How to connect wired internet to a rooted Fire TV Stick using a USB Ethernet Adapter

Some Amazon Fire TV Stick owners struggle with poor WiFi signal strength. The combination of a small internal antenna, due to the device’s compact size, and being crammed behind a TV will often result in bad reception. If your Fire TV Stick is rooted, it’s possible to use a USB to Ethernet adpater to bypass WiFi entirely and connect the Stick with a wired connection. Here’s what you need to know and how to do it.

Compatible USB Ethernet Adapter

It’s important to use a USB ethernet adapter that is supported by the Fire TV Stick by default, because there is no easy way to install additional drivers. I’ve found that adopters using the Asix AX88772 chipset work great with the Fire TV Stick without any configuration. The exact adapter I used is the Monoprice USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter 109466/9466 but there are many AX88772 adpaters that should also work. If you want to determine the chipset of a particular USB Ethernet adapter, and the manufacturer doesn’t have it listed, try downloading the adapter’s Linux or Mac drivers. The driver files or instructions will often be labeled with the chipset model.


See this post for an all-in-one Ethernet adapter that works with the Fire TV Stick.

Quick Guide

Surprisingly, all you need to do to get a USB Ethernet adapter to work is connect everything up and enable OTG capabilities. The Fire TV Stick immediately recognizes the connection and automatically switches to it.

  1. Connect the USB Ethernet Adapter to an OTG Cable.
  2. Connect a wired ethernet cable to the USB Ethernet Adapter.
  3. Connect the OTG Cable to the Fire TV Sick and lastly to power.
  4. Enable OTG support on the Fire TV Stick by following this guide.
  5. And you’re done! The Fire TV Stick will automatically detect everything and switch to the wired connection. To verify, go to the Settings menu and scroll over to System > Network, and you’ll see it is now listed as a “Wired” connection.

Detailed Guide

If the quick guide above didn’t work, or you want a bit more insight into what’s going on, you can go through the following steps.

  1. Connect your OTG Cable to the Fire TV Stick and power it on.
  2. Connect to the Fire TV Stick via ADB.
  3. Enter ADB shell by running the command: adb shell
  4. Enter root by running the command: su
  5. [OPTIONAL] If you want, you can bring up your current network configuration now, before connecting the USB Ethernet Adapter, so that you can see it change later. This way you can verify that your USB ethernet adapter is recognized by the Fire TV Stick. Display your network configuration by running the command: netcfg
  6. Enable OTG support by running the command: echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/bcmpmu_otg_xceiv/host
  7. Connect your USB Ethernet Adapter to the OTG Cable, but do not connect the Ethernet Cable yet.
  8. [OPTIONAL] Check that the Fire TV Stick recognised your USB Ethernet Adapter by running the command: netcfg
    You should see a new line for eth0 in the list.
  9. Connect the Ethernet Cable to the USB Ethernet Adapter.
  10. [OPTIONAL] Quickly, before the Fire TV Stick switches to the Ethernet connection and you lose your current ADB connection, view the IP address assigned to the USB Ethernet Adapter by running the command: netcfg
  11. The Fire TV Stick will automatically switch to the wired ethernet connection. To verify, go to the Settings menu and scroll over to System > Network, and you’ll see it is now listed as a “Wired” connection.

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  1. AFTVnews says:

    If you come across a chipset or adapter that does not work, please reply to this comment so that I can update the follow list.

    Incompatible Chipsets:

    • • Asix AX88179

    Incompatible Adapters:

    • Joshua says:

      When you say this has to be done every time you power down or reboot the stick, does that mean every time I shut off my TV I have to redo all of this to get it to be a wired connection?

  2. Brian says:

    The chromecast power ethernet adapter is said to have a Asix AX88xx chip. Not sure if it has enough power though.

  3. Boogir says:

    Do you need root to do this?

  4. xnamkcor says:

    Can anyone confirm if a Gigabit adapter works?

    I tried a Sabrent branded “USB-G1000” that reports as AX88178 on my Gen 1 Fire TV(Fire OS 5.0.5) and it did not go to “Wired” when I disconnected the onboard Ethernet.

    PS: Is there a command I can do to disable the Wireless? And is there a command to let me choose which network device I am using? I’m not rooted.

  5. Jim says:

    What about a gb adapter? I have been thinking it might be nice to add one to my 1st gen firetv… I was thinking something with a AX88178 Chipset might work like this one…

  6. Deb says:

    Is 17gb speed strong enough for a fire stick

  7. Johnyb says:

    Is there a way to make the OTG support persistent after reboots? Its not really that useful unless this is possible. Thanks

  8. Clinton says:

    I have setup my fire stick and see the wired connection. I can also access it via ADB using the new IP address but it does not show as having internet access. It continually tells me to go to the network settings to resolve my issue. If I manually access my applications and start plex I can reach my server. Any ideas?

    • Damon Galloway says:

      hello can anyone help.. I rooted by firestick and have the otg and the usb Ethernet but I am having trouble with the command prompts to enable a wired connection.. can someone help

  9. Alison says:

    I want to avoid wifi, so hardware Internet to my tv and firestick. How do I do this? I’m so confused. I ordered one of the parts above got it today and I’m banging my head against the wall. Please help! Thx :)

  10. Guy says:

    It works well but loses wired connection after a reset/power down. You have to go through the procedure again. Any way around this. I’m not familiar with Linux\android but surely there is a way to make th eth0 connection default.

  11. The dude says:

    Was gonna buy the adapt or etc until I saw guys comment. Not fun having to mess about each time. Anyone?

  12. cdlenfert says:

    For those asking about re-enabling OTG support after reboot, I’d recommend searching on the XDA developers forum. I don’t understand what this means, but there’s a description on the last comment of this thread that maybe someone could dumb down for us JV tinkerers.

  13. mike says:

    Hello there. is there still no way to root or connect the firestick tv with OS of to the ethernet? thanks

  14. Anthony Hurdle says:

    I have version 5.2.2 and I can not get past SU. adb shell then su and stuck. Any suggestions?

  15. Judd L. says:

    This is awesome. On the fire stick 2, you just need to hook everything up, I didn’t have to enable anything. It automatically creates the wired connection. Thanks.

  16. Crispyduck says:


    I Just got a cheap AX88772 Adapter and followed this guide. Wired connection is working, but after a few seconds the Stick is freezing completely. Maybe it’s a power problem, I will try if it works with a powered USB hub. Does anyone had similare problems?

    • Crispyduck says:

      Okay, powered USB Hub didn’t help. I can also connect with adb to eth0 to the DHCP assigned up address but after some time the stick freezes.
      In the dmseg output I only see a few errors about IP6 bindings, but this is because I have disabled IPv6 on my router; should be the same on the wireless connection.
      Any ideas?

  17. fayaz merani says:

    connected to the device but when i run su after adb shell, it says not found….pleas help

  18. JOSEPH ROSSI says:

    Will a usb 3.0 ethernet adapter destroy the Firestick?

    I am trying to avoid destroying my firestick altogether, but what will in fact burn it out?

  19. Jpac says:

    Hi saw your post was wondering if I had to be rooted to use this for myself am I interested. I have fire stick Alexa. Do you think it will work.

  20. Ike says:

    It would be great if the source of this article actually answered some questions…

  21. Danny says:

    I also have the Fire Stick with Alexia. My wired pc gets 95Mbps. My wifi thru Fire Stick using a VPN, I get 5Mbps. I definitely want to get this wired to ethernet. However, This entire thread of yes no or maybe is confusing to say the least.

  22. Big D says:

    I have a NYKO Net Connect Wii ethernet adapter in which I have alsoused for my Asus laptop that works great for both,so will this work?

  23. Tina says:

    My husband got an adapter that came with a disc to install drivers. How do I install the drivers on my firestick? I am not very technically savvy. Says the chipset is the AX88772. Just not sure how to install the drivers to the stick or if it would even work

  24. Aross1976 says:

    This does not work for me at all
    I get adb shell it says shell@montoya
    I enter su and nothing happens
    Then I enter netcfg and I get nothing
    I have kingoroot and super su installed

  25. Don says:

    This worked for me with an old Nintendo Wii wired Ethernet adapter I had on-hand. I did not root my unit, using the built-in support of the 2nd gen Stick. I had an old short OTG cable that lacked a power jack, so I cut the USB cable on the network adapter and wired the power leads of an old cut-off USB cable in parallel with the power and ground leads of the adapter. I then used a USB extension cable to get the connection from the Ethernet adapter up to the OTG cable, which was plugged into the Fire Stick. This allowed plugging the spliced-in USB cable into the original Fire Stick power supply and supplied power to both the Ethernet adapter and the Fire Stick. It work straight away! What a difference in the consistency of the connection and video quality!

    I was a bit worried about the length of the extension cable and the gauge of the wires causing a voltage drop, but all seems good. I assume the Stick disables the WIFI radio if the wired adapter is detected, so the current draw is likely much less.

    Apparently any Wii wired adapter will work, as they all (most?) use the Asix AX88772 chipset, which is known to be compatible with the Ethernet drivers in the Fire Stick. I verified the chipset by plugging into Windows and checking the Device Manager.

    Total cost = $0.00

  26. We can’t use the Fire Stick if the Fire Stick not connecting to WiFi. So you should try to fix if there is any such issue. We have so many ways to resolve the issue.

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