How to Enable or Disable the Profile Selection at wake on an Amazon Fire TV and Firestick

Amazon recently added the option for Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks to always ask for a profile to be selected when the device wakes up. This was done so that the Fire TV’s regular interface can be locked out by default. If you want this capability or if you find it annoying, here is how to turn it on or off.

  1. Go to your Fire TV’s Settings area and scroll all the way to the right to find the “Child Profiles” menu. Note that, as of the writing of this guide, this option is not currently available on Amazon Fire TV Cubes (both 1st and 2nd-gen) or on 1st-gen Fire TV Sticks.
  2. Scroll down to the “Show Profiles at Wak” option and turn it off if you never want to be asked to select a profile or turn it on if you want to Fire TV to always display the profile selection screen when it wakes up or is powered on. Note that you may need to first create at least one child profile before this option is available.

  1. Gerardo Madrigal says:

    My fire tv doesn’t have that option and I want to turn off profile selection

  2. Dylan Baxter says:

    Seriously, why does Amazon have to remind me I’m a miserable loser doomed to die alone every time I start Prime Video?

  3. Kevin says:

    Mine doesn’t have that option for either. I suspect it may be because I actually do have child profiles created. It’s damn annoying though. I can’t use the echo now to launch shows if it isn’t awake because it prevents it due to these profiles.

    • GrayWraith says:

      I don’t see the ability to remove it as well. The new update hit this week and it’s kind of annoying to keep selecting the profile watching every day.

    • Skibug says:

      I agree but since I paid more and have the cube, I can not stop the profile selection process. I guess I’ll have to go back to Roku until they realize this was not a desired feature.

  4. Stevie says:

    I stumbled upon the on/off switch because I couldn’t see it at first. I think… Select your normal adult profile first, go to the top where you select home,live etc… Go all the way past settings where there is a people icon. Select that people icon and at the bottom there is “child profile settings” it’s in there.

  5. Renee says:

    What is wake on,?? I did not set this on my firestick snd now I can’t even open any profile. How do I change this. Very annoying.

    • Porsha says:

      Did you find out how to turn it off? I’m having the same problem. I can’t get into any profiles or the child settings.

      • Kelly says:

        Okay, you have to turn on the firetv for the children first. It looks like its done since the profiles show, but you have to complete the setup. After you do that, you will be able to adjust the child profile settings including the “show profiles at wake”.

      • Sarah says:

        I don’t know if this is helpful but l couldn’t do the thing it told me to do and nothing seemed to work so l unplugged the TV and turned it back on and know it’s working.

  6. oasis_001 says:


    Was SHOW PROFILES AT WAKE option removed from the updated Home Page UI? One (1) of my four (4) FTV4K devices has updated and I don’t see an option to toggle profiles ON or OFF. It was previously under the CHILD PROFILES option in UI settings, but that is no longer available in the updated UI. Seems like an odd thing to omit from an updated UI that now supports multiple profiles.

    • Kimberlee Heinze says:

      I just fixed my TV maybe last week and now had the update totally messed it all up again! I’m so mad! I can’t get the profiles to stop showing at the start of the TV.

      • future canadian says:

        yeah, it’s totally not in the new UI

        shame they keep changing it, definitely a downgrade as are most software upgrades these days

  7. Matt says:

    I just experienced this, and spent a half hour on the phone with Amazon about it. Previous posters are correct, the Child Profile thing is no longer any option we could find.

    I DID however, find the solution for me. I am the second adult in the household. I went into the account and disabled Profile Sharing on all of the accounts. This worked, and no longer prompts me for a profile selection at startup or when waking.

    Go to your name at the top, then select Account.
    Choose Your Profiles.
    Choose the link Manage Profile Sharing.
    Turn off the toggle for Prime Video and Fire TV.

    That will solve this issue. It’s convoluted, I know. But it does work.

    • GrayWraith says:

      I tried this out and turned off Prime Video & Fire TV Sharing, but it does not appear to have worked for me. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Matt says:

      I have an update on this. It was working fine for a little while. I had to reset my one Firestick to deal with some issues with sound. I did so, and re-added my profile to the primary account, and now, even with Profiles turned off completely in the account, it doesn’t work any more. I get the infernal Choose a Profile on the start screen.

    • Matt says:

      At some point in the recent past Amazon disabled this function it used to work but doesn’t anymore. I spent 30 minutes on the phone twice with Amazon reps who both were clueless it does not work anymore you cannot turn off profile selection at start of whether you have child profiles or not.

      • Dunn says:

        I have only one profile defined so it never asks me to select one. Don’t know if this is an option for you.

        • Matt says:

          I wish it was. A prime account with multiple firesticks has to have each one registered. Then you got all the profiles to choose from. Sure I could set up the firestick on the same profile, the point of all this is not having to choose one, and not having the screen all cluttered up with other people’s suggested shows and history. Like I said, it used to be an option to turn off, Amazon made it impossible, and even their supervisors can’t explain why the option is still in the management on the account, but does absolutely nothing any more.

        • Geni says:

          I think you are correct, when I added an additional profile (2 now) this week that’s when this annoying profile request screen began to pop-up each time!

          This firestick 1st gen was a gift to a friend..I didnt know how to remove my info so I added the 2nd profile. I am using 2nd and 3rd gens and now all 3 sticks are merged. I would prefer that the gift 1st gen firestick be changed out of my name..Any suggestions?

  8. Mann says:

    They’re trying to copy Netflix and I hate this. Fix it you geeks!

  9. CC says:

    Far as I can see we are forced to use this even if you don’t want it. The settings are nested in such a way that it is obvious that there is absolutely zero UX feedback. I am done with this. Roku does not ask me for this crap every time I want to use it.

    Amazon does not care about you or me as we are the product not the customer. Throw the thing in the trash its just not worth it. Even if you do manage to disable this its going to come back.

  10. Undermyfeet3k says:

    THIS PAGE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED. ALL THESE INSTRUCTIONS, USER INTERFACE, AND SETTINGS STRUCTURE HAS BEEN REMOVED ON THE FIRETV. It started with the FireTV4k sticks. Now it is with all devices. Please remove this web page.

  11. Garreth says:

    Dear all, i found a possible answer on the amazonforums from January 2022 that might work:

    They say to ‘prevent children accessing adult profiles’ (not a direct answer, but the one I’m testing now):
    Enable parental controls and set a pin. (You can disable the pin requests and content locks in the parental settings).

    They also say the fix is to delete the other profiles, but I want to keep separate profiles for my partner and I to suit our different tastes, but just for the firestick to load one by default and stop asking me which one to use every time I go to it’s HDMI port on the TV!

    • Matt says:

      The child profiles thing does not work. And if you are on a shared prime plan, you cannot remove the secondary profile, otherwise you just have it on your own if you are the secondary, and get none of the prime benefits. Pretty much sucks.

      I spent hours on the phone with Amazon about this. They had no solution at all. They also were leaning toward the child profile thing. But none were set up, nor did we have a desire to set up any child profile as it would have been restricting and a pain in the ass to do the pin thing. They just plain removed the function. Yet, in the firestick preferences, they still direct you to the website profil section if you want to change it. There is NO option to do it. I went round and round with the Amazon rep – like I said 2 hours – and there is absolutely no fix unless Amazon changes it back to what it was before.

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