How to change the Alexa wake word and ESP behavior of an Amazon Fire HD 8 / HD 10 tablet

Now that Show Mode and the new Show Mode Dock have been released for Amazon’s Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets, there’s now more reason than ever to use the hands-free Alexa capabilities of these tablets. If you’re looking to change the Alexa wake word on one of these tablets and are confused to not find the setting in the Alexa app, which is where it is changed for all Echo devices, here is how to do it on a Fire tablet. If you’re wanting to change the wake word because the tablet is not working well with another Alexa device nearby, there is an ESP Behavior setting you can adjust as well.

Unlike most Alexa devices, changing the wake word of one of Amazon’s Fire tablet models is done through the device’s own settings area and not through the Alexa app. The settings area on the tablet can be accessed by either tapping the Settings app icon on the home screen or by swiping down from the top and tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner of the notification pane.

Once in the settings area, select the Alexa menu item near the top. From there you’ll see several options related to how Alexa behaves on the tablet, with the wake word setting near the center. Selecting it lets you select whether you want the wake word to be “Alexa” or “Amazon.” Fire tablets cannot use the wake word “Echo” or “Computer,” like you can select with Echo devices. If you’re looking to change the Alexa wake word because the tablet isn’t working well with another Alexa device nearby, you may want to experiment with the ESP Behavior setting at the bottom of this screen.

  1. tampa8 says:

    Wake Word, Trusted Networks and ESP settings are not in my HD 8 menu. And my menu is in one column divided into Device, Personal, and System. Fire OS just installed July 12th.

  2. tampa8 says:

    I posted this in the Show thread where it first came up;

    I contacted support they had me go to safe mode, turn off all alexa features on tablet and delete the alexa app. Then turn off the tablet and go back to normal mode and reinstall the app and then sync the device. That did it. Sync is usually a few seconds this time it was longer, and when done all settings are now there

  3. AR says:

    how does dock mode work exactly?
    like if i have it docked is there a magnet in the dock and sensor in the tablet to let it know it is docked so that it runs from the AC only and doe snot constantly charge and run down the battery and charge again rinse and repeat?
    or is there some other means that it know how to manage power
    because a lot of android devices just suck at this
    they do not run the device from AC when plugged in ,like charge the battery to 100% then run from AC they let the battery charge and \drain until the batter is quickly ruined

  4. Richard Carter says:

    I’m trying to reprogram the “WakeWordService.apk” system app on my Fire HD devices to also allow “Echo” and “Computer” as available wake word choices. I have Echo Dot devices in some rooms and Fire HD devices in others, and it’s incredibly annoying to not just be able to say “Computer” from any room in my home to speak to Alexa, but to have to remember, “oh yeah… in this room, Alexa only responds to ‘Computer,’ in this room she’s ‘Alexa.'”

    • MP says:

      It is really silly that they haven’t enabled “computer” in all devices. I am looking forward to Richard’s hack.

  5. Al says:

    Addressing the initial post dated July 15 about changing the tablet 10 wake word – when I go into settings and select Alexa unlike your screen shot my only choices are;
    Restrict Access
    Hands-Free Mode
    There are no other options listed.

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