How disable the default Home button double-press action on a rooted Fire TV


Amazon’s Fire TV software update added a new feature that opens the devices app library when you double-press the remote’s home button. If you want to disable this new feature, here’s how to do it on a rooted Fire TV.

Note that disabling the default home button double-press action will not allow FireStarter version 3.2.3 to detect double home button presses on devices. FireStarter needs to first be updated by its developer to be compatible with the Fire TV’s new update. An update to FireStarter, combined with this guide, should be able to restore FireStarter’s home button double-press detection.

Also, you will still be able to open your app library directly through the new “My Apps” shortcut, brought up by holding the home button, if you disable the default home button double-press action.

  1. Connect to your device via ADB.
  2. Open adb shell by running the command: adb shell
  3. Enter root by running the command: su
  4. Disable the double-press action by running the command: pm disable
  5. Exit root by running the command: exit
  6. Exit adb shell by running the command: exit

To restore the default home button double-press action, repeat the above steps but replace the word disable with the word enable in step 4.

  1. LakituLives says:

    does “pm hide” not work with the new update? would allow non-rooted users to get in on he disabling action.

    • cdlenfert says:

      Try it!

      • LakituLives says:

        I’m not taking the update. Just wondering for other users. Previously root is always mentioned as being needed to freeze things when pm hide works just fine as of the first FireOS 5 preview.

    • AFTVnews says:

      The “pm hide” command cannot disable a specific component within an app. It can only disable the entire app. That is why it cannot be used to disable just the double-press action.

      This guide disables the specific component, within the Appstore app, on the Fire TV that opens the app library after a double home button press. If you used “pm hide” to disable the entire Appstore app, it would work to disable the home button double-press action, but would also disable a lot of other abilities.

  2. Argo says:

    This is great. I don’t care about firestarter but I’ve accidentally opened apps at least a dozen times since installing the update. All my apps stay in recent so I never need the app section. Glad I have root now for this alone. Amazon needs to give us the damn option to turn stuff like this off.

  3. DeanR1977 says:

    Yes we have the home press back, ive changed the single button home press in firestarter so it goes there on 1 press, then i can select what ever i want from there, if for some reason i wanna access the amazon apps via there way i can hold the home button down. Shame the double press isnt accessible again? I was quite happy having a single press for Kodi & a double press for Firestarter, nevermind another win for us vs Amazon! Thanks again

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