How to check your Amazon Coin and Credit balances

balance-check-headerAmazon separates your credit balances into different categories depending on how they were acquired. If that weren’t confusing enough, Amazon does not provide a single place to check all your balances. This guide will help clear things up by showing you exactly where to go to check all your different balances.

Amazon Coins Balance
This is Amazon’s in-house currency for Appstore purchases. Many apps will reward you with free coins when they are purchased. These coins can only be used to purchase apps and games form the Appstore. One Amazon Coin is equivalent to $0.01 US dollars (i.e., a penny)

To check your Amazon Coin balance, visit the product page of any paid app. Your Amazon Coin balance will be displayed on the right, below the price of the app.

Amazon Appstore Credit Balance
This is Amazon credit that can only be used to purchase apps and games from the Amazon Appstore. This credit is listed in dollars, but is essentially equivalent to Amazon Coins. If you have both Amazon Appstore Credit and Amazon Coins, the Appstore Credit will be used for purchasing apps instead of your Amazon Coins, even if you select Amazon coins as the purchase method.

To check your Amazon Appstore Credit balance, visit the product page of any paid app. Next, click the blue link labeled “Redeem a gift card or promotion code & view balance”. The link is located on the right, just above the “Add to Wish List” button. Once clicked, a popup will appear displaying your Appstore Credit balance.

Amazon Gift Card Balance
Your Amazon Gift Card balance is the generic, all-around credit that can be used to purchase nearly anything sold by Amazon. The one exception is that you can’t use your Gift Card balance to purchase other gift cards. Thankfully, Amazon provides a dedicated page to viewing your Amazon Gift Card balance, and includes all purchase made with your Gift Card balance on the same page.

To check your Amazon Gift Card balance, visit this link.

Amazon “Digital Goods” Credit Balances
(This includes MP3, Instant Video, Kindle, and Software/Video Game Balances)
Amazon has four separate balances for their various digital content credit. These four balances are: Amazon MP3 Credit, Amazon Instant Video Credit, Amazon Kindle Credit, and lastly Software/Video Games Credit. It is worth noting that Amazon will usually convert one form of digital credit into another if you contact customer support. They will usually even convert one of these four digital credits into Appstore credit. (Software/Video Games Credit cannot be used in the Amazon Appstore unless it is first converted by customer service.)

To check your Amazon “Digital Goods” Credit balances, visit this link or this link and click the “Check you balance” button. Once clicked, a popup will appear displaying your four digital balances.

  1. Tamara says:

    Thank you so much. This article is very helpful in identifying all of my credits and coins! :-)

  2. Ann says:

    Thanks for the little blue link info. The best link I found was the one that doesn’t mention checking balances – the redeem a gift card… on any Amazon Video purchase/rent page. That lists all 6 balances at once (gift card, app, Kindle, mp3, software, video).

  3. peggy torres says:

    I have never purchased anything from amazon nor do I want to and am being charged for amazon prime on my credit card . please discontinue charging and return said monies because as I stated I have not used or want to use your company for ANYTHING now or in the future thank you.

  4. kloh says:

    does not work. page is blank. why is the payment history so darn hard to fibd. doesn’t display your email when buying also. you pay and you dobt receive the coins.cant check if payment was processed on Amazon.

  5. Kim L Goodwill says:


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