Head of all Amazon devices to retire in the coming months after 13 years with the company

Amazon has revealed that Dave Limp, the Senior Vice President of Amazon Devices and Services, will be retiring later this year after over 13 years with the company. Limp is the head honcho when it comes to Amazon devices, including Fire TVs, Echos, Fire Tablets, Kindles, and much more. All the different Amazon services, like Alexa, the Amazon Appstore, and Luna fall under his control as well. It sounds like Limp will stick around to host his annual new devices event in September. His successor will be announced in the coming weeks.

  1. Craig says:

    Hopefully his successor will believe in “Fire TV ready” certified soundbars, actual Fire TV soundbars, Echos as satellite speakers for said soundbars, Homekit/AirPlay 2 for all Fire Sticks/Cubes, Google Play Services certification for Fire Tablets and force the Ring/Blink divisions to fully support Matter. Instead of worrying about their bottom line? How bout actually focusing on filling in the gigantic gaps across all their device and connectivity offerings???

    • Moose Chorizo says:

      Amazon oughta run with your suggestions and send you some royalties. Their ecosystem is not systematic. More like the loading dock of a busy appliance store.

    • Gabriel Leontine says:

      it’s a big dream to have AirPlay 2 & HomeKit on the Fire TV Stick and Echo devices, as well as really Fire TV Ready soundbars

    • Nunya says:

      Fire TV PM teams follow this website. So dont stop sharing your suggestions :)

      • Absolutely! I’ve met plenty of people from all aspects of the Fire TV team that visit this site and read the comments. I’m told Dave Limp reads it as well, but I never got a chance to meet him to ask myself.

  2. Mike says:

    I hope there’s already been a #2, for a long time, who has been thoroughly involved in nearly everything that Mr Limp was.

  3. Yousri Okasha says:

    It is big loss for the company but its bigger loss for Amazon customers like me, as I was one of the first early customers whome believed in the Amazon smart devices since been launched and my house even my life been filled with those tiny prilliant devices all around me…wishing him all the best and all his work and efforts been made a big stamp to all of us..

  4. Adam says:

    His successor will be announced in the coming weeks.
    I see where this is going.
    Elias is preparing us for his departure from the site to fill the position.
    I for one am not surprised. It was only a matter of time before they realized how badly they screwed up and snatched him back from us.

    • LOL! While there are definitely aspects of working on the Fire TV team that I miss, I’m definitely happier running this site and have no intention of returning to Amazon. When I told them I was leaving, the VP at the time very kindly tried to create a new role for me so I would stay but we determined there just wasn’t a way for me to both return to running this site while also being on the Fire TV team.

  5. mrvco says:

    13 years is a long time. I wouldn’t mind seeing some fresh ideas, especially those that aren’t so centered around Alexa. Judging by how things are prioritized now in the Prime Video app, it’s all about incremental ad, ppv rentals / purchases and subscription revenue now. Two of the three can’t be captured on the IOS and Play Store apps due to the revenue sharing requirements.

  6. DunDunDah says:

    Amazon devices has been losing Amazon money for a decade. It’s hard not to think that he was forced out because of the huge drop in stock value the last two years. Just a continuation of the mass layoffs over there.

    Whoever replaces him, will not be to the benefit of the consumers. It will be some new exec that tries to monetize on the current user base with more ads, data mining, restrictions, increasing prices and so on.

    This is not a good sign of things to come.

  7. David says:

    I didn’t have any issues with David when I was there, he was a nice enough guy and seemed to largely protect the org. But also there was never a clear vision on where to take things or on a unified approach to the system. Product lines just…stalled out. I worked on Kindle for six years and today’s Kindle is only marginally different than the Kindle Touch which was the major innovation in the line after the first few versions.

    Alexa is a massive missed opportunity. It is easily the best of the voice assistants with the largest ecosystem and yet the AI projects just utterly leapfrogged them despite a fraction of the resources. I remember when “voice computing” was going to be the next transition but again there was no long term vision for where it would or should go, and many features were promised internally and never delivered.

    I’m at the point where I feel it would be better for Amazon to spin this division off, I no longer trust Amazon with my data as I once did, and I see no indication that they have anywhere they can take it so I’d rather give someone else a shot. Or, in my ideal world, open source it. Especially Alexa. (they won’t, but one can dream)

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