How to block OTA update for Amazon Fire TV and keep Root Access


The Amazon Fire TV installs all updates automatically without asking you for permission. This means that if you want to keep your Fire TV rooted, you must block these updates. Here is how to block over the air updates. 


This guide is outdated. Please follow the new guide here.

Method 1: Disable Update Package (Root Required) – Recommended Method
This method disables the application on the Fire TV which checks for updates. This is the recommended method. Be aware that this method does not survive a factory reset and must be re-applied after the Fire TV completes its initial setup.

  1. Connect to your Fire TV via ADB
  2. At the command line type: adb shell and hit enter
  3. Then type: su and hit enter
    (If this is the first time you’ve ever requested super user (su) from ADB, you will need to select “Grant” on a popup which will appear on your Fire TV. If the popup times out, you may safely repeat this step. Alternately, you can go into the settings of the SuperSU and set the app to grant su by default. In which case you will not need/get a popup on the Fire TV.)
  4. Then type: pm disable and hit enter
  5. You should see the message: “Package new state: disabled”
    (If you instead see the word “Killed”, it means you have not gained super user (su) and need to go back and repeat step 3.)
  6. Then type: exit and hit enter
  7. Lastly, type: exit and hit enter again
    Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 8.56.42 PM

Method 2: Block updates using your Router
We have covered this method in a previous post. See that post for a complete guide. This method is still valid, but not ideal. The problem with this method is if you connect your Fire TV to any network other then your home router, the Fire TV will still update. The block is not on the Fire TV, but rather on your router. The plus side to this method is it has zero chance of bricking your Fire TV as it involves making no changes to the Fire TV.

  1. KillerJoe says:

    In Method 2, adding the hosts mean that we are blocking them? I thought we should select them and use the # option to block them. So they appear grey out in the list. Am i doing it wrong?


    • AFTVnews says:

      Yes, adding the two lines means you are blocking them. What you are literally doing is telling the Fire TV that it should redirect internet traffic going to those two domains to the IP That IP essentially sends the traffic nowhere. Adding a “#” in front would disable the redirect.

  2. Mike says:

    When doing methid 3 pm disable
    I get a message it was killed but not the message
    “Package new state: disabled”
    Is there anything wrong or is it the same?

  3. J.J. says:

    When you say “Be sure to restore your Hosts settings back to default BEFORE factory resetting your Fire TV”, I’m assuming you mean, select the two addresses and pressing delete, right?

  4. Dirk says:

    Does this affect application updates like Netflix as well or just firetv os updates?

  5. Trongthuan says:

    I used to block Ota throught Method 1 and now it is unblocked. Today i just check update, but i get a massage said : update error
    My device in, used to root, factory reset after try a root and block Ota
    Im wondering if someone help me

  6. ponghclub says:

    I’m also use method 1 to block….. still work fine. Now i want to update the newest fw….. how can i unblock it? thanks.

  7. ponghclub says:

    thank you . . . . . . shiuld i apply otr block again?

  8. ponghclub says:

    thank you very much for your help.

  9. Jose M says:

    Hi I need help. I did everything step by step but when I get to the disable part of the command that “.1 shell@android:/ $dcp” gets autofilled for me and when I hit enter it just says KILLED. It does NOT say disabled as your instructions say. Please help! E-mail me. THanks.

    pm disable|shell@android:/ $ dcp
    pm disable
    137|shell@android:/ $ exit

    • As described, you must have first got adbfire working, told it to root the aftv, go into aftv, run towelroot, then run supersu once … now, back on the pc, in the shell in adbfire, you must first type su, hit enter, now the aftv will prompt you to grant access, do so and you can finally issue the pm command.

  10. MadMarc says:

    pm list packages -d if you need to see what things are disabled, I needed it to confirm….

  11. t says:

    u need to put hot to connect adb… by shift+right click then the commands in the cmd window… like adb connect etc then adb shell then your commands from this link. i used adbfire to root and side apps first. can u guys put this in as an option on adbfire application?

  12. Michael says:

    Hi I did a factory reset to reinstall google play store since I missed one step. Anyway, now I have this $99.00 black box that has updated to newewst update I have no way to root my machine again. If anyone can help please let me know. I am about to toss it and buy another hoping it is not updated yet from Amazon. I tried everything and keep getting towel root currently installed and Super User is missing all binaries.

  13. Yixuan says:

    I combine step 2 and 3 with entering ./adb shell su in my Mac. But I cannot pass the step 4, I think it leaded by the different program language between Windows and OS X. So please tell me what should I enter in Mac in step 4 6 and 7?

    • AFTVnews says:

      With step 4 and beyond you are now interacting directly with the Fire TV OS. These commands are in no way affected by your computer’s OS. My guess is you are not granting SU permission in step 3. After you enter ./adb shell su, you will have 15 seconds to select “Grant” on your Fire TV. Be sure you are watching your television when completing step 3.

  14. Brad says:

    Do I need to do both of these in order to block updates, or is the adb command “Disable Update Package” enough if i don’t intend to do a factory reset?

  15. Rick says:


    I successfully rooted and blocked my FTV from receiving updates thru your guides! Thank you. I used OpenDNS prior to rooting and then I also followed this guide to disable updates via ADB.

    However, I noticed that when going to Settings/System/About/Check for Sytem Update/… The following shows:

    Current version:
    Installed date: Checking now…
    Last Checked: Checking now…

    Is normal even tho i disabled the updates via ADB?

  16. bg says:

    So, i just received my fire tv today… it is routable apparently according to the guide. BUT my modem does not let me block domains/Urls or adjust any firewall settings. It is a Bell Home Hub 2000…. What should i do to block the initial setup update in order to root the device!??

    • AFTVnews says:

      If you can’t block the update domains, then you should sign up for OpenDNS, block the domains with their service, then be sure to go to advanced settings when you configure the Fire TV’s network so that you can add OpenDNS’s DNS servers. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a guide for that.

      • BG says:

        What exactly am I trying to accomplish? Should I go with Method 2? the unplugging method?… I am not sure how OpenDNS works..

  17. bg says:

    Ive got this thing rooted… but how do i install xbmc? any how tos?

  18. Raub says:

    If I decide to give my rooted fire tv to someone with the OTA update blocked, what should I do to deregister my device? Thank you in advance.

  19. Nelson says:

    I have succeeded rooted. first I did opendns to blocked it (play safe) while do following your guide (thks great guide setup :) ). I did Method 1 blocked amazon update to disabled that was succeeded. If method 1 succeeded then I do not need method 2 and I can safely remove opendns from my router?

    I’m runing now with latest Kodi. I’m wondering it worth upgrade fire tv (Box) to latest firmware ? I will never use amazon app. Only going to use KODI. only thing i notice kodi scale isn’t perfect outside of TV edge.

  20. smarty says:

    Can the updates be blocked with adaway on rooted devices?

    I have disabled updates method one but depending on where I am, I do not always have access to the router so would it be a good idea to blacklist the domains in adaway?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’m not familiar with adaway, but I wouldn’t trust a software block. A reader contacted me letting me know that an android firewall app was not able to block the update, so be cautious.

  21. Sr_Dipstick says:

    So I was rooted and had OTA updates blocked using Method 1. I decided to return to stock and flashed a newer non-rootable software and stock recovery. I forgot to reenable OTA before losing root. Is there a way to reenable OTA now or will I have to manually update going forward?

  22. Dadda says:

    Thank you for this great tutorial. i was able to disable updates on my rooted fire tv

  23. andrew says:

    hey so i tried 1st method and when i put “su” says
    /system/bin/sh:su:not found, ive tried with multiple devices and still same problem, any ideas? thanks

  24. Sadie Lewis says:

    Will a vpn service like arcvpn really allow me to unblock online tv?

  25. damien says:

    Hello, just a heads up.

    I have updates blocked via machine, and opendns

    Very familiar with opendns…

    anyhow, unblocked updates on machine via adb.

    and it updated to os 5 even with open dns block.

    maybe ill post for the podcast if ?

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