Highly anticipated new Amazon original series ‘The Man in the High Castle’ is now available


the complete first season of Amazon’s latest original series, The Man in the High Castle, is now available to stream through Prime video in its entirety. Based on the 1962 alternate history novel of the same name, The Man in the High Castle takes a look at what life would be like if the Nazis had won World War II. If you’re looking for something to watch tonight or this weekend, look no further.

  1. Johnny says:

    Very excited about this. Watched the first two episodes and they were very good. Highly recommended!

  2. Drumst1x says:

    In college I took a Sociology of Science Fiction and Technology course. This book was one of the required readings. Great book. I keenly remember something about cigarette packages that had smiley faces on them, that were marijuana, not tobacco…. Funny that I remember that more than the nazi’s in power :) Can’t wait to watch this.

  3. Stank says:

    Wow! Just watched e01. Incredible! Thanks for the recommendation, E.

  4. Ujn Hunter says:

    Looking forward to this. A little off topic… but did anyone else have connectivity issues last night? My Amazon Fire TV Stick kept saying “network unavailable” even though my WiFi was fine and even the Fire TV Stick said my signal was “Very Strong”. I’m assuming it was Amazon’s end? Never had any issues before last night. Hopefully it’s cleared up this evening.

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