How to determine Fire TV Software Version and Rootability on First Setup Screen

If you’re setting up a new Fire TV and want to root, it’s important to know which software version the Fire TV is running before completing the initial setup. There is no way to know exactly which software version the Fire TV is running without checking the Settings menu, but you can figure out roughly where you stand on the first setup screen where you’re asked to press Play.

Connect your Fire TV to your TV and power it on WITHOUT an ethernet connection. Wait until it boots up and gets to the “Press (►∥∥) to start” screen seen above. Leave it on this screen and do not press play for several seconds. If the text on the screen switches back and forth between English and German “Drücken Sie (►∥∥), um loszulegen”, then your Fire TV is running version or newer and is currently unrootable. If the text remains English, then your Fire TV is running version or older and is rootable.


If your Fire TV is running version or newer…
You can try blocking the software update which occurs during the initial setup using my guide, but you likely will not be able to skip or block the update. You will then have to remove any domains blocked by your router, allow the Fire TV to update, then block the update domains and complete the initial setup. At this time, there is no way to root your Fire TV. All you can do is stay on the oldest software version you can and hope a new rooting method is released in the future.

If your Fire TV is running version or older…
You can root your Fire TV. It is important that you follow my initial setup guide to ensure that your Fire TV does not update to an unrootable version during the initial setup.

  1. Juan says:

    This helps a lot thanks again keep up the good work I love this page

  2. JohnnyBravoB says:

    Just unpacked and tested my new ATF here in the UK. Unfortunately it seems that it is running or newer based on the above instructions. Bummer! I wonder what Amazons return policy once the security seal is broken. I guess I could hold on to it. It was only £49. Maybe a Xmas pressie for someone!

  3. TheBishop says:

    Same here – new UK supplied AFTV – none rootable. Side Loaded XBMC though with no issues (Mac) and happily watching Y*** movies.

  4. Nathan Brown says:

    I might have just stumbled on a workaround for this version.
    I tried blocking the domains but that didn’t work – I got the screen saying connection failed try again later with a link to fire tv support.
    However, I then unblocked the domains, and pressed the back button. It took me through the setup again but appeared to continue without downloading and installing the update!
    Hope this helps someone.

    • Rusty says:

      What did you to block the domains? Can you list a step by step? Also will resetting to factory defaults allow me to re-check to see if mine is rootable?

    • Paul says:

      Mate you HERO!! That worked a charm, it gets stuck on ‘Checking for Update’ then if you leave it and orange light seems to flash and away you go!!!

      Well done that is an epic find!!

  5. song says:
    루팅좀 하게 해줘라 쫌

  6. jengles says:

    What are the chances that the new FW will be lcome routable in the future? What’s the best way, if you’re on the new FW to protect against future updates?

  7. estoril says:

    I have managed to side load xbmc on a new fire tv and it works quite well,can someone tell me what rooting does and the point of it please thanks.

  8. overburn says:

    Is there a way to know from the packaging via a serial number or revision if the Unit has the rootable software or does it have to be plugged in and software version checked?

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