How to force all sideloaded apps into landscape mode on Fire TV


If you have been sideloading apps onto your Amazon Fire TV, like the ones from our post yesterday, you’ve probably run into the problem of apps stuck in portrait mode. Since the Fire TV doesn’t contain an accelerometer, apps that load in portrait mode by default have nothing to trigger landscape mode. The solution is an app called Rotate Screen Orientation. Once sideloaded onto the Fire TV, the app can be set to force all apps on the Fire TV to always load in landscape mode. You can download the app apk file for free from the XDA-Developers forum.


  1. Hallux says:

    This works perfectly, the only downside is that every 1 hour or so, a small box appears onscreen with the “landscape” legend. Is there any way to remove that? Thanks!

  2. 3504fa46 says:

    Do I need the Rotate Screen Orientation app when using DramaFever on Amazon Fire TV Stick? It’s already in Landscape mode, except that the episode list on the right side is clipped (you can’t see it on TV, but it’s visible on a tablet), which forces you to be stuck watching the very 1st episode of any series that you can actually scroll through. The included remote is practically useless for DramaFever so I paired it with an Ouya controller instead so I can at least use it’s trackpad.

    I tried playing around with the Rotate Screen Orientation’s Device Rotation setting, but no success. What did you do to make it work for DramaFever?

    Even with a Fire TV, how did you get it to work with DramaFever, with just a remote?

    The only thing I can think of trying is logging in, but I don’t have an account, & that isn’t necessary when viewing on a tablet so I don’t see how that could help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Gareth Price says:

      Great app. Have been using it for a long time, and on phone, never had any pop up, maybe I ticked that box though can’t remember and not at home over the holiday period so can’t check. 3504fa46 have you checked to see if your TV is set to Overscan? Try adjusting the screen size in the Fire TV and /or your TV settings, or maybe changing the TV screen aspect (ie 4:3, 16:9 etc) when using that app may let you see more of the interface

  3. Mike Wheeler says:

    I need this feature on my fire 8 tablet. Is it on the amazon app store?

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