How to Fix Missing or Broken Icons for Sideloaded Apps on Amazon Fire TV

There appears to be a bug on select Amazon Fire TV devices that prevents the icon of some sideloaded apps to display correctly on the Home screen and Apps screen. Instead of the app icon appearing, a gray icon with a slash through it appears. The bug seems to only affect apps that store their APK icon in a specific way, which is why some sideloaded apps are not affected. Until Amazon fixes the bug, there is a way to make broken icons appear and it involves modifying the APK itself. Here’s how to get around the issue and make icons appear.

From what I’ve been able to determine, it seems like apps that store their app icon in the /res/mipmap… directories of the APK, instead of the /res/drawable… directories, are affected by this bug. For example, Kodi is unaffected but HBO Max is affected. I’ve also only seen this bug occur on the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube, so it may be that only that one device is affected right now or, more likely, only Fire OS 7 devices are affected. Either way, the only solution I’ve found is to modify the affected APK by moving the app icon from /mipmap to /drawable directory.

If the missing icon doesn’t bother you too much, you should probably just wait for a software update to fix the issue. That’s because you have to modify every APK individually to fix the issue and you’ll need to do it each time you update the sideloaded app with a new version. Every APK is created differently, so these instructions might not apply universally to all APKs and some APKs just can’t be modified at all. In other words, this solution is a very crude and finicky bandage to the issue, but I wanted to provide some sort of solution because a lot of people have been asking about how to fix this issue.

  1. Download and install APK Editor Studio on a Mac or Windows PC. You’ll also need to download the affected APK onto your computer as well.
  2. Launch APK Editor Studio
  3. Select “Open Apk” and load the APK that you want to modify/fix.
  4. On the bottom-right of the app, right-click on the “XHDPI” icon and select “Save Resource As.” (Note that you should only need to follow these steps for the “XHDPI” version of the icon, but if your APK doesn’t have an “XHDPI” version or you run into issues, you may need to do this for all listed icon versions.)
  5. At this point you should see that the icon is in a directory that starts with “mipmap” so we want to save it in an equivilant directory that starts with “drawable.” Go up one level in the directory tree to the “res” directory and in there you should find a “drawable-xhdpi” directory. Select it and save the icon in the “drawable-xhdpi” directory and be sure to keep the name as “ic_launcher.” (Note that if you do not see a “drawable-xhdpi” directory, then either create it or place the icon in the next closest directory, such as the “drawable-xxhdpi” or “drawable-hdpi” directory.)

  6. Lastly, you need to modify the Android Manifest file so that it specifies the icon is in the “drawable” directory and not in the “mipmap” directory. Do this by first selecting the “File System” tab in the very bottom-left and then double-click the “AndroidManifest.xml” file to open it.
  7. Near the top of the file, find the line that starts with “<application” and scroll to the right until you find the section of the line that has “android:icon” in it. The line will probably say android:icon=”@mipmap/ic_launcher” so you want to replace “mipmap” with “drawable” so that the line now reads android:icon=”@drawable/ic_launcher”. Be sure not to delete the “@” or modify any other part of the line.
  8. Close and save the Android Manifest file using the small “x” in AndroidManifest.xml tab in the top-center of the screen.
  9. You’re done, so click “Save APK” and give the APK a new file name. (Note that if you get an Error in the top-left when trying to save the APK, your best bet is to close everything and follow the guide again from the start. There is also a possibility that the APK you are working on simply cannot be modified. To test this, try just opening the APK in APK Editor Studio and then immediately saving it without any modifications. If you get an error, then the APK can’t be modified.)
  10. This modified APK has a new signature that no longer matches the original APK, so you will not be able to install it as an update to the original APK. This means that you must uninstall the original APK from your Fire TV before you’ll be able to sideload this new modified APK.

  1. Frank Tovar says:

    This is my set up and have the broken icon as well but only after I installed Peacock. It worked before I installed Peacock.
    Platform Toshiba Fire TV Home Version 6200198.1
    Fire OS (NS6269/2372

    However I just click on the HBO button on the remote and it loads with no problems. I will just leave it as is for now as long as it works. I appreciate your efforts and time. Thank you

    • I haven’t been able to replicate the issue on a Toshiba Fire TV Edition television, so most likely, if only your HBO app icon is missing, it has to do with how you installed that app. HBO is a special case because of how it replaces HBO Now but uses the same APK package name. Look through my guide for sideloading HBO carefully to make sure you did all the steps I lay out, like deleting purchase history on, clearing Appstore cache/data, syncing your device, etc…

      • Frank Tovar says:

        Thank you. As I stated before the icon was there before I installed Peacock. After I installed Peacock it became broken. Not sure if Peacock affected the HBO Icon but it’s ok as long as it works by clicking the broken Icon or HBO button on the remote control. I need to double check if I had that issue with the 4K Firestick. I didn’t pay attention if it disappeared on that one. Thank you

  2. TechyChris says:

    Hello Elias,
    I’ve tried using this process in the past to modify the icons on your “BOOKMARKER” apps (which are awesome) but could never get it to work.
    I’m sure you’ve heard in the past how great it would be to have custom icons for Bookmarker, the OCD in me just can’t get past the Generic 1,2,3, icons etc. Do you know if there is a minimum OS level required for APK Editor to work with Fire TV First Generation?

    • The reason why modifying the Bookmarker app icon didn’t work for you, and the reason why there is no way for me to make it so users can change the app icon for my Bookmarker apps, is because Fire TVs pull the icon of official apps (i.e., apps in the Amazon Appstore) from an Amazon server and not from the app/APK itself. Even if you modify the icon in the APK of an official app, the Fire TV will still use the icon image stored on Amazon’s servers for that app.

      If you want to modify the Bookmarker app icon, you need to delete the Bookmarker app from your list of purchased apps on Then uninstall the Bookmarker app from your Fire TV, clear cache/data for the Appstore app on Fire TV, sync account data on Fire TV, restart the Fire TV, then finally sideload a Bookmarker APK with the icon modified.

      • TechyChris says:

        Thanks for the info, I think I did try using a sideloaded app but I still couldn’t get it to work, it was a year ago maybe I’ll try again.

  3. DaveA says:

    Thanks Elias for a very informative write up. The missing icon issue has been bugging me for some time now. I can confirm that this workaround does indeed work perfectly.
    Let’s hope that a future firmware update for the Fire Cube 2nd Gen will address the issue. The recent update does not resolve the issue as yet.
    Another side issue is when using AppStarter for instance, right clicking on an app icon still doesn’t allow the Uninstall option with the Fire Cube 2nd Gen. However, it does work with the Fire TV Stick 4K.
    Perhaps this issue has a workaround or pending update.

  4. Ollie says:

    One of the problems i’m having with this method is that the relevant app (TVZion) doesn’t load and comes up with an error. I think because the apk signature doesn’t match what it’s expecting. If anyone has a way round that i’d be very grateful

  5. Gene Clark says:

    Any idea what causes the icons not to appear in the first place? Some sideloaded apps show up fine while others are blank. I’ve narrowed mine down to just TiviMate and TV Zion which are both updated frequently so not sure this will be worth having to modify the code, uninstall original app then reinstall modded one followed by needing to setup Debrid and Trakt plus other settings repeatedly. I must say though I’ve been dealing with this issue for many months and you’re the only one who has had any clue how to fix it. SO GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK AT THE SITE!!! Missed your emails and knowledge.

  6. xyz says:

    unabe to fix icons for oero tv and thop tv apk

  7. TechyChris says:

    Any new updates to report on this issue? I setup my two new Fire Cube 2’s from Prime Day and it’s really annoying that some app icons do not display correctly.
    Something tells me Amazon is in no rush to push out updates to correct “non-sanctioned” apps.

  8. Obie says:

    The icons on my settings menu for firestick 4k have disappeared The words (ie, notification, network, applications, etc.) are all still there, but the icons are missing. Any help?

  9. Sandey Waight says:

    Is there An easier update or fix available yet?

  10. danergo says:

    My own application has its icon in “drawable/ic_launcher”. It’s provided both as vector (.xml), and raster (.png in xxxhdpi).

    I’ve sideloaded my app onto the FireTV Stick, and app’s icon is displaying fine, however on the notification screen, my app’s icon is broken when it’s posting notification(s). Any idea why?

    Notification is created with “.setLargeIcon(…).setSmallIcon(…)”

  11. brakes says:

    This is a site that you can create an apk you install to show the logo:

  12. George Tillett says:

    Hi, I have a Firestick Lite with the latest updates and sideloaded the Kayo app for Android TV. Under manage apps the icon is correct but on the home screen the icon is broken. Is this another variation of the same problem?

  13. John says:

    After you have completed this process on your computer, what is the best way to go about getting the modified apk from your computer to the Fire TV Device?

  14. Chris says:


    using a firetv os7 on a TV. When using this method it doesnt allow the hbo max app to load cause of some authorization issue. I can see the hbo max app load fine in the background but fireos shuts it down after i acknowledge the message. The icon shows now on the homescreen tho.
    Any idea what this message is about ?



  15. Steve K says:

    Gen1 Fire TV cube. Originally side loaded HBO Max following all your previous instructions, worked perfectly, HBO Now deleted, etc., correct icon appeared. After official app was available in amazon store, and side loaded app was outdated, is when my icon issues began. I experience different error states depending how much I futz with it. My current and most stable state will NOT show icon in Recents after watching something in HBO Max, further it does not appear in Settings Apps, or in my Amazon account, though I’ve downloaded/installed official version numerous times. The one place the icon does appear is on Home, Your Apps & Channels, when I select See All – this is my only way of accessing the app. As indicated, my experience varies if I manually delete and reinstall from Amazon cloud. On occasion the icon WILL appear in Recents, but eventually I’ll begin receiving messages stating I do not have access to the content, at other times I do not own this app, and it provides option to download app or OK to ignore message. If I press OK to ignore msg, everything works normally – I’ve used it this way for a while, then out of the blue, it starts having the issue outlined by this thread – missing icon symbol, but suddenly appearing in Recents. However in all cases, it never appears in Settings under Apps and it has never appeared in my Amazon Account – which I’m guessing is the crux of the issue. Curiously, I have a Gen 2 Fire TV stick that I side loaded originally and have since updated to official app, it’s attached to the same Amazon account, yet oddly works perfectly, with icon appearing in Recents. Any thoughts as to why Gen 1 functions as it does with official app after originally using side loaded version?

  16. Youg says:

    Thank you very much for this tutorial !

  17. khirtah says:


    i found and easiest way to fix the broken icon.

  18. Gareth says:

    I have modified tinder apk because the icon did not show in my Firestick Lite. I followed the instructions above, but get an @error packing APK’ message. Any help with what is happening would be appreciated.

  19. Gareth says:

    That should be `error packing apk’

  20. Tom S. says:

    I have modified MX Player (v1.37.1, and 2 previous releases) and MX Player PRO apk because the icon did not show in my Fire Cube (2nd Gen fire OS v7). I followed the instructions above however I cannot save the APK. I don’t see any error messages, the file just does not save. Can edit and save other APKs without issues. Any ideas or suggestions

    • Tom S. says:

      My mistake, I do have errors. Can’t even compile the original unmodified apk. Have now gone back 5 versions and none of them will compile. If needed, I can send the error messages…

  21. Marcos G. says:

    It worked perfectly, Elias! Thank you so much for sharing such valuable guide!

  22. Sérgio Mafra says:

    Hi all,

    Got this error when I´ve tried to save the apk:
    “W: invalid resource directory name: F:\apk\{768f2019-713f-4a61-b127-df7254d3d0e4}\res navigation”
    Any ideas?

  23. Jota says:

    Worked, thank you so much!
    Is there any way to put the rectangular icon in place of the square one? Since in the Fire TV interface the icons are rectangular.
    Thanks again.

    • Marcos G. says:

      There is no way to use rectangular icon. The FireTV interface will always resize it to the square format. It’s done on purpose to differentiate apps installed manually from the ones installed from the Appstore.

  24. MrEngineer says:

    Does anyone know if the icons work properly is using the wolf launcher?

    • Dario says:

      Yes if you use Wolf launcher no greyed icons are displayed. The problem is the new Fire OS 7.x that seems to prevent the use of an alternative launcher instead of the KFTV stock.

  25. Chris says:

    I tried this to fix Live NetTV and got the error as mentioned in step 9. Is there no other way to fix the problem if I get this error?

  26. RAYMOND LAING says:

    Hmm. Vivaldi Browser for android is already in the drawable folder and still does not work on the fires Tv home page

  27. Pags says:

    Ok, so I have tried this on 2 occasions now. I can modify the APK file without issue, and can transfer the new APK back to the Firestick, however when I try to install it, I get the error “There was a problem parsing the package”. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong here?

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