to custom 820, then obviously I did something wrong, and I’m thinking it was the way I blocked updates?

        Is it possible the update was already present in the cache at the time I rooted. After rooting, and blocking as above, the unit remained online for 2 days without updating. Also, when I tried to download the updates from “stock” they were blocked by my router. Thus, I felt I had successfully blocked any amazon updates. Maybe this might help others avoid similar problems. Thanks.

      • LocoMex says:

        Thanks. I am wrong. I still have root. The problem is not the guide, but rather the operator. Everything is working fine. Thanks again for your comment

  29. Matt says:

    Can I use any USB keyboard (non wireless) for Step 4 above? or must I use some specific keyboards made for Amazon Fire TV?


  30. Symphonix says:

    I previously followed this guide to install
    Can I just repeat the steps to install the latest 6420 version?

  31. Freed says:

    Can the upgrade be done by using aftv utility instead of using the line commands?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  32. Chris says:

    I tried this and it says it can’t open the rom zip code in recover mode. All the above is successful but when it tries to open the zip code it says it can’t and aborts the installation. :-(

  33. Angelo says:

    Does this custom rom include vpn.api that amazon decided to remove from its android build?

  34. Chris says:

    The lasted custom rom still has Netflix playback issues. It only works the odd time.

  35. Manny says:

    hi i downloaded the custom rom firmware and named it and pushed it to my box rebooted into recovery selected file and it says installing update. then it says installation aborted. any idea as to what i am doing wrong?

  36. toxicdm says:

    will we have to re do the process of blocking updates after we are done with this?

  37. Dusten says:

    Almost there…When I install update package it comes up with red letters state “Amazon kernal detected: not patching” Install from sdcard complete. Is this ok? Is there another step I need to do? I unlocked the bootloader

  38. abemin says:

    Hi guys,

    I need some help here.I follow every step precisely but I get error when try installing the zip file. Now my FTV won’t boot to CWM. It just stuck on Amazon logo. What do I do now? I can reboot using keyboard ctrl+alt+del. Did I just brick my FTV? Please help this poor guy. :'(

  39. techie716 says:

    I want to say first, I appreciate this forum and all the work that goes into it. I think I am in a pickle. I had a fire tv all rooted with Kodi installed as well as the fix for the usb being used for storage. It had been working great for several weeks and it just went bad on me. I tirned it in under warrant and low and behold two days later I have a brandy new Fire TV at my door. This is what my problem is. The Fire TV was turned on but before I knew what was happening it had updated to the Rob version My understanding is there is no way to root this, but without my USB for storage I run out of memory very quickly on Kodi. Can you offer any help? BTW i have sent a small paypal donation with more to follow in appreciation to your work.

  40. aydin says:

    How can i delete from directory /sdcard/ ?

  41. Klyde says:

    Been waiting on the adb screen for it to finish pushing the zip file but not showing it’s been pushed yet… been over 10 minutes now. Am I missing something here?

  42. coops says:

    I got a bit of a problem here.
    I extracted two .obb folders with FolderMount to my usb drive and then set my aftv (running pre-rooted back to factory settings + did wipe cache, data and dalvik in recovery.

    all runs fine except I can not enter the usb drive.
    stickmount shows it is mounting “sdcard/usbStorage/sda1” but I can not access it, neither in ESFile Explorer nor FolderMount.
    sdcard/usbStorage/sda1 is showing the two empty .obb folders and I can not change them.

    I just reinstalled the .zip from recovery but saw there is a lot of junk left + the same problem with the usb drive.

    how can I safely wipe to a totally clean ?

    thank you for your great site!

  43. Mike says:

    Thanks as always for the awesome write-ups and guides.

    There are a lot of comments here, so I didn’t read them all. I notice that for me, on CWM, when I install a new rom, the “stomach” of the little android guy (where that weird 3-d blue wireframe shape spins) is misaligned. The stomach of the android goes black, and then above and to the left, I see the animation occur. Not a big deal, since the rom installs fine, but wanted to just see if anyone else saw that issue? Guess I should/could probably post in XDA in rbox’s thread too… didn’t look there for this issue either yet.

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      Yes…I have the same issue with the android robot when I use CWM to update to newer rom after I’m on newest rom but my prime music section does not work….When selected,…it just skips to the next menu category…weird…Also, upgrading from directly to newest rom…I get supersu that can’t be launched from aftv manage all apps,….it just has force close as an option but no launch option. And the installed 1.94 version jumps to 2.4…which is weird. Also busybox needs to be reinstalled. And the installed towelrootv1 apk shows V1 in manage all apps menu…but when launched it says towelroot v3!!! When clicking on make it rain it says “this phone isn’t supported”. I still have ota updates blocked via pm disable, SupperSu still grants permissions, and I have root as I get # root prompt when I run adb shell su command.

      • Dhorlo says:

        I’m getting the exact same thing you described. I went from fixed to Others here seem to also have had issue with the music menu, but no one has commented on them.

        I was going to flash my other FTV, but this bears further investigation before doing so. Perhaps the issue is that this update is not cumulative and a lesser version ROM needs to be applied first?

      • Dhorlo says:

        I looked at my other FTV and, even with fixed, the other issues you listed, (supersu not launchable, towelroot show v1 but v3 when launched, “make it rain” stating the phone isn’t supported, and busybox needing to be re-install), all occur. This is not an issue with the newer ROM.

        But, the music menu issue is. I use my FTV mainly for Kodi, so I play all of my music within Kodi. Therefore it’s not a big loss to me. But if I find a resolution for the music menu issue, I’ll come back here and post it.

        • TROJAN4EVR and Dhorlo…both of you state that with a ROM install you saw towelroot show phone not supported (and somehow the version changes), supersu only showing force stop/clear data/clear cache, and busy box shows it needs to be installed again, but won’t let me bc towel root and supersu aren’t working right. Did you ever figure out the issue? I’m following the guides to root and got to this step and now I can’t move forward…help!

      • Dhorlo says:

        FYI to all interested.

        Flashing the latest stock image,, seems to have corrected the FTV UI music menu issue for me. The music menu is fully functional now with this new stock image.

  44. Pete says:

    Thanks for all the walk through guides. I have an issue that I need help with. I’ve added clockwork mod and everything seems fine. But I am unable load XBMC/kodi using adb fire. Should I be doing it a different way?

  45. bigdavy says:

    Does the MUSIC screen actually work for any of you on the latest custom ROM? I was successful in rooting my new Fire TV, then upgraded it to custom ROM, and then to the latest custom ROM… The problem I have is the Music screen just gives me a message saying “Please visit to create an Amazon Music Library Account.” I did that but for some reason the Fire TV isn’t finding it or linking it to my account. On Amazon’s website I have a ton of music in my Music Library. Should I be seeing it on the Fire TV?

  46. doug says:

    Oh NO…I had completed the downgrade, installed CWM and then installed the pre-rooted stock rom and was on my way to installing the latest pre-rooted ROM.

    Well, I walked away for a few minutes and my device downloaded an update. It now is on the latest ROM and it says its no longer rooted.

    I still can reboot into CWM…what should I do? push an earlier ROM over?

    • doug says:

      I might have jumped the gun…it seemed I was still on the pre-rooted but the system update said it was downloaded and pending install. I just disabled the OTA updates and it’s back to “checking for updates”

  47. doug says:

    My didn’t install into the sdcard/0/ directory it ended up in the root sdcard directory. it installed fine but now i can’t delete it. what SU command do i run to delete from that directory?

  48. ashsha says:

    Hi AFTV News & All,

    After installing pre rooted updated, deleted file, i than installed busybox free and than installed kernel boot menu. Booted in kernel by default and Launch recovery mode, everything as you stated.

    However, now when i go to SuperSU i no longer the see option sfds all i see is Launch Application (Force stop, clear data, clear cache). Is this normal and how do you get the Launch Application button back?

    I know Supersu is working because it still granting access adb shell, ES file explore, busybee box.

    Thank you

  49. AFTVnews says:

    This is a known issue that should be resolved in the upcoming pre-roted ROM.

  50. ashsha7877 says:


    Great, I will wait for the new updates but I read on XDA form you can remove SuperSU via adb and installed older version of supersu. Do you have a guide for that? I try to unintall it using adbfire utility but I get an error message stating unable to uninstalled.

    Also, is there a guide to free up space for the fire TV. At the moment my fire TV shows only 3.59gb space aviliable from 5.49gb.

    I only have kodi, Firefox, chrome, es file explore, busybee box, supersu and Google play store. I didn’t think these app(s) + pre rooted updated files took 2gb. Is there an easy way or app to see which files or app is taking up how much space?

    Thank you

  51. rob says:

    Pushing always appears in sdcard not sdcard/0
    Installation fails from there. Any ideas?


  52. rob says:

    Installing: /sdcard/
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    assert failed: !less_than_int(1413319821, getprop(“”))
    E:Error in /data/media/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Running version trying to update to

  53. rob says:

    Would this error occur if I had downloaded a stock ROM by mistake instead of a custom one?

  54. Noel says:

    Is there a guide to reroute user data to an external hard drive / USB? I keep streaming and the internal storage on my fire tv keeps shrinking. I’d clear the cache and it still a no go. I’ve cleared kodi data and that would free up at least 1GB of space

    • GlammaGeek says:

      Have you tried purging your packages? There’s an option in Maintenance Tool > General Maintenance > Purge Packages. Or if you prefer to do it manually, just delete everything in the .xbmc > addons > packages folder. It’s hidden, but if you’re using ES Explorer, there’s an option to show hidden files/folders. This location can accumulate a lot of junk pretty darned fast.

  55. Randy says:

    hi, I need some help. My AFT lost the sound when I install the last pre-rooted custom rom, and also the apps does’t work pretty well… help please

  56. bhullIT says:

    First of all a big THANKS for all who worked on this, especially rbox! Excellent guides and instructions!

    It took a while but I updated my box to

    I now have access to my Prime Music! Yay!

    Note that at times adb stopped working so I turned it off from the FTV, rebooted and then tried again.

    My wireless keyboard which otherwise works great, does not work with the bootloader menu :-(


  57. WootSauce says:


    Another successful guide follower here. Started at the beginning and managed to get through it all fairly quickly (for me).

    Thanks upon thanks for the awesome guides!

    I guess I’m off to set up xbmc and start to get to know my new box!

  58. Jeff T. says:

    I have the latest custom ROM installed ( fixed) Everything seems to work except that I have playback issues with Netflix. Netflix launches and I’m able to browse movies and shows. But as soon as I start to play a movie/show, I get the following error: We’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title.

    Any help would be appreciated. I wanna keep root to use my usb drive but I’m tempted to return back to stock firmware to have Netflix play back again.

    • popularme says:

      Hey, I had the same problem as you and I just finally got Netflix to work again. I downgraded my AFT down to and that seems to fix the stupid Netflix problem. Good luck!

  59. Chris says:

    has any developer managed to actually create a real custom rom to give it a Roku style appearance where all the installed apps are together on the screen? I know there is Fired TV but it isn’t a permanent solution. This was one of the reasons I rooted the device, but without such real customizations rooting is a little pointless.

  60. gargdada says:

    AFTVnews.. Great work..

    n00b question..

    I rooted my fire tv before I was your website. It has aweful lot of apps installed. Full bootloader unlocked and CWM latest. I’m on stock rooted with towelroot.

    If I wipe data/factory reset in CWM, is there any chance of bricking my device. I don’t care if i loose root as planning to install rbox version anyways. just want to go to rbox rom as fresh setup without any garbage that i installed on my AFTV.

    Normally on a phone i format all drives including system before installing any custom rom. not sure if the same works on AFTV.

    Please Enlighten..

  61. fredo says:

    I bought a fire tv that was already rooted. If I update to the newest rom will I lose my setting that are blocking the updates from Amazon. I am not blocking them from the router.


  62. Chris says:

    How do you create an ADB directory on your computer? I wish you’d make a tutorial on how you do that to make everything easier.

  63. Dustin says:

    Thanks for another great update. My question is now that USB has been opened up to us how can I use a simple USB cable to run ADB rather than going at it via wifi? I tried and failed. Instructions on downloading the driver file for the Fire TV for Windows I found online didn’t help much. Any simple guides or ideas? Thanks!

  64. Keith says:

    Hi just wanted to add my experience because I think it will help other dumbasses like myself. I kept getting a file not found error from my adb push command and abandoned the upgrade for months. What I eventually realized was that I named the file “” so it’s full name was “”,which is why it couldn’t be found. Don’t be a dumbass like me and put the extension in the name!

  65. Peter says:

    Hi. Thanks for the guide. Prior to flashing one of the pre-rooted custom roms, do you need to wipe data and cache?

    My previous experience with rooting and flashing roms tells me that I should, but it doesn’t seem to be a requirement with your instructions.

    I successfully updated to the latest ROM without issue using your comprehensive guide, but would like to know.

    Thank you.

  66. Luke says:

    Thanks for your great contribution to the FireTV community. Without your step by step help, all these mods would be way out of reach for many of us. Just a quick piece of feedback: the following might be good additions to your ROM install guides to help people avoid trouble.

    Before installing the rom, instructions on how to make a full nandroid backup from ClockWorkMod (to USB drive if possible), and a link to instructions on how to recover from such a backup.

    After updating rom, does “pm disable” need to be executed again?

    After updating the rom, a reminder that busybox should be launched and re-installed. Otherwise, those using VPN on FireTV ( and perhaps other things that rely on busybox) will lose functionality

    Xposed Installer (for those who used it) should be launched and reinstalled. Otherwise, those using rbox’s Fire TV Mods to remove unwated menu items or using XBMC Launcher will lose that functionality

  67. Jason says:

    SO I just tried this to get to the newest custom rom from the first one that used clockwork mod and now my fire tv’s stuck on the home logo. Is there anything I can do to fix this without losing root?

  68. Jack says:

    I failed. I installed last custom ROM without install what will I do now? Please help me.

  69. nullspace says:

    Do the latest ROMs have the eFuse thing in them? Also, now that the latest updates support USB drives, can you still use stickmount so thayt you can use filestems other than FAT32, like NTFS ext4 etc? Or are you stuck with using FAT32 drives…ugh!

    Thanks for the great guide. Nice to have it all laid out and ordered rather than searching all over XDA. Although, those guys are brikkiant!

  70. Warren says:

    Will installing a custom ROM allow me to change the device video output refresh rate to 1080P 24Hz?

  71. I am new to rooting, but have been following your guide to root my AFT to get Kodi media player and so on. I’ve been following the Fire TV & Fire TV Stick Rooting Starters Guide and all subsequent shoot off guides from there. I was able to downgrade the AFT I special purchased with bootable serial and stock down to as the guide required. Blocked updates from the router. The downgrade took no problem, the root with supersu (old version) and towel root took no problem. Then I moved on to the next page of the starters guide. Update blocking guide=done, Unlock your bootloader=done, Installed CWM version Then I went on to accomplish…”follow my guide to install Pre-Rooted Stock ROM version updated”. I was able to follow the instructions and get it installed. The next step is to install BusyBox if it’s not already done then move on the Kernal Boot Menu. Since I had already installed BusyBox I decided to just go check it to be sure it is installed since the guide checks this before the next step. The app is shown in the Settings/Applications, however, it shows the install button upon launch as if it wasn’t installed. I went to do so, but it won’t let me. I then went to check the root with towel root and supersu. Supersu won’t launch and towel root says this phone isn’t yet supported. What the heck?! How did I lose the root? The instructions said to do these things and that this version would allow us to keep the root. What do I do now?! HELP! (I’m on a Mac btw and have to control CWM via remote terminal on the mac and not keyboard…just so you know what I’m working with.)

  72. Catmantx says:

    I have root.
    I have bootmenu.
    I downgrade it to the right version.
    It’s unclear if I can install the latest ROM or I have to install another ROM first.

  73. China Tv BOx says:

    My Fire Tv is bricked

    I follow the tutorial instructions to Install Custom ROM,by this title:(How to install a Custom ROM Image on the Amazon Fire TV)
    Unfortunately, because of my carelessness, I forgot this step:“you must first install Rbox’s Boot Menu.”
    My Fire Tv is brick…
    and I found this tutorial:“How to unbrick by entering Recovery Mode and Factory Reset the Amazon Fire TV“

    Unfortunately, I have Unlocked and Install ClockworkMod Custom Recovery already,Ialso adb ”“ into fire tv,so I can’t use “wipe to factory default”

    I think I can through sideload of way will ROM or BOOT menu installation in, but I not know how using this method, I in screen Shang see IP Address is, I through cable will Fire Tv and I of computer connection, but ADB way also not success, actually I not too understand, so, not know you can to right of method, in now this situation.

    Hope to get your reply, thank you, because you may be the only an unofficial expert.

  74. Rick says:

    China Tv Box connect your fire tv using Ethernet and you will get a ip address that your computer will easily connect to and you will be able to push the correct files for install

  75. Ben Wilson says:

    Hi. Just bought Amazon Fire TV from Tesco. Software is latest, just updated. Ok to root or will it brick?

  76. Jeff T says:

    Hi AFTVNEWS and fellow enthusiasts. I’m trying to update my rooted Fire TV 1st gen to the latest custom ROM I follow these instructions exactly and clockword mod says i’ve installed the custom ROM successfully. Yet when I check the firmware number, it still says version any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

    • Jeff T says:

      Please ignore my last post. Figured it out. Missed the fact I had to select 0 after /sdcard/ within Clockwork Mod :(

  77. Milton says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial, Finally I’ve got to my Fire tv running with latest custom ROM
    I started from version

    • Gur says:

      Hi Milton
      I want to do exactly the same and I am very confused with all the guides and steps.
      Can you please tell me the steps you did?


  78. jeff says:

    Heads up for others, the time to send a file can be as much more more than 10 minutes if you are doing it over wifi. I saw 300 seconds or so on teh example above and was wondering what was happening with mine. Over wifi it took over 600 seconds and nothing is happening in the meantime. Just wait it out.

  79. jeff says:

    Further note, installing (as an upgrade path as I had an earlier version stock) – also removed busybox. I had to reinstall it afterworks. It showed listed under the apps directory still but I tried using the M5checksum and it didn’t work so I re-installed it. I had used that tool earlier for the upgrade to

  80. Sam says:

    will this work with the fire TV stick?

  81. dmagic says:

    Im having problem installing latest room. When I booth in to recovery I get E:can’t open/cache/recovery/log
    Is there anything im missing?

  82. Gur says:


    I have a rooted fire tv version Until now it served me well. I would like to update to the latest custom ROM and I am very confused with the right route to do so. There are a lot of guides and I don’t from where to start…
    Can anyone explain to me the right route?

    • Jimmy says:

      Install custom recovery (CWM), install boot loader menu. Install custom roms as needed. You’ll need to install TWRP recovery when making the jump to os5 roms (the newer os).

  83. nanmer says:

    Can someone help me please? I tried to install the bueller- on my rooted Generation 1 firetv and It trys to install it but gets stuck 1/4 of the way into the install. I am able to still get into ClockworkMod recovery but that’s about it. I tried adb but when i issue the command to install the rom it doesn’t take.

    • Jimmy says:

      You need to install beuller recovery at this point,version 3.0.0-7 it available on xba forums

      Try installing rom first… I’m on this version and everything works..

      You need to switch recoveries to jump to new os5!

  84. Testing_XP says:

    I followed all instruction to install TWRP and all was fine and then tried to update from to but I didn’t notice that updates to OS5 should be done with TWRP so I went ahead and installed it with ClockworkMod recovery and all was fine. The Fire TV 1 rebooted into OS5 so I then wanted to block software updates but couldn’t get into superuser. Anyone have an idea on what I should do to get SU back?

  85. Y.O. says:

    New issue, I’ve updated and downgraded many times. Now when I try to upgrade to from I get an error message when trying to push the zip file. Here is the log:
    [B]root@android:/ # adb push /Users/user1/ /sdcard/
    cannot stat ‘/Users/user1/’: No such file or directory [/B]
    I’ve searched similar problems, and tried every fix I can think of to no avail. Is it possible to get this zip file in the sdcard directory any other way??

  86. which versions have removed both the

    * preroll ads
    * banner ads

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