How to block software updates on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick


All versions of the Amazon Fire TV will download and install software updates automatically. There is no option to disable or reject software updates. Whether you have a rooted Fire TV or not, this guide will show you all the methods for blocking software updates on Fire TV devices.

Method 1: Block on Fire TV (Requires Root)

This method disables the service running on the Fire TV which checks for updates. Your Fire TV must be rooted to use this method. If your Fire TV is rooted, this is the recommended method, but it’s always a good idea to also use Method 3 to block updates via your router in case the update service gets re-enabled, which happens after a factory reset.

  • Does not require router or DNS setting changes.
  • Updates remain blocked when using Fire TV outside of your home network.
  • Disables updates on the device itself.
  • Requires Root.
  • Updates will be re-enabled after a factory reset.

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Method 2: Block on Fire TV (Without Root)

This method requires Fire OS 5.0.0 thru to be installed on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick to work. The only way to block updates on version and up is to either be rooted and use method 1, or use method 3 or 4 to block updates externally. If your device is rooted, you should follow method 1 instead of this method. This method ‘hides’ the update service on the device, which prevents updates, whereas method 1 disables it. It’s always a good idea to also use Method 3 or 4 to externaly block updates in case the update service gets re-enabled, which happens after a factory reset.

  • Does not require router or DNS setting changes.
  • Updates remain blocked when using Fire TV outside of your home network.
  • Disables updates on the device itself.
  • Updates will be re-enabled after a factory reset.

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Method 3: Block updates via Router

This method uses your router’s parental controls to block the domains that the Fire TV accesses when downloading updates. Even if you used method 1 on a rooted device or method 2 on an unrooted device, it’s still a good idea to also use this method. For this method to work, your router MUST be able to block both HTTP and HTTPS requests. Many routers cannot block HTTPS requests.

  • Does not require Root.
  • Depends on router's settings and abilities
  • Will not work for many routers do to inability to block HTTPS requests.
  • Updates will not be blocked if Fire TV is connected to a different network.

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Method 4: Block updates via OpenDNS

This method is your last resort if you don’t have access to your router’s settings, or your router is incapable of reliably blocking updates using method 3. This method routes your Fire TV’s web traffic through a service called OpenDNS which can block the domains the Fire TV needs to access in order to update.

  • Does not require Root.
  • Does not require router setting changes.
  • Relies on a 3rd-party service that may not stay free.
  • Requires DNS changes.
  • Updates will not be blocked if your home IP changes.
  • Updates will not be blocked if Fire TV is connected to a different network.

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Method 5: Block on Fire TV by setting a Custom Software Version Number (Requires Root)

This method blocks software updates by setting a custom OS version number so the device does not know which update to download. This should be done in addition to method 1 as a backup. The added advantage of this method is that it can be done within TWRP custom recovery. That means, you can have updates blocked on the device itself BEFORE completing the initial setup process. If you are factory reseting a rooted Fire TV, it is highly recommended that you implement this blocking method so that you don’t install an OTA update during the initial setup process.

  • Does not require router or DNS setting changes.
  • Updates remain blocked when using Fire TV outside of your home network.
  • Disables updates on the device itself.
  • Will block updates BEFORE starting the initial setup process. (Only method that can do this.)
  • Survives a factory reset.
  • Requires Root.
  • Updates will be re-enabled after installing any ROM. This must be redone every time you install a new ROM.

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  1. cdlenfert says:

    I’ve heard mixed things on how the dev preview will react to the OS 5 public roll out. Some say it will automatically updated to public, some say it will not. I’ve seen that some dev preview devices are getting dev preview updates (this was days ago) however my dev preview stick is still on the original 5.0 dev preview and won’t see 5.0.3 dev preview update. Does anyone outside of the new AFTV2 currently have the public version? Just overall a little confused.

    • momchil says:

      Same with me – my Fire TV Stick is still with the first dev version.

    • joe says:

      Need help have 2nd generation and block update but when I try to start my box it says unable to update amazon fire tv and will not let me continue past this screen it lets me go back but then it try to update and get same screen

      • Sausageman69 says:

        Hi did you manage to resolve this? Mine has just done the same.

        • Alias says:

          Same issue, would be nice if someone could get back to us on this. I block them 4 domains on my router and I can’t access my home menu on my firestick, I’ve also tried just blocking the two required domains and still no luck. Please update as method 3 and 4 now seems obsolete.
          So if you’re and not rooted I’m guessing you can’t disable updates???

    • Android Box says:

      Thank you for useful information and i followed same for my device. keep up the good work

  2. teatowl says:

    if you plug the stick into the tv’s usb, there’s not enough power to update. A message comes up asking you to plug it into mains power to update

  3. Rodel says:

    Do NOT block the software patch. The patch may include security fix ( eg, Hardbleed , Stagefright 2.0 , etc… ).

    You don’t want your device to get infected.

    • Paul Taylor says:

      If you are talking about a normal computer, used for a wide variety of things, then I completely agree about not blocking updates. But a FireTV? It’s really more of an appliance focused on TV viewing and games. The FireTV sits behind a router, so nothing scanning your home Internet connection is going to hit it. You have a better chance of getting a virus by side-loading something on it. I’m actually hoping that at least the first versions of the new OS are vulnerable something that allows a jailbreak, so people can jailbreak FireTV 2’s.

  4. Cedric says:

    I’m happy to block updates as I want to keep KODI running ;)

    • kadafi says:

      An update won’t block Kodi.

      • Jeffrey says:

        My fire tv and tv stick just auto updated yesterday and to my surprise amazon has partially block kodi. When you click on the application on both devices it opens kodi and it runs for a couple of seconds maybe 15 to 25 sec and after that it goes out of kodi automatically. My advice to anyone running kodi on fire tv and fire stick is to try any of the methods described above so you can avoid re installing and factory resetting which it is what i have to do now.

        • Nic says:

          Just go down to apps on your home screen.. Kodi is in the apps library… All you to do to still get Kodi is go there… Still on home screen still winning..

    • wally says:

      how dide you block ad thanks need help to stop popup & ad THANKS

  5. Wayne says:

    So does anyone know if the new FireTVs are rootable?

  6. Daniel says:

    Is this possible:

    I really need to bypass updates but makes problesm!

    Really need help. My eemc adapter is actually on the boasrd and i have access but how to disable updates without adb?

  7. Jim says:

    I have an asus router and the “t” at the end can not fit. The picture seems to have the same problem too! What should I do? <—— missing "t"

  8. Bob says:

    I bought a Fire TV w/voice and plugged it in before understanding what was needed to “jailbreak” it. I’m pretty sure the software updated immediately. Now that I’ve read what is needed to jailbreak one, they are all saying to jailbreak it first, before the update.

    Will a factory reset wipe out the update and allow me to jailbreak it???

  9. CJ says:

    Is it possible to block system updates but not amazon app downloads/updates using opendns?

  10. EasyBlock says:

    ****** Block OTA Updates Without Root on Fire OS 5

    With adb shell command:
    adb shell pm unhide

    Complete How-To:

    • EasyBlock says:

      Sorry, correct command is:
      adb shell pm hide

      To check it, just try to check for new updates. It will fail.

    • FlexiPack says:

      Thanks for this. I blocked the required URL on my router but my Fire Stick still automatically updated to 5.0.5. I wanted the updated but it proved the block didn’t work.

      • dv says:

        Same here. (In fact the comtrend screen shot above is mine.) A couple days when the stick started up, new features such as alexa was now available…

    • Vikas says:

      That seems to be just working for me. I blocked further updates after getting OS5 update today to keep my chances to root my first gen fire tv root.

  11. FlexiPack says:

    Do we need to add http:// or https:// to the urls? I blocked on my router but my Fire Stick still updated.

    • Vikas says:

      no matter if i use method 2 (parental control) or method 3 (opendns), i can always ping

      Please suggest.

      • Lar says:

        Yes you can ping the site…check to see if your router is doingbuts job by trying to open the url with a browser.

  12. Akif says:

    Hey there,
    You should definitely add the block method with adbfire connection. After Fire OS 5.0.5 update we are able to block the update via ADB connection and just hide the necessary OTA Update package and apk’s.

    I have hidden these files with the command “adb shell pm hide” :

    It works just fine as I can see. Maybe you can also try and let us know if it is safe or not :)

    Detailed info can be found on XDA:

  13. cdlenfert says:

    Nice addition of the non-root non-router block method. Makes me feel better taking my stick to a friends house while waiting for a root and recovery method.

  14. Mex says:

    Hi Elias,guys

    I am trying to block software updates on my firetv (without root) as you have suggested in your last post and run into a problem. I open adb shell and type the command you’ve shown but here what it says:

    shell@bueller:/ $ adb shell pm hide
    error: device not found

    Weird as my device is shown as connected and I can install apk. Any idea where it could come from ?

    Many thanks for your hard working


    • Mex says:

      Okay sorry to have bother for nothing I found my problem, sometimes mistakes are so much in front your face that you don’t see them !

      Had to run it without “adb shell” in front off as I was in adb shell terminal already.


  15. azido says:

    Maybe they closed this down. As soon as i try to block those adresses from accessing it through my router, firetv and fire tv stick both immediately loose network connection completely. If i remove that filter, it all runs fine again (i used method 3 on a avm router.)

  16. lichtblitz says:

    Method 3 won’t work on DD-WRT. IPTables will not filter HTTPS. But you can use DNSMasq instead :-)

    Follow on how to use DNSMasq on DD-WRT:

    In “Additional DNSMasq Options” use:


  17. bdaman says:

    How do I block a NEW FireStick from updates when I first plug it in? Method 3 (router) is not working for me as my router does not block https sites. The other 3 methods require me to register the box first. How do I proceed?

    Thanks in advance.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Method 4 does not require the box to be registered first. After you setup OpenDNS to block the domains, you just need to enter the OpenDNS IP in the advanced settings when you connect the Stick to your WiFi network.

      • bdaman says:

        I shall do that then. Thanks!

      • gdroid666 says:

        well then can you make a guide on how to do this then because your guide on this says that you need to get values in the settings menu to set up open DNS but we can’t get into setting menu now can we
        we cant do your “optional”
        step 3 , in your setting up DNS guide because we can’t get into the settings menu yet
        and we cant do steps 7 and 9 either because we can not do the “optional” step 3 so how do we get those values then when we can;t even get into setting menu?

    • wildcard says:

      remove WAN connection from router first

  18. Sylntnyt says:

    I bought a new Fire-tv 2 4k and used method 3 and 4 to block OTA updates before trying to set it up. It checks for updates, tries to download(which fails) and leaves me at the screen saying it was unable to update so it never let’s me get to the registration screen. How do I get past this?

  19. Aaron says:

    FYI…I completed block option via router, and when I copy/past domains into my url bar and hit go, I get a banner that says site is blocked by Netgear. However, I can still download your “test” file…

  20. Wokkawokka2x says:

    FireStarter is pretty much dead now with new Amazon update. This isn’t good considering that people now cannot update the current Kodi versions manually. (without a computer)

    I went to “manage applications” and FireStarter was nowhere to be seen anymore. I reloaded it and it said “filtering installed apps” and once again FireStarter was nowhere to manually start. Right now, the Kodi icon is on Amazons home screen. (no more FireStarter)
    This is NOT good considering Amazon is one step away from now blocking Kodi all together.
    Amazon is blocking the rooting. I’m not liking what I see now.

    • Paul Middleton says:

      Use firestopper app exactly the same as firestarter but it works,then you can update kodi with out needing a computer,just google firestopper.apk dload the file,then google adbfire and down load the app,go on youtube to see how to set it up, pretty easy to follow,once installed use just the same as firestarter :)

    • wildcard says:


      paste play store url

      download apk without evil google account

  21. rapid1898 says:

    Tried the method 2 for 3 Fire TVs – and it works very well – thanks for that!

    But then i tried it with my fire stick – and there i get the following error message:
    Error: unknown command ‘hide’

    Why is that?

  22. Matt says:

    Hi guys, when I run the command
    adb shell pm hide

    from my ADBFire connected to my FireTV all I get is an error
    -bash: adb: command not found

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    • GlammaGeek says:

      Yes. Since you already You’re getting that error because you already have the adb shell open. Just remove “adb shell” from that command and run it again. It should work this time.

      • GlammaGeek says:

        Yes. You’re getting that error because you already have the adb shell open. Just remove “adb shell” from that command and run it again. It should work this time.

  23. James says:

    For those getting the unknown command error, what I had to do on one of my fire sticks is toggle dev adb mode in my fire tv settings off/on about four times and then retry and it worked. Also, this method 2 only works on OS5 and above.

  24. James says:

    Method 2 worked for me. One of my fire boxes is still the previous version 5.0.5 prior to Alexa. And after method 2,it will not update and gets errors when checking for updates. Exactly what I wanted. Should this be update proof now as long as its not factory reset? Also, if one did need to factory reset, could I redo method 2 before allowing it to connect to the Internet, which it immediately does after reset to look for updates. Does anyone have any strategy for this?

  25. Ihsan says:

    Hello ive blocked updates on my fire tv via method 2 non-root and method 4 open dns. If i was to root my device in the future would i have to block updates again? Thanks

  26. Nitro says:

    I am not tech savvy. Is there the easiest way to block updates oh my fire tv?

  27. Snuffy says:


    Using ADBFire I connected to my FTV and opened Console

    “C:\adbFire>adb shell pm hide
    Package new hidden state: true”

    This is what I got returned. Is this correct? I had used the Method 3 awhile back thinking I was good but my router failed me :(

    When I try to click on ADB Shell I get this output
    shell@bueller:/ $ pm hide
    pm hide
    Package new hidden state: true
    shell@bueller:/ $

    really want to make sure no more updates :)

    • psw says:

      did u resolve it?
      if i even “unhide” it still states “new hidden state: true”

  28. Jim Stiene says:

    Hummm Just received 5 new sticks today and none of them would get past intial software update. Says unpplug and try again later… Anyone else??

  29. Alex says:

    Just to confirm: should stay enabled on FireOS 5?

  30. Stank says:

    It appears that you can’t block future updates on using Method 2 from Elias. Anyone know of a workaround?

    • Rami says:

      I can’t block updating using Method 2
      It was working before the last AFTV update
      did you get it to work?

  31. Stephen says:

    I have used method 3 on my linksys router which does block both http and https. The parental controls are per device connected to the router so I’ve naturally set them on the fire tv connection. However the latest software update still got installed. I copy and pasted the addresses so there are no typos and this time I remembered to actually turn parental controls on! It’s not been connected to a different network. Any ideas?

    • Paulo says:

      Mine did same…

      Download is blocked…

      But I didn’t set optional URL’s – just amzdigital*

      Downloaded latest from to

  32. damien says:

    Hello, just a heads up.

    I have updates blocked via machine, and opendns

    Very familiar with opendns…

    anyhow, unblocked updates on machine via adb.

    and it updated to os 5 even with open dns block.

    maybe ill post for the podcast if ?

  33. damien says:

    ALEXA block updates :)

  34. Alex says:

    Thanks for this guide.

    I had to use Method 4 as I did a factory reset and can’t get access to the unit until it’s set up (oh and my router doesn’t block https). However, now that I’ve done that my screen is just hanging at “checking for updates”. Anyone else experienced this or knows why it could be happening?

  35. Nicole says:

    Method No. 3 causes network error messages and the start screen can’t be loaded.
    Actually the start screen is not such a big deal for me but the error messages lead to a shut down of kodi after the auto start by fire starter.

    is there a way to deactivate these error messages?

  36. Jon says:

    Hi, I used method 2. After entering the command I just got the next command line. No error message and no confirmation. So I am not really sure the “hide” command worked. Is there a way to check that?

  37. Lee says:

    I have 5.2** installed and it looks like

    adb shell pm hide fails to do anything now

    • Chris says:

      Just tried myself on latest 9/6 release for FTV1 and got an error:

      Error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown package:

      • Chris says:

        Correcting my post, it works. I had to force close Firestarter and then cycle through adb on and off several times. Apparently Firestarter was causing issues with connect to shell and I didn’t notice.

  38. human says:

    as soon as i block https requests in my router, the firetv cant be used anymore. it says network error. seems that not an option anymore.

  39. wildcard says:

    there is more than one service with OTA in the name.

  40. wildcard says:

    Method 5 pfSense

    retask an older PC, add two good NICs

    all your base are belong to you

    Be sure to add Conversations app to join us in this millennia

  41. says:

    also block

  42. Greg Dixon says:

    Is there a way that you can manually install fire TV’s latest update without affecting a rooted box.

  43. Matt says:

    I used option 3 on my ddwrt router. Blocked all 4 addresses. Tested to ensure they were blocked. Came home from work and the thing still updated itself and I lost root. Ugh….

  44. Todd says:

    I blocked with OpenDNS which I test frequently. Both new Stick2’s updated in the last week. Testing still shows all addresses blocked

  45. Major Lee Obvious says:


    I cannot download media apps (hbo, netflix, et al) with this blocklist:

    which ones ought be removed?

  46. burningrome says:

    Yet another datapoint with a FTV2. 4 domains blocked at router with http and https, FTV2 connected with ethernet cable. I had no success in getting past the Checking for updates… screen with any variety of pulling network cable out, tried it 10 times? Finally removed the “optional” two domains from the blocklist and it worked the first time. So those 2 definitely cause probs with the new FTV2 when blocked. Thanks for all the info!

  47. firetv sucks says:

    Dont feel bad its not worth the effort. I supposedly had updates blocked on the box had followed the guides exactly. Also had updates blocked on the router. Router went bad and put in another forgetting about the blocking. Figured I was fine cuz had updates blocked on box but it updated anyway. Using a Nexus Player now and so much better cuz its open not locked down firetv garbage with its garbage ui. Would recommend a mi box nowadays though.

    • Chuck says:

      Where can you find a Nexus player? I’m done with Amazon. I have a refurbished gen 1 stick. I’ve had it about 4 yrs now. Not playing trying to block anything.

  48. HeyNow says:

    I think blocking via a alternate version number doesn’t work. I can go through the process and modify the build.prop file and change the version number, then use terminal to confirm I installed the file correctly (even chmodding 775) and when I go in to Settings to check for updates, it checks for them anyway.

    It’s not until I use the pm disable command that the check for updates gives an error message.

    • Y314K says:

      That is because the prop file Method uses the version number to make the device think you are on much newer FW. It doesn’t do anything to the checking for updates process itself.

  49. Grant says:

    I seemed to have blocked updates on my Firestick2 by side-loading Grey Shirts NoRoot Firewall 3.0.1 from APKMirror. Navigation is a bit difficult with the remote but on the Pending Request menu, while focus is on the menu bar, clicking right, right will eventually drop to the top pending request allowing me to select Allow or Deny. I allowed every request except the “” I’m only at day 2 but I’ve restarted and everything seems OK and the updates are failing. Don’t forget to tick the Run at Startup.

    • Grant says:

      I wanted to mention I also Denied the “Not in my house” service, as it is supposed to block unwanted software from being used.

    • Alias says:

      I know it’s a little late but did this work out for you? I noticed I could still check for updates and wondered if doing this stopped updates from installing?

  50. gastropod says:

    There are too many characters in this domain url.

    My router’s firewall url filter will only allow me to type

  51. Smart TV Boxes says:

    it’s not letting me block updates :-(

  52. Juan Pablo says:

    My Fire TV Stick 2 updated today despite having blocked updates using OpenDNS method….
    Maybe it checked for updates in the period of time between my WAN ip address changed and it was updated in dnsomatic….

  53. Shorten url says:

    ANYONE NEEDING TO SHORTEN URL to fit for blocking etc here is tool and eg:
    Use Google url shortener to give u a short link like I just made this link as a eg:original shortened into:
    using this google url shortener LINK:

  54. Gonzo Opera says:

    Hacking Technique – Install Srivatsa into Alekhya…..and then its hacked….

  55. Jason says:

    Regarding Method 5:

    Sideload ‘Prop-Editor’ from the Play Store.

    Edit the to 987654321, select Done, then hit the menu button and then save. Reboot and profit. Takes 30 seconds. Much easier and works with the remote.

  56. Rxich says:

    Guys, in some limted testing, with asus router, just adding a portion of the url gets it blocked.
    so use “” in you asus-merlin router.
    I also tried “google” and it blocked

    • Nybble says:

      Yeah but doesn’t work on ALL routers or more specifically ALL firmware versions, you should specify what you used so people won’t be confused when it doesn’t work for them

  57. Frank Nitty says:

    Anyone have luck blocking OTA updates on v5.2.6.7?

    • Nybble says:

      This is what I did, on my router I ssh into it and added these lines to host file:

      the host file is located on /jffs/configs/hosts.add

      create file if doesn’t exist then restart the services with this command:
      service restart_dnsmasq

      I have a RT-N66U Asus router running asuswrt-merlin firmware, is not as easy as some of the methods listed but with a simple google search on how to SSH and adding those lines to a file using command line, is working

  58. bite me says:

    let me tell all of you idiots something. that fire tv stick breaks into all the computers hooked up to the router. and can install anything it wants on any pc in your home especially drivers anything attached to the isp through a url to your pc without consent. without no security popping up at all. unless you physically search for it. at anytime. even ethernet only are vulnerable .. now think key loggers. it bypasses your isp and whatever o.s. you use. never flagged or permission request.

  59. Jason says:

    If you have a Ubiquiti Unifi setup and want to do this, go to settings and search for “Traffic Management”. Under “Rules” click on “Create New Rule”. Within the Create New Rule page select Action of “Block” and Category of “Domain Name”. Under Domain Name, click on Batch Add and then add:,443-445,443-445,443-445,443-445,443-445

    Next, for Target you can either set it to “All Devices” or just your specific device you would like to block. Finally enter a Description and click on “Add Rule”.

  60. sam says:

    Security exception: Neither user 2000 nor current process has android.permission.MANAGE_USERS.

    java.lang.SecurityException: Neither user 2000 nor current process has android.permission.MANAGE_USERS.
    at android.os.ShellCommand.exec(
    at android.os.Binder.shellCommand(
    at android.os.Binder.onTransact(
    at android.os.Binder.execTransact(

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