How to continue using a Luna Controller if Amazon Luna cloud gaming shuts down — Google take note

Google announced this week that it will be shutting down its Stadia cloud gaming service in January. That has left owners of the Stadia controller trying to figure out a way to continue using the WiFi-only Stadia controller wirelessly with other devices once the Stadia service is gone. There are several community efforts underway to hack the Stadia controller and keep it out of landfills, so, if Amazon Luna is ever shut down, hopefully, the same type of effort will spring up to keep the Luna controller functional. Uh… oh wait… Amazon already built Bluetooth into the Luna controller from the beginning, so you just need to hold the Action and B buttons for 3 seconds to put it into pairing mode so it’s discoverable by any Fire TV, Android device, Windows PC, or Mac. However, if you want a lag-free wired connection without Luna, then you’ll need someone to figure out a hack and make drivers for the Luna controller. Uh… oh wait… Amazon already provides Windows drivers for wired connections to the Luna controller via its USB-C port and it already works wired with Macs and Android devices without any drivers. In summary, if Amazon Luna disappears, the Luna controller will remain very functional as a Bluetooth or wired controller for use with Fire TVs, Fire Tablets, Android devices, Windows PCs, and Macs, just as it already is today, because selling a $69 controller that only works with a single service is downright stupid, Google.

  1. Bitter says:

    Unlike the original fire controller that stopped working after fire cube 1

    • Actually, that was the 2nd-gen controller, but yes, since it was also a WiFi-only controller its support had to be baked into each Fire TV model and that was destined to end at some point, which it did, unfortunately. The original 1st-gen controller was Bluetooth and still works fine today. Thankfully Amazon learned its lesson and didn’t repeat its mistake from the 2nd-gen Wifi-only controller with the Luna controller.

    • Zeric says:

      Yea, I have 3 of the 2nd gen controllers sitting around doing nothing. They work with the Fire TV 2 boxes I have, which are quite fast, but I stopped using them when I upgraded TVs to 4K.

  2. llurker says:

    Stadia controller works fine plugged in as well

  3. Tj says:

    It took awhile to get used to the controller but I really like it and consider it the best in the bunch. Use it for almost all of my gaming.

  4. Nicholas Cannon says:

    Are we sure the BT in the stadia controller is capable?

  5. Theapptest says:

    Can I play android games with luna controler on google tv/fire tv outside usa ?

    • Jeremy says:

      Shouldn’t be a problem to play outside the us provided you can connect to Bluetooth. You may need the Luna app as well. I don’t recall but the app may be required but I think just holding the button allows Bluetooth mode without the app the app just makes it easier to visualize. Now if I could just get the firmware updated to allow these to connect to my switch all would be good

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