How to access a File Browser and Internal Storage on an Amazon Echo Show

As you may or may not know, the Amazon Echo Show line of smart displays run an OS based on Android. Despite my hopes and dreams, modding an Echo Show to do more than what it was originally intended to hasn’t been possible because the device is pretty locked down. A reader of AFTVnews by the name of Wilson C. just stumbled on a way to bring up Android’s default file manager and browser internal files on an Echo Show. Even though I haven’t thought of any use for this new peek behind the curtain of the Echo Show, here are instructions for how to do it, in hopes that someone else might think of something interesting to do with the information.

  1. Open the Silk Browser on the Echo Show by saying “Alexa, open Silk.” Once opened, enter chrome://policy into the address bar of the browser and hit the “Go” button.
  2. Once the “Policies” page loads, tap the “Export to JSON” button near the top of the page.
  3. Tap the the 3 vertical dots in the very top right corner and select “Show SD card” from the menu that appears.
  4. Tap the “Internal storage” directory that has now appeared on the left side and you can now browser the internal files.

  1. Wilson C says:

    I found something pretty interesting. you could go to a file reader website and you could see what is in the files to see how it works

  2. Anthony Rossetti says:

    which models of the show does this work on< all of them including the show 5 and the show 8?

    I can think of one useful thing that might be possible but not for the echo show.

    maybe by browsing the files we could figure out how to add full show mode features to a fire tablet ,missing features that are on the show but not in show mode like the ability to group a fire tablet in show mode in an Alexa audio group and the smart home control menu
    and also enable Alexa to bring up fire TV recast channels by voice like it does on the show

    • Wilson says:

      It works on all models including echo show 5, echo show 8, echo show 2nd gen and echo show 1st gen. Although it does not work on echo spot.

  3. Danny says:

    Can you download your own mp3 files from the internet on an Echo show?

  4. I don’t know if Amazon changed something, but I’ve tried right now this procedure and when I clicked at “Export to JSON”, appeared a message “this device cannot download this kind of file”.

    By the way, there’s any procedure to clean apps cache? All the music information are displayed incomplete on screen since any given update from 2020 (and even returning to factory mode, keeps the same)

    • Timothy says:

      You can clear the cache by powering the device off, Hold the Mute button and the Vol. Up button, when the device shows echo with a warning sign press and hold the Mute button and press the Vol. Up button then release both buttons, Use The Vol. Up and Vol. Down Buttons to navigate to “Clear cache”,And press Yes,Then finally select reboot device and press the Mute button.

  5. ani says:

    when I am trying to do export to JSON it says “downloading not supported at this time” can u please help me resolve it?

  6. Tamay says:

    This doesnt work anymore as of 2 years. Anybody got any other ideas maybe? They’ve intensively secured them.

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