How to continue using DirecTV Now on older 1st-Gen Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks

Earlier this week, DirecTV Now dropped support for the 1st generation Amazon Fire TV and the 1st generation Fire TV Stick. Several people have reported that the latest version of the DirecTV app works fine on these older devices if you sideload the app. You can use my Downloader app to sideload the app by entering the URL or on the app’s home screen. For those of you who need detailed step-by-step instructions on how to sideload the app, see this guide. Just be sure to substitute the URLs from this post. There’s no way to know how long DirecTV Now will work with this method, but for now it does seem to work.

  1. BobD says:

    If you also get your Internet via Dish, doesn’t using a Fire Stick blow your data cap out of the water?

    • Victoria M Pennington says:

      Yes it does!!! At&t would never admit that to me tho. Last summer when i first got the app every month my data was going up & up to where they were charging me monthly fir going over. So i got UNLIMITED and guess what? Nexy months bill my data usage dropped to below my cap. Now what is that??? BS thats what that is. Right?

    • Victoria M Pennington says:

      It sure does like BIG TIME!!

  2. Anita says:

    How do you launch this directvnow once you have put it on the sideloader app?

    • Hold the home button down until a menu appears and select apps to open the grid listing of all applications.

      Or- go into settings and manage all applications, but that’s less convenient.

      Once you’ve run it a few times it should appear in the recent apps list on the main screen.

  3. Jack says:

    How about new beta app? Does it work on 1st gen Fire tv as well? How can I sideload that? Any URL?

  4. M_A_C says:

    Thanks so much! I was pissed they removed support when it works fine.

  5. Mark says:

    They did WHAT?!?!?! Guess who is canceling service from them, then…

  6. Mark says:

    WTF Amazon?!?!?! First I have to side step and go thru BS for Youtube and now the same for this DirecTV app?!?!?!?! I am NOT a happy camper! Complete and utter BS!!!

  7. David says:

    Sorry to say, this doesn’t work for me anymore. It worked on the first device I tried it on, but on subsequent devices the device now gives an error message on launch. This SUCKS.

  8. Alan L Daugherty says:

    How come no one has said anything about Directv dropping support for my Samsung nook and chromecast. All I get is a notice about a protocol exception

  9. Mulondo Echols says:

    I did the download but there is no icon on the home screen for directv now. How can I add the app button once I made the download? Thanks

  10. Victoria M Pennington says:

    Ok after dealing with this for 2 weeks…i have realized i cannot get the ID channel nor NBC. That is crazy. No problem with any channels until the update. Im dropping them before next pymt due even tho they offered me half price. Saw this site GEARS IPTV. $18.50 per connection for 300 channels. Anyone tried it??

    • Rhonda Geisler says:

      I was unable to watch all of my locals and a few more channels that were suppose to be in my plan but they were just not in the guide. I found a workaround that allows you to watch them.

      Select a channel that you can watch close to the missing channel. I did not have ABC in the guide but I go to AMC and then click the Left arrow on the left side of the screen and ABC for the correct location appears!

  11. snow11 says:

    Thanks worked for me as well B.S the app isn’t working for gen 1

  12. Victoria Pennington says:

    6-11-18. Wanting to watch The Bachlorette and i cannot get any channels above CBS on the tv guide. So if the name of the tv show for the current time doesnt show it will not give you the channel. I have been trying for an hour and a half. How ridic is this???

  13. Gomzi says:

    Worked for me on first gen fire stick… thanks a ton

  14. Jules says:

    FINALLY! Took me 2 days of searching. Thank you for the fix!

  15. Victoria Pennington says:

    Today..June 22.. My app is working like before all the mess. I already cancelled my next payment which would be tomorrow. But, I really hadn’t found anything else comparable. My mom and I both have been investigating. Set tv is done…cordcutters: bad at streams doesn’t work half the time. Aragon live tv has some channels that run the same but most are like watching ON DEMAND.. Gallery has less channels and will are ones already aired. But their movies run fast with many streams that work good. Read GEARS was difficult and jerky customer support. So actually my mom is trying direct now app for $10 per month for 3 months. You can’t beat that. I think I will do that also. Biggest problem was the data usage running SKY HIGH…So don’t know what to say about that. Tech guy from KINEAD TECH told me every time you change channels it’s up & down loading which causes much usage. I think “data usage” is going to be the next issue consumers are going to have to deal with. The cost is RIDIC!! I’M going to sign up for NORD VPN so I can use Kodi safely. Anybody have any other good news?? Kod I also had its own website and community to join.

  16. Andrew Price says:

    I’m getting “Content Not Owned” when I try to launch the app. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall twice. This is first gen. firetv.

  17. Directv makes me happy says:

    Anyone have an update on how to bypass the new app as of today?

  18. snow11 says:

    Mine stopped working as well om first gen

  19. Zach says:

    Same here mine stoped working and shows will no longer support your directv now app. I did the work around and whats messed up is I seen online they are giving out credits for $75 for people like use that they dropped support on but not for the $35 grandfathered plan which I’m using. I’m going to contact Amazon if they don’t give me a credit I’m dropping service, selling all my amazon devices and finding something new for both.

  20. Mulondo Echols says:

    doesn’t work anymore now they have a message coming up on the screen that says it will not work with the first generation firestick

  21. Dennis R says:

    The work around finally stopped working . I can’t believe I have to buy a new fire tv, and then buy and Ethernet adapter (because the new version doesn’t have one) just to get Directv Now to work. Literally every other app works fine. So disappointed. I wish there was a way to trick the app into thinking I had a newer fire . It’s not any hardware requirement to run the “new app”. It’s lines of code that make us have to replace an entirely new device that otherwise is working perfectly fine

  22. snow11 says:

    Thanks file works Directv now backup and running for me

  23. snow11 says:

    well spoke to soon audio but no video ,, Vid is blocky and not streaming

    • David says:

      When all this started, side-loading the apk worked fine. Now, it appears that DirectTVNow is using a different encoding system (H.265?) because even if you successfully trick them into letting you run the app, video doesn’t play back properly. Time to move on.
      I complained to DirectTVNow and they gave me 3 months credit ($75) by bringing my plan down to $10 from $35. With Prime Day, the FTV 3 Pendant is only $35, so I was able to essentially get 2 of them for free. Not that bad in the end.

  24. snow11 says:

    Ya I think you right I tried and had no luck so may have to get a new one if anyone had feed back feel free to give feedback

  25. ALicia says:

    So long story short here first generation fire stick cannot use Direct TV NOW app for streaming. Only Generation 2 and above are supported for the app. Playstation Vue works with generation 1 but less channels. Over the last few days I have been comparing the services before committing to one. Unfortunately, Directtvnow has more channels for the price but less TV streaming at once. Meaning 2 at a time only. Playstation allows 5 tv’s at once. DVR cloud Playstation 28 days storage Directtvnow 20 hours

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