How to determine which Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models an app or game supports


With the introduction of the more powerful Fire TV Stick 2, the Fire TV appstore has become more segmented. The new device is capable of playing many of the games once only availabe to the Fire TV 1 and 2 owners, but not quite all of them. Absurdly, app and game product pages on Amazon don’t tell you which Fire TV models the software is compatible with, so here’s the simplest way to tell which devices can run a specific app or game.

If you own a specific Fire TV or Fire TV Stick model, and are logged into the Amazon account used with that device, you can open the “Deliver to” drop down menu on the app’s Amazon product page to know if the app is compatible with your device. Your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick will be listed in the drop down menu if it is compatible with the app. The nice thing about this list is it takes into consideration your device’s software version. So if an app is only compatible with the latest software version for example, and you’ve kept your device on an older incompatible version, the drop down menu will not list your specific Fire TV. The purpose of this guide is to determine compatibility of an app if you do not yet own the Fire TV model you’re curious about, or if you’re not logged into your Amazon account.

  1. Load the app’s product page on Amazon and click the app’s developer name, which is just under the app’s title. I’ll be using Double Dragon Trilogy as an example for this guide.
  2. Scroll down and find the “Fire TV Model” section in the sidebar on the left and select the device you want to check for compatibility. The devices are labeled as follows:
    • Fire TV 1 = “Fire TV (Previous Generation)
    • Fire TV 2 = “Fire TV
    • Fire TV Stick 1 = “Fire TV Stick
    • Fire TV Stick 2 = “Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote


  3. If the app you are checking remains on the list shown, then you know it’s compatible with the device you selected in the previous step.

  1. Tony Ramirez says:

    Really Amazon should separate Fire TV apps with Kindle apps. It is really a mess there now.

  2. Alfie Bradford says:

    What’s it all about?


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