How to connect a Wii Remote (Wiimote) to the Fire TV

In this guide, we show you how to connect and use a Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) on your Fire TV. It is important that you follow the guide exactly and perform the steps in the exact order listed. 


  • Your Fire TV must be rooted
    • To root your Fire TV, follow our guide here
  • You need a USB or Bluetooth mouse
    • Some steps require a USB or Bluetooth mouse connected to the Fire TV. You only need to use a mouse the first time you connect a Wii remote. After the first time, you can connect Wii remotes without the need of a mouse.
  • Know how to sideload apps and connect to your Fire TV via ADB

Step 1: Setup the Xposed Framework

  1. Download the Xposed Framework APK (Source/Mirror)
  2. Sideload the Xposed Framework onto your Fire TV
  3. Launch “Xposed Installer” on the Fire TV from the Settings > Applications menu
  4. Select “Framework”
  5. Select “OK” to dismiss the popup
  6. Select “Install/Update” to install the framework
  7. Select “Grant” on the SupreSU popup
  8. Select “OK” to reboot


Step 2: Setup the HDXPosed Module

  1. Download the HDXPosed module (Source/Mirror)
  2. Sideload the HDXPosed module onto your Fire TV
  3. After rebooting, launch “Xposed Installer”
  4. Select “Modules”
  5. With a mouse connected to the Fire TV, check the “HDXPosed” box in the upper right.
  6. Exit to the Fire TV Home screen and reboot the Fire TV by holding both “Select” and “Play” on the Fire TV remote for several seconds

Step 3: Connect the Wiimote

  1. Sideload this Settings.apk app: Download Here (mirror)
  2. Sideload Wiimote Controller: Download Here (mirror)
  3. Launch Wiimote Controller
  4. Select “I AGREE”
  5. DO NOT make a selection on the “Important” pop up message yet. Just leave it displayed and continue to the next step in this tutorial.
  6. Connect to your Fire TV via ADB
  7. Run the command: adb shell
  8. Run the command: su
  9. Select “Grant” on the popup that appears on your Fire TV
    (This popup will only appear if you have never run the su command before)
  10. Run the command: pm disable
    NOTE: Leave ADB open and connected, you will return to it again
  11. Select “YES” on the “Important” popup that you left open in step 5
  12. Use a mouse to click on the “WiiControllerIME” option
  13. Select “OK” on the popup
  14. Verify that there is now a check next to “WiiControllerIME”
  15. Press the back button once on the Fire TV remote to be taken back to the Wiimote Controller app
    CAUTION: Do not press the Home button to go back to the app. It is important you press back only once.
  16. Assuming you are still connected via ADB, run the command: pm enable
  17. Run the command: exit
  18. Run the command: exit
    (Yes, you run this twice. Also, you may now disconnect and close ADB after this step)
  19. Press the red sync button on your Wiimote
  20. Select “Init and Connect” on your Fire TV
  21. Verify that your Wiimote was found and connected successfully. Your Screen should look like this:
  22. Press the “A” button on your Wiimote and verify that the Wiimote Controller app recorded the key press and release
    CAUTION: Be careful to NOT press the Wiimote’s “B” (trigger) button. This acts as a “back” button and will take you to the home screen.
  23. Select the “Select WiiControllerIME” option
  24. Select “WiiControllerIME”
  25. You’re Done!


Some Notes
The Fire TV controller still works while the Wiimote is connected. Hold the Wiimote like a NES controller since pressing “Right” (when held like a TV remote) on the D-pad registers as “Up”. The Wiimote “A” button acts as the Fire TV “Select”. The “B” button acts as the Fire TV “Back” button. The “+” button acts as the Fire TV “Menu” button. You can also connect a nunchuck to the Wiimote and use the joystick.

Once you’ve connected a Wiimote once, all you need to do is launch Wiimote Controller and follow steps 19 thru 24 to connect more/future Wiimotes.

If you accidentally do something wrong and end up with a “broken” Fire TV home screen, do steps 3.6 thru 3.9 and 3.16 thru 3.18, and start Step 3 all over.

  1. Richard Killingsworth says:

    When I open the settings app and go to “Language and Input” it kicks me out of the app and back to the home screen. What should I do to fix that?

    • Stanley at home says:

      Okay so I tried this and get the same issue Richard gets. I disable the tv launcher and click the button to change the input I get kicked back to the main screen, the cloud sharing screen to be specific. Anyone have a fix?

  2. Frustrated says:

    I crash just like others above. This does not work!

  3. Mike says:

    Same thing here… On step 11, I click Yes and it crashes (goes to my photos section).

    Anyone figure this out or are we all giving up for now?

  4. AFTVnews says:

    I believe I have figured out why some people are having trouble with this guide, while others are not. I think you need to have Xposed and the HDXposed module installed for Settings.apk to function correctly. I have updated the guide to include instructions on installing these two components. For those having problems, please let me know if installing Xposed and the HDXposed module allowed you to successfully connect your Wii remote.

    • Fat Farley says:

      That did the trick. Thank you, I didn’t install the Wii part. I just wanted to check Unknown Sources in settings and your guide worked great.

  5. Stanley at home says:

    Perfect my friend, worked great

  6. Eli Moeller says:

    I did this and the wii remote works. The problem I have is now when I go to setting and open the applications, controllers, help, system or my account I get a white screen with a orange border and a button that says done or next. When I click on either button nothing happens. How can I fix this?

    • Eli Moeller says:

      Also, I can not do a factory reset as the same white screen with orange box comes up. Please help me get out of this screen!!! I can’t see all my apps and load XBMC.

      • AFTVnews says:

        This is a first. I’ve never heard of anyone having this problem.

        If you don’t mind factory resetting and have a USB keyboard handy, you can follow this guide to factory reset from recovery.

        Otherwise, my suggestion is to start uninstalling the last apps you installed, one by one, via ADB. To do this, use the command: adb uninstall package_name

        To get the package name, you can list all packages installed with this command: adb shell pm list packages -f
        Or, if you still have the APK files you used to install, you can get the package name with this command: aapt dump badging

  7. Eli Moeller says:

    Thanks. I have tried to uninstall but I just get a failure message. This is the package that I am trying to uninstall.


    I would like to try to fix this without doing a factory reset. Also, I don’t have a USB keyboard handy.

  8. Eli Moeller says:

    Additionally, I went and bought a USB keyboard. When I plug it in the white screen disappears and goes back to the settings menu. If I try to click on Parental Controls, Apps or anything else that brings up the white screen it doesn’t come up and appears to be stuck. I have to click on the home button on the remote to do anything. Also, when I try a factory reset at the recovery screen when I press the home button on the keyboard no menu comes up.

    • AFTVnews says:

      When you’re on the “update failed” screen. If nothing happens when you hit the home button, press Alt+PrintScrn+i one more time. The screen should go black and come back to the “update failed” screen. Now press the home button and you should see the menu come up. I’m going to go update that guide to make this more clear.

  9. justin says:

    after paired, i can’t play with game like minion rush and world at arms

  10. Johny says:

    How do you add a bluetooth mouse to use?

  11. sansa says:


    I have 2 fire controller and 1 wii controller, i wanna play snes games with my brother, the problem is the snes emulator. I connect the 2 amazon controllers and the wii controller (thx a lot for the guide) and the emulator take the 2 fire controller for the 1 player and i cant use the second player. Now the wii controller have something diferent, my problem now is the dpad section of the fire and wii controller. if you now some way to differentiate the dap of the fire controller and wii controller it will be greattt. Thx a lot for the guide

  12. FaviMe! says:

    I want to connect a Favi Keyboard FE02RF-BL, which per the XBMC wiki should work just fine on the Fire TV. But no matter what I do, I cant get the keyboard to work on my rooted Fire TV (running firmware # Is there something I need to do first before the keyboard will work? Something with Xposed perhaps? Help!

  13. Mesa Jar Jar Binks says:

    Is it possible to make it work on a Fire TV Stick? I saw that the stick can’t be rooted just yet…

  14. Eric Townsend says:

    I successfully installed this but when I try to use it with Riptide GP2, I get “remote disconnected” “OK”, on first button push. Is it the game or is there something missing?

  15. MK says:

    Great write up, got it to work. Does anyone know if there’s a way to change the buttons around? Can the buttons be customize? If so, how?

  16. sunil schauffler says:

    I’m trying to install on rooted fire stick. I get something that says “failed to get root access. Make sure your device is rooted properly and you have not blocked shell commands”. Any help here?

  17. Arne Lohrberg says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve read the comments above and tried searching for more information. However, being on FW “” I cannot get this to work. I’ve followed the guide step-by-step and I also fail at selecting Wiimote as a keyboard. Research suggests that the Settings.apk (I downloaded the one in this guide) does not work with Lollipop, which leads to a crash and subsequent failure of assigning Wiimote as keyboard. Also, clicking “No” on the respective screen, I can initiate the connection to the Wii controller. It even detects a controller, but it does not pair.
    Xposed Framework and the HDXposed Module are properly installed (At least as far as I can tell. It says “running” when starting Xposed Framework Installer and HDXposed is checked).
    Is all of this nonsense to do on a recently delivered AFTV 2? The box also detects the Wii controller in its “settings -> game controller” section, but connection fails both with password 1234 and 0000. Research did not lead to another password for pairing.

    Any help or link to a respective XDA or reddit thread would be greatly appreciated!

  18. iniro says:

    I cant get working with settings.apk from above link. Im on bueller 5.0.5 aftv1. Thx in advance!

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