How to grant “Allow all the time” full file storage access permission for any app in Fire OS 8 on the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K & 4K Max

The new Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max running Fire OS 8 are great devices, but apps running on the new operating system based on Android 11 are severely limited in which files they can access because the storage permission “Allow all the time” is missing in the Firestick’s settings. This permission is necessary for media players, like Kodi, MrMC, and MX Player, as well as file managers, like Total Commander and X-plore, to fully access the Fire TV’s internal /sdcard/ and external files and directories. Thankfully, it’s possible to grant any app full storage access and this how-to guide will walk you through the steps to do just that.

Note that if you are trying to access /sdcard/Android/data/ or /sdcard/Android/obb/ folders, those directories have additional special access protection. You should first follow this guide to grant full storage access to the app you are using. Once you’ve done that, you can then follow this other guide to also grant access to Android/data and Android/obb app files.


Amazon has pushed out softwre update (build 1854) to the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K and 4K Max which adds the missing permission that this guide grants. You no longer need to use this guide and can now set the necessary permission by navigating to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications on your Fire TV, selecting the app you want to be able to access all files, selecting Permissions, selecting Storage, and selecting the “All Files” option. If your only option is “Allow” then you either don’t have a Fire OS 8 device or you don’t have the new update yet. If your only option is “Media” then the app you are using is not coded to request access to all files.


  1. Determine the package name of the app you wish to grant full file access permission. If you don’t know how to do that, follow this guide. For example, the package name for Kodi is org.xbmc.kodi, the package name for TotalCommander is, and the package name for Prime Video is
  2. Before continuing, you must have your Fire TV’s “ADB Debugging” option enabled. (Having only the “Unknown sources” option enabled is not enough.) To enable ADB Debugging, go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options and turn on the ADB Debugging option. For Fire TV Smart TVs, the option is under Settings > Device & Software > Developer Options. If the Developer Options menu is not present, follow this guide to reveal it before continuing.

  3. In the next steps, I will walk you through running the necessary ADB Shell commands using nothing but your Fire TV. The command is long so it will be a lot easier to enter using the virtual keyboard in the Fire TV Remote app (on Google Play & Apple App Store) or with a physical USB keyboard connected through an OTG Cable. Alternatively, you can run the necessary ADB Shell commands more easily using an external device, such as a computer (using a tool like adbLink) or a phone/tablet. If you choose to use an external device, skip to step 7.
  4. Download and install the app “Remote ADB” by entering 2201 (or into the Downloader app. If you’ve never sideloaded or used the Downloader app, follow this detailed guide for sideloading.
  5. Open the Remote ADB app on your Fire TV and enter into the first text field, leave 5555 in the second field, and press the connect button.
  6. On the “Allow USB Debugging” message that appears, check the box to “Always allow from this computer” and then select OK.
  7. Once you have a connection to your Fire TV, enter and run the following ADB Shell command:
    cmd appops set --uid [PACKAGE NAME] MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE allow
    Where [PACKAGE NAME] is replaced by the package name of the app you are granting access to.
  8. OPTIONAL: Verify that the app now has full file access permission by running the command:
    Where [PACKAGE NAME] is replaced by the package name of the app you just granted access to. If the app correctly has full file access, you will see the following text printed:
    Uid mode: MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: allow
  9. You’re done. The app should now have full file access permission. You may need to Force stop the app for the new permission to work. This is done under Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. You should now turn off the ADB Debugging option you enabled in step 2 and you can uninstall the Remote ADB app if you want.

  1. William Hogan says:

    Do u know if this will work on Google TV os?
    I have not been able to access data folders on Google TV os… Thank u for ur response

    • This guide does work for Google TV and Android TV devices as well, but it is not enough to grant access to Android/data and Android/obb folders because those directories have additional special protection. I just put up a second guide on how to access those directories on Fire OS 8 on the new Fire TV Sticks here:

      For that guide to work on an Android TV or Google TV device, the device must have the Google “Files” app mentioned in the guide pre-installed. That app comes on all Fire TV devices, but many Android/Google TV devices (especially ones running Android 12 or higher) do not have that app so it’s not possible to grant permission to Android/data and Android/obb directories.

      • William Hogan says:

        Any chance you do a guide on how to access Google TV data folders for apps side loaded?I know it’s aftv news,but am just reaching…been trying to access for 6 I can copy and paste instead of starting from scratch Everytime.. Thanks for the previous response

  2. el taliban says:

    this shit dont work i tried it with esfile explorer and kodi no good make a video

  3. Geoff says:

    Got an Error: Unknown operation string: MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

  4. terry Knapper says:

    I entered all the stuff.
    The message in the last screen says
    “Unknown command: set-uid”
    I was trying to tell if you left a space after set and before “-“

  5. terry Knapper says:

    Just a short note.
    My app (TV) is TiviMate.
    Package name “”

  6. Canadian Bacon says:

    Doesn’t seem to work as of today October 19. I have been trying to give this permission to Tivimate which is I have tried more than 10 times and does not work. Statement doesn’t give an error but it doesn’t set this to allow. Verifying with get … only displays the default statement. Has anything changed? Fire OS (RS8101/1851) Would really appreciate your help!

    • I just tested it on Fire OS (RS8101/1851) and this guide does still work.

      I’m not familiar with Tivimate, but I just looked at the APK and see that it does not request “MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” permission, which is what this guide grants. That is why you’re not seeing “allow” when you do the check in step 8. So, whatever is keeping Tivimate from working for you does not seem to be related to granting the permission that this guide grants.

      If you give me VERY detailed step-by-step instructions for what isn’t working in Tivimate, I can try to replicate it and see if there’s a solution. Remember, I’ve never used Tivimate, so be specific.

      • terry Knapper says:

        Thanks “Elias” for the input.
        When I go through the “process” I gat an error message
        of “Unknown command:set-uid”.
        I am no where near being able to give you an intelligent
        reply to what isn’t working other than the error message.
        If you want to download the TiviMate, I can give you access to
        the premium option.
        Thanks again,
        Terry Knapper

        • The unknown command error is likely due to a typo on your part, but, regardless, even if you did it correctly, this guide serves no purpose for Tivimate because the app does not use/request the permission that this guide grants.

          Can you tell me what, specifically, are you trying to do in Tivimate that works on older Fire TV models but not the new Fire OS 8 models?

          • terry Knapper says:

            No prob Elias.
            The old 4KMax, as well as the New 4KMax, allows an external storage device to be formatted to EXTERNAL storage, and then, when you go to TiviMate recordings setup, you can choose where the recordings go, and they would go there. In my case a “recordings” folder on my external storage
            USD drive.
            On the NEW 4Kmax, when you go to the recordings setup(TiviMate) and choose External storage it says “failed to change(I’m not sure of the exact wording) folder or storage location”
            Terry K

          • terry Knapper says:

            “Failed to change the recording folder” is EXACTLY the message.
            Terry K

          • Bob says:

            I would add that throughout, the System Picker is totally unnavigable. It always comes up context ‘Recents’ but you can’t go anywhere. Feels like Mouse Toggle might help but I haven’t found a version that works in this OS.

          • Thanks for the extra info, Terry. If you want to share your premium access with me, so I can access the record settings, send it to and I’ll take a closer look when I have a chance.

      • Canadian Bacon says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        I am trying to backup and restore files in TiviMate. These are backup files created within the TiviMate app. In all previous firesticks, these files can be backup or restored from anywhere on the firestick or a usb drive. The usb drive is set as normal storage and can be used in other devices or other pcs.
        THe issue I have now is with the new stick as I cannot access any files in any of the folders internal or on usb.
        The system picker is useless as I cannot navigate anywhere with it. I connected a mouse and still not usable.
        Please help!

      • Marc Joondeph says:

        I use Tivimate on the Gen 2 FS Max, also. I see your comment that TM does not have the “all files” permission option. My issue is creating a data back-up file. Normally, the 1zt Gen Stick would send the back-up file to Downloader. But Gen 2 can’t do that. Help, please. TIA

  7. Bob says:

    terry Knapper

    There is something you could try. It’s not ideal but if it works it should get you rolling. After you follow the instructions in these two videos use your File Manager (e.g. Xplore) to create the folder:

    … Android/media/

    This folder should be read/writeable by Tivimate. If you point your Recordings folder there it should see it and start working.

  8. terry Knapper says:

    Sure Elias. Here you go.

  9. Canadian Bacon says:

    Doesn’t work with TiviMate.
    It doesn’t set permission on
    It doesn’t give an error, it just doesn’t set it.
    When I check with get it only displays default
    Has something changed? Maybe a newer version since this post?
    I would really appreciate your help.
    I cannot restore or backup TiviMate files.

  10. terry Knapper says:

    I believe Elias is going to have a look at the issues.
    He my have some news .
    Terry K

  11. Matt T. says:

    Tried this because I’m having issues watching LIVE TV on my jb fire stick. On-demand content seems to be okay (Bee TV, Cinema HD), but I’ve tried multiple live TV apps and haven’t been access to any live content. Went through this guide, got the package names for RapidStreamz and VU IPTV app.

    Ran the command using both package names multiple times (verified, and RE-verified spelling and spacing), and I received the following error:

    Error: Unknown operation string:
    Error: Unknown operation string:

    I’ve also confirmed that the package names are correct using the developer tool menu UI.

    I’m not even sure if this will fix my issue, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  12. J Duke says:

    How do I find the package name for “Total Commander”?

  13. terry Knapper says:

    “J Duke”.
    If you follow the steps at the beginning of this post you will see instructions on how to get your “package name”. You will see the package name for your “Total Commander”.
    Elias posted that as an example . You are Ready to go!!!
    Terry K

  14. terry Knapper says:

    “Matt T”.
    This tutorial is specifically for the external storage access
    issues on the new 4KMax FS.

  15. Pierre Sangan says:

    Does this fix the problem where for example TiviMate cannot access an external USB drive for recording purposes on the 2 new Firetsicks

    Even after successfully creating a new folder on the USB drive with Xplore File manager

  16. Marco Silvestrini says:

    I try verify the command but i receive this reply from shell
    C:\adbLink>echo off
    karat:/ $ cmd appops get –uid MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
    MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: default; rejectTime=+1d17h58m31s672ms ago
    karat:/ $

    Where i wrong ?

  17. If you are trying to save recordings to external USB storage in Tivimate, you do not need to follow the guide on this page and should follow this guide instead:

    (Thanks to Terry for giving me access to his premium account so that I can figure out the TiviMate issue.)

  18. Jonathan Lajoie says:

    No good wiyh those commands

    cmd appops set –uid MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE allow

    cmd appops get –uid MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

    cmd appops set –uid eu.thedarken.sdm MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE allow

    cmd appops get –uid eu.thedarken.sdm MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

  19. Linda Ross says:

    Hello, I tried this and it says Error: unknown operation string: KODI
    How do I fix this. I need very specific directions lol. Thank you

  20. Sam says:

    OK so, Im not really sure if you guys can help but, I have used kodi with firestick for years. Was so excited when the new 16g max came out.. Finally the morons decided to put 8 more gigs in. But all isn’t well. I do my own build, rearrange thumbnail Gil grouping.. Well I can do shit because I can’t get to any of the files.. I either can’t access them or when I oe the file kodi shows it s empty. When I know there’s files in them. I went to permission and selected all file. But obviously that’s a lie.. Help

    • William Hogan says:

      Elias has great videos on the subject..I suggest,the how. To install Kodi..shows you how to use adblink,how to grant permission to Kodi data and to move Kodi data file ..which enabled to to copy\paste and change .Kodi files

    • William Hogan says:

      I tried to send u a link but couldn’t figure out how to in aftvnews.. Since it’s not on a browser.. Just check elias’ full guide on Kodi install.. Works with aftv, Google and Android TV

    • Jeffers says:

      I think there has been a recent OS update that allows you to specify apps to have storage access at an app permissions level

  21. Rayza says:

    Quick question, was just wondering if when you change a storage permission for an app using cmd appops set –uid [PACKAGE NAME] MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE allow. Will this revert back after there’s been an Fire OS update or will it remain intact? Thanks

  22. Pulitore says:

    I tried on wireguard apk, and the above command does not work. I get the storage as default.
    The Wireguard app is not letting me access the folders or any files.
    Any help please how to access the conf. files with the new 4k max firestick.

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