How to Block Software Updates on the Fire TV Stick

Currently, the Amazon Fire TV Stick cannot be rooted. That doesn’t mean a new rooting method won’t be discovered in the future. Generally, the older the software your Fire TV Stick is running, the more likely it will be compatible with new rooting methods. Read on to learn how to block updates on the Fire TV Stick to ensure maximum future rooting potential.

The Fire TV Stick updates in the same manner and through the same domains as the Fire TV. Since there is currently no way to block updates on the device itself, your only option is to block the update domains via your router or through a DNS filtering service like OpenDNS.

If your router is capable of blocking access to specific domains, set it to block the following 3 domains:


If your router is capable of blocking URL strings, set it to block:

  • montoya-ota

All Fire TV Stick software update files start with montoya-ota (Fire TV update files start with bueller-ota), so blocking all URLs containing that string will ensure updates are blocked even if Amazon changes the download domains listed above.

See my Fire TV router blocking guide for additional information, as it also applies to the Fire TV Stick.

Also, see my guide on How to complete the Fire TV Stick Initial Setup without Updating

  1. Y314K says:

    Thanks… On my Shibby Tomato router I had blocked the first 2 domains & just added the third domain…

    But decided to add the two URL strings too… But when I test out the link you posted for the new FireTV FW over at XDA. It still downloads without a problem. I thought the URL string blocking would make the attempt to download the FW fail since “bueller-ota” should be blocked … Am I wrong on this ??

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, you’re not wrong. The link I posted is the exact same link the Fire TV Stick will be requesting, so if your PC can download the file, then your blocks are not working.

      FIrst try clearing your browser cache and flushing your DNS. It may just be that simple.

      If that doesn’t work, then something is wrong with your router settings.

      • Y314K says:

        Will do… I had only blocked the 2 IP’s with my 3 FTV’s which have never tried to update when I was rooting them… So that seems to be working… But will keep testing it… Will also reboot my router…

      • Y314K says:

        I remember testing the two IP’s back then & they where blocked fine…

        Just tested the 3 and two of them seem to blocked fine…

        But gives me a “File not found.” so not sure if that one is being blocked correctly…

      • bam rock says:

        Could you post a link to the test file? I have it blocked in my router but I would like to double check. Thanks for the great site! I’ve been with you since the old domain.

  2. Clive Cleary says:

    Hi – just want to say this is a fantastic and invaluable website. You are totally all over it! My next question for the Fire TV stick is – Can you change the DNS settings exactly like the Fire TV? I’m in Ireland and Unotelly works perfect for me over here.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks! Glad you’re finding the site useful. Yes, you can change the DNS settings on the Fire TV Stick. The DNS settings on the Fire TV Stick are exactly the same as the Fire TV.

  3. Clive Cleary says:

    perfect. Thanks. This just gets better. Ordered 2 this morning from best Buy online (I have a US postal address). My Amazon order was not due for delivery till after Christmas so thanks again!

  4. RavenII says:

    I was trying to get it to stop updating but let me use the damn thing, no go…looking forward to your write up on how to do that. I tried interrupting the update JUST as it started downloading it, no go.

  5. BuTbKa says:

    Is there a way to downgrade AFTV Stick firmware to rootable version? Or, perhaps, flash pre-rooted one?

  6. atmos says:

    Can someone put some steps on how to block updates on att uverse router.. wud be appreciated. Thanks !

  7. Sid says:

    I had to also block to get through the initial setup without downloading the update.

  8. Balki says:

    My stick unfortunately shipped with the update already installed. I blocked further Amazon updates through my router but then I stupidly hooked the stick up at my parent’s house where the block is not in place. The stick downloaded the app and now it keeps telling me it will update when not in use. I pulled the power and left it. Is there a way to delete what it downloaded or to prevent the update from installing at this point?

    • Bob says:

      Hi I have experience with this. My Fire TV Stick also shipped with the 6220 update on board and I accidentally connected to the wrong WiFi network, allowing it to find an update and give the message like yours did. What worked for me was going to Factory Reset in that same menu and staring over. Remember that the update is 426MB or something so it won’t just download in an instant. Now I’m on 6220 with no update message :D

  9. opti says:

    I used a non blocking router and the update is already downloaded (I am not rooted and on version 51.1.20_user_512073320)
    Is there any way to stop the pending update! Will “factory reset” clear the downloaded update? thnx

  10. Adam says:

    Despite never having blocked the update, I never seem to have any issues. Are we just being cautious or is an Apple style block considered inevitable?

  11. Chris says:

    I blocked all these and still got updated today.

    There must be something else that can be done. :(
    Also after the update, all my Kodi settings were undone.

  12. D says:

    Some info that might help some.

    I bought an ATV from Staples during their sale like 4+ months ago and let it sit. Series 2. Opened it up this week and found out that these first version boxes now no longer get past the network/setup screen even when using the Ethernet pull out technique. I tried two dozen times over two days. Let it sit over night. No deal.

    I blocked all domains and URL keywords including Montoya-ota. It said it couldn’t find the Amazon services and said to pull power and try again. Over and over. 12 minutes before timeout each time.

    I even had opendns DNS IP addresses in my dd-wrt with the same domains blocked there in my settings on opendns.

    So I started backing out domains one by one. AFTV said it still couldn’t reach their services. Even after removing all the domains from my ddwrt but leaving the URL keywords as blocked.

    Then got rid of the opendns ip address and switched to and boom! Before I even rebooted my router the AFTV finally had a change. It said “Downloading the latest software”…

    BUT… it actally wasn’t downloading it as I had Montoya-ota listed in my URL keyword block list. (only dd-wrt had the URL keyword block option, stock Linksys didn’t for my model. FYI) So when looking at my WAN port bandwidth, it wasn’t actually downloading the update file from Amazon. It WAS blocked by the keyword “Montoya-ota”. So FYI, that works.

    I removed that and then it did start downloading finally. Sad to say I’m about to lose root capability here in a minute when it finished. But at least you all have some test results. E.g Knowledge. FWIW.

    • D says:

      Mistake: Meant to say I removed “bueller-ota” in the above post. Not Montoya-ota. Montoya-ota is for the Fire TV stick. FYI.

      And sadly it did give me I’m kinda half really pissed off at Amazon right now and kinda fine with it as I can still side load Kodi. I already have my original rooted FTV, so I’m okay. But I have to say, I’m already going to move to only unrooted/open/rootable TV boxes after this. Sorry Amazon. I love this little box. It really is the best box on the market performance wise, fit and finish, etc., but screw you for taking my freedom away from me. Think I’ll buy the Nvidia Shield this week when it hits and never look back.

  13. Woody says:


    I feel right now like I’ve read the entire internet to fix my problem and you seem to be the only person who knows what they are talking about.

    I have a Fire Stick I plug it in and it says “unable to download updates, please turn the device off…” I cant get past this stage!

    I’ve tried all the suggestions above with blocking access to the sites, I’ve tried switching the router off at the certain points, all that’s left to do now is beg for help or burn the damn things.

    I have a lighter ready but I’ll hold off to see if I get a solution first :)

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