How to decode an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick Serial Number


Through the information I’ve gathered from readers and a trusted source who wishes to remain anonymous, I’ve learned how to decode the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick’s serial number to reveal useful information about the device’s origin and rootability. In light of this new information, I have updated my guide on how to determine the Fire TV’s rootability via its serial number. Read on for a full explanation of the various parts of the Fire TV’s serial number.

Serial number meaning from left to right…

1st Character: Manufacturer
This character signifies the device manufacturer, where 7 is the value for Foxconn. Since Foxconn currently manufactures all Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks, the serial number of all Fire TV devices starts with a 7.

2nd Character: Condition
A 0 signifies the device was sold new, while a 1 signifies the device was refurbished and resold. Not all refurbished units have the 1 indicator. It is likely only units refurbished by the factory receive a new serial number, whereas units refurbished at Amazon’s warehouses do not receive a new serial number.

3rd & 4th Character: Device
These two characters signify the device model. 90 means its the serial number of a Fire TV, while a 94 means it’s the serial number of a Fire TV Stick.

5th & 6th Character: Hardware Revision
These two characters signify the hardware version. A 01 was used on Fire TV test units prior to launch. The initial run of retail Fire TVs carried a 02 hardware revision value. The Fire TV’s hardware revision value was changed to 03 shortly after the device was released. I don’t know the hardware differences between the various revisions, but my source tells me “there is no significant change.” Fire TV Stick launch units carried a 16 hardware revision value.

7th & 8th Character: Unit Revision
It is unclear precisely what this value signifies. It appears to signify a non-hardware related production change. My source tells me this is not a definitive indicator of the software version on the device. For that, the manufactured date (covered next) is best. It appears that all Fire TVs with a Hardware Revision (HR) value of 02 have a Unit Revision (UR) value of 01. When the HR value changed to 03, the UR value was changed to 02. Readers have also reported serial numbers with HR 03 and UR values of 03, 05, 06, 07, 09, 10, and 11. It appears most UR 06 and 07 Fire TVs were shipped to Germany, while most UR 09 and 11 Fire TVs were shipped to the UK.

9th Character: Year Manufactured
This character signifies the year the device was manufactured. A 4 represents 2014, a 5 will represent 2015, etc..

10th & 11th Character: Week Manufactured
These characters range from 01 to 52 and signify the week in the year that the device was manufactured. A week calendar can be used to determine which days fall in a particular week. The 10 in the example Fire TV serial number above means the device was manufactured during the week of March 3rd thru March 9th, 2014.

12th Character: Day Manufactured
This character ranges from 1 to 7 and signifies the day of the week the device was manufactured. Combined with the previous three characters, it’s possible to determine the exact day a particular Fire TV or Fire TV Stick was manufactured. The Year/Week/Day values of 4106 in the example Fire TV serial number above tell us that that particular Fire TV was manufactured on March 8th, 2014.

13th thru 16th Characters: Serial Number
These values signify the devices position in the daily production run. it is assumed that the first device manufactured on any given day receives a value of 0000, and the characters are incremented sequentially with each new device, up to ZZZZ. This value is reset back to 0000 at the start of each day.

  1. John Hale says:


    I have written a simple php script that can be used to decode the serial number based on this.

    twitter: @rhcp011235
    google plus:

  2. Dave says:

    Must say I’m impressed. Good work figuring out what the serial number represents.

  3. Asmodeus says:

    Is (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 03) or (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 05) the preferred version?

    I’ve seen both 03/03 and 03/05 out there and unsure which one to hunt for or if there’s an even better version to look for.

    • trojan4evr says:
      Get eithr one if you can: (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 03) or (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 05) All the (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 05) units I’ve rooted had to be downgraded and all bypassed the update screen through the unplug ethernet trick(you have to be quick to disconnect when the orange light goes to white…but not too quick, failed on my first try then did it again and success.) The rooting guide is great but deefinitely needs some tweaking with regard to pushing the large 300-400+mb files. I used stickmount and es file explorer(both sideloaded after rooting) and a zip drive to tranfer those large files. Adb push method over wifi takes way too long(and to the novice it seems once you give the push command it seems nothing is happening…you just see the flashing “_”. With es file explorer you can find the large files you’ve copied on to your usb drive(mounted by stickmount) and then select and copy and paste in your sdcard folder in a minute or two depending on the speed of your usb drive/usb connection type.

  4. trojan4evr says:

    Seeing some units with 709001114014 in staples stores:

    Rootable: Yes
    Likely Software Version: 51.1.0 or
    Manufactured: By Foxconn on 1/2/2014
    Hardware Revision: 01
    Unit Revision: 11
    Condition (New or Refurbished): New
    Note: This information may not be entirely accurate. Especially with recently manufactured devices.

    The store had 2015 boxes and the above supposedly 2014 box which if true is one of the earliest serials I’ve seen.

  5. Mark says:

    Is there a place were I can purchase one already done for me. I am not that good or do I understand how to do it.

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      What do you mean “done for me”? Do you mean to buy an already “rooted” unit? Or just a Fire TV with KODI/XBMC installed? Either way Ebay is your friend, just search “Amazon Fire TV rooted”.

  6. Heidi Holz-Schurig says:

    In welchem Ordner ist die Seriennummer versteckt . Ich würdsie gerne ändern

  7. Bill says:

    Hello, I purchased a Logitech Harmony remote for linking all my components under one remote. I have Fire Tv Stick 2nd Gen. I need to know the model # of the Fire Stick so I can program it into the new remote. Where can I find the Model #?

  8. Ben says:

    I need help with it. My serial number isn’t like that. According to the Informer app, the settings app, and ADB, the serial number is G070L8239485****

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