How to automatically enable USB OTG support on boot on a rooted 1st-gen Fire TV Stick

The 2nd-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick has USB OTG support enabled by default from the factory. This allows you to use a USB OTG cable to connect USB peripherals like keyboards and ethernet adapters. If you have a 1st-generation Fire TV Stick that has been rooted, you can also enable USB OTG support, which I’ve covered here and here. The issue is that OTG support on the older Fire TV Stick gets disabled again every time the device is restarted. This guide shows you how to configure a Fire TV Stick 1 to have OTG automatically enabled by default on boot as it powers on, so you don’t need to do it manually every time.

This guide is based on tgellen’s great guide for enabling OTG on a Fire TV Stick 1 on boot. The specific USB OTG cable that I know works with the Fire TV Stick is this one, but most others should work as well. The specific USB ethernet adapter that I know works with the Fire TV Stick 1 and 2 is this one. You can also get this Ethernet adapter which has an OTG cable built in for an all-in-one solution to add Ethernet to a Fire TV Stick.

  1. Download the necessary enableotg shell script file from here. Note that this file does not have a file extension, so you may need to right-click on it and select save to download it. You may also need to remove any file extensions your PC might add.
  2. Follow the first section of this guide to configure your Fire TV device to autorun shells script files on boot.
  3. Follow the second section of that same guide to add the enableotg script you just downloaded as a script you want to have automatically run on boot. Be sure to replace all instances of YOUR-SHELL-SCRIPT-FILE in that guide with enableotg.

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  1. lonnie says:

    Looks like you recently updated the instructions and I’m glad you did because I could initially get the otg capability to work with the script you provided via romtoolbox scripter but now when I attempt to run the script it doesn’t enable the otg but does indicate that script ran successfully….I will be sure to try these updated steps when I get home and in the future if something stops working I’ll be sure to let you know.

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